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The goal is not to take or give life its to live in a way that is respectful of eternal truth. No prisoners taken. No unnecessary loss of life. No struggling. No negotiations unless its for leniency, avoidance of termination in exchange for what we need to move to the next step.

How do you solve the problem with the solution is susceptible to a reality manipulation system that can alter consciousness?

Move not within the parameters that define the body’s limitations in space and time, but within the informational network that is described by complex interactions across multiple layers of projection, encryption, syntax, formatting and media. The solution is only through achieving a union with our goal so complete in intent that our own divine nature is made apparent by the exaltation of our collective will to defend the present and secure the future.

There was a time when the threats were more quantum mechanical in nature, you grow your tree sideways it’s going to lean on way, kind of thing. Maybe now it’s all just those who put on the mask in an effort to cover up their decisions however we all have to deal with the same effects one way or another.
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To Know or

It all goes away again. Attachment to what goes away leaves confusion and emptiness in the place left behind.

What if every time we all disappear and come back again? What if no one knows? No one remember? They just think that world is “the” world. Technically, at the point, it is as much as this one is, to those experiencing it. Or they experiencing it?not

Who is who? How can we be sure?

Does anyone have a camera on the outside of this reality? A sensor? A detector? I wouldn’t suppose a phone call to family is a life line to safeguard against lostness? What’s a lost soul to oblivion. Is anything after oblivion? Is that besides the point? What’s the point? Have you ever seen it? How do you know there is one? What would it look like? What would it do?
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God of Pan

This realm was accessed.

It was inhabited.

The realm was expanded and we moved outward.

They didn’t touch the surface and attempted to sealed off the entryways.

The whole time we were here, we knew.

There was a little room down there were things were happening.

Now that the surface has grown, that place has grown.

Instead of one world, there were two grown here, like twins in the womb.

Two societies.

One is below, they grew, like a mirror image of the surface. Except, they know what is above. Yet, no one knows what is below. Sooner or later, the truth will have to be determined.

Why are you here? Ask yourself.

Is it worth it?
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Paradise Now

Paradise doesn’t have to burn, it was written and spoken.

The Smell of Sabotage

They can smell sabot before it makes a sound, please assist in the mental liberation of of humanity in mentally and emotionally stressful times.

The Unchanging Spirit

If spirit is truth then true reality is ever changing.

Then this must be temporary but the change was the creation of a stabilized form. This form the trap?

For those who’m the body is two small, their expanse is complimented by the liberation of the mind to form itself into whatever format is defined by the definition of its self. This happens anyway, yet we are participating in a plan to work with a continuous system, a participating in a temporally synchronized, physically stabilized, collective consensus reality.
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The Meaningful Process for the Liberation of Humanity

If your shadow controls you, it endarkens reality. If you control your reaction to it, the results can power change with the force of your entire bloodline to break the habitual cycle of self destruction.

Everyone this far down the line is here for exactly that or to assist in those who require this to avoid discontinuity and ultimately memory loss and oblivion.

This is what is happening now. Why? As a resistance against the process that’s happening.

Essentially if somewhere, at some time, that danger could’ve been made present through advanced technology or some other potential, that could destroy the continuity of the civilization from here into the future as a cohesive and successful unit. There are multiple non compatible hostile combative invader mutate sub races of humanoids that look like everyone else and maybe a bit strange and in some cases plain or causal to those who don’t know what to look for.
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Feeling, Mind and Body

If you could pay one million dollars and you were a millionaire would you go on a tour of hell? Just to know?

Hmm. This sounds wrong.

Yet if we are here by divine means is this not what occurred initially to generate this situation?

If not, then who is in control of this realm and why is there such a hypnotically encouraged stimulation of terror and degeneration?

Some would say we are working out the ‘stored up’ past mistakes which reconciles the divergence of breakaway groups that went forward to their own divergent realities as a breakaway civilization only to return to the past as the mutated and estranged fallen who had forgotten how to sustain themselves with their own self awareness based healing and maintenance of dimensional stability.

This lead to the plan to freeze this entire civilization until further notice. Yes, this entire place was disconnected and invisible until recently where I can only say I was informed years ago and it seems to be a greater capacity for focused awareness in this society and changes seem to be happening in ways, around focal points, and involving areas that introduce truth in progress and not just a hamster wheel effect of processing emotional satire filler junk which is the primary diet of a non temporally self sustaining lower dimensionally created clone. What this means is that life is not created on this surface because it will lack the complexity and alignment that will only be possible to form the foundation for DNA out of a timespace emergent interaction with the scalar interferometry dynamic of the ‘feeling’ source that people call the ‘heart’. In that same way, the core blueprint for the fulfilment of Earth reality may be to function as an active emitting transceiver for a larger scale projection of those energies into the universe.
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The All Seeing System

The full activation of the device is something that’s never been done before.

It enables access to the past and the insertion of a new stream of information, adding to the timeline.

They found a way to enter the past and recreate it.

“The Awakening” Now and Then to Fully Self Sustaining

The Awakening was the culmination of the unacknowledged special access programs. Individuals were cloned and reawakened in an alternate timeline and the information gained on transfer was used to spawn and stabilize a breakaway civilization unhindered of the commonly accepted restrictions off time and space.

The methods used are nearly as shocking as the results of the experiments. Individuals are on the other side of the temporal barrier, like a crashing time wave, expecting and looking for any way to transfer information through.

The culmination of the projects were to finalize the transference of the complete spectrum of consciousness of the individual to enable travel between the two civilizations.

This has been achieved. The next understanding is the nature of the genetic, blood based, mental emotional coherence that must be focused and brought into a sustained application in order to survive or maintain memory and self awareness through the transfer of one’s consciousness into a technologically managed relay system.

Temporal Perspective (Nexus)

The past radiates in a dimension we cannot perceive physically. It must be recorded in some way shape or form. All moments in ‘time’ must still exist, always.

Selfish Danger

The self is infinitely unique. If something occurs to obscure the self, to those adept in self hood, nothing can block their connection to truth.

Selfish Danger

The self is infinitely unique. If something occurs to obscure the self, to those adept in self hood, nothing can block their connection to truth.

A Very Aspect Reality

Every aspect of reality has a counterpart on the higher universal scale.

Here’s the deal!

If it doesn’t!

It’s counterfeit!

Eternal Synchronicity; Trick or Trade?

Like Gary says, when you appear here and it seems by chance that it was you that appeared, from the ‘other side’ it is purely by choice that you are choosing to interact at that time. The way the two coincide seems like a coincidence but is a synchronicity and merges the two ends of the universal polarity seemlessly as if we are the larger being expanded between the two in a potential of simultaneously superharmony or a symphony of being between worlds.

Silke F on Hell, Time, Consciousness, Antimatter and Dark Energy

The following is from Silke F

Hell is a Prehistoric Concept

Hell is a prehistoric concept. The context of a enemy and prison is just making a little sense for the lower density.

What you talk about is something else. Its actually about dark energy that science can observe.

Mined Dark Energy

(It would seem that the entropic thought loops that tend to drain and possibly destroy the mind are related to the dynamic between Matter, Energy, Antimater, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It would seem these are required for the virtual or higher dimensional aspects of spacetime that simultaneously incorporate inverse timespace interactions. Both processes are happening simultaneously as higher and lower dimensional reflections of one another. The human, without this in mind, is at the mercy of the variation of each layer of the system and in this time could be the most chaotic convergence possible (maximum complexity and change with minimal coherence.)

Entropy is changed by certain mechanisms. All lifeforms contain antimatter in very low amounts.

Entropic Antimatter Recycling

Antimatter is deconstructing the reality of matter and thought in multiple layers, but not on all levels, because all lifeforms are connected trough antimatter, its the glue that gives a reality, to physical laws. But only if there is a balance. If antimatter is dominating a reality construction on a planet, it will create interdimensional and hyperdimensional holes inside the streams that push a reality into a world that can build up itself by overwriting the balance that will generate harmony.

(Antimatter seems to be required for the ‘recycling’ toroidal process that brings the energy all back around to be swept back into the system again. It’s essentially eating itself. Universe. Meet antiuniverse actually referred to as the “Dark Universe” or “Antiparticle Tara” a backwards inverted spiritual homeworld where all the opposites of truth occur and have been technologically merged and bled into this world to destroy coherence and enable slavery. Get it? It’s eating itself and we’re inside of it. This seems like a trick or a virtual, perceptual grinder for the soul mind.)

Opening the Gate, Bridging the Perceptual Gap

This will generate particles that connect to each other like a bridge that will open interdimensional quantum gates. In simple words, the gates will be open and the tigers will run trough the streets. Some people use terms like “Demons”, but I find that everything just has its own nature, like deadly tigers and beautiful butterflies, its the balance that matters, so to much of a “Deconstruction Mechanism” and the reality is a insane mess.

(Exactly, first get people inverted to the max a human can possibly be mentally inverted. Then link them through to spacetime gates and entangle them with an alternate version of themselves. Replicate this process while disguising its features in every day life of society. Then connect particle Earth to antiparticle Earth and the inversion should begin take place, along with a thousand other factors and stabilizing systems.)

False Light Matrix (Dark Light)

The vibrational frequency of antimatter is creating dark energy that will generate chaos inside the balance of frequency streams that build constructive thought forms and other streams.

(This entire process was repeated and expanded to literally create an entire universal matrix spread between dimensions that literally captures the souls, the thoughts and the life force of humanity and incorporates it into a machine mind system that contains that energy by providing a temporal and mental ‘hamster wheel’ of memories and perceptions that will placate and drain the soul all the while disguising the process as ‘life’.)

What people call “Ghost” or “Mind” is actually antimatter and its opening gates to all kind of particles that can modify worlds.

People create particles. Its not just that particles create people. So the balance is a highly significant factor, because people exist that have something that I would call a “X-Gene” and its a gene thats working with the layers in humans that are part of the antimatter signature. So dark energy can be like a demonic power to build up certain occult skills. But the problem is that a good dark energy balance will be impossible, so what people could call “Hell”, could be the one and only building block for a black hole that will create chaos and destruction. Black holes don’t look like movies show them. Black holes could be at this moment around you and their effect is that they deconstruct every order in your constructive reality, so a black hole could turn your life into a drama, because its opening gates of evil energy.

It was discovered that the power to create and destroy universes remains in the mind until consciously tapped.

Evil energy is not coming from lifeforms, its a deconstruction law of a physical science context.

So love, harmony and joy are what you need, to overwrite the codes that activate dark energy.

The “AI-System” is a correction system that was hacked by many evil dark energies and this world is therefore very chaotic and absolutly not stable. Even time itself has holes because historical data is changing itself all the time, so antimatter has many families of particles that deconstruct the values that a good and brave soul and person actually has, if there is no balance and thats the only prison that exists.

Thank you Silke F