Is 2016 the year of disclosure?

Could 2016 be the year of disclosure? There are many factors at play here. We know that civil unrest plays into the plan for long-term disclosure which is another agenda.

We know that the people in office are not the ones who are totally in control but must act according to how the people are ready to accept disclosure rather than reject the truth.

We know that people acting out in fear, for instance, if they act out now, will be the ones begging for nuclear war later out of the hysteria that was tested and repeatedly induced through selective exposure to extra-terrestrial intelligence in the underground bases and secret projects.

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A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception

What does this represent to you?

What does the image mean, or indicate?

What does it look like one can see if they gaze at it?

It looks like a wave. So how or what does this explain about the relationship of the wave, to each particle?

Each motion is the same motion. Each particle is the same particle. The whole field is just one group, multiplied many times over.

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Be Responsible For Yourself, Difficulty Gives You Strength and Helps Us Comprehend The Unknown

When you see the wealthy elite with their cars and big houses and you feel jealousy but you don’t work harder. When you feel that they cheated but you don’t know the spiritual work they’ve done, then you have already lost and it’s your own doing.

Elite families begin their spiritual work at the age of 6. They were introduced and they introduced the other societies as well as the military to the secret projects because of the previous post concept where it was discovered what is coming soon. The government had to find a way to spiritually advance this civilization as quickly as possible to ensure survival.

The trouble you see all around? That’s how unprepared, unaware, and veritably lazy this population is. Don’t blame it on others, that’s the whole point, if it was their fault the opportunity to progress would lie with them, not the rest of the sleeping population.

The work they go through is so intense that people from outside of their families immediately go insane or suffer great pains if they stumble upon the truth or are exposed through some necessary but untimely means.

That is why this process has been designed and the whole world is being affected and advanced by the difficulty.

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If you think you’ve figured it out…

If you think you’ve figured it out but haven’t done the internal work of merging duality then you’ve only stumbled upon a single layer of deception which is designed to appear to be the truth to those who are only looking on the surface level.


This was less organized, concise, and direct than I intended however you may find interest in listening on 1.25x speed. I may add an outline but I’m not sure that would work, we were basically translating each others metaphysical notions of reality into a dialogue that helps to explain the secret projects and the extra-dimensional experience of self-actualization of awareness.

What is Consciousness?

This is why the other aspects involving conspiratorial operations, life-forms and technology is only scratching the surface.

THIS is what was discovered. We think we are the projection, the movie that is being played. We are closer to the projector that is blank throughout.

The projector cannot project itself! At least not without modification to the technology.

Yet what I, and others propose, is that there is an ancient process which allows one to SEE THE SELF, which should be impossible.

We are encoded with these processes and must initiate them through a turning of internal awareness and intention. Continue reading