Difficulties ahead for the U.S., Bloodlines, Nations and Spiritual Discipline

Just a reminder, I distinctly remember something being said about Fidel Castro and this event marking a swift change for the world starting with the United States.

There are most likely rough times ahead.

Look at it this way. The world has seen the U.S. lead in gluttony, greed, materialism, hatred, lust, and the others.

So to balance this out the world will see the U.S. reverberate and learn to balance these energies out. It is one big plan for learning so that there a finally a reasonably peaceful society after everything is resolved.

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A quick update on myself and the social changes we are seeing.

Just a quick update on the situation I see as well as the social changes:

A little bit of nausea, some reactionary hives to the meds and a little bit of visceral pain that some how dropped out from the usual stabbing, being hit with a ball point hammer in my flank pain. I was still for about 18 hours just now. I did this earlier this year when I had a similarly intense issue but with my nerves and with another organ system. Its quite interesting how being perfectly still for almost a day in both situations allowed my body to reset itself after my mind was reset from pain that was intense enough to cause me to convulse.

Thank you all for the help, I’ll be taking the next week very carefully and slowly. There will be probably be some more pain as things “settle” themselves but I know how to adjust my emotional and mental patterns as well as my behavior and interactions with others in order to remain steady and balanced throughout the next coming changes.

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Is 2016 the year of disclosure?

Could 2016 be the year of disclosure? There are many factors at play here. We know that civil unrest plays into the plan for long-term disclosure which is another agenda.

We know that the people in office are not the ones who are totally in control but must act according to how the people are ready to accept disclosure rather than reject the truth.

We know that people acting out in fear, for instance, if they act out now, will be the ones begging for nuclear war later out of the hysteria that was tested and repeatedly induced through selective exposure to extra-terrestrial intelligence in the underground bases and secret projects.

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People Waking Up

If the people say, “were waking up!”, but the only reason they’re waking up is because of these events, then are they responsible for waking up, or the events?

Difficulty is a catalyst for higher awareness.

Full Disclosure

Is full disclosure next? You know, you choose how this adventure moves to the next level. If people are ready, if they can avoid flipping out over the little stuff, they will get the truth as it is relative to their understanding, as they improve. This journey continues layer after layer. Now is a time of transition, we are close to making a choice that will help this entire civilization know the truth.

Transtemporal Operations and Other Speakers/Operatives

I was involved in transtemporal secret operations.

Most people speaking about the issues regarding this are just assuming. Some are correct but don’t see the whole picture. This is a time of great change, great difficulty, great unlearning, and great unveiling.

The only one who’m I’ve seen speak the truth directly is Andrew D. Basiago.

Notice how he isn’t saying anything at the moment.

Actually there are a few other individuals who’m I see and have been briefed on. However we have to realize both the great benefit of this time, as well as the severity of not making the choice to expand in such a transitory period.

There are others that I’m not naming here.


Voice of God, Mind To Mind, EEG Heterodyning, Advanced Scalar Consciousness Transference, Mind Control



The voice can appear as small or loud as desired, it is all frequency. Intentions are the source.


Of Two Timelines

Two Time-lines

When the Population Becomes Aware, They Refuse The Illusion

When the population becomes aware enough then they develop a resurgence of critical thinking in regards to the mind controlling techniques. The mental and emotional control systems are in place that serve to distract from the true power structure which is hidden behind the surface.

When They Refuse The Illusion, Illusions Are Exposed

When this happens the crimes against humanity and the secrets of advanced technology and other times and intelligences are vulnerable to exposure.

When The Illusions are Exposed, New Illusions are Manufactured

Whenever people are so distraught from a failed economic or political system then they lose interest in playing follow the leader and ultimately a form of war, manufactured catastrophe such as a biological event or natural disaster occurs and is used to divert attention away from the unified attention that the system itself is to blame. Power is relinquished either through submission of the population or a reduction of those resistant minds.

Waking up is an Individual Process, World Catalysts are Collective

When the collective mind of humanity becomes so distraught from a massive world war in the age of information and connection then Earth herself will awaken and become involved to the point of massive Earth changes in a geological and cosmological scale.
Every so often steps are taken to reset or extend time. This is an extension more than it is aligned with the common notion of a “reset” that occurs every so many years.

What this may indicate is that the awakening we see is an individual event and only easy to comprehend how negative events are collective in that sense. Many people may notice change but only a small number will actually arrive at the internal comprehension.

The planet is an extension of mind and the mind is an extension of the planet. If you change the planet without changing the mind then the planet returns back to the way it was before. If you change the mind the planet reflects and the mind follows the change

The Sound of The Breathing Mind

When the pain is “utilized” to navigate true awareness, then we are no longer reacting or manipulated by pain.

Everything seen from the projected view is an inversion.

You’ll never see the one’s who truly help.The one’s you see that help will hide their true nature to preserve the outcome.

Neither darkness or light prevails because darkness propels the light and progression results.

To destroy it, is to recreate it anew.

We must become artists, so that way we can come back around and learn from ourselves, what we already knew.

That’s what physical life is for, but can be rerouted, or re-contained within itself and a higher system.

What we initially perceive through fear is the challenge, the perceptions of fear is the pathway to progress and improvement.

Everything is its opposite.

Like a conical view of existence, that which is of the outside is either fulfilled for the majority with the small minority in the middle holding all the information, or the information is in the majority on the outside with the small group in the middle holding the lack of information or ignorance.

The small few remain in ignorance or unawareness while the majority is aware. Or the small few remain aware while the majority is unaware. This is the nature of this world.

The world is half and half. It is what it isn’t. Everything eternally is, but isn’t, because the one who created it knows, but doesn’t know that he did or why.

As I lie in the silent dark, I only know peace and joy.

For I know, when I awake it will be a new year, a new day, a new life, a new world with new opportunities to be experienced.

The Earth mother Goddess comes to know the father, the father Spirit comes to know the mother, the son knows the daughter, and the daughter knows the son. Then the Earth is one, and the time fulfilled, no one recognizes that they have re-become themselves.

For a time I am just as content being blind to the finer details as I am knowing the whole truth. I am content with minor stupor, as I am with refined intelligence. I am content with ignorance, because ignorance leads to fear, and fear leads to progress. For a time I am content.

I surrender this beauty to you, because I know no boundaries, no fear. All is lost and found within the present.

The sound of the eternal breathing mind, upside-down dipping ever lower into the twisting tunnel of the dreaming time.

I must stop myself for to live at all is to begin to die. To repeat one’s self twice, is to forgive the honest lie.

Connect, Awaken, Heal

First and last, we are here to connect, awaken, and heal.

Find those who will listen. Connect with those who share the similar frequency. Awaken each other through that connection. Heal through that awakening of energies and original being.

Our energies were preserved, we were to wait until this very opportunity.

Know the experience of the darkness is part of the healing process.

Day In Day Out

Everything that’s happening is supposed to happen this way. Tomorrow too. Instead of reacting, collect together and connect through the heart, mind and gut/intuition. That is the only way, I’m telling you now.

The Bad Guy

Trying to personify the bad guy as someone outside ourselves will always lead to us empowering that which we do not desire to see in our lives.

Sure, people do certain things, but the whole point is that if we externalize problems that we have incorporated into our own existence as a person or a variable that exists outside ourselves then we do not give ourselves the power to take responsibility and change that pattern of behavior that is not desired.

Again, sure, there are people, places, and situations which are to be avoided yet it does not work to manifest all of what is wrong with any given situation as one individual at one place and time. That is illusory, it the ‘scapegoat method’.

For instance, if we are to rid ourselves of that particular individual or time and place, and in time, the same kind of situation develops in the new place or with new individuals who are we to blame?

If you said that new person or place, then you are operating within the mindset that is exactly what has allowed to corruption to take control over the population for the past 2000 years.

If it become externalized, then what does that mean? It can be removed per western medicine through surgery and removal. If it is something metaphysical, immaterial, or psychological, then can it be removed? Will attempting to remove it help? Or will it simply project the inner psychological imbalance onto an externalized form which can be targeted and manipulated in order to avoid doing the actual internal work?

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The Situation Regarding the Tribunal for The Underground Bases and Secret Military Projects

The situation with the underground bases and the secret military projects is as follows.

Children are utilized as part of a secret military operation which seeks to find the best possible candidates for a military force that defends Earth and the human race.

These operations became infiltrated by various groups seeking to abuse the secrecy to fulfill their own desires. There is a fine line but the use of this power to fulfill their own desires was seen as a direct threat to the existence of the human race.

The issue with this is the determination of that fine line between a legitimately beneficial operation and the abuse of such secrecy for subversive or perverse means.

In short, you can’t teach someone to care for themselves or the truth if they do not have that desire within them. You can however show someone the deleterious effects of allowing ignorance and fear to take control of a person’s life and line of reasoning.

When that person finally chooses to accept self-responsibility, instead of handing it away to the most emotionally resonant outcome, then they have the ignited spark of the will to care and take control within them. When that person picks their self up it is because they have made the choice to do so, however rough the situation is.

This cannot be taught, but it can be activated within a person. It is believed that not many people will be ready to accept this but that everyone has the option to choose to accept self-responsibility over their own lives.

This system became infiltrated by those who sought to use the secrecy and feed their own desires in a way that was not a legitimate part of the process. Ultimately, children were used for personal reasons that was not a part of the process of awakening the inner power.

There are many methods used, and when everything is done according to a carefully draw out profile, a person gains control over their reactions and the way they are influenced by external stimuli until they and only they are in control.

What was done outside of this, and is coming to light in some situations, but not very clearly, is a system of abuse that was not approved by the highest authority and therefore stands to be exposed on tribunal as crimes against humanity along with the crimes against Earth.

I was informed there would be a tribunal for this process and that all of this was leaning on the consideration of the public to not give into disarray, fear and temptation to take their anger and blame out on the first person they see come to light.

As long as this information reaches the masses we can avoid a kind of damage-control system where people are policed more heavily than they would like to be. However, with the way people are now and their quickness to judgment without first casting an eye towards their own morals or lack of which, they are walking a very thin line of acting out in an emotional response which serves no one in particular except the very individuals seeking to use such programmability as part of an extension of the same system of abuse.

If at anytime people have questions they can post them on my wall. They can post on the wall or in the comments section to an individual post and if it is a reasonable question I will do my best to inform the public of the truth that will benefit the whole instead of just one group or the other.

This post has been a long time coming, but due to the secrecy regarding many events and situations, only so much can be said.

Reading “between the lines”, to see how this relates to the current events taking place is key here.

Remedy to Legal Fiction, Land of the Dead, Maritime Martial Law, Alternate Dimension, Withdrawal “Death” of the Fictional Legal Identity

This is the way to nullify the identity veil. Abandon the false values and identity of the slave-name, debt-slave system.

The identity is tied to the fictional character. The legal fiction, legal fraud concept of taking one human life and enlisting it as collateral for a corporate entity which then imposes its designed/programmed will or right to punish or take from the living being based on the consent of the living being to use the dead-to rights name or identity of the non living fictional identity.
This is character fraud and works through the operation of grammatical errors or dog-Latin in which the contracts are illegitimate but if ones actions or silence is misconstrued as their consent then they are legally bound to follow orders.

This system has gone digital and is intelligently capable of harnessing the DNA/bloodline of the human being meaning it will follow through the dimensions through time and through generations. That is part of the generational curse system, that is the hungry ghost that hurts people down in the afterlife using scalar weaponry and attempts to trick or pull them into it’s own world.

We were warned.

I am sharing this video specifically because of the remedy included which involves withdrawing one’s consent and will from the legal fiction system. Essentially, these are two schools of thought, one that sees humans as assets in part of a chattel system and one that delivers from the original free-will of divine consciousness.

I was told that we must abandon the fictional title given to us so that we are merged with the fictional corporate system, the corpse.

The corpse is the land of the living dead, operating through maritime martial law, in the wartime society, apart from the common name law of the land of the living.

This is literally an alternate dimension, separated from the natural continuum and it is collapsing.

Forgive the abrasive nature of this video I am only referencing the “remedy” and I want to edit this video but I feel there would be repercussions from the author for editing. There is much knowledge in all schools of spirituality, very much so including these ancient understandings that Judaism and Hebrew knowledge holds, if not more so than others. So excuse that portion of this guy’s video and see about the legal remedy to the fictional entity/entitlement system.

Entering Phase 1 Public Disclosure

I feel we are about to enter phase 1 of public disclosure. Edit: You know what. What am I saying? WE HAVE JUST ENTERED PHASE 1 OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE. THIS CIVILIZATION WILL NOT BE THE SAME FROM THIS POINT FORWARD. It never is from any point forward, but read between the lines. The events taking place and the information being made available to people is unprecedented.

This is INSIDE OUT disclosure. The information is being DISPLAYED to the public now and it is UNDENIABLE.

Now how to go about this?

  • Panic works against the people. Peace works for the whole
  • The ultimate truth is within.
  • Advanced technology may be unveiled in order to maintain stability and peace
  • The public events are a ruse to teach people to discern
  • There are many layers and unless there is internal discernment the truth will remain hidden
  • The system is moving forward in peace
  • Anyone acting out of vengeance will reflect and receive that
  • Anyone acting in forgiveness will reflect that
  • The above two are not exact, but for the general population, how the events play out will be determined by how the population accepts the truth
    How that will turn out or what will happen on the pathway there is determined in the process regarding the people but this is only because there is a wildcard that the masses might suddenly want the harsh truth instead of pleasant lies and illusions which is what is all around.
    People can see that and realize, ‘it’s all a show’. In that way, see the truth, without getting polarized.

    When the pain is “utilized” to navigate true awareness, then we are no longer reacting or manipulated by pain.

Everything is wrapped in layers of disinfo.

http://theunveilingofthehiddenknowledge.wordpress.com/ Please share this with those who know and will listen.

I was shown how the events taking place now are to awaken humanity, not to trick people or hurt them. This whole thing is about helping humanity learn to discern instead of just believe or blindly accept or feel fear.

The people are just playing roles, they are trying to help in the way that they know how. There has been much deception even with that said and much difficulty to get through. This whole time is about getting through the darkness by learning to increase awareness and find one’s light. That is a metaphor as is the concept that to find the light one does not only think light, they must also know where the darkness is.

Disclosure of Non-Human Entities, Gas-lighting and Scapegoats

All of this is leading up to the disclosure of non-human entities.

The ones that are being presented as the “bad ones” are just the scapegoats, that’s the whole point.

What is going to happen is the largest gas-lighting program in history.

It only takes a few. However it will get rough before it gets better. Unless the majority chooses peace and awareness.

That is the real fulfillment. Not just having a certain perception of control while people are still living within the projection of being ruled over. That is the illusion

Cognitive dissonance is what holds people back from living in the real world, or just seeing the truth behind the illusion. It’s a planned mind-game of who will be affected by what later of dissonance where and when and how this will influence society as a whole.

Here is an interesting comment:


The following was pointed out: “Full Disclosure won’t happen. The word “Disclosure” is being used because it’s a play on words. This isn’t Disclosure, it’s Dis-Closure – there is no closure! There is no end to it.” Perhaps the collective will rather break the word spell to manifest full awareness.


My response:
Maybe that ‘disclosure’ is a ‘telling’ or a giving of information regarding the secrets that one must learn from within. It is a hint and a play, yes, but that is the game of this realm. As well, it could be that what will be “disclosed” will always be the layer that has been created for that while there are many layers deep. It could be that the entirety of the show is so deep that it is literally incomprehensible to those who do not confront the truth with their whole being. In short, those who do not achieve the truth through their own discernment but rely on others will not receive it.