The New and IMproved Repurposed Apocalypse

Mental Experience can be manufactured for later use in manifesting consciousness else where

Artificial Dimension Apocalypse

Unveiling of Non Human and Humanoid Cross Species

Artificial Reality Managers

Time Recursion Field

Long Civilizations Since Past

True Order and the Upheaval of Reason

Hell and the Labyrinth of the Souls Blinded by Self Destruction

Dreams and Remembering One’s Self

Changing the Way the Octopus Slithers

Starving a New Leaf

Purveyor of the New Vein

The Artificial and the Old

Catastrophes Then and Now

Upcoming Events

Superheros Against Ultra Evil Technology

Fighting the Tools of the New World Domination

Transhumanism, an Ageless Society

Permanent Make Up

Fake Nails

Claws, Barnacles, Limbless, Deep Sea Animals

Space Jelly Fish (You Jelly?)

Calling a Calzone by a New Name

The Space Worm Wears No Clothes

The New Universe

The First Uproar

Falling from Peace (Space)

Grace and the Year of Peace (Of the Outer Shield)

Apple Eats Apples

Upside Down Spine

Time Worm

Manifest History (Documentary)

Transcontinental Soul Projector

Super Strength Neurons

Artificial Bio-Sheep Synthesis


Manimal to Beast to Demi god

Non Sensical Predilection

Occupied Means No Vacancy

Vacant Occupants

Wolves ate all the Sheep

Wolf Wasting Disease Sets In

Boredom hits the

Number Mine

Mental Liberation or Bust

Quantum Time Jumping is Ill/Legal

Paradoxes are Lethal

Fire Escape Top Hatch Exit Only

Up is Down

Front Door Blocked

Back Door Cut off By Portal Termination Boundary, Seek New Exit Path

The Dark Mirror is an echoic reflection of one’s consciousness in time space and technology through physics and light distribution models.

Your consciousness is circulating the bowl at the speed of light, just like a particle accelerator.

The artifact of your life experience is a quantum effect within the accelerator, they can be altered and you can ‘move through ages’. Each parameter set can retrofit the variables into creating a future and past complete projection. Each one is altered to change a single aspect of the frame work of one’s reality. When they shift, the entire reality becomes ‘mobilized’, or one as something mobilized beyond realities.

Alternating time rotational torsion field polarization effect

Circumventing physical law through nano scale quantum interactions

The True Quantum Hierarchy of Human Superconsciousness

The Million Year Day

Layered Multiphasing Projection Consciousness Interface

Perpetual Virtual Biology Feedback Interface

Hive Machine

Perception Planet

Planet Null

Appearances can be Real

Deception Amongst Thieves

Prepare for the Worst

Looking Ahead

Calling Backwards

Steering your 4 axial temporal equilibrium resonant chamber up the Time Mountain

Keeping Centered on the in visible Path

Directionless Motion

Appropriate Travel Etiquette and Clothing

Forking the Road

Knifing the Fork

Spooning with Desert

Carrying over the Nesting Realm

Justification in Progress

There’s No Need For That

Trust In Your Sense

Wisdom Verse Potential

Heightened Neverending

Story of the Gots

Prometheus Who?

Question and answer

first time will tell!

Second Time Will Change That

Then Something Else

More Eto Come

Please Don’t Eat Me Said Everything in the Universe

Give them A Chence

I Bet You Thought This Was Over?


No, this never ends.

Grateful Sin

The Damn Dead

Rotten Stitches

A New Unpleasant Dimension

Freedom for the Few

Far From Hell

Water Based Pilot

Non Toxic Polyusers

Plastic Brain

Artificial Heathen

Remember the Days Gone Past

Smoking, You’re Circuit’s Fried

Green Rays and Spam

A Future Without Us

Testimony from the Ashes

Underground Rave

Remains and Remnants

Crispier the Better

Forgetful Donor

Hired Zeitgeist Heist

Playful Predator

Purely Persuasive Pessimist

Conman Cornucopia

Women Too

All Are Tested

Bring the Light

Umbrellas Up Reigns Down

Seeding the Nutrition of the Future

Living with the Secret

A Desolate Horizon

Host of the Party

A Grave Deception

Participating in Debauchery

End of Time

FODMAPs Fermentation and Digestion

FODMAPs can be part of the culprits of inflammation, bloating, joint pain, candida, cloudy head, stress, emotional disregulation, memory issues and more.

Titania on Fire

All these events were by design. That is part of the hidden history you are not aware of and the people are now shown an opportunity to know. Our history is a fraud, the major twists, the big turns, they were advanced acts of covert terrorism and subjugation of the human race.

The ship was switched out for an insurance scam. There was no “Titanic” the whole thing was a fraud for murder, just like the majority of major events.

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If you wanted people to know about the abuse of power


The Natural Human Option

Natural law is in effect for those who accept. The idea is that you can use natural law but you also must be self accountable. In natural law, free will must be accepted. Natural law cannot be denied on the basis of ignorance. Everyone clearly sees natural law around them.

The basis of change is exclusivity. If you don’t want to follow natural law, you have to sign up for it, sign up your children, to imprint and identify them through their involvement with that modified, auxiliary system, rather than the natural law that is directly apparent.

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One Whole Mind

The issue is many things.

Your mind has to form a complete fractal arrangement that fits into itself all the information and meta data that describes your local space time position and future and past ‘projection’ information, back data built into the processing of the system. When new information is received that information must be processed into an arrangement of consciousness that synchronizes and matches the arrangement and frequency of your ‘whole’ fractal memory built from all experiences. When new information is received that results in a rerendering or changing of the backdata, the previously processed and stored information of that fractal holographic ‘shape’ that your memory creates, more energy and time is required to ‘defrag’ and rearrange the various aspects.

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I have watched some people on social media who basically produce “digital turds” in terms of their awful attitude, and thus collect a cloud of “virtual flies” around them. They then perceive they are “popular” — which flatters narcissist’s ego — so egest more malodorous messages.

Martin Geddes

Quick Time

The separate streams are woven back together.

They are given the eyes of Creation once and through another and this is passed to all in the line.

The lines are kept separate but continuity is created where there are no bridges to advance the saga of the Soul.

Everyone sees at once and through another, in line and one after the other.

The single is viewed from the whole and back again and this interweaves the consciousness to give everyone root access to the sim(sum) total knowledge of Humanity.

Remember when this was just science fiction?

Anderson Institute Reappears

Informational resource from beyond the now.

🎶 Vibrating Through Change 🌀

Thoughts and Perceptions Out Loud, Thank you!

Disassembly Line

Remember, I said in 2016, the system was being dismantled and the input was disconnected from the underground control grid. The discord and infighting could be used as an interface to power that system. If people choose to not fight humanity but to heal, it powers down forever. This was because of group efforts to rescue and disrupt the ongoing secret operations involving an underground human trafficking industry, genetic engineering programs, breeding programs, human cloning technology, consciousness transfer and memory suppression and simulation. Advanced technology, developed in part from previous work derived from WW2 mind control and electrogravitic technology.

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Secret Sex Industry by Dr Sue Arrigo