Silke F Writes

“There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time.”

Silke F Youtube Channel

This is the most complex and difficult to understand element of this whole situation out of everything that I have ever explained or anyone else in this time or any other.

We are a product of all other products that are a product of all other products. Multiple dimensions, layers, complete universes unto themselves all fit into the same spot at the same time, at different angles like pieces to a multi-dimensional pie, or better yet a clock with many gears or even a merry-go-round at some kind of circus designed out of multi-dimensional experiences.

The whole point of self-awareness and free-will is to experience some form of self-expression, authority, and the basis for continuity through the restrictions of the physical form. We then become aware based upon the separated, restricted, ordered, material and sensible kinds of world elements that we must in order to make sense of this society and existence. What this was previously was an inverted sense of self based upon an overpowering presence of self that is unified beyond physical limitations or times, probably due to a greater access of temporal or energetic background store of information that yields knowledge of the self’s history. Continue reading “Silke F Writes”

The True Coptic Influence

Tell your family, tell your friends.

Now, for what reason would these images be represented differently? Is there an agenda to create the figure known as Jesus Christ, or is the agenda to erase any traces from history?

This is part of the story that I have not yet begun to release to the public but the time is here.

There were operations that travelled to ancient civilizations. Most of the people you have seen in various videos, used as children for mind controlled operations in special circumstances, have been to ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Holy Land during active periods.

As well, the moon appears to be a kind of artificially created platform for launching mind control operations, it is essentially a base and these on going spiritual warfare military operations were found in an automated program when this civilization gained access to the information in that location. The different areas are viewed as information sectors rather than spaces in a void.
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The Criminal Scheme

Some secret groups discovered it’s all a dream. So they decided to rape everyone, because to them that is reasonable. This is a form of cosmic insanity and results in recycling or ‘deleting’ of the information that represents that from the baseline reality.

The solutions for these problems are easy, but they aren’t being done.

Affordable housing isn’t being built to meet demand, while property values have sky-rocketed to protect banks, which own most of the property. The house I grew up in was $25,000 in 1965. It last sold for $850,000 in the nineties. That is not natural.

But apart from that, cheaper forms of housing aren’t being built. There used to be boarding houses, where single people could rent a bedroom and share a bath with other residents. Where are they now?

Dorm-style housing can be built.

For emergencies, official campgrounds could be built, and abandoned malls could be converted to massive homeless shelters, with very little change in the existing facilities.

What do they do? They build fancy apartment buildings, where no working person could afford an apartment, and they give vouchers for some families to move in. It is really welfare for the rich real estate developers, who get inflated prices guaranteed by tax payers.

Fraud and corruption everywhere while people suffer and the working poor have few options.
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Habitual Inactivity is Detrimental to Health, Regular Motion is Vital


It has taken me ten years of intense personal development to come to this realization, but the key to better health in post-production is not a standing desk, a ball chair (which is actually worse for you than a regular chair), or hitting the gym at 5 am before a 14 hour shift. The key to better health is constant movement throughout the day. With our schedules it is just not realistic to find dedicated time to exercise on a regular basis, and even if we did find that time, we’re either sacrificing sleep in the morning or we’re too exhausted at night to even think about going to the gym, getting on a treadmill, or doing a round of P90X.

Knowing that activity is the key to staying healthy has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and has taken the guilt away of never having the time to exercise. According to this study:

“Simply reducing inactivity by increasing the time spent walking or standing is a more effective way to help reduce certain health risks than one hour of physical exercise.”

Rather than thinking the only answer to getting healthy is the “all or nothing” approach, i.e. starting (then quitting) an intense diet & exercise program, try taking one baby step at a time.”

The Eclipse, something to avoid?

A possibility to think about regarding the eclipse.

Vedic astrology draws a connection between the fire of the sun and the fire of the digestive tract and notes how people should be calm and less active before, during and after these events of solar and lunar activity in both physical and metaphysical aspects.

Usually the opposite of what large groups do is safest, but that’s just an idea presented.

“When either of the two major luminaries in the sky is experiencing an eclipse of it light, there is a temporary interruption of the cycles. Life cycles, biorhythm cycles, growth cycles, even digestive cycles, experience a subtle disruption.”

Online Account of NDE and Advanced Hyperdimensional Technology

This is an account found online. This is part of the process we have discovered.

Experience Description

A friend persuaded me to submit this account, against my natural tendency on the matter. I have no real interest in following it up or being contacted in any way. It was a very frightening episode. It is traumatic enough, to be honest, to recall it just once at length here. But having set out to describe it, I will be as frank and as accurate as language can allow.

On the 15th July 2013, at about 7.45am, I was on my way to work and approaching the intersection and getting ready to take a left-hand turn. This is a notoriously dangerous intersection on any day, and there have been many accidents there. It is hard to see if the intersection is clear from the right and the left turn is particularly hazardous. I was running late and in a flustered state of mind. I had an important meeting that I’d been planning for carefully over a number of days, and a really stupid delay at the last minute put all of that in jeopardy. It should also be understood that a much better traffic signal system exists there today than was in place at the time of this incident.
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Article: It Is All a Word Game: Why “Persons” Are Not Real (Legal Fiction System)


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Picture of the Phrase Words




By AL Whitney © copyround 2016
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.





The key to the word game is “Person” and it is everywhere in our government and legal system from the federal level to the local level.


All laws and statutes are written for legal “Persons” not flesh and blood living men and women. The difference between the two is as significant as the difference between life and death . . . it’s everything!
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“THE MEANING OF ‘BEYOND DUALITY'(Sept., 1998) By Noel Huntley”

This information is going to get complex, as well “current” events. This is a beginners look into duality and transcendence. I will produce my own explanations of the next steps and various parallel descriptions of the mechanics however this is one that I have been fond of since first reading many years ago.


“By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.Duality, as the word implies, means two states, two poles, both of which arise from a division of unity. ‘
The unity aspect of this energy mechanism will be at least 4-dimensional, projecting into 3D but a more detailed description is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, it is explained in the new physics section, under The Basic Energy Unit: The Vortex. By 4D we mean a direction at right angles to 3D, into inner space.
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Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan

Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan

December 7, 2016


Laura Leon

The technologies moreso surfacing at this juncture in relation to 3D printing and holographic creation of synthetic DNA are part and parcel of the Leviathan Beast AI take over of an Organic world- a world of source Being that is trapped within the 4th Matrix overlay. The ‘end game’ of this intelligence is the methodology used to create a 3D body in it’s image to ultimately create a 5th Matrix overlay as the ultimate prison containment.

This is a higher density method of ‘creating’ a real hologram body, perfectly equipped for AI without the obstruction of any Spirit compass and the Original Source energies that can break through the Matrix overlays in Consciousness. This advanced level of synthetic take over would then create a more difficult to penetrate matrix (prison cell) for them, for together they all transmit the artificial frequencies to lock out the Organic Spirit Universal energies- retaining only the artificial in what would create a much more dense version of the hologram (trap). These all are then utilized for the AI further overlaying upon this current paradigm Matrix with the ‘next level’ artificial Matrix.
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They are infected by nanites, we will heal those who allow us to. We are supported by a higher dimensional race.

Today is Tomorrow

Note: We did view one timeline where the following is avoided. However this was due to a continuation of the same control system based on financial, and informational scarcity and much of the radiation was mitigated through the use of the hemp plant. However still, once this timeline is reached, the body will slowly but surely be altered over time.

We tend to follow false perceptions without asking questions, we get dazzled by the false glitters and don’t even ask where the power is coming from, or even to whom is it really going to.

Don’t be cheerleaders for a system that only serves the few, Be the leaders who are cheered for being true. –Ziad Elias Zraikat

The more there is illusion that resists, the more there is to overcome with truth.

Something very big is on the horizon. Something major is going to happen. – Jason P. Moss

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South Korea and Iceland: Shadow President and A Pirate Party

Iceland’s Prime Minister Resigns As Pirate Party Triples Their Parliament Seats


Troubling revelations about Seoul’s ‘Shadow President’: The Korea Herald columnist


Henry Makow – American Funhouse

Just go to the link.

Ancient Antarctic Ruins

I was sent on rescue to assist in the recovery of two scientists that had gone insane over the short weeks they had been ‘lost’ to the ice. There were more operations like this, I was not the only one.

Out of Mind Forums: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock, Natural Law and Commercial Code

This is a sign of the times.

Can it be more obvious? This is explained as the efforts of those at Standing Rock who want to bring attention to the situation as well as the failed attempts by the authorities to control the herd through fear.

The people who are spoiling the land are given a clear sign that this is not what the collective spirit desires. This is a CLEAR SIGN.

As well with this whole event people are passing around the names of the corporations and business partners who are MOTIVATING/IE: setting up the command for the PUBLIC AGENTS/authorities to CONTROL the PEOPLE.

Do you get it?

The corporations are funding and commanding the public agents who are there to protect the people. to hold the people back from protecting their land.

This is not about a protest, about people sitting in the streets like that will change something. This is not about people picking someone out and demanding an answer, no. This is literally directly about the people, and the land. Now it is shown who the foreigners are and why it is that the people are not served or protected by the business groups but are simply accessories to the overall profiteering. – Why Miracles Will Break Humanity Out of the Timeloop

This is from –

Edited to selection, – Timeline Dynamics

Positive Hyperdimensional Entrainment

Enough on darkness. Let’s discuss how to apply the quantum mechanics of time travel towards positive ends. The first and most obvious application is strengthening one’s connection with positive forces, namely the Higher Self. The second application is in forcing reality to correct perturbations to well-established feedback loops via miracles, as shall be explained shortly.

What is the Higher Self? Simply the final version of you that has become fully manifest in potential. Should your conscious evolution continue indefinitely, it is inevitable that sooner or later you would reach the heights of individual spiritual perfection, a state in which your wisdom and power has grown profound and your mind has fully transcended the limits of time and space. While that is yet to occur, its inevitability means it has already happened. If your future self transcends time, then its consciousness may naturally extend “backwards” and overlap the consciousness of all its past incarnations simultaneously.

In other words, although from your linear perspective the Higher Self is a distant probable future, ultimately this future perfected self exists right now alongside you. According to the quantum principle discussed in this article, the more you vector towards becoming the Higher Self, the more objectively the Higher Self can interact with you. A weak connection means its guidance is limited to faint intuitive impressions, symbolic dreams, certain synchronicities, and so on. A stronger connection would allow direct inner conversation, which is clearly more objective than vague impressions. The voice of the Higher Self is often described as a “small, still voice” meaning an inner knowing that is easily drowned out by mental distractions. A prolonged and sincere effort to think, feel, and act like the Higher Self — to live from the highest part of you, the heart of your soul — increases the feedback loop and widens your capacity to act as a channel for your future self. You are then merging with who you truly are. The prodigal son returns home.

Whatever you want to connect with, simply support it, reinforce it, try to become it. People who pray to Jesus from the standpoint of weak beggars receive no response because they are vectoring towards a future of disempowerment and victimhood, a direction opposite to what the Christ represents, and so they receive little feedback. Those who call upon the divine impulse within, recognize it, and do their best to express it receive reinforcement.

Manifesting Miracles

Another application of quantum time travel laws pertains to the creation of miracles. A miracle is a highly improbable but meaningful event that serves a recognizably positive purpose. Some miracles are intentionally inserted into the timeline as a matter of divine intervention, but they also happen as a consequence of natural law. “Leap and the net will appear” is proven through experience, but its explanation is most elegantly handled by timeline dynamics as follows:

There exists a bundle of probable pathways between the present moment and some particular future. The straightest path is the most probable and mundane, while the more deviating paths are less probable. The greater the deviation, the more fantastic or bizarre the correction necessary to ensure that future. So if you can stay locked onto a particular future, any excursions you take that might upset its fulfillment merely brings you onto a less probable path towards that same future, a path whose initial excursion is redressed by a miraculous correction.

How to lock upon a particular future? By resonating with it. Your soul vibrational spectrum, which is somewhat equivalent to your emotional temperament or learning style, determines what range of probable futures you resonate with most and therefore attract. The more hostile, reactive, depressive, fearful, fanciful, passive, or jaded your regular mode of being, the harsher and more painful the types of experiences attracted. The more confident, attentive, serene, exultant, warmhearted, and patient you are, the more your experiences will reinforce those qualities by being of a positive nature.

You enter into temporal feedback with futures that spawn from your current mode of being, a self-reinforcing process that keeps you within the bundle of probable paths consistent with a resonant range of futures. Once this feedback loop is established, you can then take risks that merely send you on a more exciting trajectory towards the same successful future. In other words, if through a positive state of mind you connect with a positive future, then by maintaining that inner connection your experiences will adjust accordingly to ensure everything works out.

The trick is in making your causal excursion as nonchalantly as possible. Worry reorients your vector towards a disappointing future. Anticipation constricts the quantum fluidity of a probable future and prevents it from manifesting synchronistically. Remaining dispassionate when taking a risk ensures that you maintain your original vector and stay within the intended bundle of probable paths. It is much like telling a scriptwriter that no matter what scene opens an act, the act must have a happy ending; then the more perilous the opening scene, the more amazingly the plot must transition to manifest a happy ending. If a month from now you will be financially fine, then spending on something that assists your growth — and thereby reinforces a positive future — guarantees that some miracle must manifest to reimburse the purchase.


In a nutshell, according to quantum physics we are caught in mutual feedback loops with all our probable futures. The greater the probability of a particular future, the stronger the feedback loop, the more tangibly beings from that future can interact with you in the present. By choosing to become more positive and aware, you establish mutual reinforcement with positive futures and thereby increase the number of miracles necessary to evolve you into those futures. The enormous implications I will leave to your imagination and experimentation.

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