2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

We may have undeniable proof or exposure of the truth by the end of this year.

This is supposed to occur in three waves. Each wave is more shocking for the required energy to unveil the truth to sleepers.

Note: None of this is about “proof”. This is just the expansion of Humanity’s ability to comprehend what has always been happening.
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The Beginning of Soul Transfer

The first time I was having clone activation experiences I was thinking someone was cleverly stealing my body without alerting my parents through E.M. field technology which was similar to the reports of paranormal activity when people are asleep and unable to hear someone being “spiritually attacked” in the other room. Plenty of common ghost stories contain themes like that. Everything involves electromagnetic fields, starting with our biology and the biology of the Earth and Earth’s space and time. Continue reading “The Beginning of Soul Transfer”