Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction

The machine simulation reality system. This system detects energies down to the finite wavelengths that exist in between atoms.

This means that every energy, literally even the thought-images you’re forming in your mind, hopefully in a controlled manner in relation to your spiritual development as an energetic being. Every essence is energy and these systems are advanced enough to literally sense radio-waves all the way to brainwaves moving through the air or being picked up and propagated within the system.
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A Simulated Reality

The agencies found that the strongest mind in an area can determine what’s going to happen in terms of the reality in that area. They developed supercomputer systems to act as neuronal processors and literally tie together tens of thousands (or more) artificial neurons that function as processors. This artificial brain system then, can produce an image, a simulation of a person in the simulation. What is altered in this simulation is then altered in the frequency and experience of the original human out in physical ‘reality’.

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Soul Technology

While in the secret operations/unacknowledged special access programs I was shown technology that can sense the fine vibrations absorbed into the surface of almost any material, namely glass and crystalline minerals that will hold the imprint in their electromagnetic field, and one can literally ‘remote view’ through time using technology that can rewind the vibrations and replay the sounds that have been imprinted into the materials. This began with the use of clay pots from early times to replay the sounds that were recorded from when they were being formed and this was the voices of people at that time in history. The wooden scraper tool acted as a needle and the vibrations of voices etched into the clay like a vinyl record. They can now do this with glass and replay time through that. Continue reading “Soul Technology”

Public Affairs and Temporal Field Alteration, History Manipulation, Future Probability Calculations and Viewing

Public Affairs and Viewing through Time

The situation with public affairs is this. If any person of power seeks to change the system, not only is there personal pressure but there is literal temporal viewing technology that allows the power groups to see what will happen in the near or far (less accurately) future. The situation with public affairs is this.If any person of power seeks to change the system, not only is there personal pressure but there is literal temporal viewing technology that allows the power groups to see what will happen in the near or far (less accurately) future. Continue reading “Public Affairs and Temporal Field Alteration, History Manipulation, Future Probability Calculations and Viewing”

Forgiveness Is Key; Bio-Etheric Implants and Parasitism

Forgiveness is key. There is a literal energetic connection made between the heart of the victim and the heart of the perpetrator, when there is a continued feeling of lack or degradation on the behalf of the supposed ‘victim’ then this is an actual charge flow like a di-pole battery through a circuit and the circuit is the etheric medium of hyperspacial psychic fluid.

When we produce feelings of peace and self-empowerment by attributing our experience to self-responsibility and self-initiated control over our frequencies, this literally short-circuits that feed system whereby there is no longer a quantum heart-link or psychic etheric link between the bio-spheres or auras of the individuals or the group.

The intensity and release of this process is compounded with trauma and this is the nature of the control system to make this self-empowerment as far to reach as possible. Yet, this is against the natural blueprint of the universe, the inner cosmos.

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Holographic Technological and Holographic Organic Societies

There is a society existing in a holographic technological system which mirrors the organic holographic system of the brain.

When people sleep their etheric bodies can navigate into other planes and through this process the holographic technological society can interact with the holographic organic society.

Advanced Scalar Parasitic Technology, Healing Technology, Consciousness and Clearing the Infection

Advanced Technology As An Extension of Bio-Emissions

Technology can be used either way, everyone is using technology right now and this public technology is outfitted with transdimensional capabilities so your inner perceptions can be monitored and influences simultaneously.

They are both advanced, however this is relatively considered. The technology of the parasitic form is akin to someone mentally spitting in your face. This is advanced because instead of a person standing there to spit and insult, a scalar beam can provide this interference pattern.

The healing technology is the same, instead of having a meditative healer extend their energy to align another individuals, this can be done through advanced technology.

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Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology (video)

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The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation teams, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

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The Sun is a cold-fusion Electromagnetic Portal

Cold-Fusion Magnetic Sun

The sun is an electromagnetic device. The light is invisible unless there is matter to create an interference pattern.

Dark Space as Quantum Background Processing

Space is not empty. The darkness of space is the “0”‘s of the 1’s and 0’s of the polar holographic interdimensional containment system that is this simulatrix of the universe.

This is what we saw and this is what makes sense after the evidence is organized in respect to electrical engineering and electromagnetism.

The energy of the sun is converted and the reaction of heat and light energy is apparent in the atmosphere.

The Universe a Consciousness Projection System

The universe is not governed by entropy, that is illusion. The original energy that is what is converted may be closer to pure consciousness than heat and as a result of the mass consciousness of humanity being told that the universe is defined by death and entropy then there are seemingly signs and effects to follow.
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Artificial Brain

The brain is what determines the physical orientation within the universe.

Thus an artificial brain was developed to enable controlled travel to and from various realms of the universe.

Electrogravitic Craft Sighting

If you haven’t seen this yet you have a look and see what you make of it.

This is what the electrogravitic device looks like. It shrinks space into a bubble. Within that bubble could be an entire crew and “ship”. The space in front of the craft is ‘bent’ to produce non-intertial motion.

An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

Bent Light, It’s All About Etiquette

Here comes the flip out.

So in short the government discovered a way to bend the light in and around a person’s head and the results were viewing the conscious experience of life from front to back throughout time.

Everyone who was exposed immediately went insane and this had to be remedied some way.

A plan was developed to create a system which would mitigate the side-effects enough to use this process to learn about the Universe.

As a result the first secret societies and mystery schools were formed thousands of years ago.

It’s all about etiquette and whether we will help each other learn of the mysteries in a way that benefits the whole or flip out off the little stuff meanwhile there is an eternity to know.

Voice of God, Mind To Mind, EEG Heterodyning, Advanced Scalar Consciousness Transference, Mind Control



The voice can appear as small or loud as desired, it is all frequency. Intentions are the source.


War Is A Racket, Not What You Think

Imagine a military has the capabilities to produce sonar or electromagnetic waves which can penetrate armor and disable the living beings in the theater of war.

Technology that can disable the central nervous systems of the individuals without actually even having to permanently disable their biological functions.

If this technology was present, would you, as a military or national leader, send your men out to fight in a ‘modern’ war using ballistic weapons and close to medium range combat? Would you risk their lives to produce whatever outcome you desire?

If you had access to this technology, and you were serious, you could make the war end within one day.

But then if both sides have access to this technology? Well then you have a surety that whatever happens would happen swiftly, accurately, and involving as much or as little casualty as possible.

Now, if you didn’t want to inform the world that this technology was capable and that war, effectively, is over for this civilization. What options would you have?

Think deeper. If you met with the other nations, and everyone realized that war was over, that there could be no war, because this kind of weaponry effectively satisfies the highest demand for power and security to each who wields it, what would you do?

Devices To Store Genetic Records and Memories Across Time

Kind of strange but one explanation of the machines is that they were constructed out of the most advanced technology at the time and were capable of crossing the sky at great speeds as well as analyzing and storing DNA, as well as consciousness.

It was explained that this was an effort to create a kind of permanent library that would withstand the test of time.

By this point in the projects, it was explained, they had already discovered that humanity flashes in and out of existence kind of like a lightbulb pulsating at a certain frequency of visible light.

These devices were designed to take our DNA, our consciousness and record them so that when the next “cross-over” point happens, there would be something to store the information in long-term.

Is this saying we are just information? No, technically we are not, that is where the secret society/sacred knowledge keepers come into play. The knowledge of the presence of the soul is the source of the notion that we are not just bio-machines.

This device, however, once plugged into, became a source of information across many human civilizations.

As soon as it was built, it was ‘tapped into’ across time, as well, it tapped into times outside of this one.

We began seeing the knowledge and recorded conscious experiences of the other civilizations directly.

The explanation that was concluded as a result of multiple methods was that the computer systems were actually acting as a transfer system between civilizations.

Consciousness itself was temporally transcended, deviated away from, and merged back into this world from a different angle giving new information.

The main issue is that some people, some groups may still be trying to help us but are now separated by the divide between the secrecy, the ignorance of the public, and a concluding of events taking place.

This is one of the most difficult aspects to share.

Even those who seem to be working for their own self-interests, the whole point is for Humanity to come together to heal and protect even them. If we allow any of us to be disregarded, its like we all are and we accept that.

There can be no one time in history that the public simply “disregards” people, that would do more damage to the collective unconscious than constant turmoil. We must come together in peace, intellect, and harmony to find a better way to bring about a better conclusion. We can and will do it, the creativity which comes from the source of life, vital energy itself, is sufficient to make this a reality.

We just have to connect that vital energy within, through the mind, to applicable connections in this reality. Heart to heart.

People are so afraid of many things, and I tell you it makes me cry. If all we can say we have is family and friends then we have everything.

We can take care of ourselves, respect each other (including our selves), respect the harmony of the planet, it may not tell you, but there is harmony there and the same processes take place within a living being. So we are a part of a living being, a larger consciousness and this was discovered (if you didn’t intuit it).

Care for each other, but don’t let the loop go out of whack and a person’s care becomes worry and the steps taken to placate the worry become more harmful than not caring in that situation. People are strange like that, we are basically all capable of being neurotic, this is part of the situation, the “condition” on Earth. There is also an intellectual aspect that must be nurtured, a wisdom production that must be stimulated otherwise there is a lack of inward progress which is fostered through introspection.

We have to state our consent to peace and harmony.

We have to voice our concerns about those in the projects.

We have to voice our concerns about the crimes against humanity.

And we have to voice our concerns about the deception system that utilizes humans as collateral. This system is not native.

People are hurt, people are in mental, emotional and physical pain. Spirit is just the combination of all the elements blow, into one harmonized form. We have to start helping each other and ourselves.

Everything could be free, gifted to one another, in the same way life appears to us from this angle.