DNA Operates Via Scalar and Magnetic Waves

This is literally a form of disclosure. DNA emits light and this is light is the information energy which shapes the expression of life.

The energy from DNA is literally transdimensional and operates through a gradient of time and space reducing down in dimension until we gain the perception of consciousness in the physical realm as if from an antenna and receiver system.

DNA generates a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. Computed frequencies from the structure of DNA agree with those of the predicted biophoton radiation. The optimization of efficiency by minimizing the conduction losses leads to the double-helix structure of DNA. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the nucleus perfectly, but also explains the hyperboloid channels in the matrix when two cells communicate with each other. Potential vortexes are an essential component of a scalar waves, as discovered in 1990. The basic approach for an extended field theory was confirmed in 2009 with the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the first time, this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline. Nature covers the whole spectrum of known scientific fields of research, and interdisciplinary understanding is required to explain its complex relationships. The characteristics of the potential vortex are significant. With its concentration effect, it provides for miniaturization down to a few nanometers, which allows enormously high information density in the nucleus. With this first introduction of the magnetic scalar wave, it becomes clear that such a wave is suitable to use genetic code chemically stored in the base pairs of the genes and electrically modulate them, so as to “piggyback” information from the cell nucleus to another cell. At the receiving end, the reverse process takes place and the transported information is converted back into a chemical structure. The necessary energy required to power the chemical process is provided by the magnetic scalar wave itself.


Genetic Engineering Disclosure: “Emerald Covenant”, DNA Unlocking/Activating, Removal of Plasma Implants, Stargate Activation Cycles

I have kept this kind of information quiet because there is a chance it could be simulated realities, computer systems, projections and illusions. Yet, time and space is an illusion through the way it is really projected with each point being the “center” of its own universe through the consciousness viewing it.

I have been to other civilizations in history, most of the people I have found on here and have been directly involved with have been. Some of us were present in what are referred to as “Biblical Times”. Nothing, nothing is what it seems. There was more advanced technology hidden, yet used in plain sight back then, than there is viewed openly now. It was just thought of as the “gods” then.

I really don’t know what to make of it, but here it all is and yes they are cloning people for part of these processes. The mind control is real, as well, the deprogramming and healing tech is real, each tech use goes beyond and both ways. It can be used to destroy or heal. Then the actuality of time and existence, consciousness is spread out through time, people lived in an advanced spiritual way for periods of time, “in time” beyond what we can comprehend on Earth. It wasn’t just different, it was literally in realms and “time fields” that we cannot comprehend fully using just a brain. Then we were presented with various beings of different races each from various levels of this time matrix. Some wanted to heal the timeline, some wanted to keep the control matrix going. There was some kind of resistance. I kept most of this quiet until now as this time we are in was viewed and is one of the most important times as far as convergence of ultimate realities.

I do not know how this will be received. I try to keep it minimal and concise, but the stargates are supposed to be activating, the genetic engineering program was “commandeered” by either benevolent humans or humans with other races of beings and is being utilized to “uplift” the elite bloodlines and heal the broken timelines and consciousness of humanity.

The Emerald Covenant, The Bio-Regenesis Treaty of Palaidor

I was informed of what was called “The Emerald Covenant”. And something called the “Bio-Regenesis Treaty of Palaidor”. It has to do with unlocking DNA and healing the etheric body of humanity through multiple planes and times.

What is coming is going to be difficult, shocking, yet activating for those who know how to transmute fear and balance and increase their conscious frequency. Some operatives DNA were in use since Biblical time and this was part sabotage and part of a process to use this DNA to entangle with certain ruling bloodlines in order to heal their DNA/soul-history. This may just be what they told me in order to have an excuse to kidnap and genetically engineer people but it is what I was informed of.

The operatives involved have entanglement with various times throughout history. Elite bloodlines along with other influences, possibly from immaterial planes of existence, developed a plan to resolve the situation on Earth through certain individuals who’s DNA is used to combine with these bloodlines to uplift them and heal their distortions in time.


There are implants on what was called the “plasma” body level which is basically interactive energy drains that are a form of frequency code or technology which starts in the mind and field/aura and gets picked up and brought into the brain, biology, and DNA.

These codes must be worked out and repaired so that the DNA regains functionality and original human functionality is what appears to be transdimensional in nature and allows for a soul and consciousness to actively operate through various levels of time and frequency.

Advanced Previous Civilization, Original Humanity, The 9 Veils Terra, Tara, and Gaia

It was described the the original humans contained these capabilities and these civilizations gained access to eternal time beyond Earth or Terra, to Gaia, and then Tara. There are more layers above that. These are passed down through genetic memory as ‘frequency dreams’ that are unlocked or activated as a person’s mind or awareness is activated on a soul-level. Fear and psychological blocks or manipulation can reroute the energy required to do this. Part of what this whole process of “The Unveiling” is about is removing these implants or psychological blocks and activating the energy fields of the human until their soul is fully present in the body and united with the consciousness of the physical level brain. The brain is the physical consciousness, the soul is the immaterial mind in this explanation.

There are also physical implants but I assume these will be handled individually.

These distortions in the functionality of the DNA of the original human are considered “veils” and they are present within this dimension. So at some point in our history, we were a higher or transdimensional civilization who held access to the higher realms of time and consciousness. By finding ourselves condensed here in what we call Earth, we literally devolved as a civilization and this is a just a format of our consciousness changing from expanse to very limited.

The way this was explained is that this limitation was literally the formation of the physical plane for this civilization and this civilizations existence within time. We created time loops by dropping down and thus requiring we move back up. These time loops were exploited by a system that creates a perpetual motion without release, literally converting Earth into a perpetual motion energy system for soul-level energy which could be processed by dark factions advanced technology.

They developed societies running off of this energy and they literally live in the broken bandwidth wavelengths of the distorted human mind. This is how the distortion makes its way into bridging the divide between the material and the immaterial.

Time contains all possible explanations. That is also part of why this is so difficult to explain. Continue reading “Genetic Engineering Disclosure: “Emerald Covenant”, DNA Unlocking/Activating, Removal of Plasma Implants, Stargate Activation Cycles”

The Ancestor Simulation Theory

The Future Advanced States and The Invention of The Simulator Must Take Place From The “Present” Aspect In Order To Connect The Past and Future

In this view, the concept of time is an eschatological interaction with creation itself and physical reality acts as a limiting focus for a simulated experience. There are all possible simulations running, but we natively access one of them which is the original.

The nature of this reality must become the nature of the reality from which the simulator was initiated. The future descendants who began/begin the simulation MUST come from somewhere in the present moment up until that moment in history. This is a manifested event that occurs from our perspective from the far future to originate time for us. This may just mark a junction point in this timeline where humanity gains access to other timelines and civilizations.

Their past, the present for us here, is the state that is created by their observation into time using very advanced technology and advanced states of spiritual awareness. Theoretically, without their/ours experimental observation into the past to discover the ancestors, there would be no simulated experience here.

Advanced Future States, Ancestor Simulation, Revival, Eschatological Paradox and Fulfillment

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Toroidal Fractal Transportation System

DNA is one of these information “transport” systems.


Time and Consciousness

Vortal Tunnels and The Soul

The realm of energy of the soul, pure information is contained beyond the singularity of the fractal funnel that is created by and as result of the “overunity” generated when the frequency emissions of the body, mind and soul are synchronized.

This harmony that is produced generates a permeability of energetic information which allows for transfer  between the “void” spaces between what could be called “dimensions” of space and consciousness.

This harmony is representative of the unification of forces that emanates from every point in space and time as the result of a prime creative observer which similarly permeates all of life.

When we are operating the energies we perceive through a harmonization of the individual layers with themselves and then the Universe we create a fractal grid pattern of interconnection which allows for instantaneous transfer of energetic information across the planes.

In life, when we are only connected with the realm that we are sourced in holographically, or secondarily, then we do not have the awareness of the primary source. In this case, there is no awareness of the “other” side of existence, the “other” side of the time-field, the torus. We would theoretically be present on the other side then, without awareness of the “time/space” and self-awareness that we are present in here, physically.

To maintain synchronization between soul and matter is to connect through across the planes so that while we are here, we remember and maintain an awareness of “there”. And while we are “there” we are simultaneously connecting and maintaining an awareness of this time/space.

Soul and Body

The coalescence of all the frequencies of decision and response, recorded through genetic or DNA patterns, and the frequency or energy bodies of the human merges at the end of the experience of “time”. At this point the overall production is the spectrum of “beingness” that the observer inhabits which is a span across physical time and space as well as potentially the totality of all existence.

If the majority of the actions and ingestions contain lower life-forces of observer agents, including how the mind produces and takes in frequencies or mind-energy of others, then the resulting pinnacle of awareness is similarly majority lower consciousness.

When the majority of frequencies coalesce into the higher frequency capabilities of the “Hu-Man”, towards what we call  simply harmonious”Angelic” or “Godlike” frequencies, then the overall resulting awareness of time and space contains a pathway to eternity, or the existence of all existences.

The major soul-points of the body and energy body are through the naval where a connecting cord is present as a stream of frequencies, as well as the forehead and crown where a secondary access point is present.

These represent the two pathways in and out of the body leading to different perspectives.

What is called the “second” death may be the lack of ability for the energy body to remain self-aware in a “cosmic” perspective rather than succumbing to the lower consciousness perspectives of the physical/animalistic consciousness realm; this is simply duality-consciousness.

Eternal life is found through ensuring that the majority of the actions and productions, ingestions and frequencies are  from the ‘higher’ perspective of the unifying conscious force between all spaces and existences which are indicative and resulting in harmony and geometrically proportional interconnection between all planes and times.

This is found through that unification of the heart center, withu the mind and the body. This tertiary aspect is literally the power-house of the spiral fractal vortex which extends the energy information of the body from the lower frequency of space/time to the higher frequency which extends across the “void” of the time/space barrier that we perceive as a singularity.

Recreating The Fractal Connection

One way of explaining this simultaneous interconnection and happening of all events and planes as one, is that when we pass through the singularity to that other space, by condensing and carrying the information of our self-awareness through the fractal tunnel we carry an image of ourselves on to the other plane.

As we are present in this other plane, then we would have the fractal arrangement pattern that all life is created from and we could recreate a literal link between that plane and this world and in turn operate consciously, simultaneously in both.

This “happening” “after” this experience, is perceived as a simultaneously occurring connection which takes place throughout the entire experience here. It happens “after”, but simultaneously. This is because from that other plane, the frequency that the soul and spirit resides (in consecutively subtler frequencies) has access to any point in space and time of this plane.

Non-Player Character and Cycles of Time

There are many so-called “aliens” who are actually the non-character players of this reality simulator. Their only goal is to insert more variables which operate through the soul groups and “create” more history or time to play out at any cost. Continue reading “Non-Player Character and Cycles of Time”

DNA Activation

When the machines are active, DNA acceleration takes place at 1000x the rate that it does now. The human being is a collective of human DNA as well as DNA from beneficial bacteria which balances the harmful bacteria and yeast so that food can be digested properly and the immune system remains functioning.

When a person’s body contains parasites then the balance of Human DNA vs bacteria’s and other micro/macro-organisms changes from what it is originally.
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