2016 Soul-Return and Retrieval Energies

Something is happening now that is relative to soul-return or retrieval.

We can use this energy, all of us. This is an opportunity.

I was informed this time would be used for this, I am directly experiencing signs and effects that I can only attribute to the releasing of certain energies from the various kinds of containment systems that are used.

Advanced technology can be used to occupy a human’s spiritual energy or space by literally setting up a triangulation of frequencies which closely match that specific individuals frequency.

When you have this being pulsed out or generated in an area by a machine, then what a person or the machine is programmed to introduce into that area, into those frequencies, will subsequently influence that individual.

What I can say is that these energies seem to be releasing now at least to some degree.

Whether this is personal to myself alone or others is up to you.

I was informed that what I notice will be happening to the population.

I was also trained to reflect upon and localize my awareness to trace the source of these changes whether they are releases or introductions. This training enhanced natural abilities we all have and that I was already utilizing in order to pop up on the machine radar.
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Is 2016 the year of disclosure?

Could 2016 be the year of disclosure? There are many factors at play here. We know that civil unrest plays into the plan for long-term disclosure which is another agenda.

We know that the people in office are not the ones who are totally in control but must act according to how the people are ready to accept disclosure rather than reject the truth.

We know that people acting out in fear, for instance, if they act out now, will be the ones begging for nuclear war later out of the hysteria that was tested and repeatedly induced through selective exposure to extra-terrestrial intelligence in the underground bases and secret projects.

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Fall of 2016, The Negotiations, Advanced Consciousness Tech, and Humanity’s Soul-Self-Awareness

Interjection: Here’s the easiest way to put this. There is an ancient defense system for Earth, it is eletromagnetic in nature. This field only activates when the majority of the human population is awake and aware and connected to Earth and each other. When that happens. The field is activated and nothing can penetrate the organic consciousness-stream. When people are in turmoil and divided, then the field is disabled and that is what has happened for many cycles.

If people come together now, the field is enabled and the physical Earth is protected. If people do not, then there will be a shift that will render the field useless.

I have to repeat again, I was shown, informed, and witnessed through active operations involving temporal distortion technology and many projects, that we are in a time now fall of 2016 which is when many of these ‘side-effects’ from events and changes would come to intersect and complete their interference.

The Negotiations

This means there is a possibility of realm or psychological coherence within the population, but that decoherence will reach it’s all time high in order to create a fulcrum from which change can manifest.

An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

In 2010, during a time dilated awakening, testing, introduction and negotiation event, it was projected that this year, and this time would be a turning point.

We viewed many thousands of years of human civilization.

You must awaken the soul level of awareness which becomes present in the body and over/innerstands the waking consciousness which we largely associate with. These are neurochemicals and 5-sense energy waves. This consciousness must merge with the soul level of awareness beyond the boundaries of the physical body’s perception of space and time.

The Keepers of The Earth

Machines can be activated which “accelerate” time by influencing the electromagnetic fields of Earth and consciousness alike.

DNA Activation

Everything is a show, I’ve seen it all before, even that ‘spooky’ video that was released claiming to be an out on the “Illuminati” that was viewed for years and has been bounced around the timeline to the best point of activity for humanity.

Everything is a prop, it is all lined up by programmers. Everyone has a portion of the whole, some people have a larger picture than others.

2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

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Rewind: Andrew Basiago – 2016: Police State

Andrew D. Basiago




What’s the most crucial thing the U.S. has to do now?

– We must take emergency measures to retrofit the US electrical grid from an electro-magnetic pulse event. If this event were to occur from a natural cause or an act of war or terrorism, we would be thrust back to a 1776 level of existence in the blink of an eye. It would take us four to five years to recover. In my view, the $2 billion that it would cost to prevent such a catastrophic event would be money well spent. By comparison, we spent $2 trillion fighting the Iraq war.

Do you realistically think you can win or is your candidacy to show that the American political system is broken?

– Yes, I think I can win. The election is six months away. Jesse Ventura has vowed to wage an independent candidacy if Sanders is denied the Democratic nomination. If this happens, then watch what will follow. The focus will shift to independent candidates like Ventura and I.

If you were to become POTUS, what would your first three steps be?

– First, I would convene a joint session of Congress and urge Congress to allocate $2 billion to retrofit the US electrical grid from an EMP event. It is a matter of utmost national urgency that we do so.

Second, I would contact Russian President Vladimir Putin and propose that in exchange for Russia being admitted to NATO, the US would join with it in developing the non-Russian republics. Rather than fighting a proxy war against Russia, we should be pursuing constructive engagement with it.

Third, I would ban chemtrail spraying by US agencies and ask other world governments to do so, too. Dr. Teller’s plan to stem global warming by spraying oxides of aluminum and barium into the troposphere has been an abject failure.  It has led to widespread respiratory distress. Instead, I would use my authority as president to release the hidden advanced technologies, including new energy sources, around which we can both craft a response to climate change and achieve energy independence.

When I do these things, the American people will see that they have a president in the White House who puts their interests first.

— Dmitry Belyaev, Metro World News


2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

We may have undeniable proof or exposure of the truth by the end of this year.

This is supposed to occur in three waves. Each wave is more shocking for the required energy to unveil the truth to sleepers.

Note: None of this is about “proof”. This is just the expansion of Humanity’s ability to comprehend what has always been happening.
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2016, The Turning Point

This year is a turning point. Celebrity cloning will face disclosure. Trigger events and false flags are being used to try and dismantle personal freedom. Advanced technology and mind control tactics are being exposed. 3 phases of the unveiling. Next is advanced travel and operations, then the time field-matrix.

Summer of Chaos.