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Secret Space Program & Flat Earth Dome /w Aug Tellez [Strongholds]

Late Night In The Midlands Radio – Aug Tellez MKULTRA The Dream State, Celebrity Cloning, Underground Bases

2 hour 40 minute interview. Some things will be cleared up regarding MiLabs and Solar Warden. Solar Warden is made up of people. There are a few other discrepancies that occurred from getting the information out in a disjointed manner. Please listen with care, these are not beginner subjects but they directly affect your life.

Carrying Traumatic Memory and Release

Carrying traumatic memory without first going through the full-on acknowledgement phase of shock and mourning a loss will delay the integration of lessons learned. This delay will cause the “symptoms” of the traumatic memory, like emotional or memory distortions and misunderstood fears or perceptions. These will manifest in personality and life yet without conscious access to the memories the reasons will remain unknown and the solution will be invisible.
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Addictions and habits are related to psycho-spiritual trauma

Opiate, alcohol, and certain other chemical addictions or habits are related to a lower psycho-spiritual layer of progression. The habits are an effort to satiate and overload that area of the brain in order to resist the effects of the certain traumas which still exist in mind and require healing and acknowledgement of in order to progress. Other chemicals, addictions, or habits relate to even higher layers of progression and are still indications of previous trauma at that layer or lower which is delaying progression.

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There was once a Unified Planetary Consciousness…

There was a unified planetary consciousness that was connected with the Earth and human civilization. Then there was a great war. Out of the destruction arose the beginnings of ancient human civilization and history as we know it. Continue reading “There was once a Unified Planetary Consciousness…”

Spirit, Chakras, and Health

Spirit is the guide of the human body/mind. If we place our spiritual desire in our heart, and check the mind and lower chakras through the heart, then what we guide ourselves to experience will always resonate with our highest intentions. Our intentions, and what we are, is the heart, that’s where the source of our experience and perceptions truly appear from in this realm. Continue reading “Spirit, Chakras, and Health”

Chakra Abuse

When any chakra level is abused the effect is felt in the lower or higher levels. These are akin to “realms” we can access spiritually. When people participate in an action that produces negativity or lower activity in another, that is naturally felt in the higher chakras of both people. Continue reading “Chakra Abuse”

What is Reality?

What is reality? Reality is what we perceive with our energies. Our internal emotions and perspectives on ourselves reflect throughout our reality.

A Society with Heart and Mind

Sometimes it is the heart that needs to comes to awareness, sometimes it is the mind. We should be comforting to either kind of individual that’s looking for help. Even those that aren’t looking for it can be helped. Those that don’t want help need to take the time to find out on their own. We’re happier together. No one really wins out over anyone else. Continue reading “A Society with Heart and Mind”

Energy Harvesting

Earth is, at least currently, basically a harvesting ground for unchecked emotional energies. The only way to make things right is to stop pumping out the kinds of energies that are harvested by the kinds of beings that require harvest. If we pump higher energy out, literally, it clears the space.

The Keepers of The Earth

The watchers of this world revealed how they set up society with specific challenges and boundaries to act as catalysts for growth. They admitted they had to modify and live-update the system because instead of using these catalysts to become larger than themselves, people became comfortable and complacent living smaller and smaller, slowly reducing circumstances.

This goes a bit farther beyond the confines of the digital age, the industrial age, and history itself. This goes into the perception of time and space in this realm. Continue reading “The Keepers of The Earth”

What is happening?

Underground Bases

The active aural research program is part of a process to simultaneously verify as well as initiate and demonstrate controlled insanity/sanity.

These programs utilize the deep underground military bases to perform psychic and psychological research experiments on non-consenting youth and adults.

Advanced technology is used to transfer consciousness from one cloned body to the next so that a continuous study can take place before, during, and after the death experience of one individual.

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I was brought into the Time Program

I was brought into the time program. You create any reality you imagine.

1) You are as powerful as a sun.
2) Without guidance and control that creates imbalance, imbalance can destroy.


A Techno-Spiritual Infection

This all started in 1999. 1996 was apparently a time of the archon invasion, a period where beings from another dimension who operate on a binary bio-emission spectrum arrived en masse to this Earth.

These beings are akin to technological spiritual parasites which feed off the bio-emissions, the emotions and thought waves, of a sentient being.
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The Reality of The Eternal Soul

Technically, I have died many times in this lifetime. I have experienced my physical body dying, leaving my body and being placed into a new body.

The experiments and technology from the underground bases and secret societies prove that what we call the “soul” is something that inhabits the physical body and that the soul lives on after death.

There is only life and a continually storyline of events that rewrites itself and creates ‘back-history’ instantly.

Duality and Transcendence

Maybe some times we need to have those days when we’re completely debilitated and unable to move in order to learn how to appreciate the days where we are naturally free to choose how to live. Along with that we learn to appreciate those in or out of our lives who care enough to hand us a towel to wash ourselves or feed us food so we do not die.
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