The Replication of the Human Population and the Operation of the Reality Show Called “Earth”

People have been switched out that were there that you’re communicating with now. The only reason all of this has stayed behind the curtain is because of the effects of immortality on the psyche. The nature of time-compression and reality which bends to allow an eternity of experience within simulated realms and the inability for the masses to get over the fear of death and to refuse to accept new information when presented. If that continues until it’s forced by direct experiences, then the psyche fractures under the stress of the new experience. Thus, everything can only be offered, and that, under specific circumstances. If it’s ever forced, shows over, deals off.
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“It is time you know the truth.” by ModernDayTJ

September 23, 2017.

Unite as one species or perish….just as many human civilizations prior to ours have done so when they came to close to knowing the truth.

Light vs. Dark.

Stop thinking in terms of nation-states, borders, races, ethnicities, etc.

The Light….and how it should be lived in actions….is described in an easily understandable way in both the New Testament and the Quran.

Disregard those parts of the NT and the Quran which make you then dismiss the entireity of the text.

The Spirit of the Scriptures is what matters.

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Willfull Ignorance, The Lower-Dimensional Linear Time Reincarnation Trap and Coming Events

It’s all about free-will and choice today. Those who are unaware are choosing to be that way through their own free-will and the application of their will-power. There are no accidents and this is all leading up to something.

The commonly accepted idea for those in the know is that there will be a lower number of physical bodies to incarnate on this Earth plane and so there must be a mass ‘ascension’ to beyond the need for a physical anchor otherwise things will be uncomfortable for a period of time and that this may disrupt things in the long run.

Those who accelerate achieve synchronization with a future civilization where there is continuous resolve. Those who are willfully ignorant today would not do well in such a situation and so they remain at the lower physical or lower energetic level and thus the vicious cycle continuous where there is a a greater pressure for incarnation than there is the opportunity and thus am imbalance is developed like a boiler tank where the energy wants to escape but does not have the immediate, appropriate channels through which to navigate and propel themselves forward.
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The Construct, The One, Temporal Mirrors of a Time-locked Civilization

It’s all time tunnels and temporal reflectivity. Everything that is happening now happened or is happening in the past as a mirrored reflection of the present. We can assume the same is for the future if we don’t break out of the loop-back system. This is like a cube with mirrored walls. The extended ‘realm’ outside of the present and the local environment is projected through a hyperbolic replication of current parameters. These parameters are altered or updated through our input and thus this is literally a consciousness-replicating, awareness controlled reality simulation system. There is no way around this. No matter how ‘real’ or serious this feels to you, all of that is possible. All of that is ok. The system is designed to be experienced this way and it is ‘real’, however the format is based upon repeating patterns and input from stimuli and so no matter what, the system is designed to function like a real-life simulation.

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To Escape the Matrix; Unveil the Soul

Everyone working to escape the matrix.

The matrix is a series of time delays between the biological consciousness and the actual awareness of the true self of an extra-dimensional nature. These are also known as ‘veils’ or ‘dimensions’ that are placed over the soul or that the soul is submerged within.

There are intricate automated restraint systems which project false-realities (false-awakenings), mirror images of the self (imitator-impostor), false-memories, impulses and lower dimensional awareness entrainment-traps (fear, desire, distraction, temptation, ego), and energy blocks and barriers that withhold one’s awareness within an artificially propagated hierarchy of self and reason that is actually generated externally through subconscious programming.
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The Psychological Test of this Civilization

Pre-reading: Thought-Space, 4D, 5D, Virtual and Cyber Space; The Truman Show of Physical Plane Simulation, Reality and and Soul Fragmentation

Each person’s psyche is like a map of actions, choices, opportunities, thoughts, and character qualities that lead to or away from a pinnacle of self-awareness.

Every choice, whether of mind or body, delineates one away from or further aligns them with a projected trajectory towards a wholeness of being in truth, compassion, harmony and self-awareness.

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Thought-Space, 4D, 5D, Virtual and Cyber Space; The Truman Show of Physical Plane Simulation, Reality and and Soul Fragmentation

I have another video planned and even recorded but not organized enough to release yet. As Michael says, thought-space and 4D, 5D ‘space’, virtual space cyber and hyperspace are all the same. These spaces can be accessed by a living system or a technological system, both of which are ‘sentient’ systems depending on who’s operating them and how they’re designed.

This talk is very long and doesn’t focus on this aspect but looks at how the actual process of creation is beyond the 3D, Cartesian, physical, linear, or objective point of view and is actually a movement in higher-space which translates to effects in what we call the physical plane of Earth. These effects are then experienced through the physical body and brain, however everything and all change is originating from the higher-plane which we are connected to through that virtual-thought space which begins just outside of our biological perceptions and leads to an overall hyperspace or ‘overview space’ which contains all the information of all the possibilities we see physically and have access to biologically and those that are invisible to the physical, biological senses.
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Secret Operations, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient Civilizations

The beginning and end of this is repeated so you may feel like scanning if the words are familiar.

I was involved with Solar Warden and MiLabs through the unacknowledged special access programs. Research the secret projects regarding cloning, simulation, brain to machine technology, other intelligences and underground bases. Check out my videos, written posts and the initial interview I gave with LNM radio. Watch that interview and you’ll understand more readily the situation that I am reporting from direct experiences. If you knew, you would understand why so many don’t understand. Everything is more or less a show but it’s a ‘real-life’ show.
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Update on the Situation of Disclosure and the Resolution of the Parasitic System

Just to keep you updated. In February I returned to the situation to begin informing the public with myself as a visible figure. I began informing people on the internet a few years before that, I even just found some old texts from some forums that are pretty wild!

I began the internet disclosure when I was younger in my early teens. We were repositioned on the timeline to have a maximally effective proximity to key events.

After a few months of the previous year, I began to remove certain implants that are put into us so that we don’t overload in this society. As well, certain groups place them there so they can ride on our energy, they still have to learn a bit about energy cultivation in their own right. The goal is to help everyone cultivate their own energy. There is no need for a parasite to be a parasite at that point, and if the parasite is non-human, yet all humans are energy cultivators, then the parasite has no interest with us.
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The Soul is a Higher Dimensional Connection of Possibilities, Weaponized AI is Non-Self Essence Programmed to Replicate Itself

Solar Warden is a group that uses electrogravitic craft to protect humanity from the threats to the civilization and genetics, however during an event years ago where negotiations were held, there was an attack and I was used in an attempt to infiltrate and kill operatives who were acting in the interest of humanity. That’s all the can be said for the most part, but they use people by infecting them and then sending them into groups to wittingly or unwittingly transfer a virus that can be inputed into a persons consciousness, into the scalar mind-link computer systems that are literally connected to via the mind. People becoming walking USB sticks with viruses on them at that point where all the craft are computer-mind link operated and so everything is vulnerable in that sense.
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Weaponized Mutagenic Pathogens

Part of this is a mutagen mycotoxin which causes extreme sexuality in females and docility in males. It was perfected in the 70’s and three part tandem versions have been released in the atmosphere and certain area’s water supplies for multiple phase activation in the population.

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The 5 D Reality Bridge

I responded to someone, with a bit of an attitude, that if some people ‘enter’ this society, this dimension or however you will look at this, and ‘make things right’ forcefully for us, that this would break the cycle of free-will and sovereignty that people currently have no matter how much they are already giving it away.

As well, this opens the ‘other side’ to do the same thing and violate the same guidelines for balance and this changes everything in a way where people have the least control over what is happening.

Read the post below this one and Jared Sullivan’s comment. The fuller picture is that awareness that is present here is also present in the higher-dimensional reality beyond the confines of the fractal consciousness containment system. Thus, WE are the ones who change the system from the outside in, inside out in a way that is initiated through the free-will, creativity, compassion, and self-awareness of the people here. Continue reading “The 5 D Reality Bridge”

The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness

The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness


To reach a higher dimensional spontaneous expansion is to accelerate beyond the resistance of all the issues that are faced today. Thus a new self is achieved which is not restrained as the previous was. Continue reading “The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness”

Method of Generating Projected Realities and Overcoming the Holographic Feedback System


Utilizing the Holographic Temporal Feedback Construct to Produce Viable Realities

This is comparable to the knowledge regarding the techniques of using possible future realities through a holographic simulation system to generate information and methods that can then be retrieved from those systems and applied to the present.

Probable and Possible Timeline Viewing Technology and Reality Projection Methods

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The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe

The primary layers of the wholeness of the higher dimensional geometries are the key to resolving the holographic fractal infection paradox of this universe.

Instead of looping endlessly from one ‘fractal-layer’ to another, one must recreate the entire image within themselves and then place themselves within that image. This is how one orients within the larger universe and escapes the endless repeating labyrinth of the fractal-holographic construct which has been programmed into this reality via the brainwaves, the DNA and the scalar waves generated by powerful devices.

Through this, the ‘center’ of the universe ‘centers’ around YOU, the observer and generator of the parameters. Continue reading “The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe”

What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society

Simulators of Conscious Experience Via Holographic Projection and Synchronization with the Neuronal Map

I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups. Have you ever researched or heard about child sacrifice to spiritual entities? It’s all part of an energetic system of attaining more power for them.

The other aspect then is the depravity. We were interfaced with supercomputer devices that are capable of recording and playing back the experiences of a person’s brain. Thus, they recorded all kinds of rituals, sexual acts, trauma, abuse, death, murder, self-harm, and all kinds of depravity through these devices.

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