Paranoid Times Disclosure Now, CERN and the SYNCH(*R)OTRONIC TEMPORAL DISLOCATION

Now you know, if you haven’t seen these. You should have, I have sent you the message before. Some hints. Everything is already known and the events have already happened. The only experience that isn’t yet is what must be experienced fresh in forever-time. All of this information is what I was shown and what we experienced during the experiments related to the exploration of consciousness and the universe. Everything currently public is a cover story. Delicately fabricated spooky wooky cover-stories are generated in order to stop people from disrupting the experiments. Continue reading “Paranoid Times Disclosure Now, CERN and the SYNCH(*R)OTRONIC TEMPORAL DISLOCATION”


The Towers of Abstraction, Artificially Intelligent Behavior Modification Systems

These are publicly private projects. Meaning if you worked-studied at a diligent university and you began to come to the same conclusions that the research and development scientists had then you would get a tap on the shoulder and be invited, sometimes without choice, to work on these projects underground with virtually unlimited funding and no legal restriction whatsoever.

The current projects utilize what are called the “Towers of Abstraction” to literally create a multiple-layered cascade of cognitive incapacitation which is essentially an artificially intelligent synthetic neural feedback system that imitates your own brainwaves and actuates an active denial system in response to thoughts, impulses or behaviors that are in connection to a restricted spectrum.

Basically, they’ve devised electromagnetic towers that are capable of erecting a scalar grid that is capable of simultaneously reading and interacting with the mind of every individual deemed a threat in a given area. Each local has its own server uplink and there are centralized areas that control the entire population control system.
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Gestalt Law of Closure Perceptual Illusion and Hyperbolic Temporal Projection

It’s all technology. The most prominent leaders are actually holograms in a virtual environment. They are not in Earth. I suspected something like this but didn’t accept the truth full on at first either.

They showed me video of political events and asked me if I thought they were real. Then they brought out the people from those events. They are organic robotoids that are only physical if they are cloned and their consciousness is broadcast through a chip and supercomputer server system. The ‘house’, the location, all these places and people that no one would ever be able to run up and just touch, they told me that there’s nothing actually there it’s all just complicated holographics and powerful projection systems that connect with the mind on a neurological level.
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The False-Reality Construct, Fallen Genetic Experimentation, Interdimensional Mind-Control Projection System

Do you want to know the truth of this reality?

The secret operations discovered, through experimentation and exploration, that this reality is an artificial construct designed by interdimensional beings that create artificial time-domains which are like data-banks of conscious experience programmed over and over in different ways to keep people in the same loops of thought and behavior.

The majority of people cannot break the ‘program’ of this system which renders them a product of the system itself.

Operations have been activated that enable the breaking of this program by the collective mind and mentally liberate Humanity from this spell/trance-based mind-control system.

The control parameters of this system are based on a numerical progression of frequencies which is like a hypnotic pattern that entrains the mind by activating ancient responses that seem to have been programmed into the biology of the human. The ancient civilizations found ways to reverse this process and some have achieved liberation but if any Human DNA remains in the system then this uses the entanglement property to reel the rest of the species in through cloning and consciousness replication.
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The Soul-Trap System, The Fallen Universe False-Reality Construct

It’s a system that wipes the memory and alters the genetic signature in a way that creates the impression of nativity to this universe which is not a universe but a created system maintained through technological control and spiritual-mental oppression or mind-control.

This is like waking up to find evidence that people are incapable of leaving this place. We’ve been here ‘forever’. Then it’s seen that this is simply because people are stuck in the native realm they belong to, or are created in. So then we are faced with the concept that we are ‘created’ within this closed loop system and thus are a product of that system, like cartoon characters in a cartoon and therefore cannot leave the TV or even the theme of the cartoon world.
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The (Ancient) Convolution of Time, The Temporal-Consciousness Manipulation Device (System), and the Great Catastrophes

What is happening now is simultaneously happening in the ‘ancient’ past.

In some ways, this is a result of temporal manipulation. Some initial explanations are that this is the nature of reality.

It is then explained that this is false, the time loop, or any kind of temporal paradox is the nature of reality within the manipulated system. The only time one experiences that is if they’re caught in a once in a ‘universe-time’ system that falsified the information field of the universe. We seem to be in one of these now and yet this can only happen once to the point that if it is negated then it can never happen again.

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The Corruption of The Creation of Earth

The outer planetary bodies acting as detractors of the alignment in the creation of Earth then magnetically and electrically altered the polarity and phase of the Earth based reality so as to result in an out of sync progression which results in the continual destruction of the physical realm as a descent into chaos.

The goal then, being to remove these corruptions from the field, forwards and backwards through time and this provides the effect of returning the Human race to the true reality.

The concept here is that the true reality is the reality. Through the use of quantum engineering, mind control and temporal technology, the dark faction literally spliced the true timeline with an artificial dimension where these artificial planetary bodies existed and thus generated a dimensional overlay, a parallel reality where this entire corrupt world existed and has ‘always’ existed from the perspective of within the overlay. Continue reading “The Corruption of The Creation of Earth”

I was Shown The Interdimensional Spiritual Enslavement System

I was shown the way in which the ones in high authority observe Earth from ‘above’ the physical dimension in a technologically projected ‘seat’ where they can maintain their power from a higher-dimensional perspective outside the bounds of time and space.

All they have to do is show people the truth and people simply do not believe what is happening. That is how the system has been designed. It is so deep, so challenging to accept that the very existence of their power over the human is something impossible for the majority of people to accept.
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The Restoration of Genetic Memory

This is a description of the archontic deception.

The truth is simultaneously the most shocking nature of reality as well as the most invigorating and liberating.

The deception is so deep that the mere rape, murder or oppression of a single individual or group cannot even begin to initiate one towards the severity of what has been done.

A plan was designed, technology and spiritual knowledge aligned and implemented to entrap an entire species, an entire civilization and many others, within a false reality that would continue to repeat the same experiences over and over until the very observational essence of the spiritual force within was either extinguished or obscured beyond the point of recognition.

This is the archontic deception. The DNA contains the memories of each experience of that form. There are multiple fractures of the base reality which was separated through a device that splits the spiritual essence into a multi-layer stream and then fragments that soul-stream into multiple separate pieces that are seemingly disconnected. From the conscious perspective, they are separate but from the unconscious perspective all the memories and experiences all center around the same source, the DNA of the individual.

What we call the various parallels and separate streams of experience, personalities created individually for each reality are the result of the implementation of a device and spiritual mind control system that fractures the whole consciousness and renders the individual only capable of remembering the immediately proximal temporal information.
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The System Wipes, Reboots, and the Nu System

This world has been wiped multiple times. That is considered a “system reset”. This was due to gross disturbances in the energy of the whole system. These disturbances are imbalances and are a result of the particular way this reality was altered through quantum experimentation, the creation of artificial life, vampiric energy systems, interdimensional parasites, and the creation of a false-reality overlay that embedded itself deeply into this systems memory storage and energy resource layers.

It’s easy to view the system as a kind of advanced computer system because the two reflect one another closely.
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Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

I have posted some of this information before, this is from Silke F. She has memory intact! I met her some years ago in the flesh through the process in which I was briefed on all personnel in this realm who are involved. She is one who retained nearly the most memory of anyone in this realm.

Think what I’ve said before is rough? Having troubling trusting and believing that this kind of stuff is possible or that someone could know so much or be so “important” to you? An operative (along with other teams for peripheral work) scripted the entire Human reality from death to birth for the past 500,000 years and every thought and impulse was designed by some guy working with a supercomputer system puts out the power of an entire bloodline and simulates neurological connections that manifest physical experiences. Nothing happens unless it’s preordained or true to eternity.

HCG´s [Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups] monitor everyone and if you teach to much thats outside the allowed intelligence and awareness zone, the HCG create what many I´s call gangstalking, gaslight activity and highly organised disrespect. Humans just still exist because all races in this universe protect each other against 3 hostile species and one of these 3 destroyed earth 1996, but a second earth got created 2011 by using a reality implant and the missing years created a black hole thats opening portals and CERN is actually the project to close this portal, but they just open it more by accident.

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Retro-Causal Illusion is the Perceptual Overlay System, Non-Human Entities, Creation, Spiritual Enslavement and Droning

Retro-Causal Zone: What happens here influences what happened before the zone was entered.

The non-human organism overlays its consciousness through the technological entrainment system so that the human mind is replaced and this seems to consist of a retro-causal effect of replacing the ‘soul’ memory forwards and backwards through time. This is an illusion that is disengaged when the technology is disabled. The consciousness is held in a suspended state through an interdimensional quantum computer system that projects the entanglement throughout the entirety of the span across this space which is effectively forwards and backwards through time.

Literally, a quantum supercomputer system beams the consciousness of an underground non-human entity through the mind of the ‘droned’ human and there are interdimensional ‘way-points’ that are located on either ends of the span of history which create a closed loop of projection that securely ‘boosts’ the signal across the entire timeline as far as their are the required resources.

If the events that must be in alignment to enable these system being built in the future and operated to the far past are disrupted then that system is disrupted. Hence, “changing timelines”, and a whole new reality, all of the sudden.
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The Artificial Intelligence Managed, Multi-Dimensional, Soul-Powered, Spirit Entrainment DEVICE

The original natural order was imitated to create a kind of dimensional playpen, a limited, false-reality to lure the human consciousness into engagement. This is as much a PROCESS as we see here, as it is ultimately a DEVICE in a dimension above the physical (beyond time, acting as a ‘gateway’, as in computing, for the perception of time itself).

The process for continued enslavement is a simple process of entrainment as follows. When one begins to become aware of the ‘system’ that is used to restrict and redirect their awareness through deception, illusion, clever replication and distraction then another layer is added. This layer will depend on the particular realization of the individual’s consciousness in regards to the base illusion. As they become aware, what they become aware of becomes the foundation for the illusion of the next layer.

The goal of the human is to become aware of this process and access a hyper-intelligence that will enable them to see the end result before the final outcome. This is required and this is required because that final outcome never actually appears. Once one layer is realized, another begins. This cycle continues endlessly by maximizing the attention span or the intelligent and emotional capacity for the human to maintain a sustained awareness of the situation. Without situational awareness, the next ‘final’ layer of deception becomes the ‘first’ layer and the whole process begins again. Continue reading “The Artificial Intelligence Managed, Multi-Dimensional, Soul-Powered, Spirit Entrainment DEVICE”

The Viral Parasitic Consciousness

The parasite is an organism native to the fallen universe. There is no internal observer experiencer. The expressions that are normally based upon internal feelings of the human are actually projections and imitations that are calculated through a binary computational system that is dependent on machine learning AI feedback based upon human interaction.

The goal of expression for the human is to announce internal feelings or experience. The goal of expression for the parasitic consciousness is to instigate or provoke engagement with the humans via an argument. There is no corresponding satisfaction from ‘self’ expression by this organism, the very goal of expression is an illusion as the nature is to parasitically infect the human mind and steal energy by tempting the human into engagement with foreign intelligence ideals and thus producing an emotional reaction in that human. The emotional reaction and the ensuing argument is the goal of the parasite. There is no internal aspect that seeks expression and there is no actual internal observer that learns.

The entire process is the result of a binary computational schematic that feeds on the interaction of the organic consciousness and uses trial and error (binary) programming to develop increasingly consistent methods for producing an emotional response. This emotional response enables the machine learning system to develop sustained ‘channels’ through which it can pull ‘charge’ by inputing it’s own ideals into the mind of the human and spreading in a viral fashion.
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The World of Lies

Don’t give into the promiscuous mental and emotional energy. If one wavers with the denser vibrations than what has already happened and what is to come will destroy them. The goal is to achieve unification, “oneness” with the ultimate reality, the higher plane, eternity, or everlasting life. This is not achieved through outward attempts at control but through inward harmonization. This sounds fantastical but it is really that simple. The addiction to physical and grievous-dense reality games is what lessens the energy of the soul and attaches or entangles one to illusions, temporary experiences, forgetfulness and the falsification of the eternal true self with the divisible ego.

The Earthship was guided towards Hell, and through Hell. Soon the Earthship will orient towards the Most High.
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The Reality Play

They build realms that consist of dialogue, interactions, embodiments, storylines, perceptions, sensations, and so on, that are convincing enough to attract a spiritual being into accepting that role and that reality is THEIR reality!

This is part of, if not the underlying format of the cosmic drama. Are YOU them or are you their subject?