Psychological Warfare, Antarctica, and Disclosure of Advanced Technology

I only trust myself and those who’m I have been in operation with.

Everything taking place on the surface is a form of psychological warfare. Literally, everything we see is first drawn up by a team and a research group of scientists and psychologists and occultists and then presented to the population after signatures and approvals and tweaking and the rest. Nothing we see up here is actually “happening”, it’s all a preplanned show that they call “Society”.
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Plans To Disclose, The Dark Before Dawn, Underground Bases,

Plans For Disclosure, Negotations

Other plans have been in the works. I support the concept of forgiveness and beneficial resolve for all, although this is a very confusing and deceptive situation due to the nature of the interaction of various beings.

Psychological Manipulation

I am not saying this because of events that could be portrayed as my own compromisation or infiltration. As children we were used as soldiers for various operations and this included training and conditioning that drove one beyond the limits of the conscious mind through whatever means necessary. Usually these are of various psychologically manipulative routines which targets the individual’s conscience and works it out of the equation, or at least dulls it.

I have seen more with “my” own eyes than I have in any movie, be it science-fiction, war, horror, adventure, fantasy, or documentary.

Most of this took place as a child. As has been said before by others, these were not games and toys that we were invited to participate in and utilize during operation. These were situations and technologies that are so challenging to comprehend one often must have their conscience negated otherwise they risk damaging or destroy themselves or friendlies in the process.

Those in the projects are not always given the longest life expectancy.

Often times an operative is physically replaced many times. This is through advanced technology and the knowledge of the soul or the inner workings of consciousness and biology.

Unprecedented Changes Taking Place

At this point in time I am aware that we are coming up to great changes taking place. If people are only aware of what is referred to as the ‘mainstream media’ then, chances are they only have a portion of the whole picture, yet even then they can see we are in times that are unprecedented as far as the ideals that are being displayed in public view as well as the research and development of many technologies and world issues.

Yes, for us, cloning and advanced technology was used to protect the human race even though this technology was similarly used by dark factions to reverse engineer DNA as well as genetically engineer soldiers and non-human entities.

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Update to the Negotiations, Coming Changes, Higher Beings, and Disclosure of Manipulation

There have been terms of the agreement with the so-called “Cabal” and these were to introduce an agreeance based on the forgiveness of negative actions of physical, mental and emotional manipulation and harm unto others under the condition that such behaviors are fully exposed and those in participation agree that a process of healing and making amends on the levels that have been impacted is carried out including all who are involved.

This has been previously denied as a result of the unfathomable nature of how far the process of degradation and manipulation has gone.

What you may “bio-spheres” or entire civilizations of human beings have been used for prostitution and psycho-etheric nourishment of the so called “dark faction”.

I repeat.

Entire breakaway civilizations have been born through the use of advanced technology and manipulation and these are used as a psycho-etheric/emotional energy farm such as for the rape and molestation of individuals of all ages, races, genders and intellectual capacities.

The women of the so called dark-faction are harvested for their life-giving abilities and their spiritual energies and this is one way that these civilizations have been manipulated and produced in order to fully sustain such dark-factions which utilize these procedures in the maintenance and conditioning of their youth through the control system.

Corey Goode speaks briefly on this in his latest release and I do not agree with everything ANYONE says, however there are multiple races of “higher beings” and from my personal view they are non-physical or are entirely etheric in nature and only require a physical essence during the production of a slightly less-confusing or overwhelming interaction with a physical human being.

Physical human beings are, in part, completely etheric and non-physical consciousness. A human is a material body coupled with an immaterial etheric counterpart and there is a pure, invisible, undetectable awareness at the most subtle layer.

Large numbers of these individuals in production are claimed to be non-respected by these conditions which we apply to living humans on this planet because they are (since the technology was created) produced by a cybernetic hive-mind process and before this completely synthetic means of genetic engineering.

This is an update, a clearing, a call to awareness, a warning that these events have been taking place and those involved have in the past been given the option for the salvation of their own species and their own eternal etheric counterparts as their own cybernetic hive-mind systems have become infected and subverted out of their control.

This leads into the timeline alterations and the productions of “secondary” realms and timelines that allow these plans to be carried out while avoiding the overall disastrous effects of such manipulations on the genetic spectrum of humanity as a whole. Now these realms and these timelines can no longer be sustained without such issues coming fully into public view and this was foreseen by many conscious beings who are either observing the occurrence of this civilization or have survived the manipulation related to these events and sufficiently protected and healed themselves enough to organize this process of disclosure that we are witnessing now.

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