Biological Immortality, Self-Awareness, Free-will, Truth and Compassion

The projects were about biological immortality. The disturbances were made apparent when individual consciousnesses were passed through a technological system to house the consciousness in between experiences on the physical Earth plane.

What happens between the physical plane and the non-physical is an entire universe worth of experience, literally a ‘mirror-world’ to this one. The consciousness of the individual, if primarily motivated by the experiences and sensations of the material universe, will be restricted to the perspective born in this universe. If the consciousness is motivated by equal aspects of the dichotomy of being, then that consciousness will be neutral, yet buoyant enough to traverse across the barrier between universal mirror-worlds through an internal shift to the sub-frame of reference of that non-physical mirror-world.

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Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Knowledge is the Only Goal

The only goal is that you do what you will do to assist in the mental-emotional liberation of humanity. Whatever other options, whatever side-effects, byproducts, parallels, etc, are all illusion. All you have is that one contribution to maintain and sustain through awareness and intent-motivation. If you look carefully you’ll see that everything you feel is pushing you down is actually pushing you to fulfill that role.
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Energy Parasitism in the Internet (video)

When people go all nutty, the trick is to simply observe and not get emotionally entangled. That entanglement on the *inside* is actually the loosh response that tethers them spiritually to this realm and ultimately all vampiric acts are sanctioned by lower energy interdimensionals as that is how the whole system works. Continue reading “Energy Parasitism in the Internet (video)”

Energy Vampirism and the Internet

When people go all nutty, the trick is to simply observe and not get emotionally entangled. That entanglement on the *inside* is actually the loosh response that tethers them spiritually to this realm and ultimately all vampiric acts are sanctioned by lower energy interdimensionals as that is how the whole system works.

To see what is taking place from a perspective of reason is the key. If someone disagrees or says something out of place that could be seen as incorrect, then simply ask for clarification. “What example, exactly is the reason you’re saying this?” How do you know this, is this something you’ve experienced directly?” “What’s the reason for this, is there a line of logic behind these assumptions?” “What information exactly, what are you referencing with these statements?”
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You Absorb Psychic Energy, Reflect Perfectly and Remain True

Remember, who you are around and allow to remain in your field will automatically imprint into your subconscious. This means if we are around people who are negative or abusive to the values we hold true and important then we will ultimately devalue ourselves by remaining in connection with these kinds of individuals. Earth is going through a cleansing that hasn’t been seen in many ages.

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The Dogs

Imagine an angry dog attempting to intimidate a passerby by using loud barking and snarling fangs to create the image of a threat. Instead of being afraid, imagine the passerby calming walks close to the dog and moves themselves in the way.

This impresses upon the dog that the fear tactics do not work. What does the dog normally do? The dog may continue to bark and snarl. But usually, especially if this is done confidently and with direct eye contact, the dog will back up even if slightly. This is because silently, secretly, the animal mind fears that the attempts to intimidate and harass does not work immediately.
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New Mode of Operation: Find Your Center!

New mode of operation. In the face of adversity, conflict, oppression. Remain as calm and centered as possible. Literally, feel, know, and move as if you are not being pressured.

This has a reversing effect, almost like laughing the face of fear. Changes take place in the body’s circuitry when this can be achieved. The conscious mind is ready for habit, when we are always stressing and we reverse that, there is an immediate effect in the conscious mind as if it’s shocked.
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Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent?

Socio-Spiritual Changes

I feel there are big changes coming and that we just went through a period of spiritual ‘darkness’. Now there seems to be a more rhythmic flow occurring.
There is so much to learn and so much organizing to do. Maybe everything is already organized and we just have to access the knowledge.

What to do

The important part here is to remain calm and stay focused on the spiritual goal of enabling and maintaining interpersonal and intrapersonal development.
As the world situation becomes more active and potentially more stressful everyone’s self-image amplifies to produce stability and self-empowerment or instability and disempowerment. The more change is occurring, the more one must adapt and the more ego is tying down and restricting internal freedoms the more caught up and entangled one becomes with destructive patterns or relationships that do not serve to benefit the whole.
The whole is the union of each individual and another, as well as the overall unification of society. In the same sense, the way one’s own internal dialogue and introspection occurs will produce a greater union of the conscious mind with the unconscious aspects of the self or there will be a discontinuity.

Reject Deception: Psychic Blocking

Reject Deception

When you refuse to listen to deception and distraction, you are choosing to continue to develop your self in the face of adversity. This is about accepting the true self, which is always changing and continuing to flow-freely or stopping long enough for sticky deception or emotionally restricting objectification from others to build up in your space.

Reassert Your Self

Clear your space, reassert your self, know the truth of your own uniqueness,

Another way to see this is when you have an intrusion from someone else who is attempting to take your energy.

Witness or observe this as long as necessary to confirm what is happening.

Then, as soon as this happens begin to work this intrusion out of your mind and ultimately your life. After this initial moment of release, realize that there are important topics to focus on, self-work and discovery to take place and that this real life-work is only hindered by those who are vying for your energy and attention by drawing your subtle energy and attention away from that interpersonal work that you must do. Continue reading “Reject Deception: Psychic Blocking”

Spencer Eskridge – EGO – The False Center

  • Ego as a mechanism of society, shifting and reflecting the morals and ethics that are present in a given time period and culture
  • Ego is the ‘backdrop’ of self that we see the true self through. Without the ‘false center’ that is the ego, the true center would not be attainable
  • Fear produces and is produced by ego, the ego must defend itself and must feel the loss of power from lack of attention, this is because the ego is produced through attention initially as a child
  • Letting go of ego is not something that is attempted or generated through action, otherwise this becomes another subtle act of ego
  • Truly releasing ego is liberating, self-empowering, and spiritually actualizing

The Daze of Contentment

Behind Contentment

Whenever you feel content, look ahead. Lift your head out of the daze of contentment and look ahead to what is to come. If you have clear vision you will see something that brings you out of that daze.

Nurturing Discipline

The notion is not to become ego-crushed by this but to open yourself to discipline rather than depression. Catalyzing truth is healthier than deliriously content illusion.

Lasting Happiness

This is not to say to never be happy, but that before we get to lasting happiness we will move through many layers of illusory contentment and this is just the forgetfulness of what inner work can be done.

Even then, once we find that lasting happiness, we may soon learn that this happiness, like all happiness is only temporary and true happiness is not from the superficial contentment we feel when we are physically, mentally and emotionally at rest, but when we are harmonized between all three fields of being and that way even in times of stress or work we can be happy and motivated to continue.

Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology (video)

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The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

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Quick Instructional For Mental-Emotional Re-Alignment For Socio-Psychological Manipulation

Observe a period of internal dialogue or mental-emotional imagery and perceptions.

Acknowledge or record the amount of disruptive tangents, disharmonic emissions, or distractive expressions that are experienced in a specific period.

Divide that period by the amount of distractions.

Generate a pattern of self-observation which involves self-checking one’s internal and external activity by the amount of noted distractions that have taken place in that period of observation.

Essentially this is to check yourself and your mental and emotional patterns every 1-2 minutes if you notice that within 1-2 minutes you have 1 or 2 mentally and emotionally distracting perceptions.
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There is Endless Love

In this environment there is love, and with the death of a loved one there is a lesson to be learned and love to be had. In the pain of life there is truth and enjoyment, but you are free to face the darkness as that is the contrast which makes the light bright.

Life is about a choice, an expression. We are given the choice to see the smaller view through the influencing of the pieces that generate experience or to see the larger picture which influences the whole. We may not always see the larger picture immediately, this is the point of learning. The larger picture always encompasses a lesson that incorporate the higher and the lower aspects, the beauty and the pain. There is no one sightedness in the larger view.

Once you know this duality, you can choose to focus on the darkness or you can choose to focus on the light and what you choose to focus on will expand through your awareness.

If we can see the beauty in the contrast, the truth in pain, the sensitivity in our own changing emotions, then we can continue to enjoy life to embrace the pain, to allow ourselves to express what we feel even when this is not what people are used to.

In a moment of joy there is an embrace of happiness, yet eventually that happiness will gently fade back down to neutrality. Some people are afraid to feel joy because of that knowledge that of temporality.

If we can see retain that joy in the moment of pain then we can learn from every change that we are faced with, even when we initially feel overwhelmed. Eventually, when the pain fades, that is what has happened, however we can embrace this in the moment instead of allowing time to play that role.

We can embrace both sides of existence, life and new life and choose to see beyond the smaller portion that we have access to from the physical perspective. From this notion we can project ourselves beyond the discontentment and tap into the soul of emotion, beauty, and truth that hides within any and every challenge.

Agent Provocateurs, Mind-Control, Stalkers, Insulting Comments and Low and High Frequency Awareness


A friend seeing my enthusiasm and energy shift during a conversation where I began to receive interference allowed me to see my reflection in her and this proved to me how I was being manipulated. I had already known, but with the recent news disclosure being received as a mockery, where there are thousands of youth being manipulated and drained of their energy, I felt motivated to get involved for the first time in years.

When a person involves themselves with the provocateurs that operator is permitted to use advanced technology and measure their frequency on a device. This device is then uplinked to a larger network that can operate through any location there are roads or electrical energy. These devices are then capable of hijacking this electrical system and viewing that individual from afar. From this point the operator is permitted to interact with the individual through advanced technology by altering their brainwaves, or sending operatives to them to gaslight or intrude upon their space.
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