Solar Warden, The Psychic Wars and Traumatization

Atmospheric Defense and Mental Conditioning

Solar Warden was brought into existence as a moderator for Earth and the interactions in the atmosphere and beyond. The mind-control conditioning and traumatization is used by the dark factions. In order to develop methods of defense all individuals are required to go through such experiences in order to develop resistance and an acquired equilibrium.

Traumatization is closely related because of the way these experiences influence human consciousness and bio-chemistry.

Advanced Technology Access to Non-Physical Cognition and Out of Body Travel

With the use of advanced technology and spiritual knowledge alternate realms that are accessible by a trained mind began interacting directly with Earth.
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Sheep Dipping

“Sheep dipping”. A playful term referring to the process of drugging and testing the vulnerability of an operative to suggestion, hypnosis, traumatization, panic, and mental manipulation. The majority of the people that you see talking about these issues now have gone through this process at least once. This is done to identify what information an individual is likely to give up and to what degree they can be made to resist. Continue reading “Sheep Dipping”

Is Solar Warden or another space-race protecting Humanity?

This may very well have been an impact without the use of advanced technology
to contain it. It could just be a meteor breaking up but these kinds of
situations were mentioned as part of the process of unveiling the truth
to the public as well as many Earth changes that we are seeing.