Silke F on Quantum Synthesis

There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time. So there is no elitist power structure over your real essence, but your “Autopilot-Mode” essence, can be modified into some degree of simulated soul essence.

Silke F

“Quantum synthesis”: Your reality is being created on a per person, individual basis. You contain programs that enable this process. Only by corrupting your inbuilt programming can one enable their own reality through the hijacking of another’s. Then the default personal and subjective reality that is normally generated becomes a ‘hub’ or a gateway for others to do so for themselves through the other. This is partly interdimensional and how some groups travel.

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Silke F – Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups, Earth 1, 2, and 3, Genetic Memory and Mass Mind Control

I have posted some of this information before, this is from Silke F. She has memory intact! I met her some years ago in the flesh through the process in which I was briefed on all personnel in this realm who are involved. She is one who retained nearly the most memory of anyone in this realm.

Think what I’ve said before is rough? Having troubling trusting and believing that this kind of stuff is possible or that someone could know so much or be so “important” to you? An operative (along with other teams for peripheral work) scripted the entire Human reality from death to birth for the past 500,000 years and every thought and impulse was designed by some guy working with a supercomputer system puts out the power of an entire bloodline and simulates neurological connections that manifest physical experiences. Nothing happens unless it’s preordained or true to eternity.

HCG´s [Hyperdimensional Controlling Groups] monitor everyone and if you teach to much thats outside the allowed intelligence and awareness zone, the HCG create what many I´s call gangstalking, gaslight activity and highly organised disrespect. Humans just still exist because all races in this universe protect each other against 3 hostile species and one of these 3 destroyed earth 1996, but a second earth got created 2011 by using a reality implant and the missing years created a black hole thats opening portals and CERN is actually the project to close this portal, but they just open it more by accident.

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