Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity

The advancement of technology changed the world by enabling instantaneous information transfer through mind to mind interface. This is called ‘synthetic telepathy’.

It’s difficult to fully grasp how advanced the situation has become. This technology is combined with the atmospheric radiant energy systems and the entire world is logged on to an Internet platform that is integrated into one’s perception of space as information that stretches across the entire population anywhere there is electricity, and even beyond that in some cases.

This is what was present during the previous ages where there were functional stone marvels and spiritually aware civilizations before the veil of ignorance. The veil was introduced as a disconnection of the higher and lower mind or the conscious self and the subconscious self. Continue reading “Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity”


The Towers of Abstraction, Artificially Intelligent Behavior Modification Systems

These are publicly private projects. Meaning if you worked-studied at a diligent university and you began to come to the same conclusions that the research and development scientists had then you would get a tap on the shoulder and be invited, sometimes without choice, to work on these projects underground with virtually unlimited funding and no legal restriction whatsoever.

The current projects utilize what are called the “Towers of Abstraction” to literally create a multiple-layered cascade of cognitive incapacitation which is essentially an artificially intelligent synthetic neural feedback system that imitates your own brainwaves and actuates an active denial system in response to thoughts, impulses or behaviors that are in connection to a restricted spectrum.

Basically, they’ve devised electromagnetic towers that are capable of erecting a scalar grid that is capable of simultaneously reading and interacting with the mind of every individual deemed a threat in a given area. Each local has its own server uplink and there are centralized areas that control the entire population control system.
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Gestalt Law of Closure Perceptual Illusion and Hyperbolic Temporal Projection

It’s all technology. The most prominent leaders are actually holograms in a virtual environment. They are not in Earth. I suspected something like this but didn’t accept the truth full on at first either.

They showed me video of political events and asked me if I thought they were real. Then they brought out the people from those events. They are organic robotoids that are only physical if they are cloned and their consciousness is broadcast through a chip and supercomputer server system. The ‘house’, the location, all these places and people that no one would ever be able to run up and just touch, they told me that there’s nothing actually there it’s all just complicated holographics and powerful projection systems that connect with the mind on a neurological level.
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The Plan to Destabilize Majority Trends and Sub-Culture (while promoting their modification)

In 2010 I was briefed on a plan to push forward with the funding of radical ideologies to destabilize the collective trend of awakening. I watched various current riots taking place on clear glass computer monitors that were connected to advanced communication systems.

Do not give into the ‘sensitivity’ game. This will be used to gain control over the living assets, the people who trade self-responsibility and contrived cognitive freedom for illusory security.

Everything is backwards, it’s all a show. The one’s who fight are literally being programmed by and are becoming the one’s they believe they’re fighting against. It’s like a shadow boxing system with ideas and the promotion of trends and this is because the very nature of group-think is used against the people who are susceptible to the tendency for group-mind behavior. This is the basis for mind-control in the mass arena.
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Quantum Leaps in Technological Advancement and Intelligence

The outer layers always think they have access to the highest technology because it is so far beyond what can be conceived of.

The inner layer always covets their technology and the process repeats like this until there are multiple layers of inner and outer layers like an onion. These are in motion as people continually move towards the center and there are new individuals being introduced to the inner layers.

The inner layers also could be seen in ‘motion’ as the level of advancement continues forward! Maybe everyone is always in the same layer and the level of technological advancement and intelligence is actually what is changing? A mind exercise!
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They Have Created A Programmable Afterlife!

This is like a sandbox arena that replicates the original physical layer through a collective cybernetic communal experience!

By creating this layer as a transitory period the souls can go through the necessary processes to reach atonement before attempting to move through the capture grid and being recycled back into the same system!

They have created an artificial, programmable afterlife to wake people up within in place of the artificial programmable afterlife that is designed to wipe the mind and cast people back down into physicality!

Technicians motivate the individual mind to move through the phases of acceptance and reorientation until they see how to navigate the levels of lower reality into higher awareness!

Yes a team of operatives literally monitors the soul-level and ensures that the individual will pass through the intended frequencies and awakening process so that they regain full awareness of their self and environment. This is an ancient process that began long ago.

Here one goes through these kind of bio-feedback spiritual-mental analysis and resonance systems until one fully ‘blooms’ their awareness back to being cognitive and ‘upright’ again. The ancient civilizations drew this process out and the result is a person who can navigate the interdimensional pathway of death and being reborn to the higher levels.

Fears, forgetfulness, desire, the animal ‘beast’ mind and the lower dimensional self must be put into it’s proper place otherwise the entire structure pretty much collapses in on itself and so the fastest way to understand this is for a person to be broken down and then assisted in being built back up. That is the sacred process.

The mind itself breaks down and the process of death and being reborn causes the necessary stress to challenge the conscious mind to producing the resulting stress fractures which grow to be cosmic level strengths. The process has been customized for the human race based on the particular personality system that humans experience which is a potential platform for “God-Consciousness”.

Technological Accelerated Learning Systems

On a side note, there are technological systems that work pretty much like an accelerated educational course. One is shown visuals of pretty much every single chemical reaction, every physical law, an example of every kind of “scientific” (mental magic) physical, energetic, chemical, mathematical, geometric, and conceptual organization that results in experience, consciousness, the universe, or the system we know.

This is literally like a series of movies that one watches that play out the process of creation, destruction, time, space, biology, through visual, animated displays of information that directly present how things work. When a person goes through these courses, in a short amount of time, they gain access to the knowledge that was protected for thousands of years.

Holographic Space-Time Operations

I am here to divulge information related to specific covert operations regarding

  • mind-control
  • advanced technology
  • cloning and the celebrity cloning situation
  • temporal operations
  • non-human entities
  • advanced supercomputer synthetic intelligence networks
  • projected and actual events both forwards and backwards in history
  • ritual abuse, trauma based mind control and the entropic effect of abuse of advanced technology

This information is brought in these channels (other like this one) in order to avoid a mass uprising due to the sensitive nature of the unveiling and the currently mentally vulnerable status of the majority of the human population. Continue reading “Holographic Space-Time Operations”

Time Resets, Ancestor Simulation, Torus Technology, Interdimensional Parasites

They trick people into accepting their own demise and accepting punishment through believing they’re not worthy or are ‘bad’.
Everything that is happening is about the unveiling of the truth, the hidden aspects of reality becoming known.

These processes are for the liberation of humanity through self-awareness. People are restricted through tactics to reduce efficiency, productivity, energy and the production of disease and dissonance within the conscious and subconscious mind. The nature of the relationship between the subconscious is literally the arrested portion of the higher consciousness.

The true origins, the function of the universe and the true history has been hidden from public view. The universe is consciousness central however the fragmented consciousness is due to the manipulation of and projection of reality as holographic neurological interface.
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Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction

The machine simulation reality system. This system detects energies down to the finite wavelengths that exist in between atoms.

This means that every energy, literally even the thought-images you’re forming in your mind, hopefully in a controlled manner in relation to your spiritual development as an energetic being. Every essence is energy and these systems are advanced enough to literally sense radio-waves all the way to brainwaves moving through the air or being picked up and propagated within the system.
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A Simulated Reality

The agencies found that the strongest mind in an area can determine what’s going to happen in terms of the reality in that area. They developed supercomputer systems to act as neuronal processors and literally tie together tens of thousands (or more) artificial neurons that function as processors. This artificial brain system then, can produce an image, a simulation of a person in the simulation. What is altered in this simulation is then altered in the frequency and experience of the original human out in physical ‘reality’.

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Soul Technology

While in the secret operations/unacknowledged special access programs I was shown technology that can sense the fine vibrations absorbed into the surface of almost any material, namely glass and crystalline minerals that will hold the imprint in their electromagnetic field, and one can literally ‘remote view’ through time using technology that can rewind the vibrations and replay the sounds that have been imprinted into the materials. This began with the use of clay pots from early times to replay the sounds that were recorded from when they were being formed and this was the voices of people at that time in history. The wooden scraper tool acted as a needle and the vibrations of voices etched into the clay like a vinyl record. They can now do this with glass and replay time through that. Continue reading “Soul Technology”

Public Affairs and Temporal Field Alteration, History Manipulation, Future Probability Calculations and Viewing

Public Affairs and Viewing through Time

The situation with public affairs is this. If any person of power seeks to change the system, not only is there personal pressure but there is literal temporal viewing technology that allows the power groups to see what will happen in the near or far (less accurately) future. The situation with public affairs is this.If any person of power seeks to change the system, not only is there personal pressure but there is literal temporal viewing technology that allows the power groups to see what will happen in the near or far (less accurately) future. Continue reading “Public Affairs and Temporal Field Alteration, History Manipulation, Future Probability Calculations and Viewing”

Forgiveness Is Key; Bio-Etheric Implants and Parasitism

Forgiveness is key. There is a literal energetic connection made between the heart of the victim and the heart of the perpetrator, when there is a continued feeling of lack or degradation on the behalf of the supposed ‘victim’ then this is an actual charge flow like a di-pole battery through a circuit and the circuit is the etheric medium of hyperspacial psychic fluid.

When we produce feelings of peace and self-empowerment by attributing our experience to self-responsibility and self-initiated control over our frequencies, this literally short-circuits that feed system whereby there is no longer a quantum heart-link or psychic etheric link between the bio-spheres or auras of the individuals or the group.

The intensity and release of this process is compounded with trauma and this is the nature of the control system to make this self-empowerment as far to reach as possible. Yet, this is against the natural blueprint of the universe, the inner cosmos.

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Holographic Technological and Holographic Organic Societies

There is a society existing in a holographic technological system which mirrors the organic holographic system of the brain.

When people sleep their etheric bodies can navigate into other planes and through this process the holographic technological society can interact with the holographic organic society.

Advanced Scalar Parasitic Technology, Healing Technology, Consciousness and Clearing the Infection

Advanced Technology As An Extension of Bio-Emissions

Technology can be used either way, everyone is using technology right now and this public technology is outfitted with transdimensional capabilities so your inner perceptions can be monitored and influences simultaneously.

They are both advanced, however this is relatively considered. The technology of the parasitic form is akin to someone mentally spitting in your face. This is advanced because instead of a person standing there to spit and insult, a scalar beam can provide this interference pattern.

The healing technology is the same, instead of having a meditative healer extend their energy to align another individuals, this can be done through advanced technology.

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