Supercivilization Hyperloop

Reality was separated up into multiple stories that all had to be combined together.

The same repeating pattern with greater and greater exponential increments creates changes in dimensional fields that layer the universe or reality into ‘realms’. As the ranges and scopes of dimensional translation vary, the segmented realities become like universes in their own right.

Two worlds, an upper and lower were at a distance and proximity to one another, or contact lead to wars, confusion, degradation, separation and literal cosmic anomalies. 

The worlds that were generated out of the fragmented remains of a supercivilization were experienced as realities that were segmented, fragments of conscious existences. This ranged in scope from towns, societies, families, groups, and various contextual events of time, yet the realities were dream like without a beginning and end in the sense that the same loops kept repeating where society would develop for a bit and then some great change would occur that would quite literally turn everything around and around.

We may have developed into a world within a world, within that larger world and this little island of familiarity is within a scope of information so disproportional that the world that this world is within would be unrecognizable without translation.


Scaleidoscoping through the Scaleidoscope

The universe is like a scaling scope of mirroring lenses that can only 0 out and reflect the same energy back to itself. Those who are out of sync with the harmonic scale of their mind will find themselves in a closed box of repeating energies as self reference is vision.

When we are born we have a lifeplan potential and this is disrupted through action which goes against your mental and emotional stability. This is like an energetic balance. By living within a self similar stabilized field alignment (by the literal actions and feelings).

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The Uncertainty Principle is related to the quantum nature of the meridians where “it is impossible to describe their movements through exact trajectories.“

A.Moreno UFO Cover Up

Cloning Center Disclosure

Decentralizing Pride, Ego, Suffering

Pride, in the sense of greatness without merit (or just to the point of imbalancing the sense of self from clarity) and the suffering of the ego are connected. Pride pumps up the pseudo self, clarity then dissolves it. The only thing you have are your choices.

Where you think you have more, that will be perceived as falling away to the truth which changes reality on a fundamental level. Where you think you have less, the loss of image, you will perceive that as never having been in the first place. Perception is like a battle of opposites with springs on both sides. It always feels like something is pushing and pulling on either end, like an engine. When that is caught up through the emotional association and learned helplessness framework, the mind counteracts the will.

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Invisible Consciousness Matrix In Many Views

You are, effectively, what you don’t think or what ‘doesn’t’ do the thinking, but sees it. This is like ripples in a pool all collecting at the edges to combine and transfer. The ripples are the results of the motion of time, the unique cause is formating of your mind. The sound that moves through the water creates a cymatic pattern that is the make up of your consciousness which is like a cross sectional holographic view of a single layer of reality.

The sound is motion is time. The cymatic pattern itself is dependent on your focus and intent. It was discovered that DNA functions to repeat the signal generated and formed by your actions and impressions. The impressions that remain the most prominent therefore, cannot be explained by the motion on the surface. What is sought the most, is invisible and omnipresent.

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ETA Quiet

Do you stand behind the truth? Do you truly represent the truth that you present? The mind becomes unconscious, a people like a swarm of insects, when they follow the program without question.