” I Withheld Testimony About the Cloning Centers: Drew “



I wanted to say this because it is relevant to the goal of getting the truth to the public and as well it may fill in some blanks.

While in the bases, as a child, I spoke with Bernie Mac, Brittany Murphy, and Chris Benoit. These individuals intended to make public the knowledge of cloning and the underground bases.

Hints at Celebrity Cloning In The Media

I am freed and oppressed through the information and experiences I have.

I want to help the celebrities as well as any other individuals who would like to express their free-will in order to protect the balance in life.

Share The Truth About Celebrity Cloning

Cloning Centers


Technology and Power

The ability to create and construct our reality to a much higher degree of power would be dangerous to those who don’t realize that we are one interconnected world.

The Mind and Temporal Layer Programs

It is of the mind and thus temporal layer.
This is a series of programs. The programs were designed to test the limits of the human mind.
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