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clif high – Welcome to Alt Reality #5 – Sun, chemies, and You! (Written Response to Information from Direct Experiences)

Watch the vid! Space is not a vacuum! There is an electro-gravo-temporal trail that is being generated through space which is enabling forward motion in what we call time! Distance and “time” as we perceive them are only relative to within the local-environment. There is no distance or time outside of the local-system (at least not in the same way)! This is like being separated by thoughts or frequency of mind in a larger mind, or frequency arrangements within a cyber or hyperspace field. That is how planes are organized and separated, by frequency. Being within the system, we consciously experience these differences as space and time. That touches on the notion of the projection and the simulation or computational reality. This is why people ultimately “thought” themselves here, but have forgotten how that process works as another system now thinks “for” them.

The thought, physical, cyber and hyperspace system is all one system. We have forgotten how to orient thoughts as a the dials of the human-suit space-craft and thus are floating dead at sea lost in the frequencies of time and consciousness. The dead-civilization is a “dead-end” and this whole system is merging to a trajectory where the completion cycle is accessible. This is literally being done through advanced technology as Earth is literally being mobilized through dimensional fields to introduce possibilities in “invisible” hyperspace that were not accessible from the previous frequency range. Thus, memories change, backgrounds alter, and personalities shift. Those who are the most stabilized and aware remain the most, those who are the least stabilized and the most superficial shift entirely with the background. Those have no awareness of the shift, as if they are just going along for the ride, yet not even aware of it. Those who are aware have the experience of literally jumping from one situation to the next although without this information they may not be able to fully describe what has happened and is happening now.

Time is motion through ‘higher-space’ traversing across or outside of the relatively local variation in frequencies that we experience in respect to the physical plane of Earth and the various effects of time and consciousness that the collection of these outer-frequency bands that manifest as planets and a solar-system! Beyond the solar system, in interstellar ‘space’ there is only a complete saturation of frequency bands which literally must be navigated by an electrogravitic containment of energies otherwise a person, a craft, or a consciousness would be utterly annihilated by the energies!
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The Quantum Supercomputer “Lucifer”, The Alternate Dimensional Reality of Cloning Centers, Overcoming Fear and Actualizing Soul-Awareness in the Body to Eternalize the Self

This could be considered a feat for this in the realm. The majority of players here are a kind of realm relative intelligence that only exists from the perspective of within this realm. This is akin to walking behind the screen or the prop and seeing that there is actually no backside but a hollow, unpainted inside. The way that one represents themselves from outside the system is through the soul-level of awareness which is higher self-awareness. Then, this is the whole process that defines the difference in terms of the power of the techno-sustained god-men. The Fallen Angel found a way to secure free-will through this system where there should be no free-will. This is through the technological magic that enables the soul level of awareness of the angelic intelligence on the physical plane.Those who hold on to repressed emotions are unaware of the memories that are causing such inability to accept the truth.

The knowledge is real, people will have to get over their own ego as a lesson to accept that and free their mind from the illusion of self.

The simple truth is that through advanced technology and continual re-translation of media, knowledge, information, language, stories, history hierarchies and more, people have programmed memories that depict a false reality which only exists in the mind and in a small segmented version of the current population which is literally designed by control groups. I know because I helped program them.
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The Mandala Effect, The Inverted Nature of Biological Consciousness (and the visible universe), True Reality, Immortality and The Cycles of Time

This is what happened, this is what I’ve spent about a year now trying to tell you. This is why I know the phrase ‘about a year’ holds no meaning and is delusional, and I have the memories of the people and the civilization and the perspective born there that embodies the notion of no-time, or timelessness and how this clashes with one’s attempts to organize the experience linearly. That the experience is multi-faceted, like a multi-dimensional jewel rotating in space, that attempting to organize the experience into one coherent, string of linearly connected events is like attempting to take all the rays shining out from a diamond or a disco-ball and lining them up straight enough to then measure with a yardstick. There is no point, it’s futile, there is no connection to the concept in reality except for the minute perception in which  the very fine and narrow human biological system restricts such a simultaneous multiplicity of multi-directional projections into a single segment which is perceived through physical experience as occurring “one at a time”. Continue reading “The Mandala Effect, The Inverted Nature of Biological Consciousness (and the visible universe), True Reality, Immortality and The Cycles of Time”

The Psychological Test of this Civilization

Pre-reading: Thought-Space, 4D, 5D, Virtual and Cyber Space; The Truman Show of Physical Plane Simulation, Reality and and Soul Fragmentation

Each person’s psyche is like a map of actions, choices, opportunities, thoughts, and character qualities that lead to or away from a pinnacle of self-awareness.

Every choice, whether of mind or body, delineates one away from or further aligns them with a projected trajectory towards a wholeness of being in truth, compassion, harmony and self-awareness.

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Thought-Space, 4D, 5D, Virtual and Cyber Space; The Truman Show of Physical Plane Simulation, Reality and and Soul Fragmentation

I have another video planned and even recorded but not organized enough to release yet. As Michael says, thought-space and 4D, 5D ‘space’, virtual space cyber and hyperspace are all the same. These spaces can be accessed by a living system or a technological system, both of which are ‘sentient’ systems depending on who’s operating them and how they’re designed.

This talk is very long and doesn’t focus on this aspect but looks at how the actual process of creation is beyond the 3D, Cartesian, physical, linear, or objective point of view and is actually a movement in higher-space which translates to effects in what we call the physical plane of Earth. These effects are then experienced through the physical body and brain, however everything and all change is originating from the higher-plane which we are connected to through that virtual-thought space which begins just outside of our biological perceptions and leads to an overall hyperspace or ‘overview space’ which contains all the information of all the possibilities we see physically and have access to biologically and those that are invisible to the physical, biological senses.
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Are You Ready to Be A Creator?

Think about this simple fact. People do not know the etymology, the primary, original, or actual meaning of the words they use. These means are the ones that have been in use for thousands of years compared to just the current period.

Words, statements, projections. They shape reality, they form reality, they are both the beginning of the substance that is provided through emotion and intent, and they are primarily the foundation, the structure through which our minds populate reality or are populated by the reality we experience.
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Revealers Dialogue | 04.23.2017 | In Between Two Worlds with Aug Tellez and Felicia Noel (Part 1)

Many topics are discussed here. The primary focus is the “New Grid”, which is actually not a kind of grid but a centralized core of creation that emanates from every individual rather than an overlay that is placed over everyone.

This is the concept of the “New Cosmos”, the “New Galactic Position” of Earth, and the new timelines and access to different memories and experiences.

Already Been Here and Done this is New

Secret Operations, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient Civilizations

The beginning and end of this is repeated so you may feel like scanning if the words are familiar.

I was involved with Solar Warden and MiLabs through the unacknowledged special access programs. Research the secret projects regarding cloning, simulation, brain to machine technology, other intelligences and underground bases. Check out my videos, written posts and the initial interview I gave with LNM radio. Watch that interview and you’ll understand more readily the situation that I am reporting from direct experiences. If you knew, you would understand why so many don’t understand. Everything is more or less a show but it’s a ‘real-life’ show.
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Max Spiers

Finally, someone intelligent and brave enough to post the real story.

19 October 2016 by Christine Lo

Thirty-nine-year-old Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died on July 16th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland under rather suspicious circumstances.

Max was a self-proclaimed Super Soldier, and Satanic Ritual Abuse victim.

Of course the term ‘Super Soldier’ connotes images of a super human–someone with God-like strength and abilities. But this is not really what the term means according to Max.

In the book The Men Who Stare at Goats, Welsh journalist Jon Ronson documented the how the U.S. military was trying to create these soldiers capable of parascientific combat techniques like remote viewing, astral projections, and mind reading.
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Disclosure, Civilization Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET

This is a spontaneous rant on some of the current pressing topics which are coming into public view.

The energy and intent behind the presentation of the message is to be neutral so as to preserve the clarity and honesty of the unadulterated truth.

An insincere and emotionally biased delivery leads to an emotionally jaded stance motivated by personal gratification. Such involvement will obscure the core message,distort the end results, and skewer my own perception.

After review I chose to upload the recording as is.
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Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider (child sacrifice cult)

Beware, there are people who will say this is a joke, that it’s all a game. Yet, they don’t batter an eyelid at the destruction of your society is more important. Those people are plants, they are literally holographically rendered individuals whose consciousness is appropriated by a supercomputer system and they can only mimic the expression of emotion.
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Update on the Situation of Disclosure and the Resolution of the Parasitic System

Just to keep you updated. In February I returned to the situation to begin informing the public with myself as a visible figure. I began informing people on the internet a few years before that, I even just found some old texts from some forums that are pretty wild!

I began the internet disclosure when I was younger in my early teens. We were repositioned on the timeline to have a maximally effective proximity to key events.

After a few months of the previous year, I began to remove certain implants that are put into us so that we don’t overload in this society. As well, certain groups place them there so they can ride on our energy, they still have to learn a bit about energy cultivation in their own right. The goal is to help everyone cultivate their own energy. There is no need for a parasite to be a parasite at that point, and if the parasite is non-human, yet all humans are energy cultivators, then the parasite has no interest with us.
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Interesting “Mandala Effect” Videos by a Researcher

Here’s another one, watch these if you’re interested. This book is part of the operations at least indirectly because there was briefing on the information. All of the artifacts and remnants of higher-dimensional influence and powerful, intelligent people had to be deciphered by various informational groups and I’ll tell you they have the best operatives and technologies to work with and there are hidden messages literally all throughout civilizations. With enough experience, one eventually realizes this entire civilization is literally a big secret cover for something so much larger that people must be prepared mentally in order to accept the truth without being too overwhelmed to maintain connection with reality.
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The Soul is a Higher Dimensional Connection of Possibilities, Weaponized AI is Non-Self Essence Programmed to Replicate Itself

Solar Warden is a group that uses electrogravitic craft to protect humanity from the threats to the civilization and genetics, however during an event years ago where negotiations were held, there was an attack and I was used in an attempt to infiltrate and kill operatives who were acting in the interest of humanity. That’s all the can be said for the most part, but they use people by infecting them and then sending them into groups to wittingly or unwittingly transfer a virus that can be inputed into a persons consciousness, into the scalar mind-link computer systems that are literally connected to via the mind. People becoming walking USB sticks with viruses on them at that point where all the craft are computer-mind link operated and so everything is vulnerable in that sense.
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Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation

This is a causal post (rant) that pretty much just talks about society, the illusion, the true self, and simulation.
Peer pressure, social conformity, relative morality, the desire to be loved, accepted, known, supported.
Attachment to responding to challenges in anger, and to disrespect with self-disrespect, low self-esteem, and general negativity turned inwards which then ferments and requires expression otherwise suffering results for the individual and who ever is around them.
There is a lesson to learn, whether the nature of the whole of the system, in remaining centered in the face of disbelief, disrespect or hatred. All the underlying causes of these issues are sorrow, disconnection from the original, whole personality that is not distorted by illusory perceptions or desires, and a lack of will-power to apply the focused intention required to remember what is happening and how we must remain centered and focused on self-awareness to remain in control. Continue reading “Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation”

Online Account of NDE and Advanced Hyperdimensional Technology

This is an account found online. This is part of the process we have discovered.

Experience Description

A friend persuaded me to submit this account, against my natural tendency on the matter. I have no real interest in following it up or being contacted in any way. It was a very frightening episode. It is traumatic enough, to be honest, to recall it just once at length here. But having set out to describe it, I will be as frank and as accurate as language can allow.

On the 15th July 2013, at about 7.45am, I was on my way to work and approaching the intersection and getting ready to take a left-hand turn. This is a notoriously dangerous intersection on any day, and there have been many accidents there. It is hard to see if the intersection is clear from the right and the left turn is particularly hazardous. I was running late and in a flustered state of mind. I had an important meeting that I’d been planning for carefully over a number of days, and a really stupid delay at the last minute put all of that in jeopardy. It should also be understood that a much better traffic signal system exists there today than was in place at the time of this incident.
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