Civil Togetherness and Civilian-Police Relationship


It comes down to how police that want to truly protect the people are not allowed to speak out or question their superiors at risk of being fired. Police need help in this too. If not, then why do we care when people end up being shot? Because all humans need help in this. We have a duty to do what we can to help protect ourselves and each other because in the ultimate scenario we are all in this together. We can’t blame each other when the shit hits the fan, that won’t work and will only make things worse. We can mediate the shit flinging process now and possibly move away from the fan. Continue reading “Civil Togetherness and Civilian-Police Relationship”

The Summer of Chaos

We are officially in the summer of chaos. Prepare for things to escalate. Peace and soul knowledge is the answer. Everything is a show, a trick, part of the plan.

Research the underground bases, the individuals talking about soul and spirit, consciousness and reality. Ancient history, sacred geometry and knowledge. This is the answer, these are the keys.

The events taking place are meant to corral the herd, they are mass control tactics, do not follow the herd mentality.

The pawns and props are not the problem, it’s the whole game. So how do we change things? By tending to the source of the issues, the mind and the allowance of the herd mentality. Continue reading “The Summer of Chaos”