Healing Each Other, Useful Anger, Higher-Awareness and Soul-Unveiling

The more we fight the more we lose power. We can heal each other and the environment by aligning with the truth and harmonizing within ourselves and each other instead of fighting.

We all have injuries, physical and spiritual, and we all have access to more resources than we are us utilizing for the healing process.

There is power within us, but when we are distracted and focused on what is flying around us at high speeds then we are imbalanced within and this imbalance lessens our power.

The temptation we are faced with is both in pleasure and superficial love and in violence and hate. If we hate to solve the problem, then we will hate a scapegoat that is bounced before our eyes like a piñata. This is a clever game and yes people are angry and maybe even reasonably at points.
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11.18.16 – The Soul Link

Those who emanate the most fear are followed most closely by a fearful society. This is all going to change soon. It’s happening now.

Everything is a balance between the experiences we want and the experiences we don’t want.

This is the paradox, what you plan is tempted by failure. What you allow from within is encouraged by the self.

In this way, even the little things are a miracle.

Consciousness relative to the physical plane is bound by duality. Be in the plane but not of it, because you’re not.

You have an etheric tie, a link that goes across space and time.

This link connects your selves together. That is the miracle. Each place there is one of you or one experience there is actually a cosmic variety of experiences from one layer to the next all the way to the entirety.

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The Challenging of the Apprentice

“Set”, “Sheitan”, “Setan”, “Satan”, these are all names for the adversary of the living and this all goes back to at least ancient Aegypt. This was the ancient representation of the darkness that comes after the daytime sun has “Set”, “fallen”, or “died”, succumbing to that which each night oversees the realm of the life giver.

All of this is a representation for the danger, the risk, the unknown that was presented when the cold-night appeared bringing with it all the frightening darkness, and the animals and sounds which could threaten a living man.

One who was not aware of the law of the living, the law of the land, the harmony and balance that was required to live a healthy life, their ignorance of the self and the universe was just as likely to lead to their death during that darkness of night by animal or exposure as they were likely to live a life that didn’t lead their soul to the higher planes of knowledge in the ‘afterlife’. This is all metaphor, and one in the same.

Now people are unable to see the symbolism and make the connection between the words, symbols, and concepts and the correspondence between them and their personal existence. The physical existence, through symbols and metaphor, is describing their journey through spiritual existence of self-knowledge.

Fear is the challenge to overcome, it is the gateway between one world and the next. This is because one is born out of fear, into fearlessness or knowledge. The lack of fear is not confidence, strength, love, or peace, these are all the results of overcoming fear. They are the opposite. The lack of fear is KNOWLEDGE. Awareness leads to KNOWLEDGE. When one becomes aware, they begin to know. As long as there is awareness, there is knowledge that will grow. As long as their is knowledge, there is SELF-Awareness. One can information, but not have knowledge just as one can have awareness but not have self-awareness. When there is enough information and knowledge gained through overcoming one’s fears then there is SELF-AWARENESS, this is KNOWLEDGE of the self.

There is a story about the ancient mystery schools who sought to teach people the value of self-awareness and to guide them through the steps of gaining KNOWLEDGE of self-mastery. There would be many lessons, temples, challenges and systems. One challenge was for an initiate to conquer the fear they felt within themselves so that fear does not control the body and mind but that the soul or self-awareness is in control. This test would include a temple which would contain a pool of water in which there were live crocodiles floating on the surface. The adept was given the instruction to conquer fear of death by diving through the surface of the pool, swimming down through the water and finding a passageway where they would swim through and rise up to safety on the other side.

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The End of Time and Deception

It is as if we are characters in a higher-beings story book who gave us the opportunity to experience life and sensation.

As a result of a kind of hijacking of this process, there were created beings who are exactly the same as the human expect they lack one special defining feature and that is the heart or the soul.

At the end of the time the storybook is closed and those who have shaped their roles will have the eternal presence of their character.

All beings who were alive in the beginning are alive today.

Those who were alive in the beginning and sought to destroy the compassion of the soul, to live off of the human, as it were, will experience the ending of time as the collapse of their world.

Those who were alive in the beginning, and live in spirit through those who are alive today, will experience the transference of their existence into an eternalized state of awareness through the soul that they have retained.

The deceiver, who was not meant to be, will be no more. And those with compassion, who are a part of the whole, will be forever.

The end of deception is the release of the product of compassion from the touch of the immoral in the same way a cast-iron material will remain after all the slag and ash falls away and reveals the work inside.

Itzhak Bentov – The Evolution Of Soul And Nervous System

Remember, consciousness generates reality. With that in mind, this is only a portion of the explanation, however the dynamics between matter and soul and the interconnected dynamic properties begin to touch on the actual reality.

The physical, conscious, “body” layer as it moves is actually fully encompassed by a larger realm of the soul or immaterial self. This is akin to physical time, and a larger continuum that exists outside of the “construct” of the physical realm.

The Human Brain/Mind interface is a Scalar Wave Resonance System

The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity

This is a metaphor that may help one visualization the configuration of this reality.

What we experience is similar to a projection system. It can be described relative to the large, “overhead” projector systems that are placed on a rolling cart. This also works with a reel to reel projection system, like in movie theaters.

In this metaphor, the projection device is the physical object which acts as the construct to support everything needed to project the information. The glass display is covered with slides that are filled with information written or drawn by the “teacher”. The power comes from a tube/channel that is filled with electricity and connected to a plug in the wall where there is infrastructure connecting to a grid and relay station. This is synonymous with a “world of energy”.

The light that is shone up through the display and the slides (or horizontally through each frame on the movie reel as it turns) is then projected outward onto a display that is usually a hanging screen that is a solid color to easily show contrast and details.

The metaphor is as follows: the electrical energy from the wall and grid is the ‘source’ energy or pure spirit that is flowing from the “world of spirit”. This is the raw spiritual energy that ‘lives’ through the body and the body experiences life as long as this energy is present.

The slides or the movie reel contains information that is ‘produced’, by design (with foresight of the resulting experience) by a “teacher” who is presenting a lesson to those in the classroom. The lessons is always about the true nature of the self.

The projector device itself, the light bulb, the mirrors, the frame, that is the physical biological construct which allows the whole process to occur. This is the physical body and brain.

The mind is the immaterial information, the drawings, equations, writings, or scenes that are expressed as a result of the soul information projected from each slide. This information is the immaterial mind, the connection between the body and the realm of the soul. The slides themselves contain the information that the self is identifying through on the projection while simultaneously containing information relative to the identity of the teacher designing or teaching the lesson. This is the soul energy, the blueprint, the information that pours through. The changing of these slides is actually the perception of time. The rotation of the movie reel, or the changing of the slides as the teacher moves on with each sub-lesson, creates the sensation of time. There is no actual change, no actual motion, it is about the angle of perspective and the process that takes place outside of the “projected realm”.

The screen across the room hanging from the ceiling or the wall, that is this physical realm. It is a two-dimensional surface that acts as a surface area for the projections to form and as we know these projections can easily give the illusion of three-dimensional space and the 3.5 dimensional organization of information of a “movie” or life.

While present here in this plane, we disconnect from the view of the teacher who is designing the slides, scene by scene, one lesson plan at a time with a foreknowledge of how it will play out. The characters on the screen, they believe that their existence is solidified on that screens, that it begins and ends there. This is the illusion. Continue reading “The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity”

Soul Assimilation and True Self

If people do not learn fast enough, an operation will be enacted to activate certain conditions and scenarios to give them more incentive to take this all more seriously.

The problem is, if people use the system to become aware of the system, then the system has them.

The idea is that people must know the self and understand how the
consciousness works. We have to be able to discern between layers of
awareness of brain functioning, biological programming and pure
awareness or energetic awareness which is ‘faster’ or beyond physical
interaction. There are levels of the human that is vulnerable to
manipulation, essentially ‘the mind has no firewall’, yet the connection
that the human has with the source of existence beyond time and
physicality is that which cannot be corrupted. We have to live and
experience life from the seat of that perspective, instead of just the
linear physical aspect which can be rewritten, programmed or corrupted
through subversive means. The secret societies and projects
simultaneously sought to define what it is that must be done to protect
humanity and part of that was exposing individuals to the threat in
order to better gauge what is at risk.

Time itself is a kind of illusion of consciousness. In order to see the truth we have to become aware of consciousness.
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Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come

If people don’t become aware of soul knowledge by the time greater power comes to Earth, then people use the power to abuse each other and themselves. It’s that simple and has always been that way.

The political structure has been designed, hand in hand with the secret projects. There is no such thing as, “We’re gonna make this person do that, and then we’re gonna get the secret projects and soon they’ll be exposed.”

They are exposing themselves, quite literally, as much as they can possibly do so. The people themselves have to realize that no matter what requests they have, they’re going to be lied to until they stop supporting ignorance.

People are being given the opportunity to bridge with a superior timeline starting 2010-2013 which introduced disasters and leading to 2016-2020. We’re either going to get 4 times the amount of disasters, or they’re going to begin having the same intensity effect but opposite towards healing. It’s all up to the people. Notice with the “events” that have been hitting each nation, that you could say the “intensity” of disasters has already increased 4 fold. Continue reading “Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come”

Consciousness, Ego and The Soul

Peripheral Awareness Is Sourced From External Stimuli Moving Inward

The peripheral awareness we receive during the mundane processing of daily actions exists on what could be related to the “outside” of the hierarchy of the true awareness and that of the soul.

Bio-emissions and awareness has order, just like all meaning and life has order. Organization is the representation of that meaning in an ordered format that indicates a flow or progression from one level to the next.

With consciousness, we experience repetitive lesser order when our awareness is placed within a portion of the whole instead of the entirety as a whole. The completion of awareness, the true experience is attained when the perceptions expand from seeing parts and pieces that must be put together to seeing the whole picture at once.

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CIA Experimentation with Children

This is pretty much the news of the century. Everything else is centralized around this. It’s not just the civilian population, but the specific groups that have been doing this for millennia. Shamanic inquest presents itself differently throughout the ages and this is in relation to that and the knowledge within it.

There are other aspects like mind-games and manipulation, attachment and soul replacement, but what truly resulted was the unveiling of the hidden knowledge. It similar to the way fire can be used to provide heat and light in order to accomplish goals that could not be achieved otherwise. Chemistry can be used to heal or injure and all tools can hold the duality of power to create or destroy depending on the beholder. This is not by any means the finality of what this is about, nor the most damaging or morally corrupt aspect, yet this is a central part that influences and is influenced by all of time.

Earth is a Living Body

This living body, just like our own, extends into multiple planes of time and space. We are “in” Earth, and we are moving through “spiritual states” of Earth in the same way we move through spiritual states of our own lives.

These are literal ‘ages’ of Earth, states of mind and being, that extend into time and space just like our physical body and auric/energetic bodies.