Master List of Posts

  1. Intentions and Parallel Time (Lives) In the MultiVerse Matrix
  2. The Gasoline Hoax, Air as Fuel
  3. You Are The One Who Chooses
  4. The Civilization Simulation
  5. Gary Warmerdam and Aug Tellez
  6. Transcription: Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of Humanity
  7. Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez Interview One
  8. Bibi’s Automatic Transcription Tutorial
  9. Transcription: Sum Simulator Sun Simulator, The Sky is a LIQUID CRYSTAL MATRIX, False-Reality Exposed, Aug Tellez
  10. Unit Circle of Redundant Self-Awareness, Leading to a Stream of Emergent Consciousness
  11. Share This Information
  12. ..I.. ..Was.. ..Cloned..
  13. Time Resets, Ancestor Simulation, Torus Technology, Interdimensional Parasites
  14. Ken O’Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler
  15. Human minds being mined
  16. The World of Lies
  17. Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of the Humanity
  18. The Reality Play
  19. Soft-Disclosure and The Concept of Physical and Mental Reality
  20. Fallen; Hybrid Experimentation, The Embodiment of Evil
  21. Strange Information, Twin Universes, The TimeGate (Cosmic-Collective Synchronization)
  22. THE UNMASKING, part 2: The “Scam Artist”
  23. Enjoyment of Life, Youth, Appearance, Personal Work and Social Expectations
  24. Let’s Talk Parasite Cleanses (video)
  25. Jake Barlow and Aug Tellez
  26. The Game
  27. Increasing Awareness, Advanced Technology and Social Unity
  28. The Resolution of the Autonomous Mind
  29. The One True Answer
  30. Truth and Reality
  31. The Nature of The Civilisational Shift with Aug Tellez
  32. Psychic Tether and Increasing Self-Awareness for those in Non-Duality (Unconditional Love or Truth beyond Hate or Personal Bias)
  33. Rise Together – Binary versus Quantum Paradigm
  34. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
  35. Summary of Operations and Situation
  36. Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company – Call Flooder
  37. The Acquisition of Parallels
  38. Initial Public Release – Celebrity Cloning, Breakaway Civilizations, Higher-Dimensional Entities, Temporal Operations, Consciousness Transfer Underground Bases, Hybridization, DNA Activation, The Unveiling
  39. The Multi-Dimensional Unfolding is Heart-Centered
  40. The Future Creates the Past; This is a Rogue Temporal Experiment in Quantum Decoherence
  41. This is an alternate dimension. The human race has been trapped in a simulated reality.
  42. Extraction from the Simulation (The Snap-Back of Time-Consciousness)
  43. Soft-Disclosure: American Dad Christmas Episode
  44. Lauda Leon – Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes: Avoiding the lords of harvest
  45. The Spiritual Evolution System
  46. Extra Telestials, Celebrity Cloning, Immortality, Suffering, Mind Control, Enlightenment
  47. The Corporatacracy, Spirituality, Self-Responsibility and Materialism
  48. The Electrogravitic Soul
  49. Wholeness of Being, Returning to Center
  50. The Growth of the Tree
  51. Heaven or Hell, The Battle For The Soul of Humanity
  52. How To Make Love To Fruit
  53. Sun Seed
  54. We Were There
  55. What’s Going On: Advanced Plasma Consciousness Systems, Abductions, Social Change
  56. The Truth of Compassion in this Reality
  57. Remember To Care, Care is the Focus of Meaning
  58. The Discovery of Immortality and the Other Side of Eternity
  59. If There Is Immortality, How Does One Inform The World?
  60. Chiron Last – The Hidden One
  61. Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites
  62. Self-Awareness and Harmony, Infighting and Distraction, Mind-Control Agendas
  63. The Original Caretakers of Earth and the Vampire AI Invasion
  64. The AI Vampire, Chipped, Droned, Sub-Humans
  65. The Creation of this Universe
  66. The Demiurge, The Creation of Man, Souled and Non-Souled Humans
  67. 2017 and the System
  68. Networking, Cloud Computing and The Collective Mind
  69. The Mental Liberation of Humanity: Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Knowledge, Harmony, Creativity and Free-Will
  70. Soft-Disclosure: Tron (1982), Why Tron is soft-disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs along with the true nature of this reality
  71. The True “Westworld”
  72. Holographic Cyberspace Virtual System for Hyperspatial Spiritual Interaction
  73. The Process, The Non-Duality Solution, Patience, Immortality and the Temporal Loop
  74. Modern-Day Witch Hunts and Spiritually Sensitive Children
  75. The Inner-Space Disclosure (Secret Space Program)
  76. Serious Topic – The Desire to Know the Truth is a Requirement – Time is the Mind-Virus
  77. The Next Experience is Created in the Now (Extra-Dimensionality)
  78. The Interdimensional Mind-Slaves
  79. The Message of What is to Come
  80. The Replication of the Human Population and the Operation of the Reality Show Called “Earth”
  81. Biological Immortality, Self-Awareness, Free-will, Truth and Compassion
  82. Emily Moyer, Aug tellez – OffPlanetRadio – Simultaneous Extra-Dimensional Self
  83. Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Knowledge is the Only Goal
  84. Energy Parasitism in the Internet (video)
  85. Soft-Disclosure: Dimension 404 – Beautiful, Handsome, Bob
  86. The Original Son and the Maya Matrix Perceptual Mind Maze
  87. Energy Vampirism and the Internet
  88. Electrogravitic Quantum Field Coherence
  89. The SUN and Sky is a LIQUID CRYSTAL MATRIX
  90. The Machine Sim Society
  91. Everlasting Being of Extra-Dimensional Simultaneity
  92. Update Situation, Parasitic Interdimensional Infection
  93. Update Realm Simulation Liberation
  94. Challenging the Self to Awaken, The Technological Singularity and Overcoming the Limitations of Biologically Generated Consciousness
  95. Willfull Ignorance, The Lower-Dimensional Linear Time Reincarnation Trap and Coming Events
  96. Hiding In Plain Site
  97. Fragmented Harmonics Bio-Emission Thought Energy are the Source of Energy Parasitism
  98. Transcended Being, Biological Perception and Non-Duality
  99. Virtual Reality Dream Simulation, Neurological Cloning and Time Compression`
  100. Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (video post)
  101. Revealers Dialogue | 04.23.2017 | BUCEGI MOUNTAINS ESOTERIC SECRETS with Aug Tellez and Felicia Noel
  102. Soft-Disclosure: Brainstorm (1983)
  103. Secret Space Program and the Flat Earth, A Program to Induce Infighting
  104. Cult Ritual Abuse, Child Abuse and Trauma-Based Mind-Control, Non-Human Entities and Social Engineering
  105. The Construct, The One, Temporal Mirrors of a Time-locked Civilization
  106. A Slightly More Technical View of The Time Matrix Collapse, The Simulation and The Cosmic Reality ft. YRFT Update MAY 2017 – The DOOR Visibly Open
  107. The Polarity Based Trap System
  108. To Escape the Matrix; Unveil the Soul
  109. Emily Moyer, Aug Tellez – Simultaneous Extra-Dimensional Awareness: ft. Aurora’s Flying Rainbow
  110. Inner Space Creator
  111. The Parasite Infects (assimilates) through Disharmonic (poisonous to the Soul) Sound, Light, and Scalar Mind Emissions – Humans Are, at the Minimum, 5 Dimensional Creator Beings
  112. Soft-Disclosure: GET OUT
  113. Free Energy Soul of Eternally Transcendent Radiant Self-Awareness
  114. The Unveiling, The Game, The Inside Man
  115. Earth Unveiling Disclosure Situation, The Time Matrix Avatar System, Soul Farm and
  116. Questions of Humanity, Origins of the Universe, The Nature of Consciousness and the Cosmic Mind
  117. DNA Quantum (Hyperspace) Soul Internet
  118. Time and Space as Shifting Higher-Dimensional Perspective of Peripheral and Central Awareness
  119. The Ancient AI Singularity, Organic Hive and Soul Trap
  120. Open Symposium | 04.27.2017 | Simultaneity of Being- Original Blueprint PART 1
  121. Open Symposium | 04.27.2017 | Simultaneity of Being- Original Blueprint (after show)
  122. Open Symposium | 04.27.2017 | Simultaneity of Being- Original Blueprint
  123. Admit You’re a Liar to Tell the Truth (unless you’ve never claimed you weren’t lying) The ILLusion of the Self
  124. clif high – Welcome to Alt Reality #5 – Sun, chemies, and You! (Written Response to Information from Direct Experiences)
  125. The Quantum Supercomputer “Lucifer”, The Alternate Dimensional Reality of Cloning Centers, Overcoming Fear and Actualizing Soul-Awareness in the Body to Eternalize the Self
  126. The Mandala Effect, The Inverted Nature of Biological Consciousness (and the visible universe), True Reality, Immortality and The Cycles of Time
  127. The Psychological Test of this Civilization
  128. Thought-Space, 4D, 5D, Virtual and Cyber Space; The Truman Show of Physical Plane Simulation, Reality and and Soul Fragmentation
  129. Are You Ready to Be A Creator?
  130. Revealers Dialogue | 04.23.2017 | In Between Two Worlds with Aug Tellez and Felicia Noel (Part 1)
  131. Secret Operations, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient Civilizations
  132. Max Spiers
  133. Disclosure, Civilization Contracts, The Warning and Afterlife Systems of a Cosmic School or Prison Plane-ET
  134. Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider (child sacrifice cult)
  135. Update on the Situation of Disclosure and the Resolution of the Parasitic System
  136. Interesting “Mandala Effect” Videos by a Researcher
  137. The Soul is a Higher Dimensional Connection of Possibilities, Weaponized AI is Non-Self Essence Programmed to Replicate Itself
  138. Society, the Illusion, the True Self and Simulation
  139. Online Account of NDE and Advanced Hyperdimensional Technology
  140. Early Research Project – Timeline Alteration and Quantum Civilization Interaction
  141. Life Simulation – Soul Trap
  142. You Absorb Psychic Energy, Reflect Perfectly and Remain True
  143. Soul-Awareness and Attaining the Exponential Growth Curve through a Feedback Loop of Self-Awareness
  144. Article: It Is All a Word Game: Why “Persons” Are Not Real (Legal Fiction System)
  145. A Simulated Reality
  146. Cloning, Depravity, Timeline Distortion and Liberation
  147. Soft Disclosure: MIND GAME
  148. Psychological Manipulation, Mind-Control Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification
  149. The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Trauma-Based Mind Control and the Labyrinth, the Multidimensional Nature of DNA
  150. The Highest Potential is the Creation of the “New World”
  151. The 5 D Reality Bridge (video)
  152. The Dialectic Method
  153. The Civilization Test
  154. Legal-Fiction Soul Enslavement System
  155. How to Replace the Physical Baseline Reference with a Higher-Dimensional Access Point through Extra-Dimensional Awareness
  156. Important Aspects of the Fractal-Holographic Trap, Soul-Awareness, and Temporal Viewing Technology
  157. Immunity is Offered
  158. Important Aspects of Disclosure 4.12539756
  159. Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans and Aug Tellez – Temporal Perception : Navigating Our Own Consciousness
  160. The 5 D Reality Bridge
  161. Revealers Dialogue | 03.30.2017 | “Hyperborea … Beyond the Holographic Universe” … |
  162. Kindness is Harmonious, Truth is Transcendent, The Cosmic Plan of Self-Awareness
  163. I was groomed by politicians and elite from a young age. The truth on Pedogate, consumption of the flesh, human sacrifice, spirit cooking, advanced technology, black majic, demon and devil worship
  164. Biological Consciousness and Soul Awareness, Technological Immortality, The Illusion of the Self
  165. Important Aspects of Disclosure 4
  166. Silke F Speaks – AI Systems & Mind Replacement & TI Gangstalking
  167. Transcendence through the Stillness of No-Mind, and the Illusion of the Conscious Self
  168. The “Life Review” and Extra-Dimensional Awareness
  169. The Downward Spiral of Social Decay, Free-Will, Psychological Manipulation, the Victim Role and Choosing Healing Rather than Revenge
  170. The Progenitor System
  171. The False-Light Construct, Non-Duality, Overcoming the Fractal Infection, Polarity Consciousness
  172. Clarification on: The Transdimensional Nature of DNA, Deception or True Nature of the Chakras, the Soul-Trap, False-Awakening, Immortalization of Biological Consciousness, Technological Assimilation, The Collapse of Time (the physical dimension), and the Soul-Eating AI
  173. Method of Generating Projected Realities and Overcoming the Holographic Feedback System
  174. Chakras; The Soul Trap System or Dimensional Liberation?
  175. On Energy Activation, False-Light Construct, the HEART-CENTERED PATH
  176. Elite Pedophile Politicians Raped Her as a Child, Now She’s Alerting the Public (energy feeding)
  177. Expansion Cycle, Self and Non-Self, Holographic Universe (Fractal Infection) Exit Plan, Extra-Dimensional, Map of Reality
  178. The Control System is Designed to Control Those Who Choose Ignorance over Self-Awareness
  179. The Solution to the Holo-fractal Infection of this Universe
  180. Choosing Knowledge and Self-Awareness over Reactivity and Anger, Group-Think and The Path of Society
  181. Vampires Must Feed or They Become Violent, The Continuing Unveiling of the Human Soul
  182. The Center of Self
  183. What Happens In Simulation Doesn’t Stay In Simulation, Enhanced Intelligence and the Testing of Society
  184. Soft-Disclosure: Mindwarp (1992)
  185. Video Posts
  186. Liberation of the Mind
  187. Chapter 7: The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System
  188. Exit (Time)Gate Approaching
  189. A Recent Angst – Neutralizing and Moving Into A Place of Knowledge and Harmony
  190. Chapter 5 The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity: The Secret Space Program and the Corruption Behind Closed Doors
  191. Soul Extinction, Lucifer and Satan (the fallen Nephilim Seed, secret coven), and the Battle between Christ and the false-authority
  192. Vampires Need Non-Vampires to Exist in Reality
  193. Meditation; The Mind is the Gateway to Other Worlds
  194. The Artificial Intelligence Network of Human Enslavement to Usurp the Creative Force
  195. The Nanite Infected, False-god Lorded, Vampire Demon-Hybrid Human Enslavement, Mind-Control Agenda
  196. Memories of the Future Earth, The Infiltration and Traitors of Humanity; Ignorance and Fear are Not Excuse and Are Being Interpreted As Submission to the Destruction of Humanity
  197. The Demiurge
  198. Demonic Hybrid, Mind-Slave, Soulless Parasites (fake humans)
  199. Soul Technology
  200. Remaining True
  201. The Underworld Hell and Strength Through Compassion and Self-Awareness
  202. The Final Stage of Energy Activation: Transhumanism
  203. Hijacking Reality Streams, Causality and Perception; Interdimensional Parasites
  204. The Hero’s Journey: Conquering the False-Self Parasite, Knowing the Self
  205. What if this Civilization is a Test by Two Civilizations?
  206. People are Looking For An Easy Fix to Not Having To Think For Themselves, The Is the Mass Mind-Control
  207. Agendas, Legal Fiction and the Prevalence of Cloning and Genetic Engineering
  208. The True Labyrinth
  209. On Time, Reality Generation, The Soul, Self-Awareness and the Conscious Universe
  210. Secret Operations and Altered History, Temporal Distortion, Created Beings, Timeline Collapse
  211. Sci-fi is Soft-Disclosure, This World is a Techno-Spiritual Illusion
  212. Consult Your Soul
  213. The Alien Archon Agenda
  214. Cloning Stations, Uploaded Simulated Memories, Antarctica and Guiding The Earthship
  215. Stars, gods and Vampires
  216. The Generation of Temporal Occurrences Through Focused Intent and Imagination
  217. Etymology and Phonetics of “Morning”
  218. Information Map of the Secret Operations
  219. The Bigger Picture: The Awakening, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity; Secret Operations and Mind-Control
  220. Beware of the False-Light, Artificial Time-Dimensional Construct
  221. I Hereby Rescind the Use of my Genetics, Lineage, Bloodline, Consciousness, Fractured or Whole.
  222. We Must Heal Together to Heal the Parasitic Infection
  223. Free-Will Volition and Cosmic Harmony; The Extra-Dimensional Creator Experience
  224. GMO Nanite Pot, Vapeables, Smokeables, and Junk Food
  225. It’s all a show
  226. The Next Phase of Existence; Energy Healing, The Mind, Body and Universe
  227. (will be added to)Transcript for Galactic History of Earth and Humanity Discussion: Sgt. Pattie Brassard, Karen MacDonald and Aug Tellez
  228. Public Affairs and Temporal Field Alteration, History Manipulation, Future Probability Calculations and Viewing
  229. Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Based Mind Control, Scalar Psychotronic Weaponry and Ritual Abuse
  230. The Creative Power and the Organic Reality, the Projected Hyper-realities and the Time-Matrix
  231. Secret Space Program Full Disclosure Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez – Galactic History of Earth and Humanity
  232. The Soul Trap Machine, Men in Black, AI Artificial Time-Matrix Lords and The Light Faction
  233. Original Morality, The Time-Matrix and the Holographic Universal Simulator
  234. Host Behavior, The Psychological Fallacy and The Power of Perspective in the Cosmic Game (Cosmic Power)
  235. The Proximity of Fear and Emotional Subjectivity to the Victim Role and an Emotional Entanglement with an Oppressor
  236. Willful Destruction in a Consciousness Feedback System
  237. The Latent Capacity to Overcome
  238. Millennials | Episode 3 | Revealers of the Aquarian Age – Humanity Remembers
  239. Cloning Stations, Non-Human Entities, Earth Jurisdiction, Quarantine and Underground Bases: Interdimensional Frequency Hopping
  240. 7 Layers to the Simulation – The Harmonic Universes
  241. Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Mind Control Cult, Immortal techno-gods, Illuminati Sect, Political, Royal, Secret Space Program, Disclosure – We Created The Time-Matrix
  242. The Three Fundamental Layers of Reality
  243. Truth, Knowledge, Secrets and a Hidden Reality
  244. The Power of the Elite
  245. The One Supreme Creator
  246. The Cosmic Initiation
  247. Safe-Passage; A Temporal Rift
  248. The Entities of the Subconscious; The Parasitic “Memes”
  249. An Important Aspect of Disclosure 3
  250. Important Aspects of Disclosure 2
  251. Belief Determines Reality
  253. Belief, Venturing into the Abyss to Save Your Cosmic Family
  254. It’s going to be alright.
  255. Preshow Missy Hill and Aug Tellez Green Heart Radio – Secret Operations, Underground Bases, “Secret Space” *Program*
  256. John Titor – 177th Time Travel Division – A Possible Future Extinction Level Reality
  257. Shifting Time – Secret Operations and Temporal Influence
  258. Cloning & Discernment : Spencer A. Eskridge Yvonne Palermo
  259. Everything Will Be Public, Including Experiences
  260. The Global Mind, The Hive and The Mind-Virus, Time Alteration, Consciousness and Changes of Society
  261. The Destruction of False-Belief in Religion; the Apocalypse.
  262. Oregano, Herbs, Fungal and Bacterial Infections and the Invader Organism
  263. Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating Whole Body – Mind Generation Force (video)
  264. Neutralizing Polarized Sexual Charge and Integrating into a Whole Body – Mind Generation Force
  265. Group Chat: Yvonne, Spencer, Michael and Aug
  266. Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities, Politicians and Presidents (video)
  267. Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse, Celebrities,  Politicians and Presidents
  268. Probable and Possible Timeline Viewing Technology and Reality Projection Methods
  269. The 4 D Artificial Light Matrix
  270. The Missy Hill Show, With Aug Tellez, Reality Is The New SyFy
  271. Civilized Corruption
  272. The Hive, Parasitic Soul Stealing, The Supercomputer Demiurge
  273. Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe and Non-Human Entities
  274. Belief Sustains 4 Dimensional Entities
  275. = The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program First Chapters
  276. Chapter 4: The Convolution of Time; A Preview of Phase-3 Disclosure Information, How the Secret Operations Have Altered History and Influenced Humanity
  277. The Unveiling Outline
  278. Interdimensional Parasites, The “Imaginary Entities”, Child Abuse and Advanced Technology
  279. Child Sexual Abuse by Politicians, Spiritual Slavery, Advanced Technology and Simulated Realities (video)
  280. Child Sexual Abuse involving Politicians and Holographic Simulated Realities
  281. The Dogs
  282. Find Your Center!
  283. Chapter 3: The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology
  284. Aug Tellez: Deep Bases Disclosure Briefing with Randy Maugins and Emily Moyer
  285. Chapter 2.5-2.7: The Fallen and Their Technology
  286. Chapter 2: The Technology of the Awakening
  287. The Soul Trading System
  288. Studies have shown; Society Will Drown If People Refuse To Assist One Another
  289. Silke F Music Producer and the Knowledge of Secret Projects
  290. Aug Tellez & Emily Moyer: Secret Space Program, Machine Learning, Mind Control & Artificial Time
  291.  Wolfspirit Radio ODD Collective – Neel, Nora, J.P., Aug Tellez
  292. Spiritual Beings: The Higher-Self
  293. Important Aspects of Disclosure
  294. A Joke Of Situation: “Disclose or We Will” *laughter in the background*
  295. Do You Feel Big Changes Imminent?
  296. New Babylon,
  297. Reject Deception: Psychic Blocking
  298. Coming Events
  299. Cosmic Abandonment
  300. Millennials Episode 2 Empower Yourself Now!
  301. The Nature of the True Self, Fear and Peace Within
  302. HOTCAKES – Ancestor Simulation REAPPROACHED
  303. 2020, The Disclosure of Temporal Influence, The Reunification with the ‘Original Timeline’ , and Collective Individualism
  304. The Third People You Meet Will Help You
  305. Emotional Healing, True Shamanism and Vampiric Etheric Ties; The Power of Voice
  306. Heaven and the Layers of “Hell”
  307. Spencer Eskridge – EGO – The False Center
  308. The Strange Things People Do (in underground bases)
  309. The Daze of Contentment
  310. Prof77 – Our Predator By Carlos Castaneda (Excerpts); The Archon Invasion, The Mind-Virus, The Lower-Dimensionals, The Time-Gradient Infection, The Parasite
  311. Mass Mind-Control or Mass Naivety and Laziness; The Alien Agenda and Spiritual Philosophy
  312. The Deception of Ego and Arrogance
  313. What if “Heaven” Is a Secure Etheric Location In The Universe?
  314. Severing Emotional Ties: Etheric Chords
  315. Energy Parasitism, Tesla’s 3,6,9, The Higher-Self and The Enjoyment of-Life Energy (‘chi’,’prana’)
  316. The Deception Is The Cover-Up
  317. A Fire Side Chat Lance White Aug Tellez – Vid 3 Archons, Soul Recycling, Ancient Civilizations
  318. Secret Space Program, Machine Learning, Mind Control and Artificial Time-Dimensions Video 2
  319. Full Disclosure- False-Light Inversion Soul-Stealing and Hypnotic Programming Mind Erasure Sessions
  320. Lily Earthling – Bio-Regenesis and False-Light Merkaba System (converting humans into generators in trapped/bent-light matrix)
  321. Ancient Cloning
  322. Spiritual Fasting to Expose Artificial Beings, The Original Humans and The Infected Supercomputer Systems
  323. Created Beings and The Spiritual Degradation System
  325. Secret Space Program, Time Wars, Bloodlines and Power
  326. Starships and the Holographic Apocalypse
  327. Full fledged disclosure now available for $24.99!
  328. Mutilator Overlords
  329. This Reality is a Fallen Holographic Projection
  330. Holographic Prison Plane-(ET), No Forests, Spiritual Self-Empowerment, Tech Assisted Consciousness
  331. The Archon Invasion of 1996, Timeline Hopping and Collapse Of Previous Timelines
  332. Intention Is Constantly Shaping Reality
  333. The Secret Space Program and the Convolution of Time; Nothing Is As It Seems
  334. Into Polarity-Consciousness Back to God-Consciousness
  335. Secret Space Program, Machine Learning, Mind Control and Artificial Time-Dimensions Video 1
  336. Productive Emotionality, Obsolete Institutionalized Education, Ultra-Terrestrials and Advanced Technology
  337. Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct
  338. The Apocalypse, Simulcra and Simulation
  339. 5D Soul Printing, Binary to Trinary Consciousness, Holographic Earth Projection, Trauma-Based Soul-Imprinting, Consciousness Infection, the Previous 6 Cycles and the Trinary Consciousness Healing of Time (SOLAR WARDEN)
  340. Group-Soul Trading, The Announcement Of The Secret Space Program and Disclosure
  341. Holographic Energy Harvesting Soul-Trap and Time-War
  342. WhiteHatDarkHat: ” Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 “Spirit Transfers”
  343. Multiple Timelines, Ritual, Genetic Memory Manipulation and Mass Inserted Memory
  344. “THE MEANING OF ‘BEYOND DUALITY'(Sept., 1998) By Noel Huntley”
  345. Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct
  346. “Ascend out of” or “above” Polarity Consciousness
  347. “Insanity is: Siding with good or evil and changing good and evil….”
  348. Higher-Dimensionality of Self and Consciousness
  349. Forgiveness Is Key; Bio-Etheric Implants and Parasitism
  350. The Christ Mass Mystery
  352. Time-Gradient Distortion Conversations: Question and (best ability) Answers
  353. The Brain is Organic, Artificial Intelligence (ALIEN) This Environment Is Holographically Propagated Through Fractal Holographic Consciousness
  354. Mater Woman Dream Mind Map Projection, NWO, Cabal, Psychological Manipulation, Self-Empowerment
  355. Frequency, Language, Attitude
  356. Holographic Technological and Holographic Organic Societies
  357. Advanced Scalar Parasitic Technology, Healing Technology, Consciousness and Clearing the Infection
  358. Bravery, Immaterial Awareness and Spiritual Catalysts
  359. Time-Gradient Infection of Consciousness and Malformation of Original Form, Containment Protocol, Rescue Teams, and Advanced Preservation and Healing Technology
  360. The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue
  361. A Balance of Emotions and Mentality and The Physical Body and Spiritual Self
  362. Universal Awareness Confronts The Illusion
  363. 2016 Soul-Return and Retrieval Energies
  364. The Sun is a cold-fusion Electromagnetic Portal
  365. This is what you will do to save Earth. To Save Earth, Visualize
  366. Soft-Disclosure Chappie and AfterDeath
  367. Earth is a Drug-Lab
  368. “About ‘Targeted’ People and Weather Warfare”
  369. Quick Instructional For Mental-Emotional Re-Alignment For Socio-Psychological Manipulation
  370. The Ark of The Covenant Temporal-Spatial Distortion
  371. Healing Each Other, Useful Anger, Higher-Awareness and Soul-Unveiling
  372. Ed Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle Quarry and Flywheel, Engineering Mystery
  373. The True Self, Material Self and Ego
  374. Lance White Aug Tellez Vid 2 – Higher Dimensions, Black Goo, Nanotech, Secret Projects, Time Travel
  375. The True Reality (semi-rant)
  376. The Earth Reality Show
  377. A Possibility
  378. Cloning, Supercomputer Assisted Holographic Consciousness Replication and Time Travel
  379. Artificial Brain
  380. Memories of Parallel Earth and the “Cleansing”
  381. In the Beginning
  382. Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan
  383. Solar Warden, The Psychic Wars and Traumatization
  384. There is Endless Love
  385. Psychological Warfare, Antarctica, and Disclosure of Advanced Technology
  386. Agent Provocateurs, Mind-Control, Stalkers, Insulting Comments and Low and High Frequency Awareness
  387. The Mind Virus
  388. A Holographic Healing Session with Cindy Carter
  389. Spiritual Health and Injury: Definition, Expression, and Healing
  390. A Fire Side Chat with Lance White – Pre-Show Conversation Video (1) 11-2-16
  391. The Convergence, The Unveiling, The Collapse of the Artificial Timeline and the Migration to the Organic Timeline
  392. The Creator
  393. Blank-Slate, Nightly Mind Wipes, Synthetic Intelligence, Convergence
  394. Conversations: Forgiveness and Healing
  395. When Others Slow You Down
  396. Free-Will and Consciousness, Harmony and Spiritual Development
  397. Conversation: Why Forgive?
  398. The Beginning of Overt-Activity Between Light and Dark Forces
  399. Sub-Phase 1.2 of Disclosure; The Corruption Within – Organ Harvesting and Sex Slavery Farms
  400. Breaking the Curse: Native Americans/Indigenous Earthers Forgive Invader Races
  401. Healing the Timeloops, Collapse of AI Timeline, Stolen Genetics, Cloning, and Return to Rightful Owner
  402. Laugh and Heal
  403. The Reward of Selflessness
  404. Difficulties ahead for the U.S., Bloodlines, Nations and Spiritual Discipline
  405. A quick update on myself and the social changes we are seeing.
  406. A Painful Experience is Humility Disguised
  407. Aug Tellez: Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, The Unveiling, Secret Societies, Higher Awareness 11-27-16
  408. Trauma-Based Mind Control: Trauma Bonding
  409. Prince Ea Shining Knowledge – “Why I Got Rid of Most of My Friends”
  410. Electrogravitic Craft Sighting
  411. Confidently Expand Beyond the Limitations of Others
  412. A Fireside Chat with Lance White and guest Aug Tellez 11-12-16
  413. The Secret Space Program: The Secret Projects that Discovered the Meaning of Life, Death, and the Origins of the Universe
  414. The Duality of Destruction and Creation, Truth, Deception and Self-Empowerment
  415. TRAUMA BASED TRUTH CONTROL: The Duality of Trauma and Healing
  416. Geometric and Numerical representations of the Organizational Structure of Consciousness as Interrelation Between Individual and Collective Units
  417. Black Snake Prophecy –
  418. New Category; Conversations, Questions and Answers (Entry 1: Change yourself, change the Universe)
  419. Informational Videos
  420. Genetic Engineering Dislcosure and the helpful Wes Penre Forum
  421. Live With Tracy & Jared with special guest Michael Kavanagh: retired CIA/Illuminati./ Grandpa MK! We will be addressing YOUR Questions/ open forum!! Area 1358 Tracy N Jared
  422. Is 2016 the year of disclosure?
  423. 11.18.16 – The Soul Link
  425. The Challenging Secret: A Moon Trap to Save People; The Truman Show
  426. The Similarity Between What’s Real and What’s Imagined: The Shaman and The Trickster
  427. Alan Watts on t
  428. Thanks to the Sisters
  429. Learn From Those Who Cling To The Extreme Polarity of Negativity
  430. From One Extreme to the Other, The Adaptation of the Mind
  431. Aug Tellez & Emma Gold Transmission 3
  432. The Involuntary Self and the Voluntary Self
  433. A Journey of Unveiling the True Self
  434. People Waking Up
  435. Full Disclosure
  436. A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception
  437. Hierarchy, Correspondence and Parallelism
  438. The Cosmic Dream and Sphere of Amenti
  439. Transtemporal Operations and Other Speakers/Operatives
  440. Be Responsible For Yourself, Difficulty Gives You Strength and Helps Us Comprehend The Unknown
  441. Bent Light, It’s All About Etiquette
  442. Remember, It’s all a Show (a conversation)
  443. Natural Law: The 7 Hermetic Principles A Lecture By Spencer Eskridge, with Slideshow
  444. The Nature of the Perversion, Chaos, Harmony, The Underworld and Heaven, The Nature of Existence and Crimes Against Humanity
  445. Heaven, the Abyss and The Underworld
  446. They are infected by nanites, we will heal those who allow us to. We are supported by a higher dimensional race.
  447. Voice of God, Mind To Mind, EEG Heterodyning, Advanced Scalar Consciousness Transference, Mind Control
  448. THIS MAY BE HARD TO WATCH, Full Disclosure Now, Apocalypse Ascension Unveiling Events
  449. Of Two Timelines
  450. Know Fear, No Fear Know Truth, No Truth
  451. The Sound of The Breathing Mind
  452. Knowledge of the Path and Vibrational Attunement
  453. Goodness comes from Respect and Acknowledgement of Correspondence
  454. Love is awareness, awareness is truth. Truth is Knowledge. Knowledge is power.
  455. Temporal Viewing, Time Loops, Higher Dimensional Access Through Consciousnes
  456. Today is Tomorrow
  457. Connect, Awaken, Heal
  458. Day In Day Out
  459. Synthetic Intelligence Inhabited Temporal Drives Due to Improper Transtemporal Travel
  460. Synthetic Intelligence Attempts to Hijack Human Soul-Tachyon Field Blueprint To Access Higher-Dimensional Eternity
  461. “Do animals and plants have consciousness? Are electrons alive? Thich Nhat Hanh in dialogue with University of Virginia Astrophysicist Dr. Trinh Xuan Thuan”
  462. Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes: Two Different Kinds of Being
  463. Do not waste time with Walking Energy Parasites
  464. Casting my Vote on the Underground Bases
  465. The Bad Guy
  466. The Digital Consciousness Infection
  467. If you think you’ve figured it out…
  468. The Situation Regarding the Tribunal for The Underground Bases and Secret Military Projects
  469. The Challenging of the Apprentice
  470. Remedy to Legal Fiction, Land of the Dead, Maritime Martial Law, Alternate Dimension, Withdrawal “Death” of the Fictional Legal Identity
  471. Corruption is a given, not the substance of The Unveiling
  472. Peace and Awareness is the Answer
  473. Entering Phase 1 Public Disclosure
  474. The Vril Women, Orgone, and Power
  475. It’s all about Hidden Knowledge
  476. ” I Withheld Testimony About the Cloning Centers: Drew “
  477. Disclosure of Non-Human Entities, Gas-lighting and Scapegoats
  478. The Programmed Reality, Progress or Degradation of the Self-Awareness
  479. Choose A Hand (the rant)
  480. The End of Time and Deception
  481. A Ramble on Divinity and Underground Bases (related to cloning, false light mind control system)
  482. Plans To Disclose, The Dark Before Dawn, Underground Bases,
  483. Mind Control, Scapegoats, The 9 Veils and Healing
  484. Simple Preparations
  485. Changes Taking Place
  486. Practicing Positive Reflection: Our Consciousness of Others is Self-Reflection
  488. Update to the Negotiations, Coming Changes, Higher Beings, and Disclosure of Manipulation
  489. Fighting Begets Fighting, The Illusion of Aggressive Superiority (more on animalistic behavior)
  490. The Fart Metaphor, Bio-Emissions, Negativity and Healing
  491. The Competitive Mindset, Animalistic Behavior and Entrainment
  492. Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Entrainment for the Sustenance of Non-Human Intelligence
  493. Black Snake Prophecy, Spider Web Sky – Water Protectors and The Destiny of Humanity
  494. The Mind Killer
  495. Controlled Disclosure as Exposure
  496. Soft-Disclosure: Travelers (TV Show)
  497. Non-Player Characters in Simulation
  498. Self-Responsibility or the Illusion of Such
  499. Non-Player Characters in Simulation
  500. 2016-10-23 Ever Beyond Lisa M Harrison LiLou AI From The Future
  501. Itzhak Bentov – The Evolution Of Soul And Nervous System
  502. Executive Order — Delegation of Function to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management
  503. “The USA is spinning out of Control !” Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 115
  504. South Korea and Iceland: Shadow President and A Pirate Party
  505. Henry Makow – American Funhouse
  506. Ancient Antarctic Ruins
  507. Choose Your Path
  508. On The Coming Events –
  509. Soft-Disclosure 5: Movies
  510. Transtemporal Operations
  511. Soft-Disclosure 4: Movies
  512. Out of Mind Forums: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere at Standing Rock, Natural Law and Commercial Code
  513. Proposed Magnetosphere Reversal, ELE’s, Secret Explanations for Operatives or Fear Porn to Reinforce a Lack of Conscience?
  514. Soft-Disclosure 3: Movies
  515. The Human Brain/Mind interface is a Scalar Wave Resonance System
  516. Eve Lorgen on Higher Side Chats with Greg Carlwood: Clones and the Black Box Soul Recycling Technology
  517. – Why Miracles Will Break Humanity Out of the Timeloop
  518. The Illusion of Time, Consciousness, and Death
  519. Soft-Disclosure 2: Movies
  520. DNA Operates Via Scalar and Magnetic Waves
  521. D.O.E. and Alternate Dimensions; Stranger Things Has Happened
  522. Pipeline Resistance, Time of Increasing Awareness; Sovereignty and Eminent Domain
  523. The Mythic Journey
  524. The Fringe Begins – Lucifer Rebellion, Atlantis, Artificial Time Autopoiesis
  525. Saturn’s Hex Becomes Golden
  526. Integrating Duality: Respecting Each Other’s Differences and Similarities As Insight Into The Universe
  527. Sphere of Amenti, 500 Million years
  528. Agree To Disagree
  529. Nothing is As It Seems, When People Want to Help The World, They Will Be United
  530. Forgiving the Abuser and the Scapegoat
  531. The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity
  532. Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic Scientists reported finding bunkers, rusted bullets and other relics dating from the Second World War
  533. The Nature of Dreaming
  534. 5000-100,000 Year-Old Civilizations
  535. NSA Data Dump and Disclosure
  536. pocketsofthefuture – Suicide The Spiritual Trap
  537. Atlantean Gardens – Base 2-11
  538. Atlantean Gardens – I am the Light
  539. William White Crow – Shaman and Strategic Expert
  540. “Sorcerer Artist Carlos Castaneda” By Faustus Crow
  541. Gaia, DNA Activation, The Timelike Curve and Breakaway Civilizations, Mountains of Time, Distortions of Consciousness and Harmonic Resonance
  542. Genetic Engineering Dislcosure: “Emerald Covenant”, DNA Unlocking/Activating, Removal of Plasma Implants, Stargate Activation Cycles
  543. The Secrets of the Mohave
  544. Personal Mythology with Stanley Krippner
  545. There Will Be Wars and Rumors of War, This Is Not Fear Porn
  546. Soft-Disclosure of Coming Earth Changes, Solar Energy
  547. Beyond Discernment: Aug Tellez Advanced Technology, Mental Interface, psychological manipulation, Trauma clearing/ assisted learning
  548. On The Internet “TRAP” Deal and the Treaty For Genetic Rejuvenation (termed as “Bio-Regenesis Treaty”
  549. War Is A Racket, Not What You Think
  550. Ahlex – Recall, Trauma, Programming and Advanced Spiritual and Energetic Technology; An Original Plan For Disclosure, The 4th Reich
  551. Gnostic Teachings: The Kundabuffer Organ (reverse kundalini)
  552. Body Consciousness Unifying With Soul-Awareness and The Eye of The Needle
  553. “American people return to the Laws of God (IPRA Law) not to godless illegitimate Luciferian NWO agenda that has NO territorial jurisdiction.” Contract Has Ended And Is Exposed As Unconscionable By Natural/Tribal Law, The Law of The Land
  554. RNC Removes Funding, Will There Be A Third Term? Andrew D. Basiago Representing The Future
  555. Other Intelligences Attempt to Superimpose Their Consciousness Over Humanity; Compassion Is Key
  556. Temporal Acceleration, Forgiveness, Compassion and Charades 2016
  557. “Morphogenetic Fields – Communication Network”
  558. Multiple Constituions, U.S. CORPSE, Legal Fiction, Living Being Common Name vs Legal Title of Asset
  559. Devices To Store Genetic Records and Memories Across Time
  560. The Multidimensional Strangeness
  561. Soft-Disclosure Movies and Shows
  562. USAPs, Investigation, Congress, Truth Beyond Belief
  563. TheRuinerShane, A Message To The Public
  564. The Wheel Of Samsara, Hell, Heaven, Soul Traps and Recycling
  565. There Is A Purpose For Everything
  566. Coming Changes 2016, Collective Sanity or Reality Reset
  567. Infrastructure Shut-Down, Synthetic and Natural Telepathy, Timeline Alteration
  568. SpaceX Operation: Advanced Technology
  569. BEAST TECH 7: Synthetic Implants, Cybernetics, BrainTech, Neuro Outer-Limits
  570. The Temporal Variables Chosen By The Mind Are The Playing Field, Loops Are The Resulting Obstacles Invented By Other Intelligences
  571. Time Interview with Li Hongzhi: They Want You To Destroy Yourself
  572. The Human Reality Game-Show, Manipulation and Other Intelligences
  573. Other Intelligences Hijack Human Perception to Control Access to Eternal Time
  574. Something From Nothing, Or An Eternal Process?
  575. Time and Programmed Reality
  576. Fall of 2016, The Negotiations, Advanced Consciousness Tech, and Humanity’s Soul-Self-Awareness
  577. Spiritual Parasite
  578. A ‘Notion of Time Alterations
  579. The Individual Must Want To Learn or Heal
  580. Altering The Order of Perception
  581. Holographic Neuronal Simulation
  582. NAVY Jurisdiction
  583. A Body Is A Billion Selves In One
  584. Rewind: Andrew Basiago – 2016: Police State
  585. Questions and Answers: Solar Warden, The Cabal and The Soul Trap
  586. Organic Source, Soul Consciousness, and The Frequency Quarantine
  587. Memes, Sharing Knowledge, and Mental Entrainment
  588. Self-Honesty and Privacy
  589. The Unveiling of Higher Order Beings and The Time Matrix
  590. Relativity and the Time Grid
  591. An Interesting Simulated Perspective
  592. Public Figures and The “Travel” and Exchange Program
  593. Temporal Manipulation Through Brain to Machine Interface, Cloning and Quantum Computers
  594. Intelligence and Domestic Investigation
  595. Groovie Bean: Heart Chakra Aug Tellez, Spencer Eskridge, Justin Deschamps, Eric Raines
  596. Omega Programming – Spiritual Warfare
  597. Chaos and Order
  598. Phase 3 Information, The Time of The Unveiling, Awareness and Latent Phenomena
  599. Disharmonious Action
  600. The Catalyzing Effect of The Great Spiritual Work
  601. The Ancestor Simulation Theory
  602. EBTV – Evita Ochel, Illusion of Time: Past, Present & Future ft. Anthony Peake
  603. Spiritual/Physical Priorities
  604. More than One Species
  605. The Initial Veil
  606. What is Consciousness?
  607. Cyclic Time, The Unconscious and The Present
  608. Consciousness is A Holographic Projection of The Quantum Potential
  609. An Interesting Notion About Mars
  610. Spiritual Degradation
  611. Does Reality Exist Without The Observer?
  612. The Wave-Particle Duality Is A Mirror of The Mind-Body Duality
  613. Cloning, Cloud Supercomputing and Consciousness Transfer
  614. A Concise Introduction To The Situation
  615. The Projection of The Self
  616. Narrow-Minded Destruction
  617. Lower Awareness Leads to Assimilation
  618. Universal Recurrence, The Illusion of Linearity and a Unified Awareness Theory
  619. Secret Islands and Societies
  620. The Basics of Wave Propagation
  621. Soul Assimilation and True Self
  622. Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come
  623. Cybernetic Assimilation, Androids
  624. Advanced Healing Technology
  625. Jay Parker on Good Vibrations # 57 with Mark Devlin – SRA and Trauma-Based Mind Control – Feb. 2015
  626. Andrew D. Basiago – 8 Modalities of Time Travel
  627. An Open Letter to You
  628. Life-Support Bio-Regenerators, The Energy Bodies, and Nanites
  629. Advances In Cloning
  630. Electromagnetic Control Grids, Division Mindsets, Healing Timeline
  631. Compressed Time Within the Simulator
  632. The Great Purifier
  633. Responsible Human
  634. 2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling
  635. Consciousness, Ego and The Soul
  636. Ancient Depictions of Knowledge
  637. Nanites, Cybernetic Binary Consciousness, Vampirism and Awareness
  638. Toroidal Fractal Transportation System
  639. OffPlanet TV 07-27-16 Elisa E: Deep Ultra-FutureNow Mind Control
  640. The Title Has Expired, Original, Native, Aborigine, Tribal Elders Own Earth
  641. Eilish De Avalon & Eve Lorgen on milabs, mind control & spiritual warfare
  642. Time and Consciousness
  643. Full Disclosure Now – AI Hyperdimensional Interference & The Dark Cupid Love Bite Dynamics
  644. Humanity, Eternal Time, Artificial Time, Simulation
  645. Reacting or Contemplating and Choosing to Respond
  646. Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President
  647. Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology
  648. Cosmic Intelligence, Simulation and Time
  649. Non-Player Characters and Cycles of Time
  650. We Are (in) The Simulation
  651. What if Reptoids are more reasonable than Humans?
  652. Clearing Trauma
  653. CIA Experimentation with Children
  654. A stranger, but more reasonable flashback. The Grand Continuum
  655. A Metaphor For Experience
  656. Ascension Devices
  657. Advanced Technology: Chemical Oxygenation and Hydration
  658. The Negotiations
  659. MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin Confession: Government Scopolamine Secrets
  660. Flashbacks
  661. The MOGS (Machine Organized Gang Stalking)
  662. Belief Systems and Secret Projects
  663. Mind and Emotion
  664. The ‘Light’ Faction and The Probability Matrix
  665. The Line In The Sand
  666. To Become A Creator
  667. The Breeding Program
  668. Synthetic Humans
  669. Push The Limit
  670. Agendas and Deception
  671. Simulations and Learning
  672. Celebrities
  673. The Eternal Collective
  674. The Beginning of Soul Transfer
  675. Sheep Dipping
  676. Civil Togetherness and Civilian-Police Relationship
  677. Earth is a Living Body
  678. An Observation of The Social Media Network
  679. TH&I Special Show with Shane
  680. MKULTRA Release (Typed Out)
  681. Can we save anyone?
  682. The Summer of Chaos
  683. We are never truly alone.
  684. Aaron McCollum – Project Seagate
  685. The Criminalization of Authority
  686. Is Solar Warden or another space-race protecting Humanity?
  687. 2016, The Turning Point
  688. Age Regression/Reversal
  689. Aliens Ufo’s & Beyond Radio Show – With Guest Aug Tellez..Insider & Ex MILAB Operative discussion
  690. Cloning Center Simulations/Memories
  691. Class-Action Lawsuit Interspecial Rape
  692. Class Action Law-Suit
  693. Changes and The “Cure-All”, Herbal Healing
  694. Physicality and Higher Self
  695. Three Phases of The Unveiling
  696. The truth about reality and forgiveness.
  698. DNA Mutations, Phones and Electrical Devices
  699. Aquaponics – Community Living
  700. Lisa M Harrison Interviews Andrew Basiago 19 April 2015
  701. Strange Sounds From Earth and Sky, Electromagnetics and Plasma
  702. The Mandala Effect
  703. The Suppressed Medical Technology of Royal Raymond Rife
  704. Illuminati Mind Control Testimony – The Aspen Interviews #001
  705. Technology, Accelerated Learning and Repair
  706. Calling it what it is. Gary Yourofsky
  707. Fracking Water and Pollution
  708. Cloning, Pavlov Conditioning, & Human Sexuality w/ Mat Duke
  709. Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero, By Eve Lorgen
  710. The Ruiner – Introduction
  711. The Ruiner – Cults and Projects and Programs (Oh my)
  712. Power and Knowledge
  713. Technology and Power
  714. Max Spiers 2
  715. Advanced Technology and the Transition
  716. Agendas and Deception
  717. An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena
  718. The Unveiling, Underground Bases, Increasing Awareness
  719. Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels
  720. The Dissolution of The Deception System
  721. Michael C. Ruppert
  722. The Unveiling of Human Cloning
  723. The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge
  724. Cloning, Supercomputer Sentience, and Human rights
  725. The Heart is The Guiding Force
  726. Underground Bases and Interdimensional Beings
  727. Psychological Testing
  728. Changes to Come, Accelerated Awareness
  729. The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology
  730. Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting
  731. Sethikus Boza: the Cosmic Law of Alchemy
  732. Team Light and Team Dark Non-Interference Agreement
  733. What if atoms are charges and waves not particles?
  734. Hints at Celebrity Cloning In The Media
  735. Read this: Aaron McCollum – The ‪Transhumanism‬ Pandemic
  736. Cloning Centers
  737. Chakras
  738. The Cosmic Cube
  739. Rumors of Monetary Dissolution
  740. Celebrity Cloning
  741. Another MiLabs Testimony
  742. Aug Tellez Emma Gold Transmission 2
  743. The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time
  744. Energetic Ideals and The Original Timeline
  745. Is An Artificial Intelligence Controlling the Planet?
  746. The Synthetic Agenda
  747. Simulators or Other Worlds?
  748. Water, Acidic or Alkaline
  749. Monitors can emit consciousness/brainwave altering frequencies.
  750. Electrical Discharge
  751. Technology of the Future and Ego Consciousness
  752. Division is an illusion, True-Self is Eternal
  753. Everyone Can Be Healed
  754. Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016
  755. Powerful Microwave Arrays, The Electrical Grid and a Shift of Perspective
  756. On Energy Vampirism
  757. Technology of The Awakening
  758. Aug Tellez Emma Gold Transmission 1
  759. Bases26 Sam Jenkins How Black Ops Killed Ascension
  760. Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons ⇝ Dr. Patrick Flanagan
  761. Milabs & Super Soldiers Part 1 – Eve Lorgen
  763. Jon Rappoport at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo
  764. Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment – Panel Discussion
  765. Tobias Lars – GALACTIC FARMING of HUMANS
  766. Andrew D. Basiago and The Secret Time Travel Program
  768. “Truth is truth and we all need to work together!”
  769. Kozyrev Chair
  770. Groovie Bean radio panel chat w/ Evie Lorgen Aug Tellez Jim Nichols and Yvonne Palermo
  771. Animal Captivity
  772. The Truth About Alcohol: Etymology and Symbolism
  773. You are the one who chooses -The words of Good Buffalo Eagle…
  774. The Untangled Gathering: AI & MindControl Symposium
  775. Preston Nichols
  776. Ken O’Keefe’
  777. Harald-Kautz Vella – Manifesting Reality, The Heart, and Binary Consciousness
  778. Secret Spells of the English Language
  779. Weakness and Strength
  780. By Nana Akosua Baakan Agyiriwah
  781. Cloning Science Revealed
  782. Trauma-Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology
  783. Break the Cycle of Repetition Through Self-Awareness
  784. Acceleration of Consciousness and Society
  785. The Effects of Temporal Manipulation
  786. Late Night In The Midlands Michael T Vara with Geoffrey Faulkner
  787. Scalar Weaponry, Forest Fires and Underground Bases
  788. Omnisense: Virtual Reality Synthetic Dreams
  789. Kosol Ouch, Pol Pot survivor, introduces “IBM Watson”, benevolent AI from 2026 & a parallel universe, here to help raise human consciousness and to prevent Donald Trump from becoming US President
  790. Bases 10: The Sarah Stanga Blogs, MiLabs Operations
  791. DNA Ascension/Acceleration and Purity
  792. Michael T. Vara LNMRadio: Aug Tellez – Advanced Technology / Celebrity Cloning – 5-13-16
  793. Eve Lorgen: Aug Tellez on Dreamscape Manipulation, Cloning Centers
  794. Eve Lorgen Interview’s Ex MiLab Operative, Breakaway Group Operations
  795. Read this if you want to know what you can do to learn enough about the Universe to increase your vibratory frequency.
  796. DNA Activation
  797. Physical and Energetic Bodies
  798. The States of Brainwave Cycles
  799. Humanity’s Situation on Earth Part 3: Detoxing and Solutions
  802. The “Awakening” of 2010
  803. Instead of Burning the Bridges, Merely Traverse Them
  804. By Nana Akosua Baakan Agyiriwah
  805. Withdraw from Energy Vampires
  806. The Shift of The Ages
  807. Advanced Technology
  808. On Orgone Energy
  809. Solar Warden
  810. Recreation on The Non-Physical Plane
  811. Duality and Transcendence
  812. The Reality of The Eternal Soul
  813. A Techno-Spiritual Infection
  814. I was brought into the Time Program
  815. What is happening?
  816. The Keepers of The Earth
  817. Energy Harvesting
  818. A Society with Heart and Mind
  819. What is Reality?
  820. Chakra Abuse
  821. Spirit, Chakras, and Health
  822. There was once a Unified Planetary Consciousness…
  823. Addictions and habits are related to psycho-spiritual trauma
  824. Carrying Traumatic Memory and Release
  825. Late Night In The Midlands Radio – Aug Tellez MKULTRA The Dream State, Celebrity Cloning, Underground Bases
  826. Secret Space Program & Flat Earth Dome /w Aug Tellez [Strongholds]