MKULTRA Release (Typed Out)



MKULTRA RELEASE (Difficult To Read Images of Scanned Documents)

Subject: Priority Requirement for the use of Drug-Induced Hypnosis Interrogation Technique

1. A large number of (US soldiers) are in the process of being repatriated to (location) from the USSR, where they have been interned since their capture by the Red Army in 1945. These (redacted) will be available within the very near future for intensive interrogation. In view of (redacted) and the length of time they have been interned, as well as known Soviet indoctrination of other (soldiers) it is believed that without question that have been given the (illegible) amount of Soviet Communist indoctrination and that at least a portion of them have been recruited as Communist and Soviet espionage agents. Continue reading “MKULTRA Release (Typed Out)”