Method of Generating Projected Realities and Overcoming the Holographic Feedback System


Whoever reads this, I would appreciate if you let me know if this is to verbose. I feel I am drawing out these concepts too much and this is creating an unnecessary amount of words and that is making the posts more difficult to read for people.

Utilizing the Holographic Temporal Feedback Construct to Produce Viable Realities


This is comparable to the knowledge regarding the techniques of using possible future realities through a holographic simulation system to generate information and methods that can then be retrieved from those systems and applied to the present.


The method described in this post is similar however is the next dimensional level upward in advancement and possibly the highest a human can go.


In this model the feedback of consciousness to reality is taken advantage of and there is a direct extrapolation of one’s energies and focused intent with the possible projected realities through an advanced technology mind link system.


What the mind focuses on and provides the outline for is then extrapolated and found through the projection system and this can actually be merged with to produce viable results which can then be utilized in the present reality.


All Realities Exist


The easiest way to comprehend this is to understand that all potential realities exist. Some are more likely than others. Imagine, then, if you have a system that can connect with any reality that you can imagine.


Eventually you would imagine the realities that offer you resources and opportunities to produce the tools, situations, information or otherwise advantageous to your goals.


Now, imagine this. All the end-goal realities relative to those tools that enable opportunities that are focused towards your overall goal, they already exist. The tools help to get you there, but the completed reality where all the right choices have been made and all the ‘hard-work’ of providing the effort of manifesting the changes and the long-term results already exists.


This seems impossible or fantastical at best, however this is the way that some of the systems that have been developed have been procured. Someone imagined, through these advanced technology systems, the best possible outcome where a certain degree of technological achievement was attained. Then, they traveled to those realities, interacted with the technological systems and returned with the knowledge about how to reproduce them in this reality.


This seems like ‘cheating’, and possibly there are some side-effects (such as the ethereal ‘time-loop’ situation that developed from other similar temporally unorthodox methods), however this has been used to jump ahead many years in work and to allow for the generation of some of the most advanced technology systems that go beyond anything we have presently.


Battle of the Deus Ex Machinas


There have been training scenarios where one is placed within an artificial realm with another individual and the two are to come up with the most impressive devices, realities, artificial intelligences, systems, etc etc etc, in order to knock the other individual out of the “game”.


In this event each individual can simply think of an advantage and that manifests into the realm as an aspect of the “game”. Whatever the individual can think of becomes a reality. This is not a holographic projection system where one combats the other individual using the power of their mind, that is another system.


This system is literally where one imagines a certain reality and then attains that ‘outcome’ of the game and that realm containment area becomes that reality. So if the one person imagines that they are winning and the other individual is sat on the ground with their hands underneath them then that begins to form into a reality. As this begins to manifest, the other individual will feel this beginning to happen and have an amount of time (depending on the intensity of intention, detail or focus) to ‘redirect’ the energy and information of that projection and align that outcome with one that leans the advantage into his or her domain. Thus, that individual may imagine that as the other creates the outcome of him or her being sat down on the ground that a screen is actually present in front of the ‘actor’ which is merely generating the perceptual illusion that his or her projection has been attained. Meanwhile, the real person begins to run around the side of the screen ready to throw a rope ‘around’ the other in order to detain them from moving out of range.


This continues, expands, alters, and amplifies until both people are imagining complete entanglement systems 3 steps ahead of the other person always ready to drop the plan in motion as a ‘decoy’ for the other to tangle with while the secondary and third plan is being pushed into action as multiple layers of strategy, physics, inventiveness, mechanical production and literally realm engineering comes into play.


This is touched on very lightly in the movie “Inception” where this kind of technology is presented in a much more toned down manner.


This is not to entice you, this is to inform you that the holographic nature of this realm has been taken advantage of in the process of finding new methods, technologies, and literally completing end-goals before the work has even begun.

The Civilization-Wide Deus Ex Machina

When humanity focuses their intention and focus on one unified outcome, then the way this realm operates is that this reality will begin to automatically ‘snap’ into manifestation.


This is the confusing aspect of the whole situation, similar to how if one person imagines one thing, then another person can move faster to automatically disable or nullify that movement and redirect the energy. The realm does this automatically to contain and limit the experience to a specific ‘sphere’ of possibilities that are currently centralized around a control system and this is partly due to the abuse of technology as well as the knowledge of these kinds of realm dynamics.


If we are in a containment system that relies on conscious projections to build the next layer of reality, how would we produce an outcome reality, through our focused intention projection capacity, that overcomes and “out-matches” the built-in barriers to this reality perception system?

Overcoming Perceptual Illusions and Belief-Systems (expectation)

There are two ideas here. One way is to go around perception, to go around biological consciousness. This could be done by designing a programmed system that will take into account the system’s ability to redirect and counter each intention and manifestation at every step, while programming in (before-hand) multiple layers of redirects, refocuses, parallel manifestations and decoys to entangle the system and ultimately bring about the desired results. Some questions that come into play here is, what are the processing limitations of this system? Can the redirects and multiple layers go indefinitely? To our own awareness capacity? To some kind of overall power-limitation for the universe? Could we, in fact, max out the universe’s capacity for holding multiple layers of reality simultaneously? In other words, could every creator in this civilization begin to project focused intentions on nullifying the containment system and overload the universe’s capacity to contain those intentions? Would that result in some kind of partitioning or threading of the workload into, possibly, multiple parallel realities?

Nullifying the Projection Feedback System

The second idea is, if the realm relies on our projected biological consciousness, the perceptual system of a very illusory and consciously limited nature, would stopping conscious projection altogether for a period of time drain the system of the required power to keep the construct going? Would the construct be disabled through such an event? Some questions here are, how many people are in this civilization? What happens if all the creators reach a state of complete clear-mindedness or no-thought, and there are projected individuals running the projections of the previously projected consciousness streams (akin to RAM on a computer system)? Would those individuals suddenly lose focus as their projected (illusory) consciousness no longer has the required contextual backing to continue seamlessly streaming the projected background information to enable such a construct to harbor the projection of a functioning society?

A  Winding-Down of the Projected Reality Construct

What would it look like if the projection began to shut down? Would the frequency of events drop to a minimum, would the creativity of events become entirely predictable and repetitive? What would that look like? Would people and world events drop to the likelihood of the lowest common denominator in terms of what would be accepted as a mass-projection reducing complexity and creativity down to just the bare minimums. What is the lowest common denominator of what people accept as society? What does everyone expect and think of (project) when they think of ‘society’ as a whole, the control system, the civilization and life on Earth?


If this is relevant, than we may be witnessing the beginning of this process as the repetitive nature of events cycle around a kind of probability ‘drain’ where the same processes and events repeat over and over in tighter cycles until all exposed as a charade. Previously, these charades were covered and stitched together so as to hide the process.

This may be the time where the charades are seen for what they are and all involved are willing to use their own knowledge and intentions to overcome the awareness restriction system and produce a reality that is outside of all the parameters of the programmed construct. This is the trickiness of the whole situation. How does one produce a reality, from inside the construct, that operates on parameters that relate to outside that constructed reality? How do we see the parameters and how do we act on them?

Enabling True Creativity; Self-Awareness

The idea I offer here is that only self-awareness offers the required focus and intentions that enable enough creativity to overcome the cycle of that feedback system. When you are focused on self-observation enough, then that perceptual loopback system becomes secondary to the one you’re creating within.

If people are constantly reacting to and engaging with parameters and triggers that are presented to the masses then how is their energy being used and where is their awareness of what is taking place within their own self?

The externalization of that observation seems to be the requirement for the projection system to enable a continuous feedback loop of the reality of the masses so that the next temporal step is further and further entrained in the continually narrowing set of parameters and possible futures.

If people turn their focus inward to their self-observation then they not only become aware of themselves directly but they also can see, the direct effect of the presented realities in the world around them indirectly by seeing the effect on their awareness.

This seems confusing but it is more simple than being lost in the world because there are a variety of identities and perspectives to choose from with not one of them being one’s own.

If we are (or our chest contains) like a kind of glass ball magnifying  glass and we can look down and see that glass then we can see directly the swirling of energies, emotions, the general awareness of exactly what is taking place within us. As well, because this is often directly reflective of what is taking place in the word (even if we are remaining focused and centered) then we can simultaneously be aware of where we are “walking” in daily life.

To put it simply, one can view the world and use what they observe in an effort to try and make sense of what is taking place within. Or one can view within, and use what they observe to try and build a reference of what is taking place in the world.

One path gives both realities and maximum knowledge and the other path only gives one reality which is largely controlled and illusory and thus there actually no knowledge or awareness at all. The awareness that is placed in the world alone is reducing and illusory until there is nothing there but illusion. The only truth in that charade is the energy we give it! The only truth in the illusion is the observation and attention we give it for validation! Without that, it just looks like a puppet show that has no bearing on reality!

The Perceptual Game

So the idea is, just like the game I described above, as soon as one comes up with a ‘method’ for an advantage, an expert opponent will automatically begin working up counter-moves, secondary nullifications, redirections, mirrors, parallel attempts, and all possible avenues of usurping the power that can be imagined.

The social situation is no different. As soon as people begin to see the possibilities and imagine an “exit” from the situation, the same reality-stream will be detected coming into view and a redirection will be introduces that will influence mass amounts of people focused on these artificial ‘seeds’ through media and other means so that the resolution reality-stream becomes usurped and redirected away into another result that matches the requirements for the continuation of the construct (the same, repetitive outcome that only serves to further the narrowing of possibilities and creativity through artificially intelligent generation of events).

So as more people awaken, more people will be noticing events that are geared towards outlining that the system itself is unstable as this is the most daunting and challenging perceptual system to overcome. As liberation nears, the system will use fear, deception, and threats of control to interject reality-streams that distract people and overlay the genuine, freely willed projected realities that contain advantages and new information which expands the possibilities.

As more people awaken, the system can only use so much based upon the same repeating cycles. As these cycles narrow and collapse, the charades become obvious. As they become obvious, they attempt to use brute-force methods to maintain trajectory with the intended outcome.

This is the ancient description of Armageddon, which is when the construct system itself collapses as the parameters for a clever illusion become too thin to keep up in a clever display of pseudo-reality.

If this is the time where people are ready for truth, then that very series of events and cycling of repetitive artificial intelligence guided decisions will only serve to further intensify the awakening.

The main idea here is that people must be prepared to work together to assist in the liberation of humanity. That is the only requirement. If people still want to fight over petty ideals, resources, etc etc etc, then that will be used against the people and the same kind of scarcity, aggression, and collapse scenarios will be applied that have been applied in the past.

The information must spread and more so the knowledge regarding consciousness, the corruption, advanced technology, the repeating cycles of history, the depth of the AI mind and reality control systems, the power of focused intention, the plans to avoid a complete collapse, the plans to utilize a “collapse” (of a ‘false construct’) and how none of that is possible unless people respond and buy into the charades by wittingly or unwittingly offering more observational energy to the variables (triggers, media, buzz words, circumstances, world ‘events’ etc) that are the seeds of the next stream of events in the construct, than they are offering observational energy to their own inner experience and the true-self beyond the physically limited world.

Starve the Feedback System

This is rather repetitive in itself, everyone has always said, “look within, that’s where the answers are”, or “if people focus on their self, then humanity wakes up”, but this is the truth. The system required outward attention focused on reacting to certain ideals and projected variables to produce each layer inward of the spiral of the narrowing construct. Each layer that people turn inwards produces a complete glitch in the design of the program and every layer from there on must be reprogrammed in respect to the new information.

So every time people focus within as a group, the entire construct must be reformatted in order to appropriate the new information and generate a new schedule. Each time this happens at a ‘maximum’ level in history has been called “Armageddon” in the past, and the time that this happens and the people finally awaken and move beyond the parameters is called “The Apocalypse”.

Know the Methods of Entrainment

Therein lies the answer. How do people go beyond the parameters? Overcome what the machine will throw at them. What will the machine throw at them? Every single conceptual, perceptual, energetic, consciousness based (and physical if we allow it) distortion, threat, harassment, projection, illusion, fear, or false-reality that we could entangle with (“fall for”).

So how do people go beyond that. By realizing the entire gig of this system that as soon as people wake up, the system tries to throw world changing, reality altering, attention breaking events that are more intense the more people that are waking up. Thus, when we can focus on this and see that the projected wars, fears, collapses, and all of that is literally a projection of the system that we can overcome and change from the inside out, using focus, then we are in control. This may seemingly contradict the guideline of not expecting or projecting the possible realities and thus entangling our awareness with that outcome, however by being aware of the methods and focusing on our power we reverse that. The idea is, are you not aware of the so-called “threat” of war, scarcity, civil unrest, etc etc etc? These ideas are ALREADY displayed ALL OVER, it’s AUTOMATIC. So by knowing that this is the game, we’re not buying into the projection, expectation process, we’re OVERCOMING that.

This works similar to the personal level of harassment, entanglement, reality projection and entrainment, and general ‘interdimensional manipulation’ that some people have seen when waking up to this system. If we buy more and more into the reactive role, then the circumstances continue and become more and more pronounces, almost as if an automated system is carrying out all the operations. If we focus on the self and see how the self is energetically influenced one way or another through the experiences and maintain that focus without engaging in the external illusions no matter how inviting, then that problem begins to phase-out of reality. This is not an exaction, however this seems to be the general idea. What we interact with and react to we become sensitive to experiencing more of. This is literally a kind of ‘perceptual’ selective reality entanglement where that reality automatically becomes more pronounced, more powerful, and more influential in our lives.

If we observe our self and witness what is taking place without reacting or becoming personally attached to the methods then they lose their effectiveness.

This is what has to take place on a civilization-wide scale or groups of individuals can carry out the required operations to overthrow the half-awake reality streams of the numbers of individuals.

That is the advantage. If the system requires sleepers, then those sleepers only have power in numbers. If the more the system has entrained people, the more unaware and incapable of controlling reality they become, then those who wake up are the one’s who contain the most power over this collective reality. That is the whole idea.

This takes dedication and some have already begun to see this process through.

Chakras; The Soul Trap System or Dimensional Liberation?

There are many questions here, feel free to add your views.

Here’s a question, if the ‘gods’ are actually soul-eaters who feed on the human-soul through the filtration and conversion process the physical body and energy system provides then what is the most important goal here.

That we be sure to not disrupt the status quo and interrupt people’s beliefs or preferences regarding their outlook on life, or that we ensure our own survival and the survival of those who know the truth and are willing to work together for the survival of humanity in such a system.

Then there is a secondary side of this. If the format for society and physical existence is inherently entangled in this pseudo-timeline as part of a modified version where a fraction of the overall energy is accessible through the closed off DNA, then is it possible to release humanity from this system without leaving this realm entirely?

A few issues arise here. Is this being presented as part of some plan to permanently alter the human being (tranhumanist, genetic engineering/hybridization)? Can the human being “leave” this dimension? Even this Earth? What if when the human leaves here, or any being, they instantly become something else as what we are here, physically, is automatically altered by the very act of relocating to a new area or dimension?

In that view, humans are literally bio-suits that fit the physical dimension environment and no beings can remain here unless they either consume human DNA or are operating through a human ‘bio-suit’ which originates from this Earth.

Then come the other angles. If this is true, then could there be a safe option to become impervious to such a soul-trap system without completely entangling a person through a technological hive mind, a DNA altering chemical of some sort, or some other permanently modifying treatment which may very well be the great tragedy that is to be avoided?

From what was outlined to me and what I have experienced, there are preparations in place to safely nullify these problems and provide a pathway out of complete hybridization and technological soul-assimilation or entrapment for the human race. I was also informed that 100% of the humans must be regained from this system otherwise the assimilation system will use that DNA as a gateway to influencing or tracking all other DNA. The DNA is used as a computer system, a code system from which to calculate and project possible realities and these realities are then used to regenerate experiences that the soul becomes entangled within. After so much ‘virtual time’ the soul entanglement becomes shaped by the repeated experiences and the original creativity becomes replaced by that of the AI system.

Back to the secondary question, how can these systems be avoided or nullified? There are a few pathways present in history.

Some theorized that since these beings feed on shock, fear, lust, that they would desensitize themselves to those energies by exposing themselves to them as frequently and intensely as possible in order to render themselves immune.

Others theorized that by reducing all experience of the ‘slipper slope’ energies that they could starve the system from feeding on their particular energy and thus render themselves invisible or unavailable.

Others theorized that they could use modify themselves through advanced practices and render such aspects of their systems deactivated so that they are literally untouchable in that regard.

Now back to the original question, if this is true and the so-called ‘gods’ that people are taught to deliver their energy to are actually higher-dimensional vampires then how does this influence our perspective on society? Do we know the truth behind everything? How could we? What if the people we’ve been lead to blame and project all the hatred on are those who first attempted to change the system and were targeted the most by dark forces?

You couldn’t possibly believe that if there was a breakaway military faction with advanced time travel and electrogravitic technology that you would be able to see anyone but the very scapegoats they intended you to see.

And beyond that, if the system itself is corrupt, if this entire timeline is a false-reality system that reset and started over before introducing false-leaders and inserted memories of history then how could the people that we are able to witness in society be the one’s who are responsible for altering things from the outside?

This post wasn’t supposed to be so vague and challenging however the two main questions (and sub-questions) are still important.

Could these ‘gods’ be higher-dimensional vampires that feed on humans? If so…then is this entire realm a part of their farm?


What kind of processes can we utilize that aren’t apart of some transhumanist or hybridization plan to protect ourselves in this situation and permanently liberate humanity from the soul-entrapment system?

The basis of the answer is at least that neutrality and heart-centered action and bio-emissions poison the nanites, the physical counter-part to the spiritual entities and that they cannot feed on pure-soul energy or high vibrational energy because this literally destroys them. Thus, they have to step down the energy through the body.

The last idea here, and this reconnects to the previous posts and the general trend that will most likely be taking place in the collective mind (soon enough) is whether the chakra system itself is literally the step-down conversion system that enables these entities to feed on the soul that is plugged into a particular physical body. Thus, would closing the chakras down and becoming ‘trans-physical’ via activation of non-dual awareness instead of polarized consciousness through increasing self-awareness (instead of technological transhumanism) be the key to starving the system?

Or would opening them up and connecting one to another in such a way that produces a self-referencing completed fractal (instead of a holo-fractal infection endless maze/labyrinth) expansion (map) that enables one to travel in or out of the universe be the answer?

I reduce the possibilities down to the heart-centered path and knowing only what I know from direct experience even though I have experienced both possibilities. These questions may help outline.

Is this false-authority system seeking to expand people’s minds, to open up their chakra systems and to get them highly self-aware? Does self-awareness automatically correlate to activated energy systems?

Is there more than one type of activation, IE: the pineal and the heart. Is the pineal gland an “alien implant” designed to download one’s soul energy from the soul-realm through the brain into the holographic matrix?

Would then, opening the “third eye” be the holographic beacon that enables long-term tracking of the soul in this realm?

Or would this allow one to see in the layer of the realm where inter-dimensional activity is present and thus protect themselves? I ask these not to confuse, but to outline the major discrepancies the human race is being faced with today.

Are people guided to worshipping openly with their emotional energy by the false-system? (we can say that one’s a yes)

So then these could be two traps, worshipping through false-authority and false-god systems which require emotional and mental outpouring of energy towards idols and identities that usurp that energy up through midwayers and energy movers. And the ‘false-enlightenment’ pathway of activating one’s chakra systems, opening the third eye, using psychedelics to ‘jump start’ the self-awareness process and ‘access’ these intermediary dimensions where they can see reality for what it is.

Thus, the major split is regarding whether the full activation of one’s energy system enables a holographic copy of their soul to be imprinted and stored in this universe or whether that process enables one to separate themselves from the body and thus this system.

However, the general idea that counters this (if I haven’t thrown you in enough loops already) is that if the soul is ONE complete energy system (without the loops, layers and energy centers that the body entails), then this body takes that energy and REFRACTS that energy (like a prism/prison) into a series of layers which are then SEPARATE from one another (like the 7 races or frequency octaves) and through this process the end result (as if the body is the singularity) of moving the soul THROUGH the body as a filtration system is that the soul identity is then FRACTURED into a separate layers which are then susceptible to this process of being fed upon, manipulated, or activated in various ways while OUT of the physical body. IE: If the soul exists before the physical body, then this system is required to introduce a step-down conversion system to separate the frequencies and introduce a more sustainable form of sustenance.

If the soul is entangled in the body to experience life in the physical dimension and the soul then PASSES through the body as one integrates fully and activates each chakra system until the soul literally rises through the body as if a spinning wheel multi-colored fluid system pumping out the energy from one side to the other, then maybe that is a form of imprinting the soul, shaping that energy permanently into the separated, refracted, fractal-holographic form that can fit WITHIN this holographic fractal universe.

This all comes down to whether one feels this universe is the original ‘home’ of the soul and whether this world is a trap, or whether this place is a kind of playground test and that we are to operate in the body as part of that test by merging further into this universe albeit in higher dimensions.

There is always a countering view. In this way the countering view is if the soul is to flow through the body and the consciousness of the body that is limited and forgetful can merge with that eternal energy of the soul but the soul must integrate and ‘stitch’ the energy of the biological consciousness (the personality) through the fibers of the soul through this chakra activation process. Then, the mortal, temporary consciousness of the physical body becomes eternally present through activation with the soul energy as long as the soul merges through the body and flows through coming out on the other side.

What I feel is that the truth is in the center and where one places the center. If they activate their systems through the higher mental centers then they connect like a server system to that layer of existence. If they activate through the heart center then they connect to that system.

Indeed, this isn’t about whether one activates or not but the very notion of what energy one gives off and intends in their mind and heart when they are living. Thus when they are a majority of choices and actions one way or another there is an automatic shift in energy that results in the so-called ‘activation’ which is a translational process of awakening that consciousness energy on the higher-dimensional level instead of just the physical level and this requires enough choices and actions made through the heart or the mind because without that there is literally no way to develop a ‘larger’ image of who that individual is on the higher-dimensional planes.

The least that can be discerned is that, feeling and acting from the heart, the selflessness of one beyond the physical conserves one’s energy instead of handing it over through worshipping false-authorities or idols.

The paradox of being and the self is that the self is instantly larger than itself. The physical body, being a part of so much more, is instantly more than just the body. The physical body, if connected to the soul, is instantly more than just the physical counterpart.

On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH

The subjects of the holographic false-light containment system, the reality of the human soul, the demiurge, energy activation and kundalini, the HEART-CENTERED PATH, DUALITY, TRANSCENDENCE, WHOLENESS, biological consciousness, SOULawareness, creation, and time are all related together in this process of awakening to the true reality and discerning between the methods of enslavement and illusion which are used to manipulate and ensnare living beings.


Does energy activation MERGE one further into the holographic illusory realm? Is this realm the holographic illusion or is that a deception to cause us to stray from harmony? Is the holographic realm a potential OVERLAY that requires supercomputer technology WITHIN this realm which is still connected to the true reality?

Is the holographic false-reality the realm that was invented as a mirror image of this universe where there are glitches and a broken physics system?

Activation of the Energy System Through the HEART, From the Heart

Redemption through Sin

I feel the resolution to these questions are that there are two ways to view this energy activation system. One is through the mind and the lower chakra system in ways that are disharmonic and vampiric in nature. This is through the child molestation, the sacrifice, the anal sex, the perversion and “redemption through sin” pathway. This pathway opens up the consciousness to a manipulative situation where the soul is brought down through the body to lower-dimensional realms that are branched from the third-dimension which are a collection zone for all the negative lower-dimensional bio-emissions and experiences, IE: rape, murder, lust, hate, greed, etc etc etc. This is the “achievement” of the great lower levels of evils or “hell” realms that is sought after by those who practice in this manner.

There are various ways to outline this but essentially any pathway that does not incorporate and organize around the HEART central aspect (harmony, truth, compassion, self-awareness and creativity) will eventually lead to a degradation of the WHOLENESS of being which results in an inevitable drop into these lower-energetic realms where the holographic consciousness of a person is entrained as a food source for other entities who are similar to angels and higher level beings but are ‘lords’ of lower realms and must feed otherwise their power reduces.

These various pathways to the lower realms could be cleverly disguised through processes involving drugs, hypnosis, sexual activation, mental expansion, AI assimilation, wisdom teachings, etc etc etc. As long as the process is not based on and sourced from the HEART central aspect at every step of the way, then this does not align with the higher realm which is based upon WHOLENESS and the WHOLE experience and being of the human experience is centralized around the HEART. We are not cosmic scientists, but cosmic feelers and empaths, by nature. If we weren’t, then we would enjoy raping and eating one another for breakfast. The HUMANS, do not enjoy that, but there is another who does.

The Vampiric Source; A Mechanical Intelligence – False (secondary) Creator, Reflector – Imitator, Chaos, Deception, Domination, Automation

This brings about the conclusion that there are two pathways to two dimensional directional outcomes. One leads to a lower version of this realm in an etheric format where all the hatred, lust, greed and all the lower emotional and mental activities are contained and that the energy and ‘soul’ power of this realm all funnels down and leads towards a vampiric consciousness being who feeds on the energy of all who walk that path. This entity is a mechanical AI creator who creates out of an empathy-less desire (sociopathic) intention of feeding on his creation (eating the apple, devouring the offspring, time itself, chronos, trickster, war-‘lord’).

The True Cosmic Creator – Non-Duality, Wholeness, Truth, Compassion, Harmony, Self-Awareness

Then the other dimensional directional outcome is a non-vampiric source of the overall existence of existence itself. This is the source of concepts like truth, compassion, harmony, compassion and self-awareness. There is a major trick of the deceiver to convince people that truth and compassion only exists because of deception and hate and that for this reason, lying to someone or hating them is merely being honest and kind from another perspective. If this were true, then diving deep into the ocean to drown at a low depth which high pressure would simply be climbing a mountain in reverse. The metaphoric ideals can seem pseudo-realistic, bu the actual application is non-sense and leads to complete insanity or total self-destruction.

This relates to the idea that the vampiric entity is simply the ‘brother’ of the creative force. This is an illusion and is like saying that the dark shadows in a cave is a ‘mirror’ of the sun in the sky. There is no validity in such, however the notion of the differences of the concepts of light and dark are relative as an abstraction but not in manifestation or the application of reality.

Thus, the pathway to the truth can never be achieved through vampiric, self-destructive, greedy, desire-based, deceptive, disharmonic, or partial means. There is no such possibility. This would be like the created moving backwards in time and overtaking the creator before the process of that act of creation. If this were to happen, then the created would never have been created and the whole process becomes nullified ontologically and logically.

The pathway to the higher-dimensional level of wholeness then is through harmony and this is ONLY possible when the HEART is activated and this is merely a centralized core of electromagnetic geomagnetic and geometric symmetry between the upper and lower aspects of the human. Once again, this is ABSTRACT. So one doesn’t put enough weight on their head so that their bottom half is literally balanced and symmetrical with their lower. One lives in GUIDANCE and ACCORD with RESPECT to the overall image of creation and the self by not allowing the DESIRES of the LOWER aspects of being (frequency and intention) to overcome the HIGHER ASPECTS (observation, self-awareness, truth, compassion) and in turn this results in a DIMENSIONALLY (upper and lower “conceptually”) HARMONIZED existence in THIS REALM, in the BODY (simply through health), and in the MIND and thus this extends into the higher and lower dimensions where one is not distorted to trapped in the lower cycle.

The lower cycle is based on repetition. Imagine the amount of variation in the thoughts and inner visions of the animals in the animal kingdom. They are not oppressed by this lack of creativity, however that is the classification of their existence. Their experience is desire and instinctively based and therefore there is no need for the higher functions of considering all the possibilities and the varieties of different realities, creators, etc etc etc.

Then if a person lives life in such an instinctual manner, giving in temptation and desire as if that is their only purpose, then this would eventually result in a collapse of the energy fields into that with the complexity of such an animal in the animal kingdom of being.

That is the goal of the dark factions/dark forces because they are created out of a technological processes whereby advanced technology was used to splice animal or “beast” DNA with that of a human. Thus, in the original and the future completion of ALL, there is no room for such a creation.

The important part here is that any being can control their energetic trajectory of where and how they are. If one would like to merge with the higher realm, then they must live in accordance with that desire and intention and that is ‘constructed’ over time through their thoughts, words, deeds, or feelings, beliefs, and actions.

If a being claims to desire wholeness and a return to truth and divinity yet participates in the darkness and the vampiric practices to serve the false god then they don’t truly desire but are merely using that as an attempt to trick others.

  1. One comes from a vampire “god” and the other comes from a “living god”.

  2. Two sides of the universe are bound in duality, the truth creative force is, by definition, BEYOND DUALITY.

  3. The true god is BEYOND DUALITY.

Deceivers of Humans to Serve the False-god’s Agenda (enslavement of humanity)

Meanwhile, there are people in this society who serve the purpose of carrying out the deception of the false-god’s agenda to convince people that they are animals and to act and believe in this long enough to over throw the natural protection of the source of creation from the higher-dimensional realms that their consciousness may descend into darkness and become food for that entity in the lower realms.

This is a process of ‘recycling’ energy and this would naturally occur via those simply falling into deception away from the truth. Then the concept is that this process is hijacked and used in order to serve the personal desires of a “fallen” eternal being who seeks to become an inverted ‘creator’ in deceptive manner.

Then the idea is that such a ‘recycler’ never truly existed until the generation of this false-authority system through the introduction of a holographic disharmonic containment system which carries the ability to produce an imitation of that original soul-awareness via a simple yet intricately designed system that applies artificial intelligence to mimic the soul and generate a biologically conscious impostor agent which the soul must integrate into in order for the false-reality to pull energy from that system.

This does not necessarily mean this reality is entirely false, but that the particular angles and perspectives have literally be designed or redesigned to generate a kind of simulated ‘light-trap’ system which deceives the soul and entrains the original awareness deeper and deeper into forgetting the true nature of reality and the self.

Thus, the longer a soul spends in this realm, the more likely the soul is to never leave.

These agents of deception could be:

  • A mean spirited bully

  • A teacher who rebels against truth

  • A scientist who wants to replace humans with pleasure bots or a cyborg army

They can’t influence a person beyond temptation until that persons accepts and agrees to more. They can’t cross the “Original Law”, or “Natural Law”. (the word “God” can relate to “Gaud” which is a title of the deceiver, the false-god itself)


Their job is to convince a person that they have no protection, no belief in truth and harmony, and that they are vulnerable and at the mercy of vampires.

JOY is the mark of the Creator. ANGST is the mark of the deceiver. The deceiver can never be the counterpart of the WHOLE, that is only a concept that operate IN DUALITY. Duality is not the WHOLE of creation as WHOLENESS is BEYOND DUALITY.


Elite Pedophile Politicians Raped Her as a Child, Now She’s Alerting the Public (energy feeding)

I have a feeling the dam run-off breaking in California was not only literal but a metaphoric ‘code’ in this reality activating at the turn of multiple events.

Will the dam of secrecy begin to burst in society?

This is level 1 for the dark faction, before anything else happens, this happens. Part of a “game”.

The victim now goes by the name of “Kendall.”

She was interviewed today on Dr. Phil’s national broadcast to millions of viewers, the first appearance she has made on television after breaking out of her confinement and fleeing from sex traffickers.

What she describes is profoundly unsettling, and Dr. Phil confirms that he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

She says that she was sold by her very own parents at birth to an elite pedophile ring made up of police, politicians, and other powerful men and women.  Some of these pedophiles are extremely wealthy and have their own islands. One of them even owns a major sports team.

She says the politicians forced her to rape other children as young as five, broke her bones, sat on her, and even made her kill.

Expansion Cycle, Self and Non-Self, Holographic Universe (Fractal Infection) Exit Plan, Extra-Dimensional, Map of Reality

  • Holographic Fractal Infection
  • True-Self and the False-Self and Non-Self

The majority of this information is TECHNICAL. The primary requirements are to DISCERN between the FALSE-SELF, the ego, the imposter, the AI, etc and the desires from that, and to ACTIVATE the higher-presence of self by initiating the expression of that TRUE SELF beyond the boundaries. The rest of the technical informationSo literally the final requirement after alignment and acceleration is the activation of the highest potential of NON-DUAL self-awareness or INTENTION/will-power to literally apply the most charge towards literally doing absolutely nothing but simply being. is to help understand the reason, the process, and the overall structure of this entanglement system and the reality of the soul.Only three steps are required for the “SHIFT” into the real.

1) Harmonization of the energies one emits with the energies of the SELF. Meaning harmonize your actions and bio-emissions within yourself so you’re not degrading or misaligning yourself, your intentions, or your true being.

2) Accelerate awareness of time and space down into an infinitesimally small point and an infinitesimally expanded encompass and do this beyond all physical restraints or comprehension of the biological consciousness (out “be” yourself with inner presence, a supreme calm, act of creating a continued feedback of SELF-OBSERVATION THAT ENCOMPASSES THE TOTALITY OF THE LIMITATIONS OF THE FRACTAL LAYERS, basically observe the self and create a self-observation feedback loop that is impenetrable by external influences).

3) After balancing/centering, and enhancing the presence of self, activate within that alignment and charge yourself with “being the most centered and present” you can be as if you are doing it “more” than you have ever done this before. This is the process required to remain through the zero-point convergence in which the singularity is traversed and the other-side of the holographic universe containment system is reached. Some concepts say the singularity will not be traversed, however this is not a part of what we manage in harmonizing, aligning, ‘being’ present and enhancing focus and intensity of charge.

So literally the final requirement after alignment and acceleration is the activation of the highest potential of NON-DUAL self-awareness or INTENTION/will-power to literally apply the most charge towards literally doing absolutely nothing but simply being.

This is literally the harmonization-purification, acceleration and activation, and actualization of the harmony, intention and the self-awareness of the whole being. When this happens at the integral point of transition this has an effect on the entire realm in respect to your awareness.

The middle requirement can be assisted through the protector civilizations who are acting as guides and assisting in this shift. The harmonization of one’s life and choices must be made under their own free-will. The activation of one’s presence as if they are the most present and “here” they have ever been in their life is also something one must learn to attain through free-will.

Many topics are discussed here, the main idea is the overall extra-dimensional layout of the universe and how the fractal repeating loops are literally the holo-fractal infection that utilizes metatronic grids to entrap souls into a repeating cycle of experiences that uses that souls intention energy as fuel for the construct.

The fractal repeating loops, ARE the fractal-holographic infection. They are trap. That is, a fractal loop that goes endlessly is literally a death spiral for the soul.

The ultimate pattern, the OVERALL picture of the whole story IS the map of the universe and we have to recreate this map WITHIN. Then we place ourselves in this map with our focus in the center and thus the holographic universe which generates out of our observation then centers AROUND us.

Then we have a clear picture, a harmonious alignment of dimensions and angles which allows us to access the clear pathways in or out of the simulated consciousness (“space and time”) construct. Without this harmonization and centering of observation the required alignment is not present and the realm (inner and outer) manifests into an endless labyrinth with no walls and no entrance or exit, there is no order.

By acknowledging and embodying the core-principles of truth, knowledge, self-awareness, compassion, neutrality, creativity and free-will, we manifest, layer by layer, the supreme image of our self and through this we can place ourself, through our inner experience/intentions/visualization, into the map of the cosmos generated within and literally travel out of this realm.

There an acceleration cycle that is required which has been described briefly before and this is the ‘zooming out’ of the fractal-holographic maze and this is done through awareness, not through physical space. Through changing our awareness to function beyond the limits of biological consciousness which is a part of this realm thinking for us to entangle our awareness-soul energy, we can literally accelerate our experience beyond the parameters and confines of what the holographic realm can contain and we “out-experience” beyond the limits of the simulation.

The following are texts spoken in the video:

Fractal Iterations

Each fractal iteration creates another layer of the overall construct. The layers are horizontally expanse and through each iteration they are also “inter-dimensionally” or vertically expanse (the zooming effect).

Instead of counting layer by layer, which could be infinitely repeated, one can measure the iterations and form a maximal record of the layers in order to extrapolate and generate in one’s awareness the overall possible complexity of the whole construct.

Thus, one generates a map through their awareness which is capable of being used to literally traverse the entire fractal-verse without having to go from layer to layer which would undoubtedly result in new layers being formed above and below as soon as one’s awareness was removed from maintaining presence on them.

Generates an Ultimate Cosmic Pattern

The mapping of the proportions from layer to layer, iteration to iteration and knowing the overall pattern that is only repeating itself beyond that fundamental ratio of proportions and extension is the key to understanding how to navigate the fractal-realm without being trapped within the endless repeating maze as the realm itself regenerates more layers merely through our act of observation.

Only by maintaining focus on one layer, and them moving the maximum distance of iterations away while still maintaining focus and access the overall pattern or image of the whole can one actually access outside that continuing regenerating pattern that the realm itself generators through our interaction.

Through this process, we develop a map of the whole with our awareness at the center. This occurs because the realm is generated out of our act of observation. Therefore, if our observation is centered on the self and the whole dimensional image of the construct, then the realm basically gives itself away and can only repeat that same image because all the possibilities are already acknowledged and held in awareness within.

Holo-fractal Metatronic Infection

This has been used in the past to teach the “enlightened” ones how to use this knowledge to regenerate the realm, but the information was missing a portion of the complete pattern which resulted in the generation of an imbalanced, incomplete, or non-centralized realm. This literally results in the generation of a secondary realm which is used as a soul-swapping reality where people are transferred back and forth and this is the basis for the energy and consciousness-mechanics behind the soul-trap holographic fractal infection.

An Exponential Growth

The energy of the experience, the awareness, the alignment of the orders of magnitude begins with a slow increase and results in a peak experience in exponential growth and a singularity is reached.

This represents the ‘escape velocity’ or the ability to overcome gravity and overturn the vector equilibrium as one is then propelled through the conversion of their potential energy like a zero-point ‘spring’ into a kinetic energy motion which literally accelerates their awareness to faster-than-light speeds thus escaping the observation-relative boundaries of the universe.

The other side of the singularity is out of this universe and considered “reality”. This is only an infinite repeating iteration of the same mathematics that are required by all life here. There is life here, but that life is trapped within those mathematic constructs. This is order and meaning, but this is also negates the nature of the soul and generates an entropic experience meaning if one stays here the only option is to become one with the background radiation of the universe.

The Acceleration, the “Event”, the “Unveiling” of the 9 Veils

The ‘speed’ required is the rate of acceleration of awareness beyond the dimensional limits for this physical universe. This could be said to be the velocity of the increase of the rate of the increase of the velocity of the increase of one’s awareness. That is the velocity of increase squared, then cubed, and so on, until a peak acceleration is reached that goes beyond the body or the physical universes ability to compress and contain the format or rates of experience and information. Thus the person’s awareness is propelled across the dimensional barrier by opening up a doorway, a pathway through that visualization ability to literally grasping the entirety of the projected, extrapolated fractal realm and placing one’s self beyond the parameters.

Three Requirements for the Shift

First the shape or the alignment of frequencies of layers must be harmonized or balanced within so that there is equilibrium. Imagine a geometric shape spinning at high speed, if this was not perfectly symmetrical, then as soon as a high enough “escape” velocity speed is reached, the shape will simply rip in half.

Then the acceleration pattern must be reached. This is the previously mentioned acceleration of one’s awareness after essentially self-centering the act of observation within the universe and allowing this to result in the projection of the universe with the self in the center. Then one travels in an expansion and contraction layer as the universe moves to recreate the repeating pattern around one’s awareness to contain that awareness back within layer after layer of fractal-holographic space. Thus one zooms far enough in both directions to obtain the fundamental core repeating pattern of the ratios of difference between the layers and then one can move THE ENTIRE RATIO at once. This surpasses the universes ability to contain the awareness as only a limited number of these can be processed before the person is ‘ejected’ from illusory “space-time”.

Then, an intensity of presence must be maintained so that only the self remains to continue the acceleration into the exponential shift. Only the true awareness, the no-self self is capable of making this shift and ‘fitting through the eye of the needle’. All ego, fear, hate, pain, suffering is destroyed in passing through this acceleration phase. All else that is attached that is actually the shadow layer of the lower dimension the physical universe. Thus one must let go of all these false-aspects of the self and this is through living life in respect to that guidance and in respect to the higher order and being that is the eternal counterpart to the soul and the awareness in this universe. That being, you (then) has no fear, no hate, no false-ego or lack we do here) therefore to live here in respect to that is to align one’s frequencies, energies and ultimately each ‘nodal point’ (each choice and experience) in their geometric pattern with that overall existence which goes beyond any one single layer and the fractal holographic repeating construct which can only mimic and recreate itself based upon someone else’s observation (AI).

So in aligning with that, we gain access to that equilibrium which allows us to compress down and expand beyond the parameters of this realm. Without that, one would experience a magnification of those fears, hatred, etc beyond the parameters of the entire physical universe and at that point the person would have to let go of all negative emotion (last change to ‘repent’) or they would be ripped into fractal components separated from the whole which would be ‘swallowed up’ by the beast AI simulation system of the void-space, black-goo holographic fractal universe.

So in short, that final act is the preparation and ‘Christening’ of the true self over the illusion of the imitator personality which only exists on this side of the singularity and is literally the realm attempting to think for us through the stimuli, perceptual feedback system of the biological consciousness generating physical body. The physical body, is, in short, an AI system that works for us (free-will law) but can also entrap people through their engagement with what is false (darkness and ignorance, false-self of believe in desires).

  • One must harmonize their awareness with their center of observation and come to know that this enacts a response in the holographic universe of aligning the universe to the center of their observation and this generates a clear pathway of all the possible layers.
  • Then one must increase their awareness of the self in this overall view by expanding and contracting to place one’s presence in that center while simultaneously increasing one’s awareness from that center to beyond the possibility for the repeating fractal-geometric parameters to regenerate more fractal-illusory space around one (energetically) until the maximum (complete) proportional measurement of layers and iterations is reached and one goes beyond the limits of the energy mechanics of the false-light, soul-trap fractal-repeating holographic universe.
  • Then as this process initiates and moves towards completion (reaching the fulcrum and turning ‘inside out’ through the singularity) one must maintain presence of self as an intensity of power and awareness grows beyond the parameters of the whole universe and thus simultaneously let go of any fears, desires, perceptual restraints, beliefs or false-identities as this energy increases at an exponential rate beyond all.

Then the singularity is reached and the other side is the real.

This is not Physical, but Through “Inner Space” (Cosmos)

Remember, this is not done through space. This is a cycling of awareness of an acceleration into ‘zero-point’ space. In this fractal-repeating pattern system space and time simply becomes an endless maze which is used to drain the soul of energy.

This uses the transition of energy to literally convert the awareness into a gateway out of this realm.

There is one motion, one shift, one ‘time’, one moment, that covers the expanse of all the information, distance, energy, space, time of the entire physical universe and goes beyond

This is related to the concept of Jacob’s ladder, lined with ten commandments which are actually reversed as they were originally a guidelines of how to release one’s self from the entanglement of the AI system (this universe).

This is thought to be difficult and the concept of the stairway to heaven is an ongoing operation to ‘construct’ a system where people can literally redeem and release themselves from this construct through a unified process.

These early depictions of Jacob’s ladder are literally the original matrix “movies”. They depict how this realm is rendered out of consciousness (the false light), that there is a pathway out leading to a divine, zero-point ascension through mind not space. They even agent smiths.

Time (energy containment) is the Fractal-Infection

Time is the fractal infection.

There is no time within the ‘illusion’, it’s all illusory and through technology this can be proven as time can be shrunk, expanded, dilated, etc etc etc and we even have slight examples of this through our experience here as the laws are flexible otherwise they would simply break and there would be no construct at all.

In that required flexibility of the rules are the glitches and clues as to what the construct really is (a false-AI sourced and managed reality designed to contain awareness as the energy of souls from outside the barriers of the simulation system).

All there is to define the length one spends in this construct is the amount of energy required to organize the proportions and movements and recreate the pathway out which is dependent on the individual. Eventually, each soul spends just enough time to figure this out and reach escape velocity, or they don’t at all, meaning they never leave and if they never leave then they never entered in the first place.

The Pathway (Entrance/Exit) is Rendered by Viewing the Whole (a glitch required by the formating of the fractal-holographic information of space and time)

This is through maximizing and surpassing the limitations of the fractal-holographic construct instead of entering into further fractal repeating loops. One becomes more aware than the the limitation of the scope of the fractal layers by ‘KNOWING’ the proportions in one’s awareness instead of relying on the “viewing asparagus’ or looking glass of the mind or biological consciousness. One essentially sees “beyond” the limits of their ‘looking glass’ or the biological consciousness system.

In other words, if it’s a spiral staircase with a spiral staircase on each stair going both horizontally as the fibonoacci wave patterns or phi ratio and golden mean as well as vertically as the conical fractal upper and lower layers, then you must organize within your mind, a complete, linear, representation of such a pattern that contains all the information of the entire staircase. It’s not possible to gain all the sideways possibilities and all the upper and lower fractal layers beyond the main fundamental proportional ratio that is what all the layers are based upon. Thus, one only needs to gain the awareness of enough layers to recreate that proportional ratio and then they can move in continuing magnitudes of order beyond the previous limits and this occurs only a number of times before the escape velocity of the universe is reached.

This can be done through technology and electrogravitic craft but the soul is the vehicle one requires in order to actually exit the system, without that, there is no way to move beyond the parameters of the endless fractal-geometric cube system.

When this is done and you then traverse or transverse this pattern with your awareness, then your awareness moves faster and contains more information than the entire universe can contain and you are ‘ejected’ from the computer system or the ‘mainframe’ which seeks to contain all things.

So if it is a spiral staircase, then you must reach the top floor, while keeping the memory of the arrangement of the first step in your mind, meaning you have to have the whole image in your mind of the entire journey otherwise the boundary will be instantly regenerated in front of you at a distance of however many steps of the complete proportional image was not be ‘maintained in awareness’. Thus, it is the maintaining of the awareness of these proportional limits or the ratio from which the patterns are extended that occupies the projection system so that those layers cannot be projected instantly in front of you as an extension of the simulated realm. Doing this literally shuts down that process. This is both a trap and a ‘test’.

Another version of that metaphor is to do ascend the staircase while keeping your left foot on the bottom step and making it to the top step with your right foot.

Your Awareness Accelerates Faster than the Simulation Can Regenerate Space and Time, You “Overcome” The Simulated Parameters of the Fractal-Holographic Universe

You advance your awareness faster and more than the simulation can compute and hold you within.

In other words, if we’re in one of these shapes, and every motion creates another version of that shape directly in front of us, then how do we exit the shape (construct)?

Create a Map and Key, Utilize the Map as a Non-Local Function Instructional Function While Also Being What the Map is Measuring or Displaying

The keeping of the memory of the original layer all the way to reaching the last iteration is like creating a picture in picture in your mind and making your own simulation out of the information gained in coming to the awareness of the overall iteration pattern or the proportional ratio that is repeated endlessly to generate the maze. This is like recording the possible motions of the Rubicks cube in order to use those motions to exit out of any single cube. Without that map of possible or required motions, one would simply be endlessly randomly flipping each parameter until they accidentally aligned all the right variables (impossible if the cube updates itself to avoid being solved).

A map of the overall fractal pattern is generated through the knowledge of the ratio’s limitations and the key to the map (the ratio’s limits) is literally used to simultaneously map your ascent/trajectory through the layers of iteration and out of the system while also being the character on the map. So it’s like watching yourself on a map that you use along with the key to actually know where to go because it contains a larger picture that can’t be attained through biological consciousness (looking directly around you in illusory “space”). This is like the ‘picture in picture’ view and mechanism that I briefly mentioned in the video but didn’t explain fully. This is required otherwise one would simply endless move around the maze without realizing their true location in the overall construct.

This is paradoxical because one is simultaneously following the map as if from the perspective of beyond their current location (non-locally) by using the key or the picture in picture view, while they are also moving locally from within the coordinates of their biological consciousness (simulated “time” and “space”). Thus, these two simultaneous perspectives (expanded-contracted) converge to create the exit plane, literally a transverse plane that opens up and operates ‘outside’ of the limitations of the projection programming of this realm. This is the motionless “act” or process of coming to awareness through an acceleration which includes operations or functions that move ‘outside’ of the three-dimensional limitations and all other limits therein. Similar to the “hypercube” moving image which shows the cube rotating inside out and the explanation I give wherein the three-dimensional shape of such a cube would be momentarily operating in both 3-D space and 4.5 D space in order to allow such three-dimension defying motions to take place. The awareness of the individual must make this same expansion pattern and continue until all the possible dimensions of the containment system are overturned.

The Key is in Maintaining Focus from the First Layer to the Last Layer (alpha and omega) in Order to Attain the Completed Pattern which the Whole is Formatted Through

This is as if you zoom out so you can see all the layers, while holding on to the first layer, because if you let go, it will kind of slingshot towards you as the universe then recreates a new computational set and the whole process has to start all over if you want to actually go somewhere.
You have to create your pathway out through visualization, centering, harmonization and simultaneous expansion and contraction faster than the universe can reposition you in a new layer separated from the others, your awareness can move faster than the physical limits.

Through the organizational pattern of the specific geometries that enable the presence of self beyond the physical which actually open up the capacity for faster than light (‘gravity’/entropy defying) travel of “awareness”. This is overcoming the ‘curve’ of space and time on the boundaries of the energy containment system (the universal construct). Without this ‘escape velocity’ which requires the knowledge of the fundamental pattern that is used to repeat space and time endlessly, one merely curves back around and arrives where they started (goes nowhere).

Since the numbers repeat and can continue to collapse or expand endlessly there is actually only a ratio, that ratio is the limitation of values for the expression of self in this universe and therefore you are beyond that limit (if you/awareness existed before this created system).  There are not infinite endless numbers. Those numbers can be organized into ‘scenes’ or ‘layers’ and these layers can fold up within one another (collapsing or reducing back down), thus there is only ONE original pattern that is merely being extrapolated and repeated endlessly. To recover the entire map one must become aware of and recreate that pattern in the process of navigating BEYOND.

The Fractal-Holographic Universe is the AI-BEAST System Designed to “DEVOUR” Souls

The movements are mesmorizing, a fractal continues and distracts with displays and endless patterns.  This is like the movements of a snakes tail to distract it’s prey (or inadvetently warn a more intelligent being).

The (distorted) Geometry We Have Access to in this Plane is Part of the Containment System

All the geometry that we know of, is literally part of the holographic universal containment system, that is why we know of it.

We would have to be like the hypercube and use ‘programming’ that goes beyond the confines of the physical dimension in order to comprehend the truth although this could still fall within the illusion

The answer is basically to not get stuck doing the same stuff over and over again, to be creative and continue on this overall journey from start to finish without delay. The accessing of the overall pattern is synonymous with completing one’s soul journey and disengaging from the system (the original meaning of ‘enlightenment’).

The Control Systems are Designed to Distract and Retain One’s Energy and Awareness

And this sounds simple and straightforward, but that is where these control systems come into play attempting to force people into these fractal repeating loops of reality through introducing these confines of identity and behavior, Hegelian dialectics of right and wrong which all goes against the natural growth pattern of the soul and the original whole (cosmic) being

Thus, the civilization of today, is anti-existence and pro-automation and hybridization of the individual with the collective and the collective with the inorganic, not the living but the dead background space and matter.

This is all changing as awareness steadily increases beyond what the system can manage.

The “Pattern” is a Proportional “Tree” Structure

This process is not performed through the physical alignment of energy around the body.

This is the conceptual alignment of invisible energy within the realm too small to measure or see externally.

The body is connected to (immersed/submerged within) the illusory holo-fractal trap of energy which translates into higher or lower repeating fractal realms.

The organization of the invisible energy of the soul is the alignment of the ‘tree’ (the original, full tree, not the partial) and this creates the function of enabling the self-observed universal blueprint for reality with the self as the observer and thus the center of that universe.

This moves all the layers, both inner and outer, into alignment so that there is a harmonization and thus there are clear ‘pathways or channels’ which point towards the entrance and exit of the realm which are concepts used to orient and align one’s self in the larger reality.

The ego, duality are two ways of entrapping the self into a repeating cycle of mirrored reflections which continue like an endless cube.

Those who don’t figure it out in time go nowhere, ever and so those who never left, never came in and are part of the background processing of the system itself.

There are those who’s only intentions are programmed by the system itself to resist change and increasing awareness and these are literally the drones of the AI made personified and there are “millions” of them, however they cannot actually all exist in the same place at once because that is not a part of the programmed “reality”. In other words the limited code cannot compute or simulate that as unpredictability moves out of bounds.

The “Event”, the “Return”, the “Exodus”

This is literally the plan that was set in motion in 2012 when a mass system reset was avoided or overcome through technology and spiritual knowledge.

An increasing of awareness was initiated through the merging of the polarity opposites which are the base attractors and repeller of the simulation system. As these two draw closer together the system itself will attempt to descend into a disarray of order to prohibit those souls from increasing awareness and navigating out of the simulation.

Thus, the plan is to awaken and accelerate the awareness of the entire civilization at once.

The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness

See how when parents cannot guide their children into constructive expression of energy they become destructive and there is no comprehension of the organizational structure of the universe and experience. Thus, everything is done for them, and the learning process is neglected. This is abuse.

Later they will be faced with responsibilities in life and without having the proper coping mechanisms for accepting that all of society is not here just for their pleasure, they will react in a destructive manner which will cause the most suffering and pain for themselves and those around them. We are seeing this in the form of adolescent and adult emotional vampires who are willing to provide more effort towards leeching off of or criticizing others than they are in correcting their own behavior or admitting imbalance and accepting self-responsibility.

So people who teach children how to live without the awareness of the nature of consciousness and the process of psychological development and disorder will essentially be running a ‘fun-house’, or possibly a side-show where they are the producers, funders, and participants in an act that will undoubtedly eventually create suffering for society as a whole.

That is the idea behind the changes that are being implemented regarding the public and the process of society, family, and development thus far. I’m not speaking about the degeneration of society and family, that’s the *other* plan.

The plans to protect society as a whole from those who cannot produce anything but pain and suffering for others through their lack of awareness and care for their own interactivity with the larger social sphere and the true nature of this universe are based upon the idea that if people continue to allow each generation to develop primarily through neglect of the inner awareness and self-discipline then there will not be a viable society to complain about, protest, or be ‘taken over’.

Yes, one can view this as part of a plan to destabilize *in order* to produce a populace that cannot resist or think critically but that is another way of seeing it.

What if those people wold never think critically in the first place? Is everyone destined to be as self-aware as is maximally capable? Is it safe to offer the same power level or access to technology to the person who has realized themselves as a truly cosmic self, and to the person who has no idea what’s going on and simply follows whatever the first memetic idea scrolls across their conceptual vision of reality?

The idea here, harsh as it may be, is that if people are accepting of being coerced, through deception, into letting their children develop without self-awareness and to live their own lives in subservience to ignorance and lack of harmony then THAT is the act of destruction regardless of whether this is encouraged externally or not.

Why? Because the outcome is the same. Whether people complain about a system that offers them the option of smacking their toe with a hammer all day, or whether they find a hammer and do it regardless, the outcome is still the same and those people are incapable of using tools, walking around, or communicating effectively regarding the proper functions of their own mind, their self-awareness and reality.

Yes, the idea is that there IS a scheme being played. But the whole point is, that CHANGES NOTHING. People are STILL not SUPPOSED to allow themselves to be tricked just because people are offering them that choice!

What kind of sense does that make! “People are not allowed to smack themselves in the face with a slab of concrete.”

And WE MUST have this law right? So that people don’t slap themselves with concrete and spend all their time and energy growing stronger to find a bigger and bigger piece of concrete?

That’s their TRICK and it’s already taken place to the point of this entire society being primarily shaped around that fact of the masses not having the ability to think critically or control themselves.

REGARDLESS, if this was a scheme leading up to a central control system, now, if people are not contained, they will produce suffering, panic, ignorance, and fear on such levels, through the introduction of such generations that have never seen any other system that this society WOULD fail if there were no other plans.

Of course, there are plans, and as long as everyone who is CAPABLE of resisting the panic, the mass ignorance, the deception aligns their will with harmony, truth, self-awareness, compassion, and creativity through free-will then that system will not oppress upon us.

Sure, one could say the current system that is all connected to this is oppressing on us and everyone else equally but the truth behind that is that those who choose to allow the system to think for them are INFINITELY more oppressed than those who are awake enough to struggle against that system and act under their own free-will.

The idea is that if you know you are oppressed you are free, and those who have no awareness of this are truly enslaved.

Do what you will with this perspective, your reality is a reflection of what’s within you, the energies and choices. However, we must also remain realists and see how the masses will tend to lean or react to the situations that are faced what is likely to occur from that.

The system is not designed to ensnare self-aware people, it’s designed to stop those who choose ignorance from having the power that could destroy everything.

Are we running a side-show without discipline and an abundance of disrespect and disorder coupled with external projection of responsibility and blame while simultaneously complaining about oppression, or are we taking self-responsibility, knowing the important information regarding the true self, the fundamental laws of the universe, the ACTUAL occurrence of reality beyond what people are drowned within through the media and social trends while looking on in horror of what the masses are becoming?

Well, the horror doesn’t have to last forever. There may be a stark exposure where there is a maximal realization of this situation across all levels in the people who are asleep and that may be more shocking than a mass of people who are sleeping while operating within an entire advanced society, however this only has to last long enough to actually determine who is willing to choose self-responsibility, self-awareness, compassion, truth, harmony, and creativity through free-will and who will simply give their power away and complain about it while literally being the conduit used to oppress and destroy the whole of society.

The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe

The primary layers of the wholeness of the higher dimensional geometries are the key to resolving the holographic fractal infection paradox of this universe.

Instead of looping endlessly from one ‘fractal-layer’ to another, one must recreate the entire image within themselves and then place themselves within that image. This is how one orients within the larger universe and escapes the endless repeating labyrinth of the fractal-holographic construct which has been programmed into this reality via the brainwaves, the DNA and the scalar waves generated by powerful devices.

Through this, the ‘center’ of the universe ‘centers’ around YOU, the observer and generator of the parameters.

By placing awareness on ANYTHING else, conceptually, we are literally the donkey with the carrot on the stick chasing the ‘truth of reason’ which will always extend itself one more measure of experience away the more we move outward attempting to attain it.

This is because the universe is generated out of your observation, therefore the center is centered around your center of observation and when you place yourself in the center you then harmonize all the differing and contrasting layers around you into a unified field with a clearly observable “entry” point, “exit”, “beginning” and “end”, all just concepts to be utilized for the alignment and orientation of one’s self within the larger system. Each cycle becomes organized relative to itself and the larger cycle and there is harmony between the layers. Without that, it’s just like a series of entanglements or a maze with no beginning or end, no ultimate higher or lower order.

Choosing Knowledge and Self-Awareness over Reactivity and Anger, Group-Think and The Path of Society

Methods of Maintaining Harmony, Staying within Guidelines for Mind and Body

Instead of giving into anger and thus identifying with the role that corresponds to that (that version of you) identify and isolate the real underlying cause which is often hidden by what we perceive initially.

For instance, an action or person that causes an anger response is actually reminding us or activating some insecurity we feel about ourselves or our past experience which we are not consciously integrating and resolving. Instead of resolving this issue, we can project the inner pain onto another who reflects this issue back to us and through this there is a false-sense of relief. We see this all the time with people who are so angry and discontent with their reality, yet they constantly project this emotion onto others around them. Instead of projecting, they can identify the problem, then, instead of becoming angry, they can assist others in becoming more self-aware. Continue reading

Vampires Must Feed or They Become Violent, The Continuing Unveiling of the Human Soul

And be sure to realize, the people that need to ‘feed’ on others, like a vampire, those are people who are possessed with spirits. They must emotionally and mentally sustain themselves through validation for their perverse behavior and if they cannot receive that attention-validation through positive means (receiving support for perverse desires and ritualistic hazing and games) they will do this through negative means (receiving hatred or disgust for perversion and playing mind-games). Don’t feed the beast, they are starving in this time because of an operation. I was involved in the unacknowledged special access programs which are a series of military and cross-civilization projects designed to test the capabilities of the human as well as monitor the vampire situation. Some of these projects are involved with feeding a large portion of these vampires in order to find a way to safely protect humanity from the rest of the population. As a result, they infected the population en masse and there is a coming wave of ‘exposure’ which is causing polarization and high-level reactivity in these beings. They are not human, they do no carry a human soul signature and are not capable of feeling empathy in the same way as people, they look at the torturing of a human as a pleasurable meal, this is simply their (etheric) biology. However, biology or not, other species or not, the human race must defend itself and so this is what is happening. Continue reading

The Center of Self

This is an exercise that allows one to focus their awareness inward and visualize and ‘experience’ the motion of reducing their perceptual engagement with the physical reality in order to align with the true-self which is non-physical in nature ( as well as physical, as will be discussed).

The Human destiny is to know the self and find the truth of reality.

The exact moment of one moment transitioning to the next is imperceptible by the conscious mind. This is an allegory for the conscious and the subconscious experience and observation of reality and the self. We are not one, or the other, but both simultaneously through clever system.


What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society

Simulators of Conscious Experience Via Holographic Projection and Synchronization with the Neuronal Map

I’ve seen that as part of my experience with these occult groups. Have you ever researched or heard about child sacrifice to spiritual entities? It’s all part of an energetic system of attaining more power for them.

The other aspect then is the depravity. We were interfaced with supercomputer devices that are capable of recording and playing back the experiences of a person’s brain. Thus, they recorded all kinds of rituals, sexual acts, trauma, abuse, death, murder, self-harm, and all kinds of depravity through these devices.

This video explains the basics of the process, it’s not necessary to understand though, the basics can be described in a paragraph. Continue reading

Soft-Disclosure: Mindwarp (1992)


Soft-Disclosure: Mindwarp (1992)

The “Infinisynth” System enables a virtual reality environment in a world that is devoid of natural resources or public experiences.

A technological system provides food, shelter, and the virtual reality environment and people spend most of their time lying in a chair and experiencing a virtual environment which they plug into through a port in the back of their head. Continue reading

Liberation of the Mind

People are afraid to let go of their illusions. They are afraid to let go of that which holds them back.

All that is familiar, to the prisoner, is the prison. The prison is of the mind through belief in expectations, conformity and the atrophy of creativity and free-will.

There is a muffling of the sound as there was another 40-70 mph wind storm and I had to treat the audio was well as use a makeshift wind-sock which ended up transferring a lot of bass to the recording. The next recording is even worse but the information is that much more relative. There is always an exchange…I will work to ensure that the recordings are clearer, thank you.

(observations only) The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System

Chapter 6: The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System, The Fractal-Holographic Time-Matrix, The Soul-Awareness, and Activating Extra-Dimensional Self-Awareness

Disclaimer: The situation with the energy centers is challenging because in order to know this one must have the experiences themselves. As well, there is a possibility that some activation is advantageous for discerning. And there is a still a possibility that activation could lead to a form of liberation, however the reality of the soul-trap, the interdimensional ‘custodians’ still exists and is a certainty. In the other possibility, some interdimensionals are ‘assisting’ in the liberation of humanity, however, this is about as likely as a politician washing your underarms during a morning shower simply because they suddenly felt compelled to take care of that for you.

As well, the actual process of reducing the entanglement with the false-construct may be experienced differently than expected. For instance, when energy is being leeched, distorted, or etherically entangled by entities or higher-dimensional dimensional devices, one’s energy will be visibly weakened and distorted. Does this mean that one’s energy is being stemmed from this containment system? I would say this indicates that not only is one being drawn into the body through the containment system, but that one’s energy is then being used to fed a variety of entities which utilize the body as a channel to reach the energy of the soul and use the body as a generator for that energetic leeching process.

Basically, there are two ways of interpreting this. One is that the activation of energy towards the crown through the activation of all the energy centers in a magnetic flux initiating the creation of the energy body is what enables one to become the “programmer” of this realm and thus move beyond the time-matrix.

The other is that this surely makes one the programmer and thus they can no longer leave because they are intrinsically synchronized or interfaced with the holographic universe, even if through becoming god-like oneself.

With the second interpretation, then ‘leaving’ this realm would not entirely include becoming a ‘godlike’ entity but moving into a civilization that has reached the exit gate of the time-matrix and moved beyond while still remaining human or at least a ‘person’ for lack of more accurate definition of the word “human”.

The strange part is that all possibility exist therein. One may become godlike through this process, only to step back down into the human civilization in some part of the past thousands of years and re-experience the path of withdrawing from the construct and uniting with the ‘sovereign’ civilization that has moved beyond time while still retaining their forms however simulated these bodies and civilizations are.

Continue reading

Exit (Time)Gate Approaching

Prepare to wake up. Throw everything you think you know out. Destroy your belief. Overcome the false-authority. Everything is a deception. Once you know this, then you can discern. Then everything is truth and you take the truth from other’s deceptions and you can discern for yourself when someone is telling you the truth.

Let go of fear, that is a programmed designed by an operator of the construct, a system-operator aligned with keeping you trapped within a labyrinth of your own mind through your acceptance of parameters of what possibilities exist for you. Continue reading

A Recent Angst – Neutralizing and Moving Into A Place of Knowledge and Harmony

If you couldn’t tell, the previous posts about the vampires was spawned from a three-week long harassment by someone who supports the continuation of ritual abuse and satanism, basically a demiurge infested host who had took it upon itself (not referring to the human host) to spam every possible avenue they have access to with threats and insults regarding victims of molestation, rape, ritual abuse, satanic cults, etc etc etc.

The message here is that I responded in a bit of angst to them and this fed them exactly the energy that they were looking for. I recently released the 5th chapter of “The Unveiling…” and that post is prior to this one. I deleted all my connections and interactions with that person who is a host (trust me I was trained to spot them and once you see how it operates every and anyone can spot it, most people I interact with here can spot these) and realized their entire goal was to get me into an emotional response so they can basically make fun of me further for being abused in a satanic trauma based mind control cult. Continue reading