Psychological Warfare, Antarctica, and Disclosure of Advanced Technology

I only trust myself and those who’m I have been in operation with.

Everything taking place on the surface is a form of psychological warfare. Literally, everything we see is first drawn up by a team and a research group of scientists and psychologists and occultists and then presented to the population after signatures and approvals and tweaking and the rest. Nothing we see up here is actually “happening”, it’s all a preplanned show that they call “Society”.
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Aug Tellez: Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, The Unveiling, Secret Societies, Higher Awareness 11-27-16

This is as much an update as it is a true initial disclosure. I am here to assist in The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and this is a series of events organized by higher authority that will inform humanity of the true nature of the Universe, consciousness, the origins of humanity and the discoveries of the secret projects as well as the nature of corruption and deception.

“A lot to talk about but only a few things that really need to be said.” T-40 minutes of talking. Excuse the coat noises they calm down after the first few minutes. Also excuse my use of the word “vaguey”.

Black Snake Prophecy –

I am bringing you this information because I feel it is time for the public to know.

This is important information, I did not produce this. All I can say is watch the video and take in each section of text and review the information in your mind.

Is 2016 the year of disclosure?

Could 2016 be the year of disclosure? There are many factors at play here. We know that civil unrest plays into the plan for long-term disclosure which is another agenda.

We know that the people in office are not the ones who are totally in control but must act according to how the people are ready to accept disclosure rather than reject the truth.

We know that people acting out in fear, for instance, if they act out now, will be the ones begging for nuclear war later out of the hysteria that was tested and repeatedly induced through selective exposure to extra-terrestrial intelligence in the underground bases and secret projects.

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Disclosure of Non-Human Entities, Gas-lighting and Scapegoats

All of this is leading up to the disclosure of non-human entities.

The ones that are being presented as the “bad ones” are just the scapegoats, that’s the whole point.

What is going to happen is the largest gas-lighting program in history.

It only takes a few. However it will get rough before it gets better. Unless the majority chooses peace and awareness.

That is the real fulfillment. Not just having a certain perception of control while people are still living within the projection of being ruled over. That is the illusion

Cognitive dissonance is what holds people back from living in the real world, or just seeing the truth behind the illusion. It’s a planned mind-game of who will be affected by what later of dissonance where and when and how this will influence society as a whole.

Here is an interesting comment:


The following was pointed out: “Full Disclosure won’t happen. The word “Disclosure” is being used because it’s a play on words. This isn’t Disclosure, it’s Dis-Closure – there is no closure! There is no end to it.” Perhaps the collective will rather break the word spell to manifest full awareness.


My response:
Maybe that ‘disclosure’ is a ‘telling’ or a giving of information regarding the secrets that one must learn from within. It is a hint and a play, yes, but that is the game of this realm. As well, it could be that what will be “disclosed” will always be the layer that has been created for that while there are many layers deep. It could be that the entirety of the show is so deep that it is literally incomprehensible to those who do not confront the truth with their whole being. In short, those who do not achieve the truth through their own discernment but rely on others will not receive it.

Changes Taking Place

Changes are taking place now, we will see something within 1.5 to 2 weeks, or we will see the fruition of that change within 4 months. Be prepared, embody a healing mindset, reflect and introspect upon the self, and reach out to all who will listen. If people don’t listen, continue with those who will.

Note: A fruition of change will occur within that period. Changing everything overnight would serve more to act as a shocker than a catalyst for productive change however with the scope of what changes are taking place it will often seem like everything is changing rapidly at a rate over short periods that seem like more change than has occurred over the past 50 years or more.

Controlled Disclosure as Exposure

What’s happening now is a controlled exposure/disclosure of the system. Enjoy it and choose a calm, composed, intellectually guided response rather than an emotional reaction.

Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic Scientists reported finding bunkers, rusted bullets and other relics dating from the Second World War

This may be the beginning of the unraveling that leads to direct public acknowledgement.

If the influence of advanced technology is found, everything will accelerate many fold.

If certain areas are accessed, an energy system will be discovered which links multiple realms.

This is closer to direct disclosure rather than soft-disclosure.


Three Phases of The Unveiling

The Unveiling of Human Cloning

The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology

Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

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NSA Data Dump and Disclosure

I was briefed on the current and upcoming events due to my involvement with the secret projects and a breakaway civilization and military faction.

These are just the beginning of the events that I outlined months ago per my instruction on this process.

The system will begin to expose itself, from the inside out. This will be shocking to everyone who does not already know this information.

This will be done in layers so that each level of ignorance of the truth will be met with a digestible amount of new information that they can process and move forward.

Large amounts of information will be revealed at once, relative to the current mode of news and media as they have been in the past.

The bulk of this information will shine light on the corruption of authority.

The pinnacle of this information, in the first stage, will come to the understanding that there are not only secret projects that have been ongoing, but secret methods used to manage such corruption.

Before this is revealed, it will be understood that it is not necessarily small, secret groups that have corrupted the entire process of society here. It will be seen that this entire system that we call society was built from the ground up, based on deception and the corruption of power through the abuse of free-will or non-consentual experimentation.

Ultimately this society will be explained as an experimentation involving more than one race of human being incorporating knowledge that extends forwards and backwards through time, interacting through spiritual and mental processes that are facilitated with advanced technology.

What we are witnessing now is the beginning of the exposure process.

This is projected to lead up to a full disclosure but the same full disclosure is a part of a reserved plan to manipulate the population even further just when they think they have escaped. This is why everything is planned out to not cause a reaction in the public but to let them slowly wake up to the situation.

The projected completion of this process is to acknowledge a perceptual, temporal, spiritual time-matrix that people exist within and are in a way manipulated through by a transdimensional synthetic sentience. This is how deep this goes, this system was in place and so there is really a layer upon layer revelation of what is happening here.

More than this, the very notion of physics, time, consciousness, energy and matter is not as the public is informed. Energy and consciousness is the basis for all existence. This means that the matter and changes that are experienced do not result in the conscious experience, the conscious experience results in the matter and changes. This enabled the scientists of many projects to look deeper into the format and composition of the universe and the human and literally develop ways to influence consciousness and ‘space’ travel in ways that are akin to science fiction. Here is an example of how deep this goes. The genre of science fiction was given to this society so that when they come to the awareness of how advanced technology can be, and how the format of the universe really is, they will have a literary and entertainment geared venue to fuel as well as contain those expressions and this energy and curiosity will be tended to through that, instead of making the devices, asking the right questions, and supporting each other in figuring out the truth directly.  That is how far this goes, everything changes when the truth comes out. It is not just corruption, not just a delay, it is an entire world that is delayed behind the real world which advanced and now we have an ancient, semi-primitve society (this one) and a futuristic, technologically advanced society (the breakaway).

One could say that this system was discovered and as a result of the secrecy, the knowledge, and the power derived from knowing the truth, a small group of individuals were inclined to use this knowledge and power to subdue an entire species. This is also said to be one of the motivating factors of the creation of this system in the first place.

More will be said, and more will be learned as we have to go through many experiences either by proxy through the morphogenic field of combined experience, or directly through detangling with this synthetic influence within this society.



The Secrets of the Mohave

This is the technology of the breakaway civilizations and the secret projects.

“‘Yes. Once in the not-so-distant-past, but yet many generations before the coming of the Spanish, a Paiute chief lost his bride by sudden death. In his great and overwhelming grief, he thought of the Hav-musuvs and their long tube-of-death. He wished to join her, so he bid farewell to his sorrowing people and set off to find the Hav-musuvs. None appeared until the chief began to climb the almost unscaleable Panamints. Then one of the men in white appeared suddenly before him with the long tube, and motioned him back. The chief made signs that he wished to die, and came on. The man in white made a long singing whistle and other Hav-musuvs appeared. They spoke together in a strange tongue and then regarded the chief thought- fully. Finally they made signs to him making him understand that they would take him with them.

“‘Many weeks after his people had mourned him for dead, the Paiute chief came back to his camp. He had been in the giant underground valley of the Hav-musuvs, he said, where white lights which burn night and day and never go out, or need any fuel, lit an ancient city of marble beauty. There he learned the language and the history of the mysterious people, giving them in turn the language and legends of the Paiutes. He said that he would have liked to remain there forever in the peace and beauty of their life, but they bade him return and use his new knowledge for his people.’

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Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President

Andrew D. Basiago. Important Post

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2016, The Turning Point

This year is a turning point. Celebrity cloning will face disclosure. Trigger events and false flags are being used to try and dismantle personal freedom. Advanced technology and mind control tactics are being exposed. 3 phases of the unveiling. Next is advanced travel and operations, then the time field-matrix.

Summer of Chaos.

An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

Note: These “sightings” will be unveiled as humanity’s advanced technology projects are unveiled. What I reference is craft that humanity has learned to operate as well as advanced technology which is the beginning of “unveiling” what is truly possible.

Something to look for is “fireball” sightings or technology or energy that appears to be “dripping” like flaming liquid while also moving in controlled maneuvers.

I was informed that the process of unveiling will take place in a specific order as “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge”.

3 Phases of the Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

As awareness increases there are factions that will use this to their advantage both for manipulation and increasing the awareness to unveil the hidden knowledge and advanced technology.

More and more events are taking place. We are supposed to have an increase in sightings and anomalies until full-blown electrogravitic craft are witnessed in the atmosphere. This is leading up to “The Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge” which of itself will lead up to a major shift in the awareness of Humanity.

The events will be leading up to a full blown acknowledgement of this technology in the public view. The mainstream media will not be able to ignore or hide what is happening.

This can go both ways depending on the individual’s awareness of the knowledge of the soul and spiritual law.

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Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

As a precursor to what I’m about to release as part of my physical situation and how everything came to be, I want to let everyone who’s been following know that I am in a manageable amount of pain now due to a dislocated bicep tendon and some other injuries. That sounded backwards, I was in MORE pain just a few months ago.
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Aug Tellez
I mean in general, how are you feeling?

Beautiful Person
oh…..i’m ok. thanks…just back from a little 2 day break down the country …do you think there was a time jump or something? why do u ask ? are u ok yourself ?

Aug Tellez
I am only asking to see how you feel and if I can add to the positivity. There has been many time jumps. This is all about time tech and mind tech and they said that they would reserve someone to simple ‘torturesque” experiences and then give them the same trip I had as a child. I had the trip, and then the “torture” experiences. They reversed the process for this person. Somewhere here they will view the past 50,000 years of human history along with the next few thousand. This is most jarring and requires support and re-orientation in order to remain calm and focused. It may have already even happened.

Beautiful Person
o wow

Aug Tellez

All I can do is praise the people who are willing to stand in the fire and remain still to show the way to others.

Beautiful Person
absolutely… do u think this was more than just a volcanic eruption

Aug Tellez
As this post points out, there is a supposed base in that area.