Eilish De Avalon & Eve Lorgen on milabs, mind control & spiritual warfare

ilish De Avalon & Eve Lorgen on milabs, mind control & spiritual warfare. Eve explains the reason and use of what is called the “love bite” or traumatic or psycho-spiritual erotic bonding that is used.

  • Also talked about is the archon agenda and interference that comes from parastic forms of energetic beings.
  • Multiple personality disorder or MPD and the use of alters.
  • Returning to the heart-center frequency and healing
  • Timelines and The Future



Nightmarish flashbacks of a “test” of some sort where another individual just as young or younger than myself.

Flash backs. Every muscle fiber is burning. I can’t decide whether I was insane before the scenarios or whether I went insane from them. We can help each other. Why are some people who are hurting still pretending this isn’t real?

Can’t see straight.

The funny thing is I know some people are going to enjoy reading this. Those may be the people hurting.

The truth is, I can get through what I’ve been through, I’m fine.

I feel there are others who were hurt during these ‘training’ scenarios. These were not even like combat simulations or direct combat.

Now that the memory “layer” has been touched upon, I’m getting a starkly vivid unfolding of more than I would like. It’s like having the active memory of the simulators or events is touching upon that very same layer of memory where the other events are held. Continue reading “Flashbacks”

Sheep Dipping

“Sheep dipping”. A playful term referring to the process of drugging and testing the vulnerability of an operative to suggestion, hypnosis, traumatization, panic, and mental manipulation. The majority of the people that you see talking about these issues now have gone through this process at least once. This is done to identify what information an individual is likely to give up and to what degree they can be made to resist. Continue reading “Sheep Dipping”