Update on the Situation of Disclosure and the Resolution of the Parasitic System

Just to keep you updated. In February I returned to the situation to begin informing the public with myself as a visible figure. I began informing people on the internet a few years before that, I even just found some old texts from some forums that are pretty wild!

I began the internet disclosure when I was younger in my early teens. We were repositioned on the timeline to have a maximally effective proximity to key events.

After a few months of the previous year, I began to remove certain implants that are put into us so that we don’t overload in this society. As well, certain groups place them there so they can ride on our energy, they still have to learn a bit about energy cultivation in their own right. The goal is to help everyone cultivate their own energy. There is no need for a parasite to be a parasite at that point, and if the parasite is non-human, yet all humans are energy cultivators, then the parasite has no interest with us.
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The Soul is a Higher Dimensional Connection of Possibilities, Weaponized AI is Non-Self Essence Programmed to Replicate Itself

Solar Warden is a group that uses electrogravitic craft to protect humanity from the threats to the civilization and genetics, however during an event years ago where negotiations were held, there was an attack and I was used in an attempt to infiltrate and kill operatives who were acting in the interest of humanity. That’s all the can be said for the most part, but they use people by infecting them and then sending them into groups to wittingly or unwittingly transfer a virus that can be inputed into a persons consciousness, into the scalar mind-link computer systems that are literally connected to via the mind. People becoming walking USB sticks with viruses on them at that point where all the craft are computer-mind link operated and so everything is vulnerable in that sense.
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Weaponized Mutagenic Pathogens

Part of this is a mutagen mycotoxin which causes extreme sexuality in females and docility in males. It was perfected in the 70’s and three part tandem versions have been released in the atmosphere and certain area’s water supplies for multiple phase activation in the population.

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The 5 D Reality Bridge

I responded to someone, with a bit of an attitude, that if some people ‘enter’ this society, this dimension or however you will look at this, and ‘make things right’ forcefully for us, that this would break the cycle of free-will and sovereignty that people currently have no matter how much they are already giving it away.

As well, this opens the ‘other side’ to do the same thing and violate the same guidelines for balance and this changes everything in a way where people have the least control over what is happening.

Read the post below this one and Jared Sullivan’s comment. The fuller picture is that awareness that is present here is also present in the higher-dimensional reality beyond the confines of the fractal consciousness containment system. Thus, WE are the ones who change the system from the outside in, inside out in a way that is initiated through the free-will, creativity, compassion, and self-awareness of the people here. Continue reading “The 5 D Reality Bridge”

The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness

The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness


To reach a higher dimensional spontaneous expansion is to accelerate beyond the resistance of all the issues that are faced today. Thus a new self is achieved which is not restrained as the previous was. Continue reading “The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness”

Method of Generating Projected Realities and Overcoming the Holographic Feedback System


Utilizing the Holographic Temporal Feedback Construct to Produce Viable Realities

This is comparable to the knowledge regarding the techniques of using possible future realities through a holographic simulation system to generate information and methods that can then be retrieved from those systems and applied to the present.

Probable and Possible Timeline Viewing Technology and Reality Projection Methods

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The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe

The primary layers of the wholeness of the higher dimensional geometries are the key to resolving the holographic fractal infection paradox of this universe.

Instead of looping endlessly from one ‘fractal-layer’ to another, one must recreate the entire image within themselves and then place themselves within that image. This is how one orients within the larger universe and escapes the endless repeating labyrinth of the fractal-holographic construct which has been programmed into this reality via the brainwaves, the DNA and the scalar waves generated by powerful devices.

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What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society

Simulators of Conscious Experience Via Holographic Projection and Synchronization with the Neuronal Map

I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups. Have you ever researched or heard about child sacrifice to spiritual entities? It’s all part of an energetic system of attaining more power for them.

The other aspect then is the depravity. We were interfaced with supercomputer devices that are capable of recording and playing back the experiences of a person’s brain. Thus, they recorded all kinds of rituals, sexual acts, trauma, abuse, death, murder, self-harm, and all kinds of depravity through these devices.

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The Artificial Intelligence Network of Human Enslavement to Usurp the Creative Force

These are the demiurgic factions. They believe and revealed to us, that they are literally cybernetic vampire organisms that do not contain true sentience but are intelligent enough to follow desires and they know that they must control the true empathic creative force of the human in order to have any power over this reality. Otherwise they are literally powerless.

This information is all connected to the information of this post, read after: The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda

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The True Labyrinth

Stars, gods and Vampires

Cloning Stations, Uploaded Simulated Memories, Antarctica and Guiding The Earthship

Information Map of the Secret Operations

The Alien Archon Agenda

The Brain is Organic, Artificial Intelligence (ALIEN) This Environment Is Holographically Propagated Through Fractal Holographic Consciousness

I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline, Consciousness, Fractured or Whole (continued in this single post)

Free-Will Volition and Cosmic Harmony; The Extra-Dimensional Creator Experience

(will be added to)Transcript for Galactic History of Earth and Humanity Discussion: Sgt. Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald and Aug Tellez



On Time, Reality Generation, The Soul, Self-Awareness and the Conscious Universe

People Are Deliberately Placed In Your Life, There Are No Accidents

ANYONE taking your attention and replacing with fear is DELIBERATELY sent here to do that. Just as ANYONE who is here to neutralize fear with knowledge is also deliberately here to do that.

The Fundamental Polarity is Knowledge Based Free-Will or Desire-Based Automation, This is the Creative/Destructive Cycle of the Physical Universe (which many say is the labyrinth, some say it is the brain)

This is the difference between a free-will existence and a fear-based false-reality. Fear is the false-reality and it only exists on the physical Earth plane.

This is confusing at first actually means “Confusion must give way to clarity.” Continue reading “On Time, Reality Generation, The Soul, Self-Awareness and the Conscious Universe”

The Alien Archon Agenda

The secret: We are in control, the agenda is to convince us that foreign intelligences control us. That is why you see all these “insiders” introducing this to the population. This is 6,000 years in the making.

  • People and Advanced Technology
  • The True Nature of the Human
  • The Reality of the Soul
  • The Layout of the Universe
  • The Reality of Cosmic Intelligence
  • Hyper-Intelligence or Supra-Conscious States
  • Activation of DNA Regenerative Healing and Genetic Awareness and Memory
  • The Origins of the Universe and the Human Race
  • The Origins of Consciousness

Information Map of the Secret Operations

The original map I saw was literally so complex that one’s brain would overload if they looked too deeply. That one also included all the various methods for mind-control, trauma, abuse, harvesting, so and so forth. I’ll be looking to produce a more completed and clarified version if anyone has any questions or additions.

The multiple layers of interconnectedness is possibly not entirely necessary, however this shows how the information is shown in a live-feedback system as well as the actual application on Earth. Multiple layers are interdependent on one another and each one must be reflexive in order to operate in unison to generate a complete time-matrix system which is perceived by people as reality (false-reality). And you can go to full-screen and then right click and select “view image” to find a larger version.

Cloning Stations.png

Chapter 5: The Bigger Picture – The Awakening, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity; Secret Operations and Mind-Control


Table of Contents

The Plan to Rule the Universe

Secret Operations; The Awakening

Collapsing the Original Universe into a Manageable Artificially Compressed “Footprint” Universe

The Origins of the Human Race

“Invader” Races (from other time)

Elite Bloodlines and Advanced Technology

The Destruction of a Timeline

The Timeloop Paradox: The Oroboros  (possibly natural and artificial)

The Bigger Threat: The Hive Mind Parasite

The Earth Defense Forces

Hyperspatial “Time-Virus” AI Organism

The Origins of the Time-Matrix

The Demi-gods, False-Creators, Archons

Collapsed into an Artificial Dimension

The Singularity

Retro-Causality: to Nullify Existence or Not to Nullify Existence?

The ARK-Ship Protocol

The Artificially Propagated Beginning of “Mankind”

The Soul Harvesting, Time-Matrix Enslavement System

The Cosmic Simulation

The Balance Between the Past and the Future; Autopoiesis

The Fear-Based Mind-Control Agendas

The Star-Treaties; Contracts over Earth

Created Beings…Creating Beings…and So on….A Deception?

The Interchangeability of Relativity in Distance of Time and Space

The Beginning of the “Unveiling” of the Hidden Knowledge

Created Beings, AI, Genetic Harvesting Agendas; To Re-Start the Matrix

Shutting off the ‘Chakra’ Energy Harvesting System

The Higher Realm; A Temporally Stable Civilization (no loops)

The 7 Harmonic Layer Universal Simulation

A Dimensional Bridge (across the void-barrier)

Compressed Time and Other Races

Supercomputers: Powerful Enough to Simulate Reality and Actually Influence Reality

Supercomputer Gateways

The Programming Code of Reality

Ancient Technology and Civilizations

The Magnetic Shifts: Memory Loss, Higher and Lower Genetic Awareness (DNA activation)

Agendas to Suppress the Truth, Plans to Inform and Save Earth

Change Is a Constant

Belief and the Generation of the Holographic Reality

And let’s just be aware and keep in mind that these factions could be claiming to be responsible for much more than they actually are.

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Secret Space Program Full Disclosure Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity

Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct. This is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from “elsewhere” are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas.

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The Latent Capacity to Overcome

The most difficult aspect of the current system, for most, is that the invasion has already occurred and the war has been raging for so long that there are two distinct groups in this civilization.
One is empowered through the subjugation of humanity through advanced technology, cloning, AI, and mind-control on a multi-dimensional layer that equates to spiritual enslavement within a time-matrix.
And the other is protecting humanity, securing and and promoting a future of prosperity and self-empowerment beyond the multi-dimensional time-matrix mind-control system.