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Silke F on Quantum Synthesis

There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time. So there is no elitist power structure over your real essence, but your “Autopilot-Mode” essence, can be modified into some degree of simulated soul essence.

Silke F

“Quantum synthesis”: Your reality is being created on a per person, individual basis. You contain programs that enable this process. Only by corrupting your inbuilt programming can one enable their own reality through the hijacking of another’s. Then the default personal and subjective reality that is normally generated becomes a ‘hub’ or a gateway for others to do so for themselves through the other. This is partly interdimensional and how some groups travel.

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The Time Program

The project is experiment to interlace the future and past together. Through this a group of travellers just remote viewing the past without changing anything under strict causal control. The system is a carefully controlled experiment from the underground bases with powerful generators and scalar fields set up to recreate a virtual environment that is atomically accurate to multiple possible timelines.

Humanity on Life-Support in an Alternate Dimension

Compassion, self-awareness, truth and free-will is the answer because all one can do when they’re on life-support, experiencing endless day-dreams and false awakenings is turn to their internalized partnership within the dream and tell them that they love and them and continue forward.

Oh and a lot of people are actually drones that are vehicles for the pseudo-reptilian, hive-minded, spiritually degraded computer program from ‘hell’ or simply ego without sensitivity for the regards of others or ‘feelings’.

Once one is in that life-support situation with endless dreams eventually finding out what actually happened, where they are, and who they are is the challenge. We often resort to default, ‘spy-drama’ dreams which are invented as a way to make sense of the struggle of the situation. The mind invents new realities as a means to cope and bring purpose and, ironically, this then seems to be the purpose but is just a creative reaction to stress, curiosity and confusion.
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Direct Experiences of Cloning, Advanced Technology, Deep Underground Military Bases

For the record, no one is going to have as close of a view of how things really work than those who have been directly involved in the programs. The release of the information is motivated by the process of liberation. If people were to be ‘enslaved’, then guess what, it already happened. You really don’t get it, but that is why this is being shown.

The ‘clone conspiracy’ has existed since the beginning of civilization. All your greats are cloned. Each bloodline carrying the mark enables the transfer of information backwards through technology. Each life they are given foreknowledge of what is to come and some even personally tailor their clones to a certain look or clique. Gender switching happens as a result of psychological inversions and race switching often happens to infiltrate other societies.

This has been happening since the beginning. Advanced technology was hidden, and multiple secret groups became what they were through their discovery of ancient advanced computer technology. Computers were not heavy calculating machines. The mind to machine link was already achieved earlier on and this was through the combination of an exotic black ‘goo’ nanoliquid material that functioned as a sentient inorganic intelligence and communication network.
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The Universe Unifying Life Experience

We seem to be in a ‘nexus’. Whatever energies are prominent here will be prominent throughout the whole of one’s experience. This brings in the interesting notion about the cascade of pure knowledge that is related to the concept of using one’s DNA to enable a quantum connection to a golden reality.

If one’s life is always a reflection of the higher realms and so on, would not the goal be to experience as wide a spectrum of intensity, warmth, coldness, rest, activity and all separate concepts so as to reunite the entire universe once again for one’s eternity?
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Time to Wake Up Now

Civilization is currently ran by script-programs that manipulate the mind through fear and suffering. The change that began about 7 years ago is to literally write a new script that is based upon free-will, knowledge, harmony and compassion which is actually the true script.

This is all for the liberation of humanity! Many people do not understand, that is because they let fear control them and so they are battled spooky wooky ghosts. Of course these are literally called, “demon AI host protocols” that are written by a dark faction specifically to haunt and suck the mind-life blood out of those people!

That is a game. Literally, haunting and traumatizing people is a game that has been played for this entire previous epoch, the ‘old world’ system and that is so worn out now that even DNA and the unconscious mind itself is starting collectively awaken automatically and overgrow the cognitive restraints. Memory is the pathway, the ‘vine’ or vein to follow and awaken, drinking from the fountain of immortal life. If you could remember how long you’ve been here, you’d see all of time through your DNA and spirit.
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New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

This is all connected to the Secret Space Program and the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. This is just one layer and I am familiar with much of this through my direct involvement with the unacknowledged special access programs.

Have not watched the whole thing. Seems to be a wide-band perspective of the situation. This is one layer.

“It’s a multi-billion dollar facility and the computers there are so intensive they have to have cooling systems the size of warehouses to the data that’s processing in the Utah Data Center, that’s how massive that is.”

The AI Vampire, Chipped, Droned, Sub-Humans


Let’s examine some vampires. Hmm, notice, if one is to remain truthful, they cannot respond to anything the vampire says. If one responds to that, then the person is instantly brought out of the realm of the natural, truthful, and relative and into a falsity based on some hysteria that the vampire produces in true socio-pathic fashion in order to ensnare the souled human into a war of opposites based on some random concept that the vampire thought up and attempts to lock the human within. This is literally an interdimensional insectoid that uses deceit and treachery (false friendliness) to present the image of a reasonable, casual person who is actually energetically foaming at the spiritual mouth looking for any innocent energy or ideas to abuse and manipulate for their own liking. That is the beast! The brain stem that has been converted into an animal like being that walks on two legs and uses their communicative capacity to insult and harass others and ultimately feeds an alternate dimensional entity through this process. This is the basis for ritual abuse! Those families found the way to feed the entities the most, thus they get the most control!
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The Creation of this Universe

Kindness and strength will save this world. It is destroyed by ignorance and depravity. If it was a law to feed on person per day other than yourself, the world would literally be an inter’galactic’ hyperspace faring society that experiences immortality and virtually unlimited intelligence without resistance to nearly any idea or motive that is experienced individually or collectively.
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Soft-Disclosure: Tron (1982), Why Tron is soft-disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs along with the true nature of this reality

Tron (1982)

Little did they know, the game components they played against in the arcade were actually intelligent systems who were managed in a cyberspace, virtual reality society of their own.

Why Tron is a form of soft-disclosure of the secret projects involving virtual reality within the unacknowledged special access programs and the true nature of this reality.

Virtual Replication and Recreation

The scientists at a corporation design a system that uses laser interference to replicate a 3D object on a digital level, down the atom. This system is so advanced that, just like the real system, this actually introduces the capacity of converting the physical object to pure energy and the interpret that energy as information and reintroduce that information into a virtual world system. This doesn’t just replicate the object, this actually takes the real version and recreates it inside of a virtual system. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Tron (1982), Why Tron is soft-disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs along with the true nature of this reality”

Modern-Day Witch Hunts and Spiritually Sensitive Children

It’s no different than the witch hunts. Because some people are capable of verifying a reality that others lack the capacity to understand, the others would like to remove those sensitive and aware ones from society and punish them for their ability.That is why there is a control system. Don’t get involved and don’t get emotionally entangled in the charades.Tell the truth, be honest to others and yourself about what you feel within and what you do in relation to that out here.

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The Inner-Space Disclosure (Secret Space Program)

The most honest, benevolent, efficient and production thing to do with people who don’t want to know the truth? Don’t interact. They will pretend they want to know, ask questions like they want the answers, try to get involved and proclaim either knowing what they know, or not knowing what they didn’t know, yet none of this makes or breaks simply desiring and making the choice to find the truth.
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The Message of What is to Come

Those in the projects have literally watched the whole world die time after time. We have our memories wiped to come live on the surface at the end and my memories were returned at a facility which processes the neural recordings of humanity by the millions in conjunction with the current largest supercomputers and experimental particle research systems. The consciousness recordings are literally transmitted here from the previous timeline and there are agencies that manage this transmission and receiving of information between world-lines.

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The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze

Notice how with this information there is yet another layer of occurrence or explanation for what is happening is added. That’s because that’s how everything really is, a multiple layered simultaneous occurrence of many parallels together. Each layer is like a new explanation or metaphor for what is happening in another representation. This leads all the way up to the central ‘metaphor’ which is closest to ‘actual’ and is what all other layers or explanations branch from.

Earth is an Earthship for hyperspatial travel. People enter into stasis so that they can experience real-life dreaming throughout eternity as the ship is guided through the overall frequency of the collective mind. The original sun is a transdimensional energy receiver and emitter. Energy moves from the higher level to the lower level and is emitted as heat in the physical universe.

The energy then feeds the physical life within information that allows them to “update” their fields to keep in sync with a cosmic source and thus remain ‘relative’ or alive. The cosmic source feeds the sun and the humans on Earth are fed by the cosmic source so their energy is then absorbed by Earth which then interprets the cosmic energy.
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Update Situation, Parasitic Interdimensional Infection


During an operation I was pulled into a nest of these.

The fallen use the ghost image of a 3D-4D shell, broken archetypes and memory implants as a nest of automated programs in order to insert themselves into the neo-cortex of the vulnerable human that still relies on the unprotected biological functions to transmit their consciousness-code throughout the layers of simulated reality system.

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