Advances In Cloning

There is something that needs to be said regarding the cloning technology and general situation. There are advances in cloning that have been made that allow for the process to advance a person’s memory and maturity to the level where the cloning process does not result in a ‘brand-new’ kind of consciousness on par with that of a baby where impulses cannot be controlled and emotions are entirely off the charts.

The initial aspect of cloning resulted in a person who was essentially a baby in an adult’s body. Now imagine a baby in an adult’s body with the life and power of a wealthy adult. Things got out of hand fairly quickly.
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Technology of The Awakening

I am sending this post out as a clarification, update, and announcement of my situation. Editing this in now, I wanted to talk about my particular situation regarding some injuries sustained in breaking through the programming and how I was given a schedule for future events that are beginning to coincide directly with my progressing physical situation. This will be “part 1a” involving some information regarding the technology and what is happening.

Touchless Neural-Interface and Enhanced Awareness

In 2010 I reached what the “Illuminati” called the “awakening”. I feel a better term would be “unlocking” as this event includes the removal of all traumas, perceptual distortions, and memory suppression.
This event was a presentation of very advanced technologies which allow the mind to transcend space and time. It was shown that death is similar to a phase-shift of consciousness as polarity and that the awareness of the being obviously continues. This was verified through advanced sensing devices which can visibly display frequencies which are invisible to the physical senses. Continue reading “Technology of The Awakening”

The “Awakening” of 2010

In 2010 I was “awakened” at an event involving hundreds of people that play various roles in this society, the secret society and the breakaway civilization. This also took place across times or planes of reality.

Technology of The Awakening

Memory Suppression

My memory was unsuppressed and all the traumatic memories and experiences were unveiled to me. This was almost as traumatic as the initial experiences themselves although precautionary steps are taken to ensure the safety of the individual.

I’ve had memories of underground bases, cloning, stargates or interdimensional gateways, advanced technology, non-human or programmed biological entities, sacred knowledge and experiences, the power of the mind, and breakaway civilizations.

Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

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