Psychological Warfare, Antarctica, and Disclosure of Advanced Technology

I only trust myself and those who’m I have been in operation with.

Everything taking place on the surface is a form of psychological warfare. Literally, everything we see is first drawn up by a team and a research group of scientists and psychologists and occultists and then presented to the population after signatures and approvals and tweaking and the rest. Nothing we see up here is actually “happening”, it’s all a preplanned show that they call “Society”.
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The MOGS (Machine Organized Gang Stalking)

This blog post explains it all!

Video Breakdown – Most of this information is directly portrayed by the author:

  • The NAZI’s internal MKULTRA projects went PUBLIC to the rest of the society.
  •  7:20 – Psychotronics, Directed Energy Weapons, ELF & Microwaves
    • Used to insert psychological states, cause mental illness or physical pain, can be done from a distance
    • Antagonism or Motivation to various outcomes
  • 8:40 – Operation Iraqi Freedom (VoiceToSkull) & Palm Springs Report
  • 11:00 – Entrapment/Gaslighting
  • Many Inventions and Operations

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