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Decentralizing Pride, Ego, Suffering

Pride, in the sense of greatness without merit (or just to the point of imbalancing the sense of self from clarity) and the suffering of the ego are connected. Pride pumps up the pseudo self, clarity then dissolves it. The only thing you have are your choices.

Where you think you have more, that will be perceived as falling away to the truth which changes reality on a fundamental level. Where you think you have less, the loss of image, you will perceive that as never having been in the first place. Perception is like a battle of opposites with springs on both sides. It always feels like something is pushing and pulling on either end, like an engine. When that is caught up through the emotional association and learned helplessness framework, the mind counteracts the will.

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Invisible Consciousness Matrix In Many Views

You are, effectively, what you don’t think or what ‘doesn’t’ do the thinking, but sees it. This is like ripples in a pool all collecting at the edges to combine and transfer. The ripples are the results of the motion of time, the unique cause is formating of your mind. The sound that moves through the water creates a cymatic pattern that is the make up of your consciousness which is like a cross sectional holographic view of a single layer of reality.

The sound is motion is time. The cymatic pattern itself is dependent on your focus and intent. It was discovered that DNA functions to repeat the signal generated and formed by your actions and impressions. The impressions that remain the most prominent therefore, cannot be explained by the motion on the surface. What is sought the most, is invisible and omnipresent.

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ETA Quiet

Do you stand behind the truth? Do you truly represent the truth that you present? The mind becomes unconscious, a people like a swarm of insects, when they follow the program without question.

Coffee Seeds

Gravity Well Frequency Fence

This is another aspect of what was discovered. We are currently, this humanity, living in the undead soul grave yard of the previous age. Those who gained enough momentum to do something different are still trapped within the sea of those who didn’t. Moving at the same pace, like a transient overgrown herd, we will use up all the necessary resources before anyone collectively gets anywhere new. We are in a literal ‘vacuum’ of potential as the same repeating values continually process themselves. The rate at which one can change their focus to readjust their entire perspective in a world view is a determining factor of the range of variation and mobility of those in the population.

Contingency plans are put into place with the consideration of natural disasters, because it is known that the majority won’t have the necessary resources in the required amount of time to influence their situation if there is a large enough influence from an event. This issue is different, it is due to a misuse of technology that resulted in a projection of human consciousness into simulation which is attempting to entrain and recreate the entire human species.

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Neural Net Ghouls

The neural nets of those around you must be navigated like a time delay resistance based visual proprioception whole body motion through consciousness.

The circular motions are like continuous rows of eddies in a series of rivers that are always symmetrically balanced.

In this society, the literal brain fields of the population have been designed as a ‘soul trap’ for those who don’t know how to navigate.

We are essentially in an information field and our future motions in time are mapped out according to the most stable plan involving ourselves and the population around us.

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Rogue Breakaway Civilization

A cloning and advanced technology consciousness transfer system was used by a rogue breakaway civilization to enslave the entire previous age of humanity. There was an event and our reality was placed into darkness. This became a time loop of biology and technology interfacing with itself through dimensional gateways. Humanity was held hostage.

Children were trained for advanced technology research and development. While this was happening, the entire focus was to heal humanities broken timelines, literally an interdimensional lack of continuity that was measured here in lack of resources and stability. While one aspect of humanity was healing itself through this, a rogue group enslaved. So one side was using the tech to enslave humanity all the way out into the future and another side was bringing that back to the present and neutralizing the results so that there was a conceivable reality for humans to live in.

The true shape of time, then, has multiple layers zigzagging back and forth like a dimensional ‘shuffle’. This like a frequency based tick tack toe. The children that were trained to defend Humanity were then kidnapped by dark forces. We were literally kidnapped by people who had sold us out to forces that were only capable of operating in darkness by initiating enough suffering to cause a split in the mind of the individual to operate as a parasitic intelligent force that would then rerender and ‘takeover’ the consciousness of that individual. This is rogue technology used by humans who’s brains and consciousness itself has mutated beyond recognition by comparison to the majority of humanity. These are psychopaths and they are all throughout the population. We were told this was literally one group that had used this technology to copy and infect itself across the entire Earth civilization. History itself was influenced through time technology and entire ages are left out. Everything that is happening now is part of a process of breaking a temporal, artificial intelligence hold on humanity which creates the same repeating loop of destruction that resets time to an earlier period.

The whole time this was happening (6 times in total), the spirit of humanity was moving forward with the first time, yet the consciousness of humanity was held back. I was involved in a secret space program. They strapped me in and sent me off. Many celebrities are also involved. There is a band who’s name is literally the same words as a sign that flashes above your head as you’re strapped into something like a system hopping launch pad that literally streamlines an entire room across some kind of distance that results in another environment being opened up when one walks down the metal ramp on the other side of the ‘gate’.

Sonoluminescence Hyperconsciousnes Synthesis Simulation

Sonoluminescence Hyperconsciousnes Synthesis Simulation

The Fractal Trit Unit of Reality

Like akashic librarian says, the information required to make this realm is a ‘trit’. Essentially, when you zoom into a graphical system like google Earth game you get polygons. The fundamental units are some kind of complete shape, no more than a series of planes around an axis. When you zoom into this world, you get a prismatic effect of compressing light, geometry and dimension into a fundamentally ‘fractal’ compositions of angular and spectral variation. These unique ‘tri’ potential, potential, exponential entanglement systems, make possible the unfolding of space and time into continuous layers forwards and backwards. This layer folds “INSIDE” and outside of other layers instead of just one 2D field with blocks of polygons or visual depictions like a graphical interface. This FIELD of Data is actually partly altered by the individual observer meaning EACH VIEW is its own ANGLE within a system composed of angular variations. This is like looking at a silver ball, seeing your reflection while turning and every time you turn, the ball itself rotates. Every time the ball rotates the background in the distance behind you rotates as well, in correspondence. And while this is happening, here, on one layer, like a combination lock, there are multiple other layers with there is happening ‘beneath’ and ‘above’ the view dimensionally. Earth is comprised of 7 layers of planes or discs that are above and below one another and each interlock to produce a complete version of reality. Zooming ‘into’ one of the layers ‘rotates’ the trit so that the entire realm, every trit in the plane you’re in, rotates around a maximum and minimum axis variation that places each layer in collective resonance or reflectivity of each other, rendering a literal, 3, 6, 9 combination of potential realities, yous within the realities, and realities within the realities, all at once, all through a simultaneous and synchronized ‘anchoring’ and ‘projection’ system where that trinary ‘unit’ is the level of detail that is connected throughout and used to navigate the entire field. Without those units, it would be like flying through the air without knowing the wind speed or altitude, or one or the other at the same time, only having a partial look at reality that excludes 2 out of the 3 possibilities each time. That is where people are ‘stuck’ because they have been lied to and convinced acting like a fool is good behavior.

Jack Kruse Blue Light Toxicity

“Jason Lauritzen is a leader among men. Here he goes again dropping truth bombs for you the public. Leaders instill in their people hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.

👎 Blue light at night = Not bueno.
💔 Cardiac arrest is more likely to be lethal when exposed to blue light at night. Shocker to no Black Swan
🔴 Darkness or red light = No impact.
🏥 One reason why hospitals are great places for dramatic interventions, but not for recovery. #truthbomb

Jack’s message: Every morning you need the sun to charge separate water in your body to create the battery that creates your life. That life is created by a cadre of photochemical that do things we all rely on. You need to expose all your surfaces to these signals to make sense of the world around you. The food and exercise guru’s that keep bathing in blue light and never see this message……..and blame foods and a lack of exercise for their ills. This blog shows you what you might miss when you focus only on food. Make like the Sphinx……While meditating in the morning sun, look to the East and ground and remain as connected to this environment as you can and food will never be your main driver. Light water and magnetism work to limit food influence at the confluence of your mitochondria. It’s that simple a Rx to regenerate. Blue light and non-native EMF destroy melatonin levels via melanopsin dysfunction. This often ends in leptin resistance and causes massive changes in insulin signaling. Light, not food control this process in man.

Melatonin needs the sun’s signal via neuropsin to regenerate our tissues. The second messenger’s in this system are triplet state free radicals created from mitochondrial respiratory proteins. These limit ELF-UV release from cells.


Most people think melatonin is our “dark hormone”. That is true, but few know that UV light is what regenerates the melatonin cycle in us. Melatonin teaches us a great many things about all the proteins in us that are biogenic amines that also work with sunlight in novel ways. Those proteins are melatonin, serotonin, melanin, and dopamine. They all use the sun in some very complex and counterintuitive ways. The end result of this transaction for all four is to deliver energy to mitochondria in a novel way.

Consciousness as Quantum Function of Time

Consciousness is a quantum action of non locally ‘printing’ one’s awareness through layers of overlaying singular parts of data as multiple continuous sections that we perceive as a kind of ‘movie’ of life. This is like the hands of the clock moving around at the speed of light or thought. Each ‘moment’ prints a concept, a data point, a sensory detail. After one full cycle a circle, a single ‘layer’ is printed out like a ring around the perimeter. This layer is a baseline layer of, for example, the formation of the foundation of consciousness. There is primal awareness, but not yet truly consciousness and no where near self consciousness. Another cycle is complete, this moves the one hand to ‘3 o’clock’ and there are three rings now showing the amount of self reflective, referential, similar iterations of sensory data that has been developed as a kind of ‘map’ of consciousness.

Whatever is experienced internally is recorded in this map as that ‘clock’ is continuously moving inside of you, rotating in a way that produces a train of thought and sensory data. Then, when there is enough information that the data ‘shimmers’ back in forth in long continuous interconnections between each layer, extending across years, potentially moments or even decades of connected focal points, the pattern becomes self similar on a level of complexity that extends in a way of detail more ordered than the first. A tower of complexity, or a cascade of interconnections that are capable of introducing simultaneous awareness at multiple points. That is self consciousness. That is what the ancients drew and all the ‘modern’ ancient geometric stone constructs are about.