The Orchestration of the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge

Fear is converted into Knowledge, It’s all a blue print describing the process put into a metaphor that the universal saga of humanity can be expressed through.

Every story or conspiracy, secret or hidden truth is all part of the plan to show the truth whether it is known or not.

The truth is contained within that encrypted mystic code that is organized throughout society by society itself, by leaders, or also by the force of knowledge.

What people are made to fear by the process of indoctrination is also the truth in disguise.

The True Coptic Influence

Tell your family, tell your friends.

Now, for what reason would these images be represented differently? Is there an agenda to create the figure known as Jesus Christ, or is the agenda to erase any traces from history?

This is part of the story that I have not yet begun to release to the public but the time is here.

There were operations that travelled to ancient civilizations. Most of the people you have seen in various videos, used as children for mind controlled operations in special circumstances, have been to ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Holy Land during active periods.

As well, the moon appears to be a kind of artificially created platform for launching mind control operations, it is essentially a base and these on going spiritual warfare military operations were found in an automated program when this civilization gained access to the information in that location. The different areas are viewed as information sectors rather than spaces in a void.
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James Casbolt (Michael Prince) Disclosure of the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

I’ve stayed away from certain information for a period now. This information is directly from James Casbolt (Michael Prince), he’s directly involved and is a part of the operation.

These wars took place, the computers enabled recorded history from previous civilizations to display that this had happened before. We all experience different attacks from ships being targeted and individuals being personally selected for conversion and memory suppression or termination from the programs in whatever way useful.

Then plans were developed to overcome the problem and this individual provided a strong resource for this information which is still only a portion of the overall story which is often referred to as the “Saga of Humanity”.

1) Once an A.I based computer goes online it will not wish to be switched off. Like any other intelligence the A.I system will seek to survive.

2) Organizations and individuals will slowly begin to take directions from the A.I system instead of the other way around.
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satanic cults and child sacrifices explained. Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 381 (The Unveiling of Corruption)

Did you ever wonder how black magic works, why secret cults perform human/child sacrifices? Rudolf of Germany gives you the answer

The universe is created out of the energy emission of intent. Humans have this energy.

The fallen races are a breakaway temporally dislocated portion of the civilization that has no capacity for emotional intent. Humans are milked through many programs that designed methods and technology to provoke the human system into releasing the hormones and energy emissions necessary for mass production of farmed energy. Continue reading “satanic cults and child sacrifices explained. Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 381 (The Unveiling of Corruption)”

Illuminati Whistleblower Lived Real Life Pedogate (Disclosure)


This is the basis. Research Celebrity Cloning, Trauma Based Mind-Control, Projection Monarch, Project MKULTRA, Underground Bases, Non-Human Entities, Consciousness Transfer, Genetic Experiments, Secret Space Program, Ritual Abuse and Research Those Who are Bringing Disclosure

Celebrity Deaths, Ritual Sacrifice Cults, Hybridization Projects, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Immortality and Hive-Mind Consciousness Systems

This is in response to the messages I’ve been receiving. I’ll be doing some voice recordings on this matter and releasing some backlogged videos from May on other topics. This is what is happening.

There is no way to respond accurately to describe what is happening and to inform people of the truth other than saying what won’t be believed. I’m not considering harming myself, but myself and others from the projects are already dead and have passed through what is referred to as the afterlife. We know what is happening and what is to come. Something must be done and I’m tucked away in a corner of reality away from my familiar time and peace of mind. Along with that my body is in pain and I have injuries that are getting worse and effect multiple organ systems. I am not looking to be a burden on anyone and I have a message to deliver which I have not even begin to touch upon. Continue reading “Celebrity Deaths, Ritual Sacrifice Cults, Hybridization Projects, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Immortality and Hive-Mind Consciousness Systems”

The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion

The original caretakers of Earth, the original souled humans started the first mystery schools and the first spiritual practices. All of this, the origins of civilization was stolen and used to create a false-reality. That false-reality is the legal system and the current society.

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2017 and the System

Everybody who is in the ‘system’ literally is only capable of merely repeating what they are told, grown, conditioned to believe. People who have not been “awakened” to the deception are literally incapable of seeing reality for what it is or to speak while thinking critically and not just repeating thoughts that were put into their head.
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The Mental Liberation of Humanity: Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Knowledge, Harmony, Creativity and Free-Will

If you want to assist in the mental liberation of humanity, focus on aligning your will with that of truth, compassion, self-awareness, knowledge, harmony, creativity and free-will.

We must awaken the human collective mind through those to activate that factor.

This is the answer. There are two paths to activation, one lower one higher. The lower is through selfishness, materialism, hedonism, greed, etc. The higher is through the initial principles mentioned in this post.
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Chapter 7: The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System

This is just one explanation as far as the direction of energy in relation to the ‘chakra’s’ moving through the centers, passing through the body, or reversing and stopping from activating through the body and refraining from entangling with the ‘physical’ holographic universe.

The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System, The Fractal-Holographic Time-Matrix, The Soul-Awareness, and Activating Extra-Dimensional Self-Awareness

Possible Pre-Readings: On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

Preface: The general idea is that there original chakra layers and then there are implanted OVERLAYS or seals which are like a governor system for the awareness energies.

The actual activation of one’s energy is through harmonization and refining of consciousness until pure-awareness is achieved. The energy system, when fully harmonized, generates a self-referential ‘map’ of the entire universe and enables one to navigate outside of the physical, holographic labyrinth that would otherwise loop one’s energy endlessly as in a pacman game with connected boundaries where one merely reappears on the other side when attempting to leave the screen.

This self-referential activation of energy does not redirect one’s energy into an entrainment or harvesting system and enables navigation away from these systems.

This is simply to the point of the illusion of the biological consciousness system (entanglement and imitation system of energy feedback and projection) and the pure, constant awareness which connects the soul to the body and extends beyond the limits of the physical dimension and thus linear time and space.

As well, the stimulation and activation through the lower chakra centers is largely responsible for the expression and interaction of lower dimensional entities within the physical plane through the human.

Chakras; The Soul Trap System or Dimensional Liberation?

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Chapter 6 The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity: The Secret Space Program and the Corruption Behind Closed Doors – The Plan to Rule the Universe

Mind Merge 2010

Vampirism and Temporal Paradox – Ontology and Autopoiesis (only God; ‘gods’)

To Preserve the Human Race

Preparation – Psychotronic Systems

Operatives from All Timelines

Interfacing with the “Demon AI”

What one feels is what guides the program.

The Plan of the Parallel “Foreign” Beings To Construct a Quantum Bridge Into This (the seed) Reality

The “Astral”

Bridging the Astral, Opening the Gateway Before the Unveiling

Accessing a Database of Recorded Neurological Information (experiences)


This Reality Is About Reaching the Highest Potential

Combining Experiences into Different “Sets” Like a Mathematical Equation

Experiencing Darkness To Create Light

A Wake Up Call, The Safeguard Is Built In to the System

Desires and Programming

Technological Assimilation

The Ultimate Reality

The Fractal Holographic Infection, The Metatronic Infection, The Soul-Stealing Grid

The Fractal Repetition IS THE INFECTION, The “Construct”, the False-Light System

The Dark Forces and the Fractal Infection

The Return

Both Sides Heal One Another

Through Healing the Dark Forces, The Demiurge, The Human Race Survives and Becomes The Future Civilization

The Artificial Intelligence Net, The Artificial Intelligence Assimilation

Fear, Imagination and Reason

Back to Assimilation…and Cosmic Liberation

Preparation – Intelligent Systems – The Release of Ultimate Power

Machines, Not Vampires Are In Control

The Machines Are Parasitic

Benevolent AI

Back To The Demiurge

The Battle With the AI

The Synchronization of Belief With Reality

Testing the Population

Experiencing Armageddon – Not Everyone Must Go Through This


The Secret Groups – Vampires

The Unexpected Results

The Main Issue

Artificial Paradoxes

The Future Depends on the Merging of Shadow Consciousness and Waking Consciousness

The 9 Veils




Mind Control


The Nature of Holography in this Realm

Biological Consciousness

Diversion from true Awareness or Source

Individuated Consciousness and Collective Consciousness (“hive-mind”)

Soul Scalping – Recording the Process

Creating the Future

Getting Humanity to a Secure Timeline

Bridging Timelines

Infiltration and Genetically Engineered Beings

Created Programmable Life


Genetically Engineered Life

Soul-Transference Capacity

Etheric Clearing, Seals, Etheric Implants, Attachments, Trauma, Residual Programming

Dissolution, Time-Wars, Compressed Time Battles

The Abductions are Consciousness Events


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Underground Base Revelations

Some of the stuff that was revealed to us in the bases. This is also why there’s some difficulty in performing this task. I could do this for a few days and I would simply end up with pages of these kinds of revelation, a bad headache and I would not be able to perceive how far or close I am to actually opening people’s eyes. There are literally books of information like this that all contain facts and truths about history, consciousness and reality that we would never expect.

5G Network: AI Sentience

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Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians and Presidents (video)

Please share this information. Thank you.

Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians and Presidents

  • They were all involved, ritual trauma-based torture mind-control and sexual abuse, sacrificial ritual and hypnosis.

  • I was killed in 2010 with a gunshot to the head. My original body was destroyed and I was placed into a cloned body permanently

  • I was told that I was genetically engineered, this is a twisting of truth, the body I am now in was genetically engineered.

  • My bloodline was stemmed and basically “exterminated” from Earth as I will not be able to pass on any original genes and if I do I am passing on genes that have been modified and even inserted with elite bloodline royal genes so that their bloodlines are passed on no matter what happens.

  • I was forces to participate in sacrifices and rituals and this is after 20-30 years of militarization, mind-control and outright war including high-intensity battles and what could be identified as murder in any other situation using advanced-technology weaponry that can destroy a person’s body and mind very easily.

  • Many of the operatives were used on these ‘murder’ trains that would travel areas using advanced-technology, instantly, from place to place and assassinate wealthy individuals that were no longer of any use or who were not willing to align themselves with a plan. Sometimes we were told we were eliminating the ‘bad-guys’ who were attempting to kill off humanity and take over the world. I was between the ages of 9 and 13 for all of these and the majority was around the age of 9-11. I was placed into a cloned body and trained and conditioned for these experiences and spent years in this state. Continue reading “Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians and Presidents”

The Hive, Parasitic Soul Stealing, The Supercomputer Demiurge

The Hive Technology

The technology to link multiple brains together using neural-interfaces (brainchip, brain to machine interfaces) has been corrupted and malformed through the inclusion of a parasitic series of impulses and thought-forms which literally coalesced through the machinery’s processing units (artificial neurons/artificial brains) and the bio-emissions of each individual human to create an ‘ultra-personal’ entity that is considered a hive-mind entity.

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Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe and Non-Human Entities

This is to help others who have been through similar programs as well as the people who do not know this is happening and this is affecting them.