The Fart Metaphor, Bio-Emissions, Negativity and Healing

If someone farts in the air, and it burns the nose, the eyes. And a person says, “F-you, you stink. You fing f-ass, always you with the crap.” Then it has emotionally and mentally A-ffected, or INfected us. This is a metaphor for the mind and the way negative emotions, emissions, or energies of others influence on a conscious level. If we see/smell/sense this happening, and we go, “Oh! *holds breath*” and wave the air around, open a window, clear the air or remove ourselves from the environment, then we are not negatively A-ffected or “IN”fected by these emissions.

This is a metaphor for the negative entrainment, the devices and technology, the spiritual substances, the emotional entrapment, the mental disruption of one’s peace of being through the introduction of disharmonic energies.

If we are capable of passing along the message of how to help avoid this reaction to others, and to the individual in question to assist in them clearing their own energies (bodily functions in this metaphor) then we remain as healthy as we were before the encounter without allowing the negative/draining bio-emissions of the other to weigh us down AKA infect.

In other words, to be able to laugh it off and remove yourself from the environment or clear the air yourself, while also taking steps to assist the A-ffected in increasing their own frequencies then we act as beneficial reality generators. If we immediately respond to negativity with negativity, then we are either A-ffected and effectively overcome by such, or we are participating in the process of adding negativity. Either way, a negative response is participating and a neutral or positive (healing, informational, conscious) response is clearing.

While this explanation may induce laughter or a humorous response, (and that is the intended light-hearted result) the influence of this negativity in the actuality of what the metaphor represents is much more serious. Our environment is being poisoned, the air and water is being poisoned, the media has polluted the minds of many so that now the actual etheric mental waves in the air around many people’s, over the entire planet is literally coated in this negativity. We are swimming in a sea of negativity that is injected into this reality through artificially propagated means.

This did, however, begin as an etheric process through various scenarios and mind-control methods, and this resulted in a tangible change in the energy, but it is now being propped up through these “modern” technological means. The original method could very well be named, especially for its time, a simple method of using advanced technology through various advanced energy work to induce such states within the minds of people. These were methods that seemingly used no technology, but through the methods were actually using advanced spiritual technology that this time-period in civilization had no way of comprehending other than as the works of “gods”, aliens, or demons.

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DNA Activation

When the machines are active, DNA acceleration takes place at 1000x the rate that it does now. The human being is a collective of human DNA as well as DNA from beneficial bacteria which balances the harmful bacteria and yeast so that food can be digested properly and the immune system remains functioning.

When a person’s body contains parasites then the balance of Human DNA vs bacteria’s and other micro/macro-organisms changes from what it is originally.
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