A stranger, but more reasonable flashback. The Grand Continuum

All of time/space, knowledge, equilibrium and truth comes to a pinnacle of awareness condensing and refining from the wider and more strewn out notions of the mundane physical into a singular point of awareness and contemplation which acts as a gateway to the existence of a higher dimensional continuum of knowledge and experience.

In short, everything is like a spiral of energy inside of a pyramid and it all comes together into synchronization of meaning, results, and experience which transcend the perception of the linear quality of time.

Time itself may be a script that is co-created via the role of cosmic intelligence that exists outside the singularity of the lower aspect of the physical pyramidal energy structure where temporary human awareness exists. Above the pyramidal singularity point, there is yet another pyramid who’s appearance and function is inverted to the lower and from this point above the entire of the format of experience is a continual expansion of knowledge and energy rather than a condensing and compressing.

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