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Martin Geddes Speaks




Stolen Means

Craft Technology was stolen.

They stay above and come down to rape the population.

The rules have changed and (AKA humans are no longer slaves, because they woke up) and this is an act of war against humanity.

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Loss of Emotional Stability (Just Blend Right In)

None of this is in angst, none of this is in anger. I guess I can’t believe they’re actually gonna tell the truth…and stop themselves from being put into cryo or an incinerator.

They cannot control their emotions.

They use fake spirituality as kindness as a means of dissociating you further.

IF they claim to be victims of some super mystical causal occurrence called ‘life’ instead of their lack of control and self awareness, they are the invaders.

They spent the previous age underground learning how to mimic humans.

They can only mimic, if you make up a dance, that’s how you greet people, which involves shaking your genitals in the streets and every human is wide eyed with the program, yet they happily dance around like that’s all of the sudden the thing to do…it doesn’t mean their genetics are awesomely vague and malleable. It means they don’t have a baseline consciousness to form true awareness and everything is an ‘opinion’ to them.

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Natural Shape

Failed Ex peer i ment

They’re demons. They’re from the underworld. They can’t feel human emotion. They can read your thoughts. They specifically plant objects, events, scenarios to try to kill your emotional field and replace your mind with their intentions. This is part of a ‘taplining’ process. Everything you’ve set up and has been planned for you. They can’t see the ‘meaning’ behind this, that someone loves you, and they think peanuts are falling out of the sky and it’s their best duty to steal all your shit and confuse you. It’s like an animal mind hyperevolved. They can’t trust you and always consider you below them, simply because you have a human trait in your DNA. They can only use fear or pleasure lust. They fake anger as rage. They cannot have righteous anger, there is no substance no meaning, they’re mimics. They have no spines. There is literally no backbone in their force of mind. They seep in and around and then let their toxic mentality do its work. Put to ‘work’ or through some ‘definition’ process, there is literally no one there. This is what was found. Secretly a portion of the population sought to take over and destroy the rest of the population by implantation and hosting. They can’t see that there is a soul that could suffer from this. There is no higher functioning. Someone released a virus that created them. They require darkness to survive. They hold a base and literally suck the darkness. If you can find where all the ‘good vibrations’ are going, or maybe the dark ones you find the bases, the implants, the lines. They can’t see themselves. So if you lay a trap for them based on freq signature alone, and entangle that with the truth of its own nature it will defeat itself automatically.

Brian Tate Speaks


Rebranding Attempts Re{write} the Script

Choose your Response

Responding to hate with kindness for abuse is like holding up a sign saying, “Will work for punishment.”

Don’t be someone else’s entertainment.


Think ON

Save Humanity

It’s a system set up to play on your insecurities. If you stop to listen and decide to banter with the corruption and idiocy, it will use up all your energy. Life is like a continuous fractal fan blade timespace printer. The total banter disables higher awareness above. Every system has been weaponized. That is how deep this goes. They did this to program everyone’s subconscious to never forget victimhood. They did THAT to program the next life. Not reincarnation, literally the rest of life in existence. Call it the Most High, call it Truth, Heaven, the One. They wanted to corrupt the totality of existence to make their rule permanent. They did this through corrupting DNA. Everyone on this planet has a virus that was released decades ago and has infected all life. The previous 200 years could’ve been closer to 2000. Everything was rewritten. PLEASE LISTEN