The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity

This is a metaphor that may help one visualization the configuration of this reality.

What we experience is similar to a projection system. It can be described relative to the large, “overhead” projector systems that are placed on a rolling cart. This also works with a reel to reel projection system, like in movie theaters.

In this metaphor, the projection device is the physical object which acts as the construct to support everything needed to project the information. The glass display is covered with slides that are filled with information written or drawn by the “teacher”. The power comes from a tube/channel that is filled with electricity and connected to a plug in the wall where there is infrastructure connecting to a grid and relay station. This is synonymous with a “world of energy”.

The light that is shone up through the display and the slides (or horizontally through each frame on the movie reel as it turns) is then projected outward onto a display that is usually a hanging screen that is a solid color to easily show contrast and details.

The metaphor is as follows: the electrical energy from the wall and grid is the ‘source’ energy or pure spirit that is flowing from the “world of spirit”. This is the raw spiritual energy that ‘lives’ through the body and the body experiences life as long as this energy is present.

The slides or the movie reel contains information that is ‘produced’, by design (with foresight of the resulting experience) by a “teacher” who is presenting a lesson to those in the classroom. The lessons is always about the true nature of the self.

The projector device itself, the light bulb, the mirrors, the frame, that is the physical biological construct which allows the whole process to occur. This is the physical body and brain.

The mind is the immaterial information, the drawings, equations, writings, or scenes that are expressed as a result of the soul information projected from each slide. This information is the immaterial mind, the connection between the body and the realm of the soul. The slides themselves contain the information that the self is identifying through on the projection while simultaneously containing information relative to the identity of the teacher designing or teaching the lesson. This is the soul energy, the blueprint, the information that pours through. The changing of these slides is actually the perception of time. The rotation of the movie reel, or the changing of the slides as the teacher moves on with each sub-lesson, creates the sensation of time. There is no actual change, no actual motion, it is about the angle of perspective and the process that takes place outside of the “projected realm”.

The screen across the room hanging from the ceiling or the wall, that is this physical realm. It is a two-dimensional surface that acts as a surface area for the projections to form and as we know these projections can easily give the illusion of three-dimensional space and the 3.5 dimensional organization of information of a “movie” or life.

While present here in this plane, we disconnect from the view of the teacher who is designing the slides, scene by scene, one lesson plan at a time with a foreknowledge of how it will play out. The characters on the screen, they believe that their existence is solidified on that screens, that it begins and ends there. This is the illusion. Continue reading “The Projection Metaphor for Spirit, Soul, Body-Brain, Universe, and True Identity”


Push The Limit

We were pushed to the limits and beyond through what we’ve been through. I feel we have all been taking it easy lately. I feel we will be pushed again to create and discern between illusion and reality very soon and that this may (will) involve this entire civilization in process.

I am appreciative of the fact that I have had experiences which assist in my coming to terms with what is happening and what will happen here and that others are almost permanently stuck in “take it easy” mode.

Sure, I’m all about relaxation, healing, taking it slow. Yet when it comes time to sweat, push, sprint, and flex we should be able to do that.

Once a week to sweat out toxins is probably a very healthy routine. As long as all the systems are in balance, this is a way the body works to heal itself. The mind is no different.

This whole process is about “keeping the burn” mentally, instead of being pushed physically by external factors. If this society gets advanced technology without learning to “keep the burn” through the mind, then all the external push factors fade away and we degrade genetically into “mush”.

This comes down to keeping the mind active while keeping the body in balance. Harmonic integrative activation of the mind through music, studying the ancient art of alchemy and universal knowledge, tai chi etc. And then hard activation of the body through hard qi gong, martial arts, exercise, sprinting, hard work/chopping wood, that kind of thing. When we are fully stimulated there is no such thing as boredom or lack of creativity. When people get bored they become idle and when people are idle they are not using their energy to create what they want to experience.

The Eternal Collective

Either we have a pattern and intention that changes things here, or we are merely absorbed into the background radiation of the Universe. If we can attain a pattern and level of awareness and interaction which goes beyond the same patterns that automatically play over and over, and we create our own eternal addition, then we exist in eternity.

That’s just the thing though, all the base patterns, they play over and over eternally. Life is always life and death is always death. Every way, shape and form of existence, each possible timeline, already all exists in the same space. It is our mind, our consciousness and the various ways the brain is programmed by its environment and the spirit or mind can overpower and reprogram the brain, that decides our perception of time and thus the kind of space and world we inhabit.

This is a collective realm, so we’re always aware of here, and how we all exist. As we move closer to a singularization of information and (consciousness)space we become more and more aware of these kinds of secrets and how everyone’s ego consciousness is a form of internal secrecy that affects our own self image the strongest. When we fully merge the singular conscious mind with the neverending subconscious and collective we know everything. What that said, this process of merging and striving towards progress never ends.

It is like we are playing a game, yet it is the most important game that influences the rest of cosmic existence.

Can we save anyone?

Can we rescue the people stuck in the mind-control system? Maybe that is just the first question of many to begin to pain the picture. Maybe people must save themselves with knowledge that only they can earn by looking within and resisting the autonomy of external events.

It is through knowledge that we can change each other and ourselves to influence the world.

DNA Activation

When the machines are active, DNA acceleration takes place at 1000x the rate that it does now. The human being is a collective of human DNA as well as DNA from beneficial bacteria which balances the harmful bacteria and yeast so that food can be digested properly and the immune system remains functioning.

When a person’s body contains parasites then the balance of Human DNA vs bacteria’s and other micro/macro-organisms changes from what it is originally.
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