Soft-Disclosure: Tron (1982), Why Tron is soft-disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs along with the true nature of this reality

Tron (1982)

Little did they know, the game components they played against in the arcade were actually intelligent systems who were managed in a cyberspace, virtual reality society of their own.

Why Tron is a form of soft-disclosure of the secret projects involving virtual reality within the unacknowledged special access programs and the true nature of this reality.

Virtual Replication and Recreation

The scientists at a corporation design a system that uses laser interference to replicate a 3D object on a digital level, down the atom. This system is so advanced that, just like the real system, this actually introduces the capacity of converting the physical object to pure energy and the interpret that energy as information and reintroduce that information into a virtual world system. This doesn’t just replicate the object, this actually takes the real version and recreates it inside of a virtual system. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Tron (1982), Why Tron is soft-disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs along with the true nature of this reality”

Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404 – Beautiful, Handsome, Bob

Dimension 404: Bob

This is an extremely powerful episode. I will try to conceal all true spoilers so you can watch the episode yourself.

Here are some quotes:

“The NSA has a major data problem, we’re drowning in the stuff. Emails, phone logs you name it, we got about 3 petabytes a second of it from American civilians alone. Our analysts have to process all of that data one click at a time. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Replace’em with robots! Believe me, I have tried. But despite what you’ve read in wired, that kind of AI is still decades away.”
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Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (1983)

Brainstorm (1983)

I did not include a preview because all the clips on youtube give away the entirety of the movie and make it so there is no point to watch. Watch the movie if you want to know how it really works.

Actually, here is the preview, I turned off related videos so you won’t see the spoiler videos people uploaded.

The neurological activity can be recorded onto magnetic tape and played back with the use of a helmet that contains the electromagnetic system.

At a party, a sex scene is recorded in the helmet and everyone at the party plays the events over and over in their minds. “Hey, it sure beats dirty magazines.”

This is literally part of what resulted in the holographic fractal mind-virus where sexual depravity, violence and addiction all merged into one frequency of experience that resulted in spiritual degradation of the human. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (1983)”

Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT

Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT

At the very start of the movie there is a classic foreshadowing which sets the scene for the entire movie.

This movie is a one of a kind look into the subtly and complexity of an elite family environment.

The main character is a man who is accompanying his girlfriend to her parents house for a weekend.

I would rather not give away any spoilers for the movie so this will have to be as vague as possible. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT”

Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404

Dimension 404


A Seemingly Normal Life

A man lives a seemingly normal life and has trouble finding a girlfriend. His roommate signs him up for online dating and he finds the “perfect match”. The girl he meets matches everything he is looking for even down to the tattoo and favorite bands. After a couple months, he moves to fast and falls in love against his roommates advice. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404”

Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME


A man lives in his head. His love for a girl he grew up with never leaves him yet he cannot gain the courage to truly express himself.

This film is by a visionary artist. Shinichirō Watanabe. Watanabe is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. He has directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, two powerfully symbolic and culturally reflective works that gained the attention of viewers all over the world. Continue reading “Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME”

Soft-Disclosure Chappie and AfterDeath

AfterDeath is a bit more complex. This is about the “limbo” midway realm between the living and the dying. Time has stopped and they find themselves in a house built from familiar memories to them. Each are plagued by their unmanaged desires or their mistakes in life. In the house is written “Tabula Rasa” or clean slate in Latin which represents the innocence of childhood in one sense and the intermediate loss of memories and all that has been gained from one life to the next in another sense.

The damned are trapped within a closing “time bubble” which is slowly encapsulating the house which is representative of Earth as well as the intermediary realm. One must arrive in Heaven to free the damned as well as release the lost souls in Hell. This whole event takes place because Heaven is empty as everyone who has died thus far has only added to the lost.

Click “read more” for the trailers and the full post:
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Soft-Disclosure: Travelers (TV Show)

This should sound weird.

This society is nearing the point of contact for direct-disclosure.

Up until now your society has been ruled over by those who’s mission was to ensure that this civilization fails.

Soft-Disclosure 5: Movies

The Man From Earth

Triangle (2009)

Inception (2010)

Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Fantastic Planet (1973)

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Soft-Disclosure 4: Movies

Under the Skin (2014)

Altered States (1980)

Flatliners (1999)

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Soft-Disclosure 3: Movies

Donnie Darko (2001): Projection of Causal Body

Moon (2009)

Synchronicity (2015)

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Soft-Disclosure 2: Movies

Jupiter Ascending



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Soft-Disclosure of Coming Earth Changes, Solar Energy

They are disclosing coming Earth changes.


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to prepare the Nation for space weather events, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

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Soft-Disclosure Movies and Shows

I recommend watching at least the trailer of the new series “Westworld”. This is soft-disclosure, at least from the trailer because I have not watched any of it.

Even the sound in the beginning of the trailer, that deep bass dramatic movie sound, that is a sound that some of the machines generate. It also has to do with programming and consciousness.

Just like the movies, “The Thirteenth Floor”, “eXistenZ”, “The Island”, “Tomorrowland”, “The 6th Day”, “The Nines”, “Brainscan”, “Videodrome”, or the series, “12 Monkeys”, “Fringe”, and “Mr. Robot”. There are literally so many. This is not so much about the enjoyment of the acting, cinematography or storyline although it is great. These are used to secretly tell the stories and release information about what people cannot be told directly. I consider making a page for a list but I feel some will interpret it as irrelevant. The truth is there are hidden messages in the movies and shows and one can see what a journey would be like with involvement with advanced technology or knowledge of spirit or other realities. These specifically show about the mind and even the down-to-Earth troubling things that can happen.

If anyone knows of any soft-disclosure type of media that may be beneficial, post it below.

We really shouldn’t be focusing on entertainment in serious times, although creativity and relaxation is especially relevant so we shouldn’t be too hard, however these are directly related to actual events, existing technology, and secret operations.


I’m not here to talk about people specifically, but actors, actress, directors, athletes, and many people who are important in public affairs are involved in the disclosure process in one way or another.

From 1973:

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Hints at Celebrity Cloning In The Media

What do you think they’re telling you?

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