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Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Equilibrium (Creation and Extra-Dimensional Storage of Self-Knowledge)

If they say one doesn’t know love until it’s gone, well, this is the same concept as falsifying the truth in order to expose who really knows and who doesn’t.

In the same way that one must see who cares beyond the BS, one must see who knows through the illusion or the redirections of logic and perspective into limited versions of reality.

The truth is openly falsified and through this society understands itself. The process is complete when the truth is unveiled through the internal rendering of truth by those who see this by the process within and therefore found it themselves.

If you do not find it within, it doesn’t actually exist in your universe.

If you do not create it within, then you won’t have access to it beyond the superficial.
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Christian Lee Sanderson (Video Summary)

1. Writing a book
2. Post: Societal Construct Rooted in Sacrifice
1. Fallen Angels
2. Human Trafficking
3. Harvesting Energy from Another Source
1. Disconnection from Potential of Energy Flow of Body Vessel and Intended Frequencies
2. Intention for Material Abundance
3. Scarcity does not exist unless manufactured
4. Mechanics of the body and chemicals
1. Transform a Vampiric Energy Construct Being
2. Rather than One with Autoregeneration Eternal Life Code
3. Each person is part of an angelic symphony
4. Our bio-emissions sustain the universe, our joy and appreciation literally eternalizes
5. Electromagnetic Symphony, Ecstatic Bliss from Lowest to Highest Octave
6. In this view, all that is simply adds another Layer of Beautiful Music to an Already Profoundly Deep Experiences
5. The Challenge, Discernment
1. Recognize the Impostor, The Artificial
2. Treat our Body Right, Listen
3. Nourish the mind and the emotional self-awareness
4. Nourish others
6. In Vedas, everything is self-luminous in the higher dimensions
1. Intrinsic light
2. Mechanics of the body, light emitting transducer, capable of integrating action, choice, morality, so on and so forth to the life of the material body and the interactions of the mind
3. Dichotomy is fuel source for body, mind and soul
3. Genesis, World in 7 Days
1. Seed of Life pattern 7 Steps
2. Corrupt Universe?
3. Genesis pattern
4. Full comparability for biological and spiritual fulfillment
5. Garden of Edon
6. Fruigivores?
7. How do we survive without vampiring other beings energies and bodies?
8. World of Struggle, a Lie
9. Circulatory system, all nutrients delivered, body must be pure to circulate oxygen to neutralize infections, pathogens and toxic substances
10. Strong Pulse, Full Range of Breath
11. The Ability for Blood to Flow and Reach Each Cell
12. Food Plays its Role
13. Plant based foods
14. At the highest form the body synthesizes everything it needs, without requirement
15. This is the norm, if people follow through they’ll become humanoid vampires that must kill and eat other beings forever
4. Sun Worship
1. Sun delivering correct light frequencies (contradictory to false light paradigm explanations?)
2. Red light is the first
3. First and last is all connected
4. Red light most biologically active
5. Stimulates tissue regrowth
6. Charges mitochondria to conduct more energy
7. Electron Tunneling, Mitochondrial mechanism
8. Funneling electrons to the cells for ATP fuel, krep cycle, oxidation, blood oxygen
9. Mitochrondria synthesize protein and water
10. Muscles 80 % water. This could indicate the beginnings of the information of eternal regeneration
5. Rising with the sun, receiving the first run rays, very important
1. This is called the sun salutation in Yoga and carries a cyclical arm and body movement (tall waving arms stretching out body around up and in)
2. Everything on Earth is an electromagnetic antennae
3. Studied Insects, Calgear
4. Bone structure of human contains minerals for antennae
5. Form and frequency are one
6. Our bodies are built to absorb and conduct the proper radiation to live
7. Sun is 40% infrared light
8. Blood line, Red Light, Ray of Light from Source
9. Guide in the Afterlife Egyptian (spirits see color? Which ones?)
10. Biological information as well as spiritual information one can receive and understand
11. These are spiritual beings that live in the sun
12. This is the process of opening the door
13. Receive and perceive greater multidimensional wavelengths
14. Biological component to receiving these energies, at least here, it seems this is how it should be to function properly
6. Blue light kills bacteria
1. Stimulates digestion
2. Circadian rhythm must synchronize and communicate regularly with sun system, otherwise loss of auto regeneration function is inevitable.
3. We are not supposed to live in fear or in the dark
7. Egyptian Projection of Wavelengths of Light to Heal Illness of Others
8. Head Brain listens to heart and gut
1. If big brain forgets little brain, there is no true guidance beyond materials
2. 9 neurons that go to the brain from the gut for every neuron that goes to the gut from the brain
3. The food is toxic and is converting humans into a form of interdimensional fodder, a brainless slave
4. Gut is main brain
9. “Heal us?”
1. “You must communicate with Devas (Angels) and reconnect to Earth, fasting, and then communicate with the guiding intelligent spiritual force of each elemental force on Earth, and request purification, healing, truth.
2. Stagnation must be removed like a scab
3. Satan means Adversary
4. Puts milk and bread by the sand and makes dude fast and get naked (depending on the story) uses entanglement with higher spiritual power to identify which of his brains was corrupted and why
5. Parasites, form and frequency, hidden
1. Parasites antennae for hell and vampiric entities
2. This is all part of the purification process
3. Once the body is working optimally, one can begin to build a permanent body out of feeling
4. Noble metals are conductive or even superconductive and were used to merge with the body, this was the
5. Broke the golden bull and mixed into the waters and told them to drink the waters
1. Used to connect the missing pieces or covered pieces to automate the autoregeneration eternal life code capacity
2. Gold madness. Greed. They might be subconsciously seeking more gold but forgetting that they’re supposed to process it to make it safe or pure and utilize it properly
10. Every thought is a quantum molecular wave interacting with space-time substrate one way or another
1. Wave collapses into particle, particle is packet of information. Information cloud, or network of particle information packets.
2. Every experience is an exchange of information on a level beyond the material
3. Intermediate fasting, waking up with the sun, avoid artificial light, avoid bright blue light, avoid artificial light at night, possibly investigate blue blockers
4. Human Growth Hormone doubling and more from fasting and simple
1. The correct way of eating, the correct way of producing hormones, we are a part of this world and so if we are corrupt we are corrupting this world and this will not go un noticed
2. Everything is important, everything is authored, it’s all real. We must take truth and importance seriously.
11. Earth Batteries can increase yields
1. Copper and zinc plates at a distance on either side of the vegetables and this will create a low voltage current that will power the plants biology
2. Ormus (be careful and do your research, he explains why, too much power makes the field collapse in on itself if the conscious mind can’t keep up)
3. Ultra sound
4. Light Wavelengths
5. Nature contains abundance, we must unlock this from the nature through our care and self-awareness, we are what we’re looking for
12. Range of Breath
1. 3 pulses which must be reconciles into standing waves
2. Breath rhythm
3. Pulse of Heart
4. and Brainwaves
5. Relaxation
6. Self Control
7. Central Self-Awareness Cloud Phenomenon (standing wave carrier)
8. Circumvent the toxins with truth and healing plants
9. Heavy metals more dense than cell salts, heavy metals saturate and then disease progresses as nutrients cannot be absorbed
10. Alpha wavelengths, hormones, relaxation and so on.
13. This is the most powerful knowledge if you take your self seriously
14. Glandular system, circadian rhythm, Lymph system, conscious control of thoughts
1. Seth ate fruit for Hundreds of Years in the Bible (true)
2. Humans are harvested for hormones and glandular fluids
3. These beings cannot feel emotions because they have separated or never been a part of humanity, and so they utilize the glandular secretions to produce a chemical high that is similar or even synonymous (or more potent being foreign) with a human emotional high
4. IGF-1 injected into animals
5. The body synthesizes all requirements with simple electrogravitic charging from the sun, air, water and living environment.
6. Humanity will have to outsource their hormones if they continue on this path and they will be the ones who return to offer the government a plan for technology to receive human abductions, that is the vicious cycle, those elements of the government are under investigation
7. Just as in society, we struggle and take instead of give and receive, our bodies are hurting the same
15. Technology like mining or any process on Earth
1. There are methods to circumvent the destructive processes using ingenuity, people do not think, know, or care.
2. Metallic Hydrogen in Ocean water
3. Yes, various groups have used this process.
4. Synthesize instead of Vampirically Steal (harvest)
16. Green is the natural middle point of the color spectrum, green is the ‘default’ color the baseline
1. Red positive, negative blue, green is grounding or neutral, electronics.
2. It is all an electrical system riding on a scalar system riding on a spiritual awareness or knowledge system
3. tests to become multi dimensional activated being (true word for word)
4. ground wire grounds electric flow, neutral energy can avoid entanglement and catalyzation with harassment, attack, insult, damage, or hate
5. Induction, transferring electrical fields across the air to conductive material (big monuments)
6. Mixing red and blue is purple
7. When throat to
8. Actions link with words, the resulting wavelength will manifest quickly
17. Bodies being damaged so those who do not change lose their synthesizing ability
1. Chlorine
2. Fluoride
3. Decoherence

Free-Will Universe

Free-will is required to generate a standing wave bio-emission self-awareness feedback current.

Computer Creation

What is creativity? Doing things a variety of different ways? Creating the next step, tool or idea?

So what is creativity to a computer? Can a computer ‘create’ or is this only recording and replaying or calculating?

The Human Experiment and The R-Complex

The Human Experiment and The R-Complex

The conscious mind submits to the “R-Complex” and through this damage, stress or confusion is avoided and safety or satisfaction is maintained.

Let’s think about a dynamic here. The conscious mind has the ability to submit to the R-Complex. The lack of submission implies one of two outcomes. Either the conscious mind contains the required information and otherwise instinctual direction to perform the tasks or this is handled via the R-Complex.

The R-Complex handles this information by referring back to an archival blueprint of data interactions and experiences that yield satisfaction in different situations. These are very direct, binary and shaped by the sentient being equivalent of the human perception of pleasure and suffering. They are limited to default instincts when contradictions arise out of layering priorities more than what is necessary. This is a benefit for efficiency and a restriction on variation and adaptability.

Part of the goal is to relocate various aspects of the collective to consciously matched worldlines. This is a mirror of the process neurons undergo when certain experiences are occurring and quantum entanglement guides the outcome with an invisible and extra-dimensional motion.

Those who fully activate the process by which the mind is liberated from the body and the body from the mind experience a selective conscious control over the attraction to the worldline they will find themselves on.

The conscious mind can submit, but this doesn’t mean it should. The activation of the conscious operation for experiences that would otherwise by governed by the R-Complex is part of the bio-psychological metaphoric process of making ignorance into knowledge.

Every time the conscious mind submits, it is taking a back seat and hosting the responsibility on another biological system that operates through instinct (or unconscious operation). That is a redundancy built in with the extreme conditions of this environment.
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Kid Buu and Kodak Black Referencing Cloning

Hacking the Feed

In this situation, the most pressing matter is the human trafficking war. Everything is related to human trafficking. Things got out of hand, everyone is involved. Safeguards were put in place, the point of no return was reached last year.

This is the point of the unveiling. The point of no return for what was our civilization, well. That civilization, the one you think this one is, hasn’t been here for a long time.

Cloning and consciousness transfer is related. Advanced technology, temporal distortion field generators have been implemented.

The information must move from the Phase 1 coordinated activation of memetic information designed to act as a stabilizer and counter espionage channel. There are no closed channels. Everything is out in the open. Either say it loud or encrypt it.

Encrypt everything you don’t want used against you. This doesn’t so much apply to the readers, but in a way it does.

Your mind is the resource, that is what a soul is, one part anyway.

Waves of coordinated distractions, attacks, redirections, misdirections, gas-lighting, out-right insults when all else fails.

A live-action, interactive, multiplayer real-world, online, strategic, lateral thinking, meme-based integrative truth information awareness social game, counter sub culture has been generated, either autonomously or as a carefully planned clear access safeguard and therapeutic experience for the civilization.

The simulations were so good the universe believed them. Apparently it’s already done. Game theory.

The more quantum hackers figure it out, the more the media will shun them. The more the media pisses on their eyelids, the angrier they will get. The angrier they get, the bigger the scene, the bigger the scene, the more that see the show.

You are Pushed to Create that Which is Not yet Known

How to cause or instigate people to understand who, what, where and why they are?

This is the project of those with the opportunity and care to put the right pieces in the right places, at the right time.

People must be led on a path of drama, heightened senses, internalization, and ultimately what will be a launching pad for self-awareness.

The failed self-awareness is ignorance exposed and in that way converted into self-awareness, one more detail of the way you are or life is.

They painted a story of ignorance and self-discovery and pressed play.

The system is multi-layered. Those who are nearest full self-awareness will automatically move their awareness beyond the first levels of knowledge contained within the system. Those who are completely unaware will be able to come to awareness with their own effort by utilizing all 9 layers of the veil system.

All are challenged by some are reformed. Whatever your lack of willingness to come to full awareness and accept self-accountability is, this system will find that and will convince you that it is more beneficial to accept self-awareness and self-contrololol.

Those Who Think

Let’s see if this is on.

The public is told what to think.

Those who cannot think, think what they are told.

Do you understand how this works? You are told such and such percentage of people just like you feel or agree with this.

Those who cannot think, immediately believe that.

Those who can think, realize this has never been true, never will be true and cannot be true now.

Two Maps to Forever

The question is can some stay in the material arena forever? Or is that the trap which mutates or undoes consciousness?

If we had total permanence, would it be beneficial to have selected ‘starts’ and ‘stops’ to time, possibly to avoid instability of some sort?

Or would it be more meaningful to project long into consciousness and self-awareness making unending self-awareness and consciousness the goal.

What if one civilization broke into two to complete this task?

One took the long straight road, and stood throughout all of time, awake, aware and ready.

One took the winding, looping road and experiences regular moments of clarity at the potential expense of confusion. Wakefulness as a result of sleep, death as a side-effect or unintended result of life.

The Humoring Test

How would an AI imitate you. You have to avoid being made into a dimensional cut-out of the true soul that is unable to fit inside the body’s awareness entirely. It’s as if this place was a back-up universe or an overlay designed to mesh the body with the soul, however, the mind has fallen asleep and the only inevitable options are that another mind uses the body or the true mind becomes stronger than all the imitators.

To do that we must be able to go through all that can be offered or threatened and see through all the illusions and navigate the possible dangers by choosing the role and disengagement that does not entangle us into playing out the rest of the part that someone else designed.

Your persona needs an exit plan otherwise finishing this artificial world is then on your part, when an AI created the entire BS spiritual-techno battle world domination show-down just to see what you would do.
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pinecone spiral false dimensional fractal

The Human Activation Liberation Program

The program is designed to teach the human to be self-dependent by observing and guiding their actions through energies and feelings instead of logical fallacies, inconsequentials, or abstract layers of variability that are meant to distract as much as suspend superimposed information in background context out of conscious perceptual view. The subconscious can see the code made out of abstract symbols connected through meaning between dots, lines and nodes of disconnected locations and times which represent change and direction of informational tides from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

Which macrocosm and who’s microcosm may be more expensive a thought.

This is occurring in parallel with an artificial intelligence battle ongoing throughout the technological age and the age of organized temporal crimes throughout the origins of the infection and battle to now. Manipulation that is altering the human emotional and intelligence spectrum polarizes towards inverted extremes that project externally what is internal and accepts internally what is received externally thus immobilizing the consciousness from self-referential changes that further disengage from the system that is ultimately based on outdated premises, logical inconsistencies, temporal and psychological malformation and limited genetic material and means to steal more without obtaining clear and direct permission first.

The truth can’t be bought.
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The Rigged Communication System

Language, Symbolism and Prioritization Hierarchy of Information unification, utilization (thinking to describe reality), information transfer and internal processing.

What you don’t verbalize contains more information than what you do. Or maybe another perspective is that what you do verbalize contains no more information than what you don’t. Technically, since verbalization includes specification, this includes a degree of exclusivity. A proportion and ratio exponential scale extrapolation theory question is if the degree of exclusivity and accuracy could increase iterations of depth, forwards and backwards or vertical layers of passive informational background context that could match the degree of potential non-verbalized emotional fields through a deductive, symbolic and non-linear linguistic interaction.

If spoken language could become as capable as unspoken pure awareness an informational barrier an age-long gap between the interior processing of information related to the conscious mind and the unconscious mind can be bridged to sympathetically unify. They must resonate in a prioritized nesting hierarchy that enables a self-referential space-time field of conscious thought-field and memory interaction.

The only way to safely enable the human scope to see the truth that is beyond perception is to incorporate non-linear intellectual formats for initiating quantum ‘leaps and bounds’ of consciousness and centeredness of persona with a non-materially or locally exclusive perspective.

For various reasons this is due to an inherently disproportional noise to signal ratio that is distorted further, facilitated by confusion, mind to AI psychotronic technology, internal psychological disorders, collective memory holographic insertion of artificially mapped false history events, these are frequencies that increase the tendency to believe such concepts pushed externally via a physical consensus.

It commonly accepted that language is just a systematic way of making symbols mean ideas. When language is used to describe non-physical situations from a physically oriented perspective the necessary information is not accessed and simulated, conceptualized or observed by the conscious mind. If the person has not experienced what is being described this will not serve to function as an informational transfer system, but merely a referential consensus database that we are all effectively ‘coached’ on through social interaction. There is an explanation that the population at large does not contain the capacity to create language automatically and that language was given to a previously unawakened, ‘non-speaking thinking’ conscious mind. Do not contain the variability to describe from a purely informationally or awareness oriented perspective.

Some contain a wider degree of access than others and this enables a higher degree of a currently primarily unacknowledged quantum access to time space which prioritizes the unified self-awareness system of the body as a container and record of possibilities or perspectives, choices and feelings, the soul as the blueprint connective and self-referential variability which maps one’s energetic pathway through choices and feelings towards higher or lower degree of self-awareness, and the spiritual awareness or unified as the central unifying feature through which the human is able to navigate the body’s spacetime while preserving the soul and to navigate an etheric non-linear causal time-space to preserve the material sense of direction, purpose and self-awareness.

The Virus Potential

Humanity depends on the avoidance of mass scale technological cloning and reproduction of distorted DNA for the purpose of extending the metaphoric ‘sentence’ of a generational curse parasitic genetic semi-intelligent technological virus.

The use of technology and scalar psychotronic warfare created temporal and genetic aberrations that must complete themselves before human consciousness can disconnect from an artificial behavioral matrix. In the same sense, the system must be consciously defeated by the human operated genetic activation system mitigated through a supercomputer feedback throttle control system to buffer the amount of variation possible. Instead of a quantum rocket sled to a brick wall of a non-balanced superluminal consciousness, meta-gene data, self-awareness feedback interaction, a step up scale is fabricated through a profile calibration process overseen by human observers and various operators, technicians, programmers, controllers and supercomputer assisted neurological technology.

Non self-propelled automated systems can function through user feedback guided control systems that can mitigate processes and essentially enable a person to empower themselves.

The abuse of this technology resulted in a psychic schism that altered DNA away from the primary groups and created sub-races and an artificial hierarchical system based on competition through an artificial landscape and the ability to utilize latent bio-feedback emotional processing systems on a capacity that achieves over-unification and multi-dimensional spatio-temporal or scalar-gravitic and links a zero-point nexus through the complex interaction of multi-proportion, full spectrum activation of conscious, subconscious and unconscious psycho-intelligent operational feedback.
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Personal Timeline Mobility Management

The entire timeline is being moved, across the worldline, individually by everyone as they are unconsciously taught how to operate in a hyperdimenisonal capacity.

How do you move a line stretching for thousands of miles? It would take days, weeks, years.

What if you could utilize millions of people, even if for but 2 minutes a day, but steadily throughout each day and night?

What if you could observe variables and match patterns to locate the most momentary possibility where the most direct possible route across the map occurs simultaneously within a specific window of opportunity and could be done literally instantly over the course of many cycles with the use of supercomputing?
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