Geometric and Numerical representations of the Organizational Structure of Consciousness as Interrelation Between Individual and Collective Units

I’m going to retouch on the post regarding the geometric and numerical representations of the organizational structure of consciousness as an interrelation between the parts and the whole.

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A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception

In-phase sine waves:

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Of Two Timelines

Two Time-lines

When the Population Becomes Aware, They Refuse The Illusion

When the population becomes aware enough then they develop a resurgence of critical thinking in regards to the mind controlling techniques. The mental and emotional control systems are in place that serve to distract from the true power structure which is hidden behind the surface.

When They Refuse The Illusion, Illusions Are Exposed

When this happens the crimes against humanity and the secrets of advanced technology and other times and intelligences are vulnerable to exposure.

When The Illusions are Exposed, New Illusions are Manufactured

Whenever people are so distraught from a failed economic or political system then they lose interest in playing follow the leader and ultimately a form of war, manufactured catastrophe such as a biological event or natural disaster occurs and is used to divert attention away from the unified attention that the system itself is to blame. Power is relinquished either through submission of the population or a reduction of those resistant minds.

Waking up is an Individual Process, World Catalysts are Collective

When the collective mind of humanity becomes so distraught from a massive world war in the age of information and connection then Earth herself will awaken and become involved to the point of massive Earth changes in a geological and cosmological scale.
Every so often steps are taken to reset or extend time. This is an extension more than it is aligned with the common notion of a “reset” that occurs every so many years.

What this may indicate is that the awakening we see is an individual event and only easy to comprehend how negative events are collective in that sense. Many people may notice change but only a small number will actually arrive at the internal comprehension.

The planet is an extension of mind and the mind is an extension of the planet. If you change the planet without changing the mind then the planet returns back to the way it was before. If you change the mind the planet reflects and the mind follows the change

Fighting Begets Fighting, The Illusion of Aggressive Superiority (more on animalistic behavior)

Fighting with each other leads to the occurrence of more fighting or suffering. That is not acceptable if a person seeks to heal or to help the situation, or even simply to really get what they want.

When a person fights, they do it to avoid what they initially experience which brought out a negative response in them. The experience is not caused by the individual they target or even their action or utterance/energy, that energy or the concept behind it exists simultaneously all over the world in conceptual form. To fight the one example in front of a person is to seemingly rid it from their space while it goes on to exist all around them. A person will tire out before they live long enough to fight all over and rid the world of what they dislike so that it will never be experienced again. This kind of reaction only provides the temporary illusion of power and blindness to the larger existence that there is no way to react to negativity on the same level and avoid re-experiencing that energy again. A persons existence simultaneously goes beyond this single body and so while it is pushed away from one body, it will be met with simultaneously by other humans who will then have to deal with the experience in either the same manner, producing the same effect of passing the experience on, or they will work through it in a healing manner with a different mode of operation.

When something negative is met with negativity, something that is not desirable is fought against, this enables that negativity further and gives it more power to invade a person’s life.

Doing the same thing over and over again, to avoid exactly that which is recurring through that process is undesirable in itself and so this is a kind of feedback loop which feeds the process of recreating that experience.

On a physical level, this is still only capable of providing the illusion of satisfaction, if one fights small fights, initiates large-scale war, then sooner or later their empire that is maintained through such activity will be met with the empire of another who has a greater ability to destroy. In any means, destructive methods, through mind/energy or body/physicality/violence always lead back to the initial oppressor.

This is not to say that ‘rolling over’ and allowing darkness to prevail is positive.

But for instance if the individual does not fight in that battle, slowly there is a resistance of other individuals heart-centered individuals, then this frequency will over power the empire of violence within the collective.

It is the frequency, the concepts, the energies that people fight against. One can’t “fight” an energy, that is impossible. One can reorganize their mind and their life so that they are not vulnerable to engaging mentally with such beliefs, such illusions or vampiric processes that do require engagement in order to be maintained.

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The Eternal Collective

Either we have a pattern and intention that changes things here, or we are merely absorbed into the background radiation of the Universe. If we can attain a pattern and level of awareness and interaction which goes beyond the same patterns that automatically play over and over, and we create our own eternal addition, then we exist in eternity.

That’s just the thing though, all the base patterns, they play over and over eternally. Life is always life and death is always death. Every way, shape and form of existence, each possible timeline, already all exists in the same space. It is our mind, our consciousness and the various ways the brain is programmed by its environment and the spirit or mind can overpower and reprogram the brain, that decides our perception of time and thus the kind of space and world we inhabit.

This is a collective realm, so we’re always aware of here, and how we all exist. As we move closer to a singularization of information and (consciousness)space we become more and more aware of these kinds of secrets and how everyone’s ego consciousness is a form of internal secrecy that affects our own self image the strongest. When we fully merge the singular conscious mind with the neverending subconscious and collective we know everything. What that said, this process of merging and striving towards progress never ends.

It is like we are playing a game, yet it is the most important game that influences the rest of cosmic existence.

Simulators or Other Worlds?

As of now, I have to explain this in a certain manner. No one on the outside knows for sure, but everyone has their theories. I was on the inside and I still don’t know for sure.

There are simulators that have been designed that operate off of the the human brain. These can also extend into what we would call a “higher dimension” and say, if a person is asleep, then these simulators can pull the person out of their body and operate on a temporal plane that does not require the brain or body.

This seems to be most reasonable because the brain and body does not become stressed from this method if the experience becomes very intense. If returned to the body, the body will be perfectly fine and calm. There is an apparent disconnect between the body and the realm of the experience that takes place and in what is called the “temporal realm” or the temporal body.

With these simulators there are also time dilation results that are possible with various generators that ultimately create an undulation in space and time itself which is inextricably linked to consciousness.

One of the experiences that I began to explore in the “awakening” of 2010 which took place on different areas of the timeline for those others who were present there and are speaking out publicly now, was a city, plane or simulator populated entirely by reptilian beings. Continue reading “Simulators or Other Worlds?”