Conversations: Forgiveness and Healing

Remove, lighten, clarify any hate in your heart for these beings or any aspect of creation otherwise there is no return!

Our true essence is love , practice practice

Practice practice like is said above. As well, there are implants and toxins in this land that must be removed in order to expand.

Hi Aug, hope you’re doing better. Can you expand on exactly why it’s so important to clarify any hate etc for beings that committed such atrocities? I think it’s all about the principle of correspondence, being hateful will just feed more hate, we as humans have to show what we are capable of, but I fear that most people will totally lash out. I’d like to have more tools to prevent them from doing so…

Hate is the fuel to generate such action. I am writing a post on a conversation I just had on this.
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A Painful Experience is Humility Disguised

I love you all so much. That was some crazy pain. Humility is much more useful instead of getting ahead of myself.

I was accessing some deep levels of awareness that are only found through the kinds of traumatic situations that are designed to produce such an effect. Anyone who has been may know of these kinds of flash backs. Luckily, the pain that was here was actually more…frightening because instead of the pain getting worse and then ending or moving to a new scenario, I knew it was just going to be this over and over and that it might change my physical body forever. The same kind of psychological “threat” is created through the mind control situations however they are largely there to design the world’s most carefully constructed illusion of an actual threat as far as one can possibly perceive. It’s about mind games. And then there is the idea of no-contact torture, healing serums, cloned bodies and more.

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From One Extreme to the Other, The Adaptation of the Mind

Without adaptation life is dominated by one extreme or the other. Hot and cold, extreme weather training, night and day, wake and sleep, exhaustion and relaxation, pleasure and pain. All of these are extremes of perception which shape experience. Yet if experience goes too quickly or too often from one extreme of experience to the other, the mind perceives chaos and instability and this leads to suffering and a poor decision making process.

This relates to the voluntary or involuntary aspects of the personal psyche. When the involuntary and voluntary aspects are not kept in a general alignment the individual experiences a greater difficulty adapting. This is the nature of consciousness. When we fail to adapt to that which we are presented with in an amount of time allotted, then we suffer the consequences and this can’t be avoided no matter how slight. However, when our basic needs are taken care of through an oil-powered economy which delivers food and goods right to the doorstep or with a quick drive away, people forget what it is like to struggle to survive. Thus, when times really get hard, that kind of extreme is that much more extreme.

For those who put themselves through or are put through extreme weather or survival training, they, out of necessity to survive or succeed, learn to adapt their mind to the situation instead of trying to make the situation adapt to their mind. If you are placed in a situation where short-term survival or success is threatened by a variety of difficulties which drive the mind to the brink of dissociation and the body to collapse, then adaptation is the only answer that can be relied on.

However, this is not as extreme as it may sound.

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Clearing Trauma

Clearing trauma is a lot like the act of expelling bodily material. What does a person do? They look at it to see what came out and if it is most of what was being felt. This is a part of the process.

Emotional or mental trauma is the same process. We have to participate on the act of clearing and bringing the memories or feelings to the surface and trace to the source experience (often with help) and then be fully aware of the experiences that have been released and observe without reacting. This is the kind of process a person might not want another to see, yet we are drawn towards the cathartic act of knowing that something that was causing an influence was purged or released from the body and mind.

This brings up the notion that what becomes stored as recessed trauma or suppressed memories in the mind becomes connected with a physical imbalance within the body. This is often through the musculoskeletal system which will hold tightness or lymph fluid somewhere in the muscles effecting circulation and posture while creating a feedback cycle of moods and repetitive feeling. Continue reading “Clearing Trauma”

Ascension Devices

Technology has been created that increases the vibrations through intensity or harmonization. These are referred to, in part, as “ascension devices”.

Some were the result of the weaponization of what can be referred to as “Tesla” tech.

The basic idea is that the “rougher” one which can also act as a kind of torture generator simply intensifies the vibrations or frequencies that one is emitting. The device feeds back one’s own bio-emissions to the body and mind and then depending on how one reacts these vibrations increase in intensity and drop down into frequency lower and lower bringing up the possibility of death or destruction on an electromagnetic level.

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MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin Confession: Government Scopolamine Secrets



Nightmarish flashbacks of a “test” of some sort where another individual just as young or younger than myself.

Flash backs. Every muscle fiber is burning. I can’t decide whether I was insane before the scenarios or whether I went insane from them. We can help each other. Why are some people who are hurting still pretending this isn’t real?

Can’t see straight.

The funny thing is I know some people are going to enjoy reading this. Those may be the people hurting.

The truth is, I can get through what I’ve been through, I’m fine.

I feel there are others who were hurt during these ‘training’ scenarios. These were not even like combat simulations or direct combat.

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Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

As a precursor to what I’m about to release as part of my physical situation and how everything came to be, I want to let everyone who’s been following know that I am in a manageable amount of pain now due to a dislocated bicep tendon and some other injuries. That sounded backwards, I was in MORE pain just a few months ago.
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