Do not waste time with Walking Energy Parasites

Don’t waste your life on people who don’t support you. They are like parasites that don’t have their own identity or energy and will only seek to consume your own meaning and power until there is nothing left.

Yes, believe. The parasite is the most powerful essence on the planet, to the unguarded and unprepared. It is similar to a black hole. Meaning, there is no end, it can eat its weight. Then again. Then again. Then again. There is no “full” because the process of soaking up is actually what is happening on it’s end and so everything it eats and being taken from it.

The opposite is true for the awakened one. It is like the sun. There is no end to the giving, the power, the peace.

Yet, humans have a weak spot. People like to make friends while only interacting with the surface level personality wise or even physicality wise. This is an illusion. The clever parasite will use the guise of a healthy individual smiling and appearing ready to be a part of the team only to infiltrate and then use everyone’s kindness against them while manipulating the situation for their own benefit. Quite literally, their energy systems are inverted/negated and they drain the energy of those around them and attempt do so to Earth itself, everything on this plane.

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2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

We may have undeniable proof or exposure of the truth by the end of this year.

This is supposed to occur in three waves. Each wave is more shocking for the required energy to unveil the truth to sleepers.

Note: None of this is about “proof”. This is just the expansion of Humanity’s ability to comprehend what has always been happening.
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