The States of Brainwave Cycles

These names are also used in mental programming systems
Gamma – Waking Superconsciousness
Beta – Regular Wakefulness
Alpha – Relaxed
Theta – Superconsciousness, Super-relaxed, hypnagogic imagery and sounds arise, day-dream states that one can feel, not fully asleep or unaware of the surroundings
Delta – Fully asleep

The Gamma and Theta states are considered the two superconscious brainwave cycles that the brain operates on

The theta state (4-8 cycles per second) is found in between relaxation and sleep and is the state one finds themselves in during daydreams, or times just before sleep where sights, sounds, and other hallucinogenic sensory input appears in a highly creative, dynamic, and interactive internal environment. Continue reading “The States of Brainwave Cycles”