Mind and Emotion

Is it more difficult to control your state of emotions or your mentality and mental expressions? What if one who feels overwhelmed by their emotions can use their rational mind to restore equilibrium and one who is constantly pushed by their rational mind can restore balance by expressing their emotions? Then everything is constantly in a balance depending on how the individual discerns between the guiding force behind the each state of being either emotional or mental. Are there any other states of being?

Civil Togetherness and Civilian-Police Relationship


It comes down to how police that want to truly protect the people are not allowed to speak out or question their superiors at risk of being fired. Police need help in this too. If not, then why do we care when people end up being shot? Because all humans need help in this. We have a duty to do what we can to help protect ourselves and each other because in the ultimate scenario we are all in this together. We can’t blame each other when the shit hits the fan, that won’t work and will only make things worse. We can mediate the shit flinging process now and possibly move away from the fan. Continue reading “Civil Togetherness and Civilian-Police Relationship”

Is An Artificial Intelligence Controlling the Planet?

Is An Artificial Intelligence Controlling the Planet?

Video from Miles Johnston Bases Project

Kozyrev Mirror: Instantaneous artificial telepathy across space. The next version allows for transfer across space AND time. Scalar wave physics, somehow.

Other topics discussed are the Universe as an organic holographic reality where something created an inorganic mind matrix which we are currently experiencing.

  • We access the morphogenic field through our imagination and this is our co-creator ability
  • The inorganic matrix does not have this imaginative co-creative capability
  • CERN and punching through dimensional voids or gaps
  • Duality, binary entities, trinary consciousness, geometries and dimensions
  • Time/space, zero-point and Earth as a focus point between the past and future
  • Energy Harvesting on Earth
  • Interdimensional Archon Energy
  • “Kicking Each other out of bed” – Collective Responsibility
  • 1000 years of inserted, manufactured history to give back-story for current rulers
  • The quantum singularity transforming the potential unmanifest into physical reality

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