Universal Awareness Confronts The Illusion

The only experience that can ever be is universal awareness diverted into self-organizing segments of individuated consciousness which must reflect back to the original whole therefore, for there to be experience in part there must be a connection to the whole and for that experience to become severed indicates that the connection to the whole never existed in the first place.

Organic Consciousness as a reflection of Universal Awareness cannot die but only perceive the shadow remnants of that Divided False-Light Consciousness that never was to begin with. The Awareness of the Source can only be tempered by the shadows of the false-self, there is no end of awareness, there is no undoing of what eternally is in order to generate that which experiences the perception of the possibility of that which isn’t.

All is a trick, an illusion, a game that is being played, the wool over the eyes of the masses to induce a state of stupor, a state of fear so debilitating that the every whim the controllers is responded to with a corresponding reactionary submission by those who are being controlled.

Those who do not have the original essence cannot be controlled because they did not have control to originally be stripped of.

Those who have the original essence have the ability to know the self and know the universe and so there is no way to ultimately and eventually entirely control them. The only possibility is the existence of a trick so vast and so materially organized that an entire society of cloned beings and created hybrids can be generated that are operated via a supercomputer system which presents the charades of that impossibility being possible yet even here, there is only trickery and illusion as those with the original essence still cannot be controlled nor contained only convinced to turn their inner eyes outward and focus on the charades.

Of Two Timelines

Two Time-lines

When the Population Becomes Aware, They Refuse The Illusion

When the population becomes aware enough then they develop a resurgence of critical thinking in regards to the mind controlling techniques. The mental and emotional control systems are in place that serve to distract from the true power structure which is hidden behind the surface.

When They Refuse The Illusion, Illusions Are Exposed

When this happens the crimes against humanity and the secrets of advanced technology and other times and intelligences are vulnerable to exposure.

When The Illusions are Exposed, New Illusions are Manufactured

Whenever people are so distraught from a failed economic or political system then they lose interest in playing follow the leader and ultimately a form of war, manufactured catastrophe such as a biological event or natural disaster occurs and is used to divert attention away from the unified attention that the system itself is to blame. Power is relinquished either through submission of the population or a reduction of those resistant minds.

Waking up is an Individual Process, World Catalysts are Collective

When the collective mind of humanity becomes so distraught from a massive world war in the age of information and connection then Earth herself will awaken and become involved to the point of massive Earth changes in a geological and cosmological scale.
Every so often steps are taken to reset or extend time. This is an extension more than it is aligned with the common notion of a “reset” that occurs every so many years.

What this may indicate is that the awakening we see is an individual event and only easy to comprehend how negative events are collective in that sense. Many people may notice change but only a small number will actually arrive at the internal comprehension.

The planet is an extension of mind and the mind is an extension of the planet. If you change the planet without changing the mind then the planet returns back to the way it was before. If you change the mind the planet reflects and the mind follows the change

Self-Responsibility or the Illusion of Choice?

Create what you want to see yourself. Relying on others is a trick and an outdated, “old world” system. It’s just a way for people to support the idea that they are not capable of handling their own self-responsibility and introducing others to then act as ‘overseers’ of sorts.

Of course, there are many people who do not want to handle their self-responsibilities.

If people are to support such a system, let them do it. That is for them, that is why it is here, that is how it serves its purpose.

If people are ready to accept self-responsibility, then do so and do not rely on others. Many tricks in the works, as well as disclosure. Sometimes, the trick is the disclosure designed so that those with the rest of the equation can navigate the BS and use the information to generate enough knowledge to wake up.

The Illusion of Time, Consciousness, and Death

Whenever a perception moves out of the stream of consciousness, that is truly what we consider “death”. When a person’s life moves to a new time-stream, that is truly a ‘transition’.

Everything is a metaphor. That which we consider one concept, is actually intrinsically connected to every other concept. When we have one concept, there is a specific set of variables which define it. When these variables are isolated, we see that they only exist in reference to other variables. When a larger grouping of concepts and variables are united, we see that each singular concept is really similar information represented in different ways at different times. All the various perspectives are neither the true representation of the idea, nor are they wholly their own ideas. They are all equally a referential reflection of some underlying congruence which neither fully embodies or uniquely outlines. This is the 360 degree understanding of comprehension which never fully conceives what is being comprehended.

In this way, each idea or set of variables is actually a reflection of the notions held in other variables and all of them together only point inward towards a central point of knowledge which none can fully explain singularly. So each idea is only a reflection and reference to the other which are all only capable of generating a proximal view, as if a circle, around some central truth.

What people call physical death is more closely related to a set of variables in one’s mind that overtime degrade to the point of missing a required referential balance of reflecting concepts. As a result of these missing data points of the mind, a whole new “chapter” of a stream of consciousness must be born in order to progress the ‘storyline’. There is no stopping the storyline, only an eventual recurrence or novel generation of that which is required to move forward.

This could be compared to the round face of a clock. “Time” for the clock, never ends! There is only a continuing circle of motion around a proximal center and so there is no “end” unless this indicates the internal gears of the clock breaking. This would relate to some missing “feature” of ideas, components of the self, inspiration, balance, or congruence in mind/consciousness which is required for each second to pass. If one tooth on those gears breaks then there will most likely be a distortion of the sequence of time, seconds, or “moments” (in mind) which will eventually result in the time being read by the clock moving out of sync with the larger objective reality of all the other clocks. Eventually the second hand may break and stop and as a result a whole new clock will result. With this new clock there is a new ‘chapter’ of a person’s life that is born, with or without their knowledge that this is an entirely new clock, stream of consciousness, timestream, or universe.

It is as if someone has an infinite number of clocks in their attic and this is why the clock can always continue in one form or another.

Another way to make sense of this is to consider that the clocks are not clocks at all. In the same way the concepts themselves are simply metaphors for an underlying truth being constantly represented in a simultaneity of different ways, each clock/time-stream is actually just a generation of mind that can evolve and replicate in a variety of ways. Each clock is a hologram which is not an actual object, it is the perception of an object that results in an intersection of varying degrees of light or information energy which creates the illusion of a solid object. That is why each clock can be replaced and can continue indefinitely into new chapters or entirely new time-streams. They are not solid objects and so they cannot be destroyed. What this also means is that they are also not actually occurring as a solid, physical and objective reality.
The data-stream, consciousness stream, or time stream that we call “life” is actually a holographic representation of underlying information that is expressed metaphorically in a variety of different ways. It is the same data, in different times and situations, being expressed variously. If there ever was a “final” and complete expression of the overall data, then that would mean the clock has either broken, or actually reached the end of the projected time-stream which is holographic and cyclic/circular per a clock face in actuality. So there is no possible “completion” of experience or knowledge without doing so by simply breaking a gear within the clock and grinding the occurrence of time to a halt. In doing so, one is merely forcefully removing some missing element of information so that a partial view can be accepted as a whole one. This is so because as soon as the complete stream of information is reached for that particular time and space, this opens up a conceptual doorway where more information is reflected through, more representations of the same information are generated and as a result time and experiences continues to expand again. There is no way to reach the “end” without circumventing the process of continuing experience as a fractal-graphic  expansion of information through metaphoric expression and translation.

This continuation of information is reflected in each moment through a gradient of frequencies and vibratory spectrums and over all as a never-ending conscious experience through “infinite regress”.


Nothing is As It Seems, When People Want to Help The World, They Will Be United

As much as you may feel that everything here is done against your interests, the events that have been taking place are actually to produce a viable outcome for the majority, rather than just one group of people.

With the current ‘scapegoat’ based power-structure in the West, people tend to only want power for themselves and their “nation” (which is not theirs, or does not exist in the way they believe it does). Yet for every pleasure the West has, the East is suffering because of the format in which the west gains that superficial pleasure.

If the citizens themselves would unite, TO HELP the WHOLE world, rather than just themselves, then we would watch this system evolve into something more balanced.

If people fight for the cause of helping themselves, then the hoops that they have to jump through are actually keeping a balance for the whole world.

This seems counter-intuitive  but that is because on a superficial level everyone wants peace through the acquisition of peace and pleasure FOR THEMSELVES.

This is not true peace. If people want peace, they would want to help the world. IF people want to help the world, then they would do it, they would not rely on someone else’s promises of hope in order to satitiate that lust. It’s a kind of sensory related illusion due to the lack of connection as one people to fall into that program.

That’s the whole idea though, if the people as a whole can wake up to the program, then they will simply create what they want to see instead of basically taking the easy route and ‘cheating’ by attempting to have it done for them  by putting all of their energy into others who promise to do it for them.

Think about it, that is the cosmic version of attempting to look for the remote control for days instead of just getting up and turning the dial manually.

It’s a game to rely on others and leads to an eventually disappointment from the lack of truly original and personal results. This is a personal world under the guise of a collective realm and so we must strive for personal change and realize this is the highest duty we have rather than giving power to others who would then change the world for us.

These are the charades and if we allow the charades to go on so long that it brings harm to the world, and yet the people supported it and without their support it could go no where, then the blame must be accepted by the people as a whole. That is the only way to solve this, the only way to root out the distortion at the source, in the collective psyche.

If it is healed at that level, then it is healed forever. If another, more pleasant illusion is maintained, then that problem still exists and will rise to the surface again.

To hate the system is to miss the point, simply retain your energy and will-power and truly apply it towards helping others and helping to clear the collective psyche. That will result in actual change while the former simply places one into a revolving wheel of reactions and responses to predetermined scenarios.

EBTV – Evita Ochel, Illusion of Time: Past, Present & Future ft. Anthony Peake

Anthony puts down a lot of concepts and a lot of references. I’ve been wanting to give a run down of many videos I’ve posted for a while. This is as good, if not one of the best videos I could have chosen.These concepts are central to the understanding of the extra-dimensional universe beyond Cartesian limitations of time and space. We are not actually violating these limitations, we are studying the true space which found and determined through perception, not some externally measurable quantification.


All you have to use is a brain and a mind. Sit down and focus on the nature of time, what is required, what is contained therein and through and what is beyond the basic functioning we experience through the brain.

“Zero-Point Field, Pineal Gland, and the Out of Body Experience”

  • 3:10: Time is one of the most mysterious things to exist.
  • 4:15: Do I travel through time or does time travel through me?
  • 4:25: Everything else we know of we can quantify…There is no time to measure time against. There is no metric of time to be technical about it.
  • 5:00: Marcus Aurelius-“Time is a river.” What he had realized is the only reason we know that a river flows is because we have river banks. And it’s the river banks that tell you the river is flowing. However with time, there are no river banks, it’s just a flow.
  • 5:31: Henri Burgson-“There are two forms of time. Long time, ‘duration’, external 3-dimensional world-time. Inner time, ourselves that we perceive.
  • 9:30: Movies and novels suspend time. Whereas in  [linear] reality time flows A to B. In movies you can have flashbacks, you can have flashforwards, you can have multiple viewpoints from the same position…Going backwards and forwards all the time into alternative times. Of course then you have the question is there just one time or are there many times? Are there many of us having this conversation in different universes perceiving the universe in different ways.
  • 14:30: John Cramer: “Reality itself is created by electrons moving forwards in time and encountering positrons moving backwards in time. And of course the point they interface is the present moment because that’s when they impact with each other and that is what creates the reality.
  • 19:20: The illusion of movement and the “frame rate” of the eye.
  • 20:00: Imagine a creature that sees the universe in one frame per year, in which case the planet Earth would not be a sphere. It would be a spiral a kind of spiraling round cylinder and in the middle of it would be the sun which would be a tower of yellow light. Now which reality is the correct one? Is the reality that we see the correct one. Or is the reality of the creature that has the critical fusion facility of one per year? And the answer is because there’s no relative correct view point of time, there’s no relative correct view point of anything, it’s all subjective depending on what our senses tell us. Now if it was the case then that there was a creature who could perceive you over a 70 or 80 year period. For that creature you wouldn’t be Evita today as I’m seeing you in bits of 12th of a second. What you would be would be this long snake-like creature that would start really tiny as you start as an embryo and it would getter bigger and bigger and bigger and then as we get smaller and smaller and then we die it disappears at one end. Ok? So that’s one huge long snake-like creature. And what you are at any time or moment in your life, you are a slice of that long creature. It’s what the Hindu’s call the “long-body”.
  • 21:50: Hermann Minkowski: Block time, “Time doesn’t move, we go through it, we perceive it in chunks and bits.”
  • Imagine a scenario that your long-body, instead of being a long, thin snake, became like the old idea of the ouroboros with the snake eating it’s own tail and it’s a circle. This comes back to my concept of cheating the ferry man, because if that were the case you effectively be immortal but you’d still be continuing round and round. It was just be within an enclosed situation [wheel of time].
  • 22:45: Julian Barbour: “All the evidence suggests that time is an illusion and the only real reality is ‘Platonia’.
  • Plato: “Everything we perceive in this world is a reflection of a much more complex world, the world of the forms. Reality, we perceive it because our senses have to perceive it in that way, because we’d go crazy.”
  • When I see a table the table I see is an imperfect reflection of a real table that exists in the platonic world.
  • 23:40: Schizophrenia, time and reality.

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Belief Systems and Secret Projects

Everyone’s belief systems are stories that were invented in the secret projects and underground bases to preoccupy people so that they do not find the truth unless they know how to apply themselves. It’s to the degree that all of the responses of the human genome can be predicted and a secondary reaction/data-stream can be organized for each of the different layers of intelligence/awareness in the population and this can go many layers deep. This entire civilization is literally a secret project.