Quick Instructional For Mental-Emotional Re-Alignment For Socio-Psychological Manipulation

Observe a period of internal dialogue or mental-emotional imagery and perceptions.

Acknowledge or record the amount of disruptive tangents, disharmonic emissions, or distractive expressions that are experienced in a specific period.

Divide that period by the amount of distractions.

Generate a pattern of self-observation which involves self-checking one’s internal and external activity by the amount of noted distractions that have taken place in that period of observation.

Essentially this is to check yourself and your mental and emotional patterns every 1-2 minutes if you notice that within 1-2 minutes you have 1 or 2 mentally and emotionally distracting perceptions.
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CIA Experimentation with Children

This is pretty much the news of the century. Everything else is centralized around this. It’s not just the civilian population, but the specific groups that have been doing this for millennia. Shamanic inquest presents itself differently throughout the ages and this is in relation to that and the knowledge within it.

There are other aspects like mind-games and manipulation, attachment and soul replacement, but what truly resulted was the unveiling of the hidden knowledge. It similar to the way fire can be used to provide heat and light in order to accomplish goals that could not be achieved otherwise. Chemistry can be used to heal or injure and all tools can hold the duality of power to create or destroy depending on the beholder. This is not by any means the finality of what this is about, nor the most damaging or morally corrupt aspect, yet this is a central part that influences and is influenced by all of time.

The MOGS (Machine Organized Gang Stalking)

This blog post explains it all! http://politicalpersecution.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-machine-organized-gang-stalking-program.html

Video Breakdown – Most of this information is directly portrayed by the author:

  • The NAZI’s internal MKULTRA projects went PUBLIC to the rest of the society.
  •  7:20 – Psychotronics, Directed Energy Weapons, ELF & Microwaves
    • Used to insert psychological states, cause mental illness or physical pain, can be done from a distance
    • Antagonism or Motivation to various outcomes
  • 8:40 – Operation Iraqi Freedom (VoiceToSkull) & Palm Springs Report
  • 11:00 – Entrapment/Gaslighting
  • Many Inventions and Operations

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