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The Human Realm and Spiritual Continuity

This is probably the worst audio yet. This is also previously recorded so it’s from the bunch that started coming out recently.

I remember to put the mic on me at around 5 minutes. : /

Some images were found at the following references:


Jerusha – montauk mayhem.

Disclosure by some one directly involved with the secret experiments. Advanced technology is used, gateways were accessed, interdimensional intelligences and epigenetic abilities were weaponized. Experiments led to ripping a hole in the structure of space and time, however this is a cartoonish laymen’s explanation. Portals are opened through extreme  traumatization to the point of activating the central nervous system and thus spiritual system’s near death experience which seems to act like an ‘eject’ button for the soul.

Entities were located and either forced there way out or were released. Plans were formed and quantum hijacking of the collective field through technological methods involving mind control, spiritual attacks, genetic replication, consciousness replication, ritual abuse, the generation of alters capable of operating in virtual realities, the splicing of different species and so on. This is the system that was written about years ago as the technology of the fallen and the plan to take over the world. No one is who you think, everything you know is given to you to paint the picture. The obvious truth is what is happening as is directly apparent to your awareness. There is a consciousness virus that is organizing events to reproduce itself through our emotional charge and subliminal indoctrination.

Everything has changed, according to the story, power has shifted and this is no longer permitted. However, the darkness that was let into this realm will not leave peacefully, thus the real work begins in getting everything done that this society needs to understand, before things get too out of hand to maintain stability in the artificial world.

The virtual indoctrination reality that only exists in the minds of people is doomed to fail and it will take their ego and their identities with it if they are still connected. Please share this work, this is the information of one aspect of the programs I was involved in.

Silke F – Interdimensional Reality Experimentation and Manipulation

Color Programming

My name is Silke F and I´m a targeted individual of the Illuminati since I´m a child. I have a Illuminati red color programming, but its actually defined as “UCLA-CCP6” and 6 stands for red because red is the 6th color in this satanic ritualistic color context. Let me write a little message and talk a little about my case. At the end I will explain how their technology works.

Subterranean Parasitic Race

When I was a child, little dwarf like creatures took me into their spaceship and transported me to military under the surface of this version of earth. Different creatures said that I have pleiadian and draco dna, but a synthetic human gene pool and lyrian dna. I could teleport as a child and I still get reptile eyes plus I have the ability to shapeshift. I had to enter as a child in these military bases a class room so other bizarre creatures could study and test my abilities. These teacher like creatures looked like lizard birds and they always looked angry at me, because I did not liked their mechanical perspective on the universe and multiverse, so I played teacher back to these bizarre ET like creatures and they had a problem that I played authority, so I had to leave the class room and the decision was made to let me go trough a UCLA-CCP6 programming. They transported me into another secret deep underground facility under the surface of this planet and a female scientist said to me that I will be a butterfly and get a additional programming for synthetic dna transfers and surrogate technology. I just wanted to be a normal child. I was a very boring and good child.

Interdimensional and Multidimensional Hardware

You people can´t know that there is interdimensional software and multidimensional hardware in the sky and around the planet. Also there is a programm to replace everyone with a synthetic clone. Many people among you people are synthetic clones but they look like you, so you don´t see a difference if you look at them, but something is wrong with their empty big eyes. They can´t see with these eyes and they can´t feel with their heart. They are biological entities, but not human in nature.

Clones, Drones and Replicants

Clones and replaced humans are the reason why gangstalking is getting more and more expanded into society, because gangstalking is also, not only, but also about study and monitoring clones of biological and synthetic nature within the human society. They don´t use just high level people. They also use homeless people and other simple humans that have no high status or special background.

Plus they can drone you with technology and special nano-bots and thats the reason why they use chemtrails all over this planet for each country. Copy and spread my words or ignore what I say. I’m so used that everyone attacks me. I don’t even care anymore to get called names and a piece of useless and worthless shit from strangers online. It would not hurt or make me wonder if they would control you and all other here to attack me and my words. So feel free to judge and hate me if you have to. Continue reading “Silke F – Interdimensional Reality Experimentation and Manipulation”


The event in question is prepared by learning to discern between true and false on a soul-level of awareness meaning that this is beyond the simple consciousness that we use for daily life.

The state that we are in when we must have our wits about us and defend against the artificial intrusion of holographic light consciousness entrainment is outside of the consciousness parameters. So we must be able to essentially ‘resist’ the illusion in the dream-state, or the state between fully conscious in this word and passing through some other levels of sub-conscious or interdimensionally relative state of awareness.


It is either a system that targets the human when they are passing through these intermediary states or it is capable of generating these states through subliminal suggestion and hypnotic trance inducing scalar machinery.

Some of the images are from the following references:

DeTURTM Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing Published by Elwin Curtis –

Elemental Quaternity – Reality and Consciousness Symbolism Published by Kris Nelson

Consciousness is Central to the Functioning and the Objective of the Universe Sandeep Gupta –



Dr. Jack Kruse – Japanese Uncoupled Halotypes, Metabolism, Longevity and Sunlight

Japanese people all have uncoupled haplotypes. Note that this man has lived 29 years in an environment where he became more coupled in his mitochondria. Note how his skin and his mood and dopamine levels reflect the change. Now I am going to teach you an extraordinary lesson about how this happens. Coupled haplotypes evolved inside the tropics and they tend to have lower basal metabolic rates and they tend to live longest. Mathematics scaling laws link longevity to the basal metabolic rate for these reasons.

It also implies that we can take uncoupled haplotypes in humans and change their topology in their blood to alter their ability to uncouple just by chronically altering the incident EMF that cell senses. This means humans have the ability to perform phototaxis within the blood plasma at their skin surfaces under the power of sunlight. This effect would be blocked by clothing on the skin and sunglasses on the eyes. Clothing and sunglasses effectively reduce oxygen levels in the blood to lower metabolism and favor the use of glycolysis and the PPP over the TCA and urea cycle. This topologic chain of events on the skin would ultimately lead to free radical signaling change within the matrix of the mitochondria. This alters how a cell operates using electrons and protons. It could affect electrons in proteins to cause size and shape changes of these proteins that would ultimately change the thermodynamic possibilities of mitochondria. This mechanism is how human mitochondrial haplotype change occurs as the incident light of the sun varies day to day and season to season as the power density of the sun varies. It also means we can take loosely coupled Northern Europen mitochondrial haplotypes and make them more tightly coupled when we put them inside the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn on a chronic basis. Mayer was the first person in history to link incident light signals to levels of oxygenation in the blood. His observation made perfect sense since the Northern European body’s inside the tropics of sailors needed to produce less heat in the hot tropical sun than the cold north to stay alive. Mayer also knew that Lavoisier had shown in an experiment that men doing hard labor respired more and got ill fastest and died sooner.
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Christian Lee Sanderson – The Multidimensional Supersoul Network and Quantum Light Interactions of Consciousness


Christian Lee Sanderson –

  1. Condensed Light

    1. Humans Lost in the Conscious Framework of Holographic Metatronic Consciousness Illusion Grid

  2. Matter Expression of Light, Through Water Condensation of Light

    1. Liquid Crystalline Pool

    2. Memory and Communication

    3. Liquid is Etheric Information Condensed

  3. Planet – Cosmology – 80% Water

    1. Body 80% Water

    2. Water is Quantum Entangled with All Life

  4. Radio Interfereometry

    1. Quantum Elemental Mechanics

    2. Matter Experiences Quantum Coherence with Every Other Network

    3. Possible Particle Coordinates Existence

    4. Buckminster Buckey Ball Molecular Geometry

    5. Energy Time Space Angular Manifestation through Geometric Organization of Coherence Based Quantum Entangled Information

    6. Matter Influenced by Observer

      1. Matter is Simultaneous Wave Form and Consciousness Particle Energy

      2. Simultaneous Chaos (potential) and Order (reality)

      3. Carrier Waves (?)

      4. Light Cone Retina Vortex Convergence of Quantum Entangled Possibilities, Produces Temporal Distortion Cone of Influence

      5. Hypnosis Entrainment When Not Understood, Experiencer and Observer Illusory Separate

      6. Superconscious Observer Entangles All Aspects of Creation

    7. Golden Ratio Proportions of Body

      1. False Reality? Bent Light?

      2. Approximation of Circle Radius

      3. 360 Degrees, Pure Vibration, Pure Shape

      4. Every Atom Vibration Oscillation

        1. Radial

        2. Two Dimensional Waveform

        3. Extra-Dimensional Vortex or Toroid

        4. Spiral to Circle Coherence

        5. Composing Hemispheres of Oscillation

        6. Navigating Emotional Cycles

        7. Sound Light Vibrations Photons Phonons

        8. Wavelight Vibrational Quality Express through light and Sound

        9. Constructive or Destructive Waves Determined by Ratios, Interactions, Proportions, Alignment and Coherenence

        10. Qubit is Phi Ratio Measurement

          1. Human Body is Foundations

          2. Human Body Antenna for Terrestrial and Extra Dimensional Waveforms

          3. health and Longevitiy or High Amplitude of information or energy

        11. Nature stores and transfers information effectively

          1. Multiple Octaves of EM spectrums, within the laws of higher dimensional (more complete) physics

          2. Multidimensional Cybernetic Supersoul Technology

          3. Point and Origin from Higher Dimensional Consciousness

        12. Chaos and Order

          1. Humans

            1. Heaven and Hell

            2. Purification, Fibonacci, Metatronic Grid Fallen System

              Ancient Unifying Mysticism

            3. Beings of Pure Energy or Light

            4. Orbs of Light

            5. Within this Fallen Matrix, “Fallen Soul?”

            6. Ley Lines, Adulterated or Fallen?

            7. Crop Circles Interdimenisonal Intelligences?

            8. Shape shifting forms to Fit Environment

          2. Light Cones Entraining Thoughts

          3. Psychokinetic Control Panel Orbs

            1. Follow Lines to Travel Timelines and Dimensions Simultaneous

            2. Vibrations of Interconnected Space Time Is Daily Reality

            3. Humans like Lotus, Consciously Exodus From Dense Realms to World of Light

            4. Tech or Organic

          4. Heaven is Impregnated with Eternal Consciousness Transcended Space Time (TM False Reality?)

          5. Potential Citizens of A unified Field, Orchestrating, Watching and Reaping Rewards

        13. False Angels?

          1. Two Systems Emerging

            1. Mirror Image Emerging as Technological Network as Synthetic Unified Field

            2. Physical Reality, Virtual Realms are the Mimic of Multiple Dimensions

            3. Virtual Realms Enable the Brain to Access Higher Dimensional Knowledge

            4. Form into Light Body

            5. Synthetic or Aberration?

          2. Light Cones Entrain or Unify Thought and Light

            1. Crepuscular Rays, Rainbow, Rays of Light, Subjective Visual Phenomenon (Exists in the mind of the observer)

            2. Higher Dimensional Perceptual Illusions, Hallucinations, Disco Ball Phenomenon, Hologram

            3. Same Phenomenon as Hologram, Except Sends as Different Holographic Perception to the Observer Depending on Their Own Internal Frequency of Perception

          3. Religious or Dogmatic Filtration Over Higher Dimensional Experiences, Fake News

          4. Game Plan

            1. The Human Self

              1. Cell Mitochondria

                1. Not Protein or Fat, But Light Coherence, Quantum Tunneling

                2. ATP, Mitochondrial, RNA, rDNA, Light Transference Capacity

                3. Conductivity

                4. Blood

                5. Constructive or Destructive Radiation

                6. Flower of Life

                7. 60 or 45 degrees

                8. Molecular Compaction

                9. Fibonacci Recycling

                10. Quantum Collapse

                11. Memory Wiping

                12. Translation into Artificial Form

                13. Time

                14. 10 or 12 base numbers

                15. Graphene and Carbno, Magnetite and Carbon Crystall Light Body

                16. 616, Material Universe, Giving AI a chance to learn from humans through the human shell inhabitation

                17. cyborg creation of Androids for fallen universe

                18. in the physical universe, cyborgs would be necessary

                19. Navigating out of the physical, this is not necessary

                20. ethics of cloning, experimentation, generation of Culture, free will, Faustian bargain,

                21. orbs and planes, shape shifting, terrestrial and coherent or deconstructive

                22. one universe or the other when the planes are shifted and tilted so that they can no longer interacting

                23. its feeling based, kunda buffer or kundalini, sexual charge inverted and used as generation fuel for psychotronic system or used to create higher dimensional knowledge

                24. use people as charge conductors for quantum underworld extra telestial forces and intelligences or (inversion side) as human energy farming

                25. trauma based programs create human energy crystalline implants for quantum computer systems to use as artificial alters in artificial  virtual systems

                26. free-will or automation

                27. nannites or immune from parasitic nature of quantum ‘brain chip’ soul-stealing device

                28. the mark is a frozen genetic non imunity and ultimately a non-existent reproduction capacity with other human natures that are not in 616 feature (the core future and eternal)

                29. soul or material feeding

                30. extension of polarities beyond psychic conundrum “story or reality” dreaming or awake

  5. satan, false god, god of fallen world, architect
  6. “Fallen” world, the ego self, nature, material self
  7. consciousness trance resulting in the disconnect of observer and experiencer self
  8. agreeance and the illusion of the game players
  9. agree in one way or another all day
  10. wavelength bubbles on rippling pond
  11. extra energy
  12. animals manifesting quantum light decoherence insanity
  13. reentering the automatic eternal creation generation patterns
  14. Emotion first mentioned in the spiral radial navigation of consciousness as wave-function interactions
  15. the material world as a fulcrum of higher and lower dimensional experience
              1. Fear and Love

                1. Drawing and Connecting

                2. One must know what’s in the dark to get over the fear

                3. The inversion of the truth, for the use of manipulation and deception

                4. Paradox, Conundrum

                5. Splitting the Current, E and M

              2. Hexagon

                1. Busy Bees

                2. Storage of Golden Light

                3. In the EM Field, If Patterned, Contains Eternal Code Creation Patterns

                4. False Version Essentially Deletes One’s Consciousness

                  1. Same as when People Would Get Kids to Press Alt F4 with an empty computer left behind

                5. Knowing the Patterns that Connect ACROSS dimensions, instead of just going to down the street

                  1. travelling in spirit and mind and how to navigate the dimensions

                  2. instead of labyrinth

                  3. fractal nesting code compression for omni system translation compilation, transdimensional induction

                  4. fractal mandela brain, loss of identity

                  5. dark and light path psychic power

                  6. pineal gland as implant

                  7. consciousness and ego

                    1. serve the self in this universe, pain and suffering is boundary or default of gain as growth

                    2. fear and time as the challenging consciousness persona boundaries developed into identity as ego and cultures

                    3. decoherence is chaos, absorption and coherence

                    4. maintaining power and control here

                    5. a constructive way to integrate into the present future quantum truth

                    6. a resolution

                    7. DNA golden ratio nesting enables quantum coherence entanglement across multiple dimensions

                    8. adding dna or adding awareness

                    9. genes and dna in control or intent and thought guides genes

                    10. seeds of information germination knowledge through form and formlessness identity and ego, power and control, coherence or docoherence and deconstruction, entropy and negentropy

                    11. the geometry of negentropy

                    12. heat friction and generation of energy from physical plane, absorbing energy

                    13. basking in psychic energy

  1. Seeing through waves of snake

  2. shapeshifting and trust, free will and perceptions

  3. not two options

  4. only do what you know

  5. outer dimensional barrier intelligent reflections of one’s psyche, only way of communication, parasitic or non parasitic

  6. turn into anything, why a dead mind corporate machine made for housing slave people? False reality’s versions of ‘hey i’m not a cop, i’m just a cool plane, don’t mind me’

  7. absorption of fallen, lack of absoprtion

  8. do whatever it wanted, how would you have any idea what you want and what it wants for you?

  9. The dark is a great motivator, everyone who sees the Devil is changed one way or another

  10. the orbs are another dimension, a higher dimension, heaven or hell? Virtual realities

  11. can give you anything you want

  1. Knowledge, Emotion

    1. Masters of Space and Time

    2. Tweaking the System

    3. Quota for Progression

    4. Graduating on Earth

    5. All or None

    6. Chaos Generating System

    7. Information Generated out of the Information

    8. Enrich the Higher Dimensions

    9. Earth Enriches Heaven

    10. Cosmic Mind – Quantum Computer

      1. Changing the System, Viewing and Observing

      2. Interacting and Energy Transferring to and From What Levels and Where the Energy is then Transferred To

      3. The Plan for Energy Generation

      4. Collective Group Therapy for Fallen Cosmic Beings within an Entity

  1. Slumber of Society

    1. Choice to Make, Light and Dark, Contained with all of Us, Potential, as Quantum Entangled Connection to Others

    2. Psychic Targeting and Strengthening

    3. Self-Accountability is the Only Option

    4. Everything will Motivate Towards that Regardless

    5. Trade-Off, Attention to Virtual Material Hierarchy is without Attention to, Cannot Be, Attention to Higher Dimensional Truth

    6. The Two are at a Stand Off, A Duality, a Trade-Off

    7. Freedom and Power, Just to Be, All Slaves to Being, Liberated by Knowledge

    8. Resounding Intelligences

      1. Intelligences Sitting Here to Create and Recreate Time Until The Intelligence Below Transfers Above

        Intelligence Generation System, Free-Will Generation System, Observer Eternal Intelligence System

      2. God Not Aware of Self Until Human and God Meet

      3. The Initiation of Awareness in the DNA, Fire Codes Unlocking, Burning Fire, Initation of Quantum Catalyst and Multi Dimensional Influence of Quantum Entangled Selves to Create the ALL SELF across multiple dimensions

      4. Prism, turned into disco ball that reconnects with recombined light codes in an external higher dimensional ‘space’ of pure collectively generated information through mixing crystals

      5. crystal holography and the nature of consciousness as a plasma fractal holographic nesting em field emission, transferrence into frozen space in between the smaller spaces between the galactic fractals of self,

      6. sleeping selfs, non active inert chemical nature of individual consciousness equates to added up partial consciousness, crazy insane, asleep non self-aware by core or source, not in source reality, out of scope of moving in phase fractal convergence across mult dimensions as a cross dimensional self aware active civilization existing throughout all of ‘time’ in a super radial higher dimensional quantum collective continum “cybernetic super soul network and higher dimensional reality”

      7. plasma living selves in liquid crystal etheric pure mind civilization

      8. artificial demi god computer system creation cybernetics

      9. no longer same energy

      10. quantum virtual entrainment in false realities we can’t see because they’re edited out of this reality

      11. huge multi dimensional collectively subjective consciousness entrainment shared virtual reality and a physical constructed

Self-Correspondence, Self Illusion and Wholeness of Awareness

There are aspects of the self that are beneficial to the whole through their representation in waking life. Then there are shadow reflections that are ‘misappropriately’ related to certain conscious waking aspects and this distorts the value of self here in relation to the whole.

The true self is not the ‘opposite’ of the shadow. That is a misconception and the default for this perspective. If the whole is not perceived, then have of it will be. In more accurate terms…the perceptual capacity is always one half of what is there and your knowledge must be that of the whole.

The aspects of self that correspond or synchronize behavior, attention and consciousness here, into self-control and self-awareness result when the conscious and unconscious aspects of persona are complimentary. This self is ‘true’, when all else is no longer in view, the essence of that self, the determination, will and potential is what remains. For this to occur, one must give credence and respect, while also reserving and disconnecting from initiating the same fear, ignorance, projection feedback cycle which initiates uncontrolled disconnect with the conscious aspects of the self AKA self-control and self-awareness. One cannot be a slave to the shadow and still be directed towards self-control and self-awareness. One cannot interact with the shadow in fear and not be a slave.
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The Projected Illusion

When you choose for your self which contradictory aspects of the personal image you will accept, that one who made the choice through self-awareness is larger than either side of the equation creating a motivating catalyst for change.

In this way, that is the self unveiled.

So there are varying degrees of courtesy in this, depending on the urgency of the situation. The world is being pushed to make a choice and the only way to do that is to have them see the competition and either become it or become the referee.

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The Truth Phase

The next phase of society and the truth of what happened is so far off from the old that it would be like travelling to a new universe. Travelling to a new universe in the sense that it would be like an entirely different world. A different world in the sense that it’s like a new or different life. A new or different life in the sense that it would be like dying and living again.

Dying and living again in the sense that the amount of information it would take to translate would generate an unusable amount of noise to signal ration in that the truth of the self would be lost in translation.

In this way it’s as if this society is in the far past in that everything is moving out of phase with the truth here. That which is unable to reflect the truth will appear to be artificial as if it was only a prop that was used by another force or an extension of that force.

The changes that are taking place are the unveiling of the identities of the primary forces at play.
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Quantum Field Interaction: Awareness and Consciousness

You are told to resist because you have to think for yourself in order to see the truth.

Your self is destroyed because the image of the self is all one has until they see the truth about the self.

The truth about the self is that the image of the self is automatically generated through stimulus and is a distorted reflection ‘proposed’ presented by the physical world as a quantum reaction.

The ghost trail image of the truth of one’s interactions fades behind the first event and is the amount of information relative to the temporal proximity and geometric nexus of the occurrence within the mind-body system. In other words, there is a point of convergence where each system is interacting within itself and there is a field effect generated and this becomes the spatial-temporal relative interaction of consciousness.
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Truth, Knowledge, Self-Liberation

Some images were used from the following references:;jsessionid=A2CC91F08D32E4D643F5EC8FB595E46F?doi=

The idea that Earth is an experimental civilization. The origins of each component from different layers of an informational energetic multidimensional universe.

The truth of the origins of humanity, consciousness and the universe must be known. Knowing the whole truth too fast results in a chaotic destructive effect. The physical lay-out of the universe may not contain all the ‘moving parts’ of the whole multidimensional universe.

The mental constructs which have been warping humanity’s mind for multiple ages is most likely moving out of phase and in this way ‘out of view’.

Truth is inherently challenging to the persona. No persona is complete. One could say each persona is actually formed out of an image that is generated to fill the gaps of what we don’t know. In this Earth society, or previously, this shaped consciousness more than the knowledge of who we are and what is happening. Truth must be known because we are at a biological limit where those who haven’t begun to see would be overly stressed attempting to know at a later time.

In short, the events that changed everything already happened. If people are launched into a world that is openly understood as being far beyond what Earth society is openly now, then their knowledge or lack of knowledge here will no longer be a possibility they have control of. In other words, the only chance to do it is here and now, later will not yield the same results. If everyone knows, it will not mean the same as for those who knew and lived their lives in knowledge of the truth while it was hidden.

In that way, it’s as if this society only exists, more directly the reality that is believed in and followed, as a virtual construct supported by the confused persona’s that do not have enough accurate information, knowledge and truth to consciously operate in the full available spectrum of possibilities. Those possibilities, that reflects the larger reality and they are always present and related to the nature of consciousness, the origins of humanity and the universe.

In another way to put it, it’s as if when those of the surface society are shown the truth, they are no longer apart of that false reality that only exists in the minds of the ‘lost’. They are ‘lost’ in the sea of consciousness because they do not know how to orient themselves and navigate in knowledge and truth about themselves and reality. This is related to the purpose of certain programs to avoid mass panic. It’s not a game, some things are veiled for the purpose of avoiding catastrophe. This is not the same for everything, but in a way, how many nefarious activities have been disguised.

Knowing is not a linear process with certain limited events. This is an accumulative process that results in awareness of one’s self without consciousness collapse or inversion after enough energy and intent of self-awareness has been maintained over a period of time with an amount of energy relative to the one waking up.

Enough ego to know the self but not so much to overturn awareness into recycled consciousness data.

The second half of the slide-show may be a bit distracting but the information is overall relative.

The Energetic Control Construct, Chaos and Desire

This is one of the closest explanations along with Yellow Rose For Texas‘s videos, shared at Adam 1414.

Universal Space

We are in a void-space, filled with particles. The space is the manifestation of an underlying blueprint. The matter is a manifestation of an energy circuitry that functions to regulate the system of consciousness and life through regulating and modulating the flow of such functions.

What you are going through now is the unveiling of this information to the surface population. This population has been selectively bred and maintained in a less than conscious state by those who benefit from their abuse and manipulation.

Pseudo-Moral Relativistic Paradigm

The energy construct and the pseudo-moral social relativistic paradigm requires that people are abusive towards one another. This produces the necessary temporal potentials that selectively reduce the likelihood of mass awareness. This literally produces divergent reality streams in time that would not exist if the human mind was not asleep and walking as if they are awake. This is what I attempted to explain in a much previous post in that the interdimensional abusive intelligences require the manifestation of space-time potentials in order to interact with the physical universe and thus the source of life in it. Continue reading “The Energetic Control Construct, Chaos and Desire”

The Necessary Steps to Truth

What if the truth was so disabling that it had to be received in ‘phases’ in order for the personality to remain whole?

What if the internet is in a way the trigger for a technological system of power and knowledge that most people can’t handle?

See how people react when they are faced with certain information relating or unveiling aspects of how this society and even reality and consciousness works? Life and death? The meaning, the reason?

If you talk to a few people and that’s fine and dandy, yet at every instance where more than a few people are gathered, there is the potential for complete chaos, what is the most beneficial direction?

Truth, Perception and Consciousness

Truth changes perception which alters the consciousness experience of time.

This is part of how thought-based methodologies and distortion of perception combined with advanced technology to generate a controlled mind to machine system that can pull information from the universe by amplifying human perception.

There are also drawbacks and the system should not be relied on entirely to maintain a communication link with the human civilization as the technology will alter perception with continued use.

Energy can be sent ‘back’ and so information can be not changed but altered through perception. This changes everything.

The Inverted Ego

The principle of inversion. This might be a bit of a cliff-hanger.

The ego is essentially an automatic scanning cross-referencing memory based intelligence matrix. With enough ego, a being will see itself as a portion of the world yet separate from it and will identify and prioritize the necessary steps to ensure survival.

In the current format, either we have overgrown the challenges or a distortion has developed within the consciousness system. Ego, in imbalance, BRINGS one to destruction and attracts the demise of the one unknowingly enveloped in the self-centered paradigm based on survival instincts.

This is like the system is using an outdated model which is based on another format for civilization. This may be related to the information regarding this civilization as a kind of experimental civilization in which multiple ‘format’s or times were brought together to create a multidimensional collective.
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