Simulators or Other Worlds?

As of now, I have to explain this in a certain manner. No one on the outside knows for sure, but everyone has their theories. I was on the inside and I still don’t know for sure.

There are simulators that have been designed that operate off of the the human brain. These can also extend into what we would call a “higher dimension” and say, if a person is asleep, then these simulators can pull the person out of their body and operate on a temporal plane that does not require the brain or body.

This seems to be most reasonable because the brain and body does not become stressed from this method if the experience becomes very intense. If returned to the body, the body will be perfectly fine and calm. There is an apparent disconnect between the body and the realm of the experience that takes place and in what is called the “temporal realm” or the temporal body.

With these simulators there are also time dilation results that are possible with various generators that ultimately create an undulation in space and time itself which is inextricably linked to consciousness.

One of the experiences that I began to explore in the “awakening” of 2010 which took place on different areas of the timeline for those others who were present there and are speaking out publicly now, was a city, plane or simulator populated entirely by reptilian beings. Continue reading “Simulators or Other Worlds?”