From One Extreme to the Other, The Adaptation of the Mind

Without adaptation life is dominated by one extreme or the other. Hot and cold, extreme weather training, night and day, wake and sleep, exhaustion and relaxation, pleasure and pain. All of these are extremes of perception which shape experience. Yet if experience goes too quickly or too often from one extreme of experience to the other, the mind perceives chaos and instability and this leads to suffering and a poor decision making process.

This relates to the voluntary or involuntary aspects of the personal psyche. When the involuntary and voluntary aspects are not kept in a general alignment the individual experiences a greater difficulty adapting. This is the nature of consciousness. When we fail to adapt to that which we are presented with in an amount of time allotted, then we suffer the consequences and this can’t be avoided no matter how slight. However, when our basic needs are taken care of through an oil-powered economy which delivers food and goods right to the doorstep or with a quick drive away, people forget what it is like to struggle to survive. Thus, when times really get hard, that kind of extreme is that much more extreme.

For those who put themselves through or are put through extreme weather or survival training, they, out of necessity to survive or succeed, learn to adapt their mind to the situation instead of trying to make the situation adapt to their mind. If you are placed in a situation where short-term survival or success is threatened by a variety of difficulties which drive the mind to the brink of dissociation and the body to collapse, then adaptation is the only answer that can be relied on.

However, this is not as extreme as it may sound.

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A Journey of Unveiling the True Self

To expand your mind, seek more catalysts, use your creativity, challenge yourself and confront your fears of the unknown is to continue growing and learning.

When we push away opportunities to grow and learn is to push away the knowledge of our self. Everyone takes a journey into the unknown at some point. Those who venture farther out, return with more knowledge.

To survive great change, don’t take yourself too seriously.

To instigate great change, seek to unveil and know the true self behind the mask of materialism..

Be careless like a child, yet careful like the scientist and explorer.

What you do in one moment connects with and influences all other moments either through those moments influencing that one, or through that one influencing the other moments to come.

Remember, we are only here in relation to one another. So this is a collective journey, no matter how isolated we may seem at times. This is written into the nature of how we get here, what we are, and what we learn.

The Challenging of the Apprentice

“Set”, “Sheitan”, “Setan”, “Satan”, these are all names for the adversary of the living and this all goes back to at least ancient Aegypt. This was the ancient representation of the darkness that comes after the daytime sun has “Set”, “fallen”, or “died”, succumbing to that which each night oversees the realm of the life giver.

All of this is a representation for the danger, the risk, the unknown that was presented when the cold-night appeared bringing with it all the frightening darkness, and the animals and sounds which could threaten a living man.

One who was not aware of the law of the living, the law of the land, the harmony and balance that was required to live a healthy life, their ignorance of the self and the universe was just as likely to lead to their death during that darkness of night by animal or exposure as they were likely to live a life that didn’t lead their soul to the higher planes of knowledge in the ‘afterlife’. This is all metaphor, and one in the same.

Now people are unable to see the symbolism and make the connection between the words, symbols, and concepts and the correspondence between them and their personal existence. The physical existence, through symbols and metaphor, is describing their journey through spiritual existence of self-knowledge.

Fear is the challenge to overcome, it is the gateway between one world and the next. This is because one is born out of fear, into fearlessness or knowledge. The lack of fear is not confidence, strength, love, or peace, these are all the results of overcoming fear. They are the opposite. The lack of fear is KNOWLEDGE. Awareness leads to KNOWLEDGE. When one becomes aware, they begin to know. As long as there is awareness, there is knowledge that will grow. As long as their is knowledge, there is SELF-Awareness. One can information, but not have knowledge just as one can have awareness but not have self-awareness. When there is enough information and knowledge gained through overcoming one’s fears then there is SELF-AWARENESS, this is KNOWLEDGE of the self.

There is a story about the ancient mystery schools who sought to teach people the value of self-awareness and to guide them through the steps of gaining KNOWLEDGE of self-mastery. There would be many lessons, temples, challenges and systems. One challenge was for an initiate to conquer the fear they felt within themselves so that fear does not control the body and mind but that the soul or self-awareness is in control. This test would include a temple which would contain a pool of water in which there were live crocodiles floating on the surface. The adept was given the instruction to conquer fear of death by diving through the surface of the pool, swimming down through the water and finding a passageway where they would swim through and rise up to safety on the other side.

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Consciousness, Ego and The Soul

Peripheral Awareness Is Sourced From External Stimuli Moving Inward

The peripheral awareness we receive during the mundane processing of daily actions exists on what could be related to the “outside” of the hierarchy of the true awareness and that of the soul.

Bio-emissions and awareness has order, just like all meaning and life has order. Organization is the representation of that meaning in an ordered format that indicates a flow or progression from one level to the next.

With consciousness, we experience repetitive lesser order when our awareness is placed within a portion of the whole instead of the entirety as a whole. The completion of awareness, the true experience is attained when the perceptions expand from seeing parts and pieces that must be put together to seeing the whole picture at once.

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Clearing Trauma

Clearing trauma is a lot like the act of expelling bodily material. What does a person do? They look at it to see what came out and if it is most of what was being felt. This is a part of the process.

Emotional or mental trauma is the same process. We have to participate on the act of clearing and bringing the memories or feelings to the surface and trace to the source experience (often with help) and then be fully aware of the experiences that have been released and observe without reacting. This is the kind of process a person might not want another to see, yet we are drawn towards the cathartic act of knowing that something that was causing an influence was purged or released from the body and mind.

This brings up the notion that what becomes stored as recessed trauma or suppressed memories in the mind becomes connected with a physical imbalance within the body. This is often through the musculoskeletal system which will hold tightness or lymph fluid somewhere in the muscles effecting circulation and posture while creating a feedback cycle of moods and repetitive feeling. Continue reading “Clearing Trauma”

Mind and Emotion

Is it more difficult to control your state of emotions or your mentality and mental expressions? What if one who feels overwhelmed by their emotions can use their rational mind to restore equilibrium and one who is constantly pushed by their rational mind can restore balance by expressing their emotions? Then everything is constantly in a balance depending on how the individual discerns between the guiding force behind the each state of being either emotional or mental. Are there any other states of being?

Push The Limit

We were pushed to the limits and beyond through what we’ve been through. I feel we have all been taking it easy lately. I feel we will be pushed again to create and discern between illusion and reality very soon and that this may (will) involve this entire civilization in process.

I am appreciative of the fact that I have had experiences which assist in my coming to terms with what is happening and what will happen here and that others are almost permanently stuck in “take it easy” mode.

Sure, I’m all about relaxation, healing, taking it slow. Yet when it comes time to sweat, push, sprint, and flex we should be able to do that.

Once a week to sweat out toxins is probably a very healthy routine. As long as all the systems are in balance, this is a way the body works to heal itself. The mind is no different.

This whole process is about “keeping the burn” mentally, instead of being pushed physically by external factors. If this society gets advanced technology without learning to “keep the burn” through the mind, then all the external push factors fade away and we degrade genetically into “mush”.

This comes down to keeping the mind active while keeping the body in balance. Harmonic integrative activation of the mind through music, studying the ancient art of alchemy and universal knowledge, tai chi etc. And then hard activation of the body through hard qi gong, martial arts, exercise, sprinting, hard work/chopping wood, that kind of thing. When we are fully stimulated there is no such thing as boredom or lack of creativity. When people get bored they become idle and when people are idle they are not using their energy to create what they want to experience.


xtChakras are energy centers that run up the spine.

They can be used to influence a person or manipulate, like people pressing people’s buttons or even not a mental effect, but being in the same room as someone and feeling the energy. If it’s lower emotional it is often through the energy system that one can feel affects. If it’s mental is can be often through the mind/brain link and the higher centers. Continue reading “Chakras”

The Cosmic Cube

The Cosmic Cube is a device that was utilized in experimentations with enhancing the human brain to a level of efficiency far beyond what we experience in daily waking life. Continue reading “The Cosmic Cube”

DNA Activation

When the machines are active, DNA acceleration takes place at 1000x the rate that it does now. The human being is a collective of human DNA as well as DNA from beneficial bacteria which balances the harmful bacteria and yeast so that food can be digested properly and the immune system remains functioning.

When a person’s body contains parasites then the balance of Human DNA vs bacteria’s and other micro/macro-organisms changes from what it is originally.
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Advanced Technology

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology



Cloning is utilized by Solar Warden to preserve their genetics while providing various forms of support, defense, and investigative operations.

The underground bases involve the cloning of various individuals, namely celebrities, for the personal use of wealthy individuals or groups. These events are mixed in with scientific research and genetic engineering projects which involve many hybridized forms as well as entirely genetically engineered beings.

Technology and Power


Brain to Machine Interface Holographic  Consciousness System (brainchip  interface, virtual reality simulator)

Some of the training is done by entering into a visual-audio dream-world. Some “programs” will consist of repeating a certain task over and over again until it becomes muscle memory in the brain. Others are designed to probe or test the mind until a certain response is received.

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