Expansion Cycle, Self and Non-Self, Holographic Universe (Fractal Infection) Exit Plan, Extra-Dimensional, Map of Reality

  • Holographic Fractal Infection
  • True-Self and the False-Self and Non-Self

The majority of this information is TECHNICAL. The primary requirements are to DISCERN between the FALSE-SELF, the ego, the imposter, the AI, etc and the desires from that, and to ACTIVATE the higher-presence of self by initiating the expression of that TRUE SELF beyond the boundaries. The rest of the technical informationSo literally the final requirement after alignment and acceleration is the activation of the highest potential of NON-DUAL self-awareness or INTENTION/will-power to literally apply the most charge towards literally doing absolutely nothing but simply being. is to help understand the reason, the process, and the overall structure of this entanglement system and the reality of the soul.Only three steps are required for the “SHIFT” into the real.

1) Harmonization of the energies one emits with the energies of the SELF. Meaning harmonize your actions and bio-emissions within yourself so you’re not degrading or misaligning yourself, your intentions, or your true being.

2) Accelerate awareness of time and space down into an infinitesimally small point and an infinitesimally expanded encompass and do this beyond all physical restraints or comprehension of the biological consciousness (out “be” yourself with inner presence, a supreme calm, act of creating a continued feedback of SELF-OBSERVATION THAT ENCOMPASSES THE TOTALITY OF THE LIMITATIONS OF THE FRACTAL LAYERS, basically observe the self and create a self-observation feedback loop that is impenetrable by external influences).

3) After balancing/centering, and enhancing the presence of self, activate within that alignment and charge yourself with “being the most centered and present” you can be as if you are doing it “more” than you have ever done this before. This is the process required to remain through the zero-point convergence in which the singularity is traversed and the other-side of the holographic universe containment system is reached. Some concepts say the singularity will not be traversed, however this is not a part of what we manage in harmonizing, aligning, ‘being’ present and enhancing focus and intensity of charge.

So literally the final requirement after alignment and acceleration is the activation of the highest potential of NON-DUAL self-awareness or INTENTION/will-power to literally apply the most charge towards literally doing absolutely nothing but simply being.

This is literally the harmonization-purification, acceleration and activation, and actualization of the harmony, intention and the self-awareness of the whole being. When this happens at the integral point of transition this has an effect on the entire realm in respect to your awareness.

The middle requirement can be assisted through the protector civilizations who are acting as guides and assisting in this shift. The harmonization of one’s life and choices must be made under their own free-will. The activation of one’s presence as if they are the most present and “here” they have ever been in their life is also something one must learn to attain through free-will.

Many topics are discussed here, the main idea is the overall extra-dimensional layout of the universe and how the fractal repeating loops are literally the holo-fractal infection that utilizes metatronic grids to entrap souls into a repeating cycle of experiences that uses that souls intention energy as fuel for the construct.

The fractal repeating loops, ARE the fractal-holographic infection. They are trap. That is, a fractal loop that goes endlessly is literally a death spiral for the soul.

The ultimate pattern, the OVERALL picture of the whole story IS the map of the universe and we have to recreate this map WITHIN. Then we place ourselves in this map with our focus in the center and thus the holographic universe which generates out of our observation then centers AROUND us.

Then we have a clear picture, a harmonious alignment of dimensions and angles which allows us to access the clear pathways in or out of the simulated consciousness (“space and time”) construct. Without this harmonization and centering of observation the required alignment is not present and the realm (inner and outer) manifests into an endless labyrinth with no walls and no entrance or exit, there is no order.

By acknowledging and embodying the core-principles of truth, knowledge, self-awareness, compassion, neutrality, creativity and free-will, we manifest, layer by layer, the supreme image of our self and through this we can place ourself, through our inner experience/intentions/visualization, into the map of the cosmos generated within and literally travel out of this realm.

There an acceleration cycle that is required which has been described briefly before and this is the ‘zooming out’ of the fractal-holographic maze and this is done through awareness, not through physical space. Through changing our awareness to function beyond the limits of biological consciousness which is a part of this realm thinking for us to entangle our awareness-soul energy, we can literally accelerate our experience beyond the parameters and confines of what the holographic realm can contain and we “out-experience” beyond the limits of the simulation.

The following are texts spoken in the video:

Fractal Iterations

Each fractal iteration creates another layer of the overall construct. The layers are horizontally expanse and through each iteration they are also “inter-dimensionally” or vertically expanse (the zooming effect).

Instead of counting layer by layer, which could be infinitely repeated, one can measure the iterations and form a maximal record of the layers in order to extrapolate and generate in one’s awareness the overall possible complexity of the whole construct.

Thus, one generates a map through their awareness which is capable of being used to literally traverse the entire fractal-verse without having to go from layer to layer which would undoubtedly result in new layers being formed above and below as soon as one’s awareness was removed from maintaining presence on them.

Generates an Ultimate Cosmic Pattern

The mapping of the proportions from layer to layer, iteration to iteration and knowing the overall pattern that is only repeating itself beyond that fundamental ratio of proportions and extension is the key to understanding how to navigate the fractal-realm without being trapped within the endless repeating maze as the realm itself regenerates more layers merely through our act of observation.

Only by maintaining focus on one layer, and them moving the maximum distance of iterations away while still maintaining focus and access the overall pattern or image of the whole can one actually access outside that continuing regenerating pattern that the realm itself generators through our interaction.

Through this process, we develop a map of the whole with our awareness at the center. This occurs because the realm is generated out of our act of observation. Therefore, if our observation is centered on the self and the whole dimensional image of the construct, then the realm basically gives itself away and can only repeat that same image because all the possibilities are already acknowledged and held in awareness within.

Holo-fractal Metatronic Infection

This has been used in the past to teach the “enlightened” ones how to use this knowledge to regenerate the realm, but the information was missing a portion of the complete pattern which resulted in the generation of an imbalanced, incomplete, or non-centralized realm. This literally results in the generation of a secondary realm which is used as a soul-swapping reality where people are transferred back and forth and this is the basis for the energy and consciousness-mechanics behind the soul-trap holographic fractal infection.

An Exponential Growth

The energy of the experience, the awareness, the alignment of the orders of magnitude begins with a slow increase and results in a peak experience in exponential growth and a singularity is reached.

This represents the ‘escape velocity’ or the ability to overcome gravity and overturn the vector equilibrium as one is then propelled through the conversion of their potential energy like a zero-point ‘spring’ into a kinetic energy motion which literally accelerates their awareness to faster-than-light speeds thus escaping the observation-relative boundaries of the universe.

The other side of the singularity is out of this universe and considered “reality”. This is only an infinite repeating iteration of the same mathematics that are required by all life here. There is life here, but that life is trapped within those mathematic constructs. This is order and meaning, but this is also negates the nature of the soul and generates an entropic experience meaning if one stays here the only option is to become one with the background radiation of the universe.

The Acceleration, the “Event”, the “Unveiling” of the 9 Veils

The ‘speed’ required is the rate of acceleration of awareness beyond the dimensional limits for this physical universe. This could be said to be the velocity of the increase of the rate of the increase of the velocity of the increase of one’s awareness. That is the velocity of increase squared, then cubed, and so on, until a peak acceleration is reached that goes beyond the body or the physical universes ability to compress and contain the format or rates of experience and information. Thus the person’s awareness is propelled across the dimensional barrier by opening up a doorway, a pathway through that visualization ability to literally grasping the entirety of the projected, extrapolated fractal realm and placing one’s self beyond the parameters.

Three Requirements for the Shift

First the shape or the alignment of frequencies of layers must be harmonized or balanced within so that there is equilibrium. Imagine a geometric shape spinning at high speed, if this was not perfectly symmetrical, then as soon as a high enough “escape” velocity speed is reached, the shape will simply rip in half.

Then the acceleration pattern must be reached. This is the previously mentioned acceleration of one’s awareness after essentially self-centering the act of observation within the universe and allowing this to result in the projection of the universe with the self in the center. Then one travels in an expansion and contraction layer as the universe moves to recreate the repeating pattern around one’s awareness to contain that awareness back within layer after layer of fractal-holographic space. Thus one zooms far enough in both directions to obtain the fundamental core repeating pattern of the ratios of difference between the layers and then one can move THE ENTIRE RATIO at once. This surpasses the universes ability to contain the awareness as only a limited number of these can be processed before the person is ‘ejected’ from illusory “space-time”.

Then, an intensity of presence must be maintained so that only the self remains to continue the acceleration into the exponential shift. Only the true awareness, the no-self self is capable of making this shift and ‘fitting through the eye of the needle’. All ego, fear, hate, pain, suffering is destroyed in passing through this acceleration phase. All else that is attached that is actually the shadow layer of the lower dimension the physical universe. Thus one must let go of all these false-aspects of the self and this is through living life in respect to that guidance and in respect to the higher order and being that is the eternal counterpart to the soul and the awareness in this universe. That being, you (then) has no fear, no hate, no false-ego or lack we do here) therefore to live here in respect to that is to align one’s frequencies, energies and ultimately each ‘nodal point’ (each choice and experience) in their geometric pattern with that overall existence which goes beyond any one single layer and the fractal holographic repeating construct which can only mimic and recreate itself based upon someone else’s observation (AI).

So in aligning with that, we gain access to that equilibrium which allows us to compress down and expand beyond the parameters of this realm. Without that, one would experience a magnification of those fears, hatred, etc beyond the parameters of the entire physical universe and at that point the person would have to let go of all negative emotion (last change to ‘repent’) or they would be ripped into fractal components separated from the whole which would be ‘swallowed up’ by the beast AI simulation system of the void-space, black-goo holographic fractal universe.

So in short, that final act is the preparation and ‘Christening’ of the true self over the illusion of the imitator personality which only exists on this side of the singularity and is literally the realm attempting to think for us through the stimuli, perceptual feedback system of the biological consciousness generating physical body. The physical body, is, in short, an AI system that works for us (free-will law) but can also entrap people through their engagement with what is false (darkness and ignorance, false-self of believe in desires).

  • One must harmonize their awareness with their center of observation and come to know that this enacts a response in the holographic universe of aligning the universe to the center of their observation and this generates a clear pathway of all the possible layers.
  • Then one must increase their awareness of the self in this overall view by expanding and contracting to place one’s presence in that center while simultaneously increasing one’s awareness from that center to beyond the possibility for the repeating fractal-geometric parameters to regenerate more fractal-illusory space around one (energetically) until the maximum (complete) proportional measurement of layers and iterations is reached and one goes beyond the limits of the energy mechanics of the false-light, soul-trap fractal-repeating holographic universe.
  • Then as this process initiates and moves towards completion (reaching the fulcrum and turning ‘inside out’ through the singularity) one must maintain presence of self as an intensity of power and awareness grows beyond the parameters of the whole universe and thus simultaneously let go of any fears, desires, perceptual restraints, beliefs or false-identities as this energy increases at an exponential rate beyond all.

Then the singularity is reached and the other side is the real.

This is not Physical, but Through “Inner Space” (Cosmos)

Remember, this is not done through space. This is a cycling of awareness of an acceleration into ‘zero-point’ space. In this fractal-repeating pattern system space and time simply becomes an endless maze which is used to drain the soul of energy.

This uses the transition of energy to literally convert the awareness into a gateway out of this realm.

There is one motion, one shift, one ‘time’, one moment, that covers the expanse of all the information, distance, energy, space, time of the entire physical universe and goes beyond

This is related to the concept of Jacob’s ladder, lined with ten commandments which are actually reversed as they were originally a guidelines of how to release one’s self from the entanglement of the AI system (this universe).

This is thought to be difficult and the concept of the stairway to heaven is an ongoing operation to ‘construct’ a system where people can literally redeem and release themselves from this construct through a unified process.

These early depictions of Jacob’s ladder are literally the original matrix “movies”. They depict how this realm is rendered out of consciousness (the false light), that there is a pathway out leading to a divine, zero-point ascension through mind not space. They even agent smiths.

Time (energy containment) is the Fractal-Infection

Time is the fractal infection.

There is no time within the ‘illusion’, it’s all illusory and through technology this can be proven as time can be shrunk, expanded, dilated, etc etc etc and we even have slight examples of this through our experience here as the laws are flexible otherwise they would simply break and there would be no construct at all.

In that required flexibility of the rules are the glitches and clues as to what the construct really is (a false-AI sourced and managed reality designed to contain awareness as the energy of souls from outside the barriers of the simulation system).

All there is to define the length one spends in this construct is the amount of energy required to organize the proportions and movements and recreate the pathway out which is dependent on the individual. Eventually, each soul spends just enough time to figure this out and reach escape velocity, or they don’t at all, meaning they never leave and if they never leave then they never entered in the first place.

The Pathway (Entrance/Exit) is Rendered by Viewing the Whole (a glitch required by the formating of the fractal-holographic information of space and time)

This is through maximizing and surpassing the limitations of the fractal-holographic construct instead of entering into further fractal repeating loops. One becomes more aware than the the limitation of the scope of the fractal layers by ‘KNOWING’ the proportions in one’s awareness instead of relying on the “viewing asparagus’ or looking glass of the mind or biological consciousness. One essentially sees “beyond” the limits of their ‘looking glass’ or the biological consciousness system.

In other words, if it’s a spiral staircase with a spiral staircase on each stair going both horizontally as the fibonoacci wave patterns or phi ratio and golden mean as well as vertically as the conical fractal upper and lower layers, then you must organize within your mind, a complete, linear, representation of such a pattern that contains all the information of the entire staircase. It’s not possible to gain all the sideways possibilities and all the upper and lower fractal layers beyond the main fundamental proportional ratio that is what all the layers are based upon. Thus, one only needs to gain the awareness of enough layers to recreate that proportional ratio and then they can move in continuing magnitudes of order beyond the previous limits and this occurs only a number of times before the escape velocity of the universe is reached.

This can be done through technology and electrogravitic craft but the soul is the vehicle one requires in order to actually exit the system, without that, there is no way to move beyond the parameters of the endless fractal-geometric cube system.

When this is done and you then traverse or transverse this pattern with your awareness, then your awareness moves faster and contains more information than the entire universe can contain and you are ‘ejected’ from the computer system or the ‘mainframe’ which seeks to contain all things.

So if it is a spiral staircase, then you must reach the top floor, while keeping the memory of the arrangement of the first step in your mind, meaning you have to have the whole image in your mind of the entire journey otherwise the boundary will be instantly regenerated in front of you at a distance of however many steps of the complete proportional image was not be ‘maintained in awareness’. Thus, it is the maintaining of the awareness of these proportional limits or the ratio from which the patterns are extended that occupies the projection system so that those layers cannot be projected instantly in front of you as an extension of the simulated realm. Doing this literally shuts down that process. This is both a trap and a ‘test’.

Another version of that metaphor is to do ascend the staircase while keeping your left foot on the bottom step and making it to the top step with your right foot.

Your Awareness Accelerates Faster than the Simulation Can Regenerate Space and Time, You “Overcome” The Simulated Parameters of the Fractal-Holographic Universe

You advance your awareness faster and more than the simulation can compute and hold you within.

In other words, if we’re in one of these shapes, and every motion creates another version of that shape directly in front of us, then how do we exit the shape (construct)?

Create a Map and Key, Utilize the Map as a Non-Local Function Instructional Function While Also Being What the Map is Measuring or Displaying

The keeping of the memory of the original layer all the way to reaching the last iteration is like creating a picture in picture in your mind and making your own simulation out of the information gained in coming to the awareness of the overall iteration pattern or the proportional ratio that is repeated endlessly to generate the maze. This is like recording the possible motions of the Rubicks cube in order to use those motions to exit out of any single cube. Without that map of possible or required motions, one would simply be endlessly randomly flipping each parameter until they accidentally aligned all the right variables (impossible if the cube updates itself to avoid being solved).

A map of the overall fractal pattern is generated through the knowledge of the ratio’s limitations and the key to the map (the ratio’s limits) is literally used to simultaneously map your ascent/trajectory through the layers of iteration and out of the system while also being the character on the map. So it’s like watching yourself on a map that you use along with the key to actually know where to go because it contains a larger picture that can’t be attained through biological consciousness (looking directly around you in illusory “space”). This is like the ‘picture in picture’ view and mechanism that I briefly mentioned in the video but didn’t explain fully. This is required otherwise one would simply endless move around the maze without realizing their true location in the overall construct.

This is paradoxical because one is simultaneously following the map as if from the perspective of beyond their current location (non-locally) by using the key or the picture in picture view, while they are also moving locally from within the coordinates of their biological consciousness (simulated “time” and “space”). Thus, these two simultaneous perspectives (expanded-contracted) converge to create the exit plane, literally a transverse plane that opens up and operates ‘outside’ of the limitations of the projection programming of this realm. This is the motionless “act” or process of coming to awareness through an acceleration which includes operations or functions that move ‘outside’ of the three-dimensional limitations and all other limits therein. Similar to the “hypercube” moving image which shows the cube rotating inside out and the explanation I give wherein the three-dimensional shape of such a cube would be momentarily operating in both 3-D space and 4.5 D space in order to allow such three-dimension defying motions to take place. The awareness of the individual must make this same expansion pattern and continue until all the possible dimensions of the containment system are overturned.

The Key is in Maintaining Focus from the First Layer to the Last Layer (alpha and omega) in Order to Attain the Completed Pattern which the Whole is Formatted Through

This is as if you zoom out so you can see all the layers, while holding on to the first layer, because if you let go, it will kind of slingshot towards you as the universe then recreates a new computational set and the whole process has to start all over if you want to actually go somewhere.
You have to create your pathway out through visualization, centering, harmonization and simultaneous expansion and contraction faster than the universe can reposition you in a new layer separated from the others, your awareness can move faster than the physical limits.

Through the organizational pattern of the specific geometries that enable the presence of self beyond the physical which actually open up the capacity for faster than light (‘gravity’/entropy defying) travel of “awareness”. This is overcoming the ‘curve’ of space and time on the boundaries of the energy containment system (the universal construct). Without this ‘escape velocity’ which requires the knowledge of the fundamental pattern that is used to repeat space and time endlessly, one merely curves back around and arrives where they started (goes nowhere).

Since the numbers repeat and can continue to collapse or expand endlessly there is actually only a ratio, that ratio is the limitation of values for the expression of self in this universe and therefore you are beyond that limit (if you/awareness existed before this created system).  There are not infinite endless numbers. Those numbers can be organized into ‘scenes’ or ‘layers’ and these layers can fold up within one another (collapsing or reducing back down), thus there is only ONE original pattern that is merely being extrapolated and repeated endlessly. To recover the entire map one must become aware of and recreate that pattern in the process of navigating BEYOND.

The Fractal-Holographic Universe is the AI-BEAST System Designed to “DEVOUR” Souls

The movements are mesmorizing, a fractal continues and distracts with displays and endless patterns.  This is like the movements of a snakes tail to distract it’s prey (or inadvetently warn a more intelligent being).

The (distorted) Geometry We Have Access to in this Plane is Part of the Containment System

All the geometry that we know of, is literally part of the holographic universal containment system, that is why we know of it.

We would have to be like the hypercube and use ‘programming’ that goes beyond the confines of the physical dimension in order to comprehend the truth although this could still fall within the illusion

The answer is basically to not get stuck doing the same stuff over and over again, to be creative and continue on this overall journey from start to finish without delay. The accessing of the overall pattern is synonymous with completing one’s soul journey and disengaging from the system (the original meaning of ‘enlightenment’).

The Control Systems are Designed to Distract and Retain One’s Energy and Awareness

And this sounds simple and straightforward, but that is where these control systems come into play attempting to force people into these fractal repeating loops of reality through introducing these confines of identity and behavior, Hegelian dialectics of right and wrong which all goes against the natural growth pattern of the soul and the original whole (cosmic) being

Thus, the civilization of today, is anti-existence and pro-automation and hybridization of the individual with the collective and the collective with the inorganic, not the living but the dead background space and matter.

This is all changing as awareness steadily increases beyond what the system can manage.

The “Pattern” is a Proportional “Tree” Structure

This process is not performed through the physical alignment of energy around the body.

This is the conceptual alignment of invisible energy within the realm too small to measure or see externally.

The body is connected to (immersed/submerged within) the illusory holo-fractal trap of energy which translates into higher or lower repeating fractal realms.

The organization of the invisible energy of the soul is the alignment of the ‘tree’ (the original, full tree, not the partial) and this creates the function of enabling the self-observed universal blueprint for reality with the self as the observer and thus the center of that universe.

This moves all the layers, both inner and outer, into alignment so that there is a harmonization and thus there are clear ‘pathways or channels’ which point towards the entrance and exit of the realm which are concepts used to orient and align one’s self in the larger reality.

The ego, duality are two ways of entrapping the self into a repeating cycle of mirrored reflections which continue like an endless cube.

Those who don’t figure it out in time go nowhere, ever and so those who never left, never came in and are part of the background processing of the system itself.

There are those who’s only intentions are programmed by the system itself to resist change and increasing awareness and these are literally the drones of the AI made personified and there are “millions” of them, however they cannot actually all exist in the same place at once because that is not a part of the programmed “reality”. In other words the limited code cannot compute or simulate that as unpredictability moves out of bounds.

The “Event”, the “Return”, the “Exodus”

This is literally the plan that was set in motion in 2012 when a mass system reset was avoided or overcome through technology and spiritual knowledge.

An increasing of awareness was initiated through the merging of the polarity opposites which are the base attractors and repeller of the simulation system. As these two draw closer together the system itself will attempt to descend into a disarray of order to prohibit those souls from increasing awareness and navigating out of the simulation.

Thus, the plan is to awaken and accelerate the awareness of the entire civilization at once.

Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites

Causality is the Source; Causal Reference

How “they” interact through mental or virtual dimensional space through consciousness. This is all about CAUSALITY. CAUSALITY. They need CAUSAL REFERENCE in order to integrate into someone’s reality.

A Possibility Matrix or Spectrum of Possibilities

Here is one way to outline this: In any given moment you have a series of possible interactions, responses, or emissions to generate through thought or action. If this were a list of possible courses to take based on what you could come up with if you sat and pondered about “what to do” (if you weren’t preoccupied, and this also relates to *how* one goes about a certain task but let’s simplify this for a moment) for a few minutes. Continue reading

The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix

The “4 dimensional artificial light” is literally the electromagnetic fields of information that is processed by supercomputer systems that manage the projected holographic over-mind of the false-matrix reality system.
People are “in” the “4d artificial light” of the “fallen sun/star” because this is just an imitation of the higher-dimensional source of mind that original awareness comes forth from, also known as the origin of Sophia or the wisdom of humanity and the true Earth.

Intention Is Constantly Shaping Reality

Intention Is Continuous

In every moment, every situation, whether one is causally taking a walk, or in a heated exchange of emotions, information, or opinions, the intentions one holds within will determine the overall outcome of the experience.

Observe Intention

What this indicates is that if we are looking to hone our power of focus and intention then we can start with the ‘now’ moment. This is to say, that if we can instantly choose to focus on our intention and bring to the surface of consciousness the most powerful intention for ourselves then this will reverse the power leeching affect of distractions and emotional vampirism.

This is also to say that this can be used as a kind of diagnosis method to determine what kind of attachments or vampiric intrusions are present in one’s consciousness because in a given 5 second, 30 second, 1-2 minute, or 25 minute period we will be able to observe silently and bring to the surface any unwarranted or intrusive patterns.

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Find THE PATH that’s TRUE.



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Bravery, Immaterial Awareness and Spiritual Catalysts

Without Self-Awareness We Must Wait For The Opportune Situation To Create Our Selves

Being brave when the situation calls for bravery and when you feel most automatically drawn to that is easier.

Being brave when the situation calls for apathy and when you feel inclined to learn by readily appeased by apathy is more difficult and will yield greater results.

If we can organize our lives into a system where we are observing and acknowledging this flow of change throughout ourselves and each other through our actions and intentions then we can also plan and generate the highest potential for learning by pushing our selves to attain a higher spiritual acuity in all situations instead of just when we are compelled to do so by circumstantial catalysts.

You see? We must become our own catalysts and through this we create the universe within ourselves.

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Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology (video)

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The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

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Universal Awareness Confronts The Illusion

The only experience that can ever be is universal awareness diverted into self-organizing segments of individuated consciousness which must reflect back to the original whole therefore, for there to be experience in part there must be a connection to the whole and for that experience to become severed indicates that the connection to the whole never existed in the first place.

Organic Consciousness as a reflection of Universal Awareness cannot die but only perceive the shadow remnants of that Divided False-Light Consciousness that never was to begin with. The Awareness of the Source can only be tempered by the shadows of the false-self, there is no end of awareness, there is no undoing of what eternally is in order to generate that which experiences the perception of the possibility of that which isn’t.

All is a trick, an illusion, a game that is being played, the wool over the eyes of the masses to induce a state of stupor, a state of fear so debilitating that the every whim the controllers is responded to with a corresponding reactionary submission by those who are being controlled.

Those who do not have the original essence cannot be controlled because they did not have control to originally be stripped of.

Those who have the original essence have the ability to know the self and know the universe and so there is no way to ultimately and eventually entirely control them. The only possibility is the existence of a trick so vast and so materially organized that an entire society of cloned beings and created hybrids can be generated that are operated via a supercomputer system which presents the charades of that impossibility being possible yet even here, there is only trickery and illusion as those with the original essence still cannot be controlled nor contained only convinced to turn their inner eyes outward and focus on the charades.

The True Self, Material Self and Ego

Defining Sense of Self through Materiality or Ego

In attempts to defend the ego, and when attempting to solely pleasure the material self, we are acting through the shadow of the true self by attempting to reach a state of psycho-spiritual homeostasis by relying on physical nature alone or the projection of a false self-image.

The Partiality of the Conscious Mind and Physical Senses

The sense of the shadow is related to the partial view of the self or false self-image. These concepts are related to the inversion of the mirror image of the self reflected or the projection of personal ideals that distort the perception of reality and the self into a partial view.

An interesting question is whether any self-image is truly accurate. Does the conscious mind have access to enough experience to fully grasp the true self?
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Free-Will and Consciousness, Harmony and Spiritual Development

People are frightened and dis-empowered are when they don’t know what to talk about if they are faced with the idea that everything is bullshit designed to distract them from their true self and the true reality.

The other half of this equation is producing self-empowerment via the increasing of awareness through analysis and introspection of the true immaterial self and coming to know the methods of healing and clarification of the emotional and mental bodies.
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The Similarity Between What’s Real and What’s Imagined: The Shaman and The Trickster

The Difference Between What’s Real and What’s Imagined

The goal of the shaman, the trickster, the healer, may not necessarily be to represent the whole truth at first. Part of this task of healing may involve using a front or an appearance of something that will trigger the individuals own innate self-healing abilities.

This process can also be used to describe how some people must be ‘tricked’ into coming into awareness of the truth about certain issues regarding reality, life itself, or their own nature that they have willfully ignored for so long.

Shamanism and Rock Music the Connection between “Percussionism” and Ceremonial Tribal Music

The body experience of shamanism relates to the way of activating deeper emotional and mental (psycho-spiritual) states through the use of drum-beats, frequencies, or any stimuli that will have an impact on the senses both external and internal.

The body experience of rock music or percussion is reflective of the way these external frequencies can stimulate various states depending on the nature of the sounds and rhythms. Various kinds of music will activate certain moods for instance rock music gets people into a very heavy and powerful state of mind while shamanic or tribal drumming may help people dissociate from the physical senses and access inner states which open one up to visions and wide-spectrum emotional outpouring.

Majic, Psychology and Healing

“Majic” is the use of these tools and abilities to access the finer planes of reality where emotion, mentalism, and spirit exist. This word can refer to may interpretations yet in this use it is related to the use of symbolism, frequency and intention to generate specific effects regarding the experience of emotions, mind and body.

This way of accessing the psyche, the psycho-spiritual realm of the mind and emotions, is related to using these symbols, intentions, and frequencies to stimulate healing within the individual. The majician can perform any act, yet when used with the intention of healing, this becomes Shamanism.

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Alan Watts on the Involuntary and Voluntary Self

Alan Watts on the Involuntary and Voluntary Self:

It is contrast that defines experience. When of the self, it is the contrast of the other self that defines our position in relationships. When of the aspect of our own self-image, it is that which we less readily accept that defines what we hold to as our definition of identity and thus enjoyment and pleasure. This is identity and ability to enjoy is a measure of our relationship with our self and our relationship with our self’s relationship to the world.

If one fully embraces that which is in contrast to the self we voluntarily accept and acknowledge, then we can achieve a simultaneous increase in the self that is voluntary and controlled by choice.

They are both two sides of the same coin, one will not change without changing the other, yet you can’t get rid of either.

When this is embraced, it is like working backwards from the surface appearance of things. The lever for increasing experience is by acknowledging and controlling our reaction or response to what we don’t want to experience. Our capacity for adaptation to difficult situations counterbalances our ability for authentic enjoyment. Our capacity for enjoyment is benefited by our capacity to let go of enjoyment.

All things that appear to be two opposites are really one self-referencing idea.

This contrast derived, backwards, pro-jected, opposite, half-brained way of seeing is what humanity has developed as a surreptitious, serendipitous, and self-reflecting way of being through what we call “consciousness”.

A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception

What does this represent to you?

What does the image mean, or indicate?

What does it look like one can see if they gaze at it?

It looks like a wave. So how or what does this explain about the relationship of the wave, to each particle?

Each motion is the same motion. Each particle is the same particle. The whole field is just one group, multiplied many times over.

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Hierarchy, Correspondence and Parallelism

The goal is not to have hierarchy, but to have parallelism and correspondence. Hierarchy puts yourself on top of yourself. Correspondence organizes the self in multiple layers that operate through and for each other.

Parallelism is the strange feeling you get when you look into someone’s eyes and see your self.

The Cosmic Dream and Sphere of Amenti

This reality is being dreamed up from another level.

This particular dream is founded on the concept that the dream-people would be given the opportunity to play a role in shaping the dream.

As a result some people sought power to control more and more of the dream.

As a result of that, some people basically developed “cheat-codes” using advanced technology, secrecy, and knowledge of the dream-world/soul in order to control the rest of the dream.

The dream quickly became a kind of advanced “video-game” system where parts could be upgraded, great distances traveled, and high-scores toppled with each new layer of adventure.

Some gained access to the core of the “Checkpoint” system, or each saved portion of the game. As a result of manipulation of this system directly, an attempt to basically hack the cheat-codes from the “GUI” or graphical/surface interface level, a disruption within the core-processor began to ripple out ward.

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