Aug Tellez: Secret Space Program, Solar Warden, The Unveiling, Secret Societies, Higher Awareness 11-27-16

This is as much an update as it is a true initial disclosure. I am here to assist in The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and this is a series of events organized by higher authority that will inform humanity of the true nature of the Universe, consciousness, the origins of humanity and the discoveries of the secret projects as well as the nature of corruption and deception.

“A lot to talk about but only a few things that really need to be said.” T-40 minutes of talking. Excuse the coat noises they calm down after the first few minutes. Also excuse my use of the word “vaguey”.

The Secret Space Program: The Secret Projects that Discovered the Meaning of Life, Death, and the Origins of the Universe

An Intergalactic Conglomerate

The secret space program is an intergalactic conglomerate of interdimensional races forming a society.

The awareness and experience of these individuals surpasses the entire breadth of information that occurs across sub-cultures and social groups. They have access to information that would be akin to a higher-dimensional polyhedrons observing the flat world of polygons such as the concept explored in Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (this is the movie link, the title is of the original book).

This society utilizes advanced technology to travel and exist within the higher-dimensional wavelengths of existence where this physical universe is a fulcrum point between the underlying energetic and informational forces of creation.

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Black Snake Prophecy –

I am bringing you this information because I feel it is time for the public to know.

This is important information, I did not produce this. All I can say is watch the video and take in each section of text and review the information in your mind.

William White Crow – Shaman and Strategic Expert

Age Regression/Reversal

Funny thing, a lot of people involved in the secret projects are older than they appear. This could happen through two ways. An individual is brought into operation in the dream state and they regularly experience one continuous day eventually living two completely separate lives simultaneously. Or they are brought into a longer term scenario and undergo age-regression/reversal and “reset” the biological clock.

This sounds outlandish but is one of the many entirely unique perspectives that the advanced technology enables.
Everyone talks about the new mode of human existence, it could merely reflect the changes that occur on a civilization wide level when the energy use becomes so advanced that the current tech is considered outdated.