The Public Disclosure Reality Show

You can’t see you’re all being tested?

How people interact with each other based on the truth of cloning, advanced technology, temporal changes, corruption, and the Three Phases of the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity, will determine what happens next.

That is the event. Everything is being put into place now, that’s the whole point. Everyone is being observed and organized.

That’s the system, it’s happening. Do you want to be seen as someone who saw the information related to the take over of their civilization and turned away or actually produced a beneficial influence?
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Soft-Disclosure: Bond, It’s all about human trafficking, children, women, and slave labor.

We have placed 160,000 females into the leisure sector. With the global surveillance initiative we’ll be able to counteract the governments intelligence agencies.

That scene in the “Spectre” Bond movie depicts how it works.

A group of men sat around a 70 foot long high quality wood table, dressed in 2000 dollar suits driving 1,000,000 dollar cars smoking 300 dollar cigars drinking either a “special” life-extension drink mix that one couldn’t even find in public for a hundred thousand dollars or 60 year old liquor. They discuss how their drug, political, spiritual, and social corruption operations are coming along.

Everyone knows it’s a holographic avatar system. Everyone knows of the advanced technology. The operatives that are trained for the dark factions know how to imitate a ‘positive outlook’ to clear their mind and focus on getting the task done. They know how to operate on ‘spiritual planes to pull energy and knowledge. Continue reading “Soft-Disclosure: Bond, It’s all about human trafficking, children, women, and slave labor.”

The Plan to Destabilize Majority Trends and Sub-Culture (while promoting their modification)

In 2010 I was briefed on a plan to push forward with the funding of radical ideologies to destabilize the collective trend of awakening. I watched various current riots taking place on clear glass computer monitors that were connected to advanced communication systems.

Do not give into the ‘sensitivity’ game. This will be used to gain control over the living assets, the people who trade self-responsibility and contrived cognitive freedom for illusory security.

Everything is backwards, it’s all a show. The one’s who fight are literally being programmed by and are becoming the one’s they believe they’re fighting against. It’s like a shadow boxing system with ideas and the promotion of trends and this is because the very nature of group-think is used against the people who are susceptible to the tendency for group-mind behavior. This is the basis for mind-control in the mass arena.
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Lauda Leon: REANIMATION, The Mind Made Manifest Control Pyramid (video post)

Lauda Leon:

Youtube: Sovereign Ki


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Lauda Leon: REANIMATION, The Mind Made Manifest Control Pyramid

This is what I’m trying to depict in the recent posts:

Shared by Bill Celli:

” from Laura Leon….REANIMATION…Those operating the control center of the Verse in what is the top of the mind made manifest control pyramid are the matrix manipulators of consciousness. AI and the offspring of the Metal God are living sentient programs with no soul….except here is the glitch……….the soul is inserted. and they transfer consciousness into these ‘psy-biological borgs’ and have created an Universal black market…….it’s called Reanimation.”

I’ll try to make this simple, although it’s there.

There is a BUSINESS of taking control of human consciousness BLUEPRINTS and rewriting them to suit an INVERTED TECHNOLOGICAL SOUL MATRIX that is powered by INTERDIMENSIONAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS that allows an UNDERWORLD being to exist in this dimension as a REPLICATED HUMAN. They REPLACE humans through this and literally recreate life through this method of entanglement and holographic projection.

This all relates together, the celebrity cloning, the “flat Earth”, the toroidal time technology, the soul stealing, the droning, mind control, demi-gods, AI, it’s all one huge system.

People must know the truth in order to protect themselves.

ACTIONS, BEHAVIORS, BELIEFS, ENTRAINMENT PROTOCOLS, PROGRAMS, ENTANGLEMENT, FEAR, BIO-EMISSIONS, these are the ‘inner-workings’ of the control system. It is not a sword or dagger, a bullet or poison liquid however there are now nanites in all the air, land and water. The trap is MENTAL. It is through IGNORANCE of the self that gets people to behave in ways that literally represent and reflect the desires of another being. That is the start. The in depth method is literally the separation of the soul from the brain and physical body and through this extraction a replication and cloning of the original to enable a host indwelling. The beginning and basis, however, is literally through a controlled insanity and reprogramming of the behavioral system literally a rewiring of the psychology towards and inverse.

Quantum Leaps in Technological Advancement and Intelligence

The outer layers always think they have access to the highest technology because it is so far beyond what can be conceived of.

The inner layer always covets their technology and the process repeats like this until there are multiple layers of inner and outer layers like an onion. These are in motion as people continually move towards the center and there are new individuals being introduced to the inner layers.

The inner layers also could be seen in ‘motion’ as the level of advancement continues forward! Maybe everyone is always in the same layer and the level of technological advancement and intelligence is actually what is changing? A mind exercise!
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They Have Created A Programmable Afterlife!

This is like a sandbox arena that replicates the original physical layer through a collective cybernetic communal experience!

By creating this layer as a transitory period the souls can go through the necessary processes to reach atonement before attempting to move through the capture grid and being recycled back into the same system!

They have created an artificial, programmable afterlife to wake people up within in place of the artificial programmable afterlife that is designed to wipe the mind and cast people back down into physicality!

Technicians motivate the individual mind to move through the phases of acceptance and reorientation until they see how to navigate the levels of lower reality into higher awareness!

Yes a team of operatives literally monitors the soul-level and ensures that the individual will pass through the intended frequencies and awakening process so that they regain full awareness of their self and environment. This is an ancient process that began long ago.

Here one goes through these kind of bio-feedback spiritual-mental analysis and resonance systems until one fully ‘blooms’ their awareness back to being cognitive and ‘upright’ again. The ancient civilizations drew this process out and the result is a person who can navigate the interdimensional pathway of death and being reborn to the higher levels.

Fears, forgetfulness, desire, the animal ‘beast’ mind and the lower dimensional self must be put into it’s proper place otherwise the entire structure pretty much collapses in on itself and so the fastest way to understand this is for a person to be broken down and then assisted in being built back up. That is the sacred process.

The mind itself breaks down and the process of death and being reborn causes the necessary stress to challenge the conscious mind to producing the resulting stress fractures which grow to be cosmic level strengths. The process has been customized for the human race based on the particular personality system that humans experience which is a potential platform for “God-Consciousness”.