Difficulties ahead for the U.S., Bloodlines, Nations and Spiritual Discipline

Just a reminder, I distinctly remember something being said about Fidel Castro and this event marking a swift change for the world starting with the United States.

There are most likely rough times ahead.

Look at it this way. The world has seen the U.S. lead in gluttony, greed, materialism, hatred, lust, and the others.

So to balance this out the world will see the U.S. reverberate and learn to balance these energies out. It is one big plan for learning so that there a finally a reasonably peaceful society after everything is resolved.

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Be Responsible For Yourself, Difficulty Gives You Strength and Helps Us Comprehend The Unknown

When you see the wealthy elite with their cars and big houses and you feel jealousy but you don’t work harder. When you feel that they cheated but you don’t know the spiritual work they’ve done, then you have already lost and it’s your own doing.

Elite families begin their spiritual work at the age of 6. They were introduced and they introduced the other societies as well as the military to the secret projects because of the previous post concept where it was discovered what is coming soon. The government had to find a way to spiritually advance this civilization as quickly as possible to ensure survival.

The trouble you see all around? That’s how unprepared, unaware, and veritably lazy this population is. Don’t blame it on others, that’s the whole point, if it was their fault the opportunity to progress would lie with them, not the rest of the sleeping population.

The work they go through is so intense that people from outside of their families immediately go insane or suffer great pains if they stumble upon the truth or are exposed through some necessary but untimely means.

That is why this process has been designed and the whole world is being affected and advanced by the difficulty.

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pocketsofthefuture – Suicide The Spiritual Trap

This is related to the information I am bringing you regarding the bases and extra-dimensional activity that we have seen.

We are existing in what are called “closed timelike curves” or time loops. Every action is played out in many different planes and directions, and each thought is actually a kind of attractor for different experiences.

We had to track people down in the time matrix who disconnected in certain ways and apply much effort to bring them back into congruence.

Note: I AM merely a witness, an observer, and was trained for certain processes. There are teams of individuals who’s efforts or devoted to certain operations and it requires a team of individual to move through the time matrix in this way.

I am merely a student, an observer, and a teacher (creative healer, at my highest potential) to those who are on a similar path.

Clarification: the idea behind this is that time is a continuum, if a person tries to disconnect from that continuum through an improper channel then it would be like a VHS tape coming off the track while still inside the VCR.

“Sorcerer Artist Carlos Castaneda” By Faustus Crow

This is Sacred Knowledge


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Author: Faustus Crow


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The anthropologist and author, Carlos Castaneda related in his books that the Yaqui Sorcerer Don Juan Matus had spoken of a ‘Feminine Inorganic Intelligence,’ he to have termed as the Allies.

The Allies are said to feed off the emotional ‘energy’ of a dreamer, such as the introverted sexual ‘charge,’ which sustains their whirlwind ‘spin’ within the electron dream of the Nagual.

The dream is illuminated by the bio-photon, which emanates from the Mitochondrial DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children.

Wherefore, the bio-photon illuminated dream has a female source, whose symbolic interface is the informational domain of the Allies, which of an Inorganic Intelligence, can manifest amidst the Triangle Of Art imagination as many a conjured… Art Muse.

As for the term, Inorganic, it refers to the informational nature of the Allies, who as the Muses from ancient Greek mythology, are the inspirational female personifications of literature, science, and the arts, to list within a Succubus Grimoire of the ‘Anima.’

The Muses were considered as being the inspirational dream source of the knowledge, which was manifested within the poetry, lyric songs, and myths, that were related orally, for centuries in these ancient cultures.

They were later adopted by the Roman’s as a part of their pantheon, who are usually seen as being nine of number, pertaining to the planetary spheres, as also described in the Hebrew system of the Cabbala.

You can otherwise equate the nine Muses with the nine dimensions of superstring theory, which seems to be indicating that we are all living within a simulated reality, a Hindu mystic would term as being Maya.

Whereupon, the ‘inorganic’ reference would then refer to what can be construed as being a quantum computing intelligence.

It just so happens such is occurring within the microtubules of the Mitochondria, which are acting like mini-on-board quantum computers existing within each and every cell of your carbon-life-form body, whose atomic number is 666: 6-Protons, 6-Electrons and 6-Neutrons.

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Earth is a Living Body

This living body, just like our own, extends into multiple planes of time and space. We are “in” Earth, and we are moving through “spiritual states” of Earth in the same way we move through spiritual states of our own lives.

These are literal ‘ages’ of Earth, states of mind and being, that extend into time and space just like our physical body and auric/energetic bodies.


xtChakras are energy centers that run up the spine.

They can be used to influence a person or manipulate, like people pressing people’s buttons or even not a mental effect, but being in the same room as someone and feeling the energy. If it’s lower emotional it is often through the energy system that one can feel affects. If it’s mental is can be often through the mind/brain link and the higher centers. Continue reading “Chakras”

The Cosmic Cube

The Cosmic Cube is a device that was utilized in experimentations with enhancing the human brain to a level of efficiency far beyond what we experience in daily waking life. Continue reading “The Cosmic Cube”

The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time

By staying in peace and connection with the truth and the original spirit we bridge the gaps and heal the confusion. All one can do is keep working with the ideas to get more knowledge. No humans are from here. This is a programmed artificial timeline that can only collapse by the time the end of the programming is reached/runs out.

This is higher dimensionality. There are no ‘singular’ objects in space/time, everything is an ebbing and flowing, just like the body. You are a Universe, all humans are. Physical bodies, the entire physical Universe, doesn’t exist unless you look at it. So this place wasn’t here until it was created through these processes, hence artificial timeline.

Spirit is the highest form, mind and emotion are connected to soul which is basically programming that is left over on the spirit from remaining in the physical dimension. Simply seek and intend with your being, then you receive simultaneously and from then on.
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Energetic Ideals and The Original Timeline

It is through the remembering of energetic ideals and principles for self-awareness that we regain the knowledge and awareness of the original realm.

By remembering, same as enacting, embodying, or creating, the eternal ideals of balance and harmony through energy, mind, emotion, and spirit, we literally re-remember, or recreate our access into the source timeline of humanity.

These ideals can only be interacted with from the higher to the lower. By interacting through and with these ideals in the Universe, we simultaneously create and reconnect with the source of our existence beyond all artificial and temporally manipulated timelines.
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