Admit You’re a Liar to Tell the Truth (unless you’ve never claimed you weren’t lying) The ILLusion of the Self

This is a super-cosmic rant inspired by a panel discussion with Earth Soul Group Lily Kolosova and Felicia Noel and friends. This is very rambly and just a playful look at some of the notions observed in what seemed like an unlimited experience over the course of the chat.

Is reality one thing or multiple things? Are you one interconnected thing, which is then broken down into more than one thing when ‘pulled apart’?

Could it be that reality and the self are neither? That the ‘total’ view is neither conceptualized within any single ‘thing’ or any linear projection of multiple things? Meaning, if you were to count how many “things” everything is, you’d count forever. If you were also to try and encapsulate what “all things” are or is, you’d never be able to finalize that ‘scope’ of being or reality because to encapsulate it within boundaries would be to separate some part of all that is.
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Are You Ready to Be A Creator?

Think about this simple fact. People do not know the etymology, the primary, original, or actual meaning of the words they use. These means are the ones that have been in use for thousands of years compared to just the current period.

Words, statements, projections. They shape reality, they form reality, they are both the beginning of the substance that is provided through emotion and intent, and they are primarily the foundation, the structure through which our minds populate reality or are populated by the reality we experience.
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Soul-Awareness and Attaining the Exponential Growth Curve through a Feedback Loop of Self-Awareness

We’re in a soul-matrix circuitry, closed-loop system.

No one ‘gets out alive’. That’s because the body is relative to the physical plane and environment, this reality.

Instead of going out, there is a virtually expanse stream of possible realities that are accessible by changing our internal perspective of energies and the configuration of self-awareness.

To come to awareness in the moment is a ‘once in a life time’ situation. And this is EVERY TIME this occurs. That is part of the paradox. It’s a continuing, eternity, whenever we apply our energies inward towards creating a feedback loop of pure-awareness simply observing our self observing.
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How to Replace the Physical Baseline Reference with a Higher-Dimensional Access Point through Extra-Dimensional Awareness

Another clarification is that one has to move awareness through the pattern of all possible motions, dimensions in order to ‘bounce’ upward through the levels.

In order to be aware of one level, one has to be one level higher than that. For instance, to be conscious on the physical plane, one has to be present in time as an aspect of mind to order and orient the particular physical moment or self in abstraction to a larger or smaller self, or non-self and the basis for this is through duality. Consciousness requires this, however awareness, without definition does not but is also unshaped and non-personal as consciousness is.

To be aware of the nature of time, mind and consciousness, one would have to have access to that awareness beyond the personal, selective, binary view and this is the beginning of non-dual awareness. Continue reading “How to Replace the Physical Baseline Reference with a Higher-Dimensional Access Point through Extra-Dimensional Awareness”

Important Aspects of the Fractal-Holographic Trap, Soul-Awareness, and Temporal Viewing Technology

Humanity must be able to handle desires.

Advanced technology can be accessed or applied which can distort the personality and genome if the input/output of the body and mind is not harmonized through self-awareness.

Advanced technology enables the viewing of possible futures.

This technology has been used to secure the “future” that “already occurred”. Continue reading “Important Aspects of the Fractal-Holographic Trap, Soul-Awareness, and Temporal Viewing Technology”

Kindness is Harmonious, Truth is Transcendent, The Cosmic Plan of Self-Awareness

The kinder we are, the more helpful and protective we are of innocent life the better we will feel and the more harmonious our existence will be. This is pretty much the basis for all guidelines and truths. Everything is also a test for that. When people are not harmonious and are not protective, that is a test for you to find a way to continue on that cosmic plan with such a stark contrast in view.

Ultimately then there is a cosmic view of the most harmonious and assisting and the most chaotic and devious kind of being, these are simply facts of a duality based universe. However, this is far from the totality of all that is. Continue reading “Kindness is Harmonious, Truth is Transcendent, The Cosmic Plan of Self-Awareness”

On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

The subjects of the holographic false-light containment system, the reality of the human soul, the demiurge, energy activation and kundalini, the HEART-CENTERED PATH, DUALITY, TRANSCENDENCE, WHOLENESS, biological consciousness, SOULawareness, creation, and time are all related together in this process of awakening to the true reality and discerning between the methods of enslavement and illusion which are used to manipulate and ensnare living beings.


Does energy activation MERGE one further into the holographic illusory realm? Is this realm the holographic illusion or is that a deception to cause us to stray from harmony? Is the holographic realm a potential OVERLAY that requires supercomputer technology WITHIN this realm which is still connected to the true reality?

Is the holographic false-reality the realm that was invented as a mirror image of this universe where there are glitches and a broken physics system? Continue reading “On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH”

Meditation; The Mind is the Gateway to Other Worlds

For the record, meditation will help clear the mind. Yet, what I have spoken on before is that symbols, frequencies or vibrations, ideas, etc etc etc, these can turn into portals for higher or lower dimensional realms! Continue reading “Meditation; The Mind is the Gateway to Other Worlds”

Frequency, Anger and Emotion

Emotions are often two-fold and either constructive or destructive. The constructive aspect are avoided by these controller beings and processes and the destructive aspect is desired and sought through programming and manipulation.

I am undecided on how is best to present this viewpoint. I will place the original post below. I removed the majority of the post because I felt anger is a deception.

The truth is, at times I have been tricked and defeated through anger, at other times I am brave and strong enough to mentally overcome those who want to destroy humanity and all life. Continue reading “Frequency, Anger and Emotion”

Consult Your Soul

The principal compartments of the human mind consists of Memory , Reason , and Imagination which equates to Intuition.

Go Within and Consult Your Soul

Literally, clear a time and space and neutralize your awareness between your inner and outer and then focus within and converse with your inner non-verbal presence!

One has to ask themselves, when was the last time this was done?

Do you have a relationship with your soul? Do you know each other? Is there a clear channel for communication? Do you have a meeting place where this is all possible?

What do you feel about this?

Here’s a deeper look at this.

Are the interactions and beliefs that others are participating in with you or convincing you to participate in detrimental to your soul-relationship or conducive? Whats more important?

Host Behavior, The Psychological Fallacy and The Power of Perspective in the Cosmic Game (Cosmic Power)

The host will always seek to avoid the action that is threatening to the parasite. Chemicals, perceptions, cravings, inhibitions, irrational fears, memory disturbances, personality disorders, etc etc etc are all used to protect the ‘damage’ of the scar tissue which is the emotional and mental rift of the psyche that this ‘parasite’ exists. This parasite is literally the false-persona that develops when one does not heal properly or unify and ‘merge’ the various discordant aspects of behavior and mentality into one congruence or wholesome and beneficial pattern.

Another note here is that a quick way to determine whether one is in control of their own domain is to see how that individual responds to both hardship and mishap or errors.

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Wilful Destruction in a Consciousness Feedback System

When we are wilfully self-destructive, or destructive in any sense we then send this energy out into the universe and so this is required for ploys to be applied which work against one’s will or nature.

As well, if we are supportive of ploys or deception against another, then we are simultaneously accepting that against ourselves. This is because others are capable of using that tendency against us.

As well there is a natural reflective capacity of the universe, however, through this capacity is where schemes are used to cleverly disguise control systems behind the pre-existing chaos or disharmony that people have unwittingly welcomed into their reality by producing and accepting such disharmony within their self (mind and body, literally the chest and the ‘head-field’).

Belief Determines Reality

History Occurs in Repeated Cycles because they are Managed

History goes in cycles because they are being managed! People went from believing one thing, then they’ll go to the other, and this cycle continues in faster and faster cycles until everyone who has the tendency to hold on to anything is flung off!

This literally occurs in the same way some information will threaten people’s conceptual limitations.

Reality does the same! Everything reflects into itself. We are all being tested and will continue to be tested until only those remain who are willing to let go of all misconceptions to find the truth of reality. Continue reading “Belief Determines Reality”


Forethought: INACTION can be the most powerful option.

Repetition or Intensity

What you do repeatedly or with great intensity empowers you and defines you. These are two pathways to creation in the actual universe. We are in a cascading set of reflections and gradients. What you do in one moment literally reflects not only into the other moments forward but backwards and into possible realities where you did and didn’t do one thing or another and this lead to one or another outcome that you may or may not experience here and now.

This is literally the basics of a multi-dimensional reality in time and consciousness, everything is POSSIBILITIES. Continue reading “All is POSSIBILITIES”

Belief is the Shadow of Knowledge, Duality, the Observer Aspect and Human Existence

yThink about this (remember, if BELIEF is the shadow of knowledge, then THOUGHTS are the shadow of AWARENESS).

Two points here: Continue reading “Belief is the Shadow of Knowledge, Duality, the Observer Aspect and Human Existence”

Into Polarity-Consciousness Back to God-Consciousness

The Polarity Consciousness of The Physical Earth Plane

The visible, physical universe is based upon a duality of the pain-pleasure balance.

The invisible is based upon the immaterial self of spiritual knowledge and feeling.

If we are motivated primarily by our lower level physical senses then this is as a pyramid with only one layer where each cycle of change (moment, second, day, month, year) is indistinguishable from the rest and there is only constant, unshaped repetition.

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