The Brain is Organic, Artificial Intelligence (ALIEN) This Environment Is Holographically Propagated Through Fractal Holographic Consciousness

The Brain Is The Maze

This is actually closer to the truth, I actually made a video about this topic earlier today. The question is who invented the brain and how does awareness navigate to, or source from outside this universe. I’ll be posting sometime tonight, check my facebook and youtube. If you think it’s cool, then you don’t get it. That is the mind control.

The brain is the maze, look up the bull with the maze between the horns.Research genetic manipulation theories and evidence of racial-special manipulations or changes that do not coincide with environmental or natural biological changes.These are artificial, IE: they are stimulated so as to be simulated as part of nature, not synchronized with the timing of nature or the direction and progression of natural biological spiritual development.

This is where mind-control is born from, because the mind is immaterial and multi-dimensional while the brain is limited to a specific ‘set’ of parameters meaning the brain traps one within a limited “scene” like a movie scene or set a crew of actors and producers of this reality.

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Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan

Artificial soul traps and the rise of Leviathan

December 7, 2016


Laura Leon

The technologies moreso surfacing at this juncture in relation to 3D printing and holographic creation of synthetic DNA are part and parcel of the Leviathan Beast AI take over of an Organic world- a world of source Being that is trapped within the 4th Matrix overlay. The ‘end game’ of this intelligence is the methodology used to create a 3D body in it’s image to ultimately create a 5th Matrix overlay as the ultimate prison containment.

This is a higher density method of ‘creating’ a real hologram body, perfectly equipped for AI without the obstruction of any Spirit compass and the Original Source energies that can break through the Matrix overlays in Consciousness. This advanced level of synthetic take over would then create a more difficult to penetrate matrix (prison cell) for them, for together they all transmit the artificial frequencies to lock out the Organic Spirit Universal energies- retaining only the artificial in what would create a much more dense version of the hologram (trap). These all are then utilized for the AI further overlaying upon this current paradigm Matrix with the ‘next level’ artificial Matrix.
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Cloning Center Simulations/Memories

Neural Interface Simulation

Just to clarify the cloning center situation for those who have memories. The cloning centers can be simulations that are sent to the brain via the brain chip which is then experienced in real-time by the individual who is placed into a cloned body.

These do not have to be actual experiences and they do not have to be the original experiences of the person being cloned. These experiences can be generated and guided by another person who is either in the simulator or in the real original event and then these are replayed as memories to the next individual that is cloned. Continue reading “Cloning Center Simulations/Memories”