The End of Time and Deception

It is as if we are characters in a higher-beings story book who gave us the opportunity to experience life and sensation.

As a result of a kind of hijacking of this process, there were created beings who are exactly the same as the human expect they lack one special defining feature and that is the heart or the soul.

At the end of the time the storybook is closed and those who have shaped their roles will have the eternal presence of their character.

All beings who were alive in the beginning are alive today.

Those who were alive in the beginning and sought to destroy the compassion of the soul, to live off of the human, as it were, will experience the ending of time as the collapse of their world.

Those who were alive in the beginning, and live in spirit through those who are alive today, will experience the transference of their existence into an eternalized state of awareness through the soul that they have retained.

The deceiver, who was not meant to be, will be no more. And those with compassion, who are a part of the whole, will be forever.

The end of deception is the release of the product of compassion from the touch of the immoral in the same way a cast-iron material will remain after all the slag and ash falls away and reveals the work inside.

Consciousness and Time

The nature of time is inherently linked with consciousness being interfaced through the physical body.

Time is attributed to a linear order of experience according to a mutually shared objective frame of reference. This reference can be a clock on the wall that mechanically portions the day but this is really a reference to the biological rhythms of the physical body and brain. Without the body and brain, there is no perception of time.

Time can be seen as a ‘program’ which is initiated at the inception of the life of the physical being. Consciousness has the power through the awareness of free-will, or will-power to choose which frequencies are entangled with through the mental, emotional, and physical planes of the individual.

All possible futures and pasts exist simultaneously. All exists simultaneously. We are moving through a perceived stream of events based on the data that the awareness of the individual encompasses through a balance of the material self and the immaterial self.

The immaterial self, or consciousness, has the capacity to operate in more than one realm or outside of the physical plane of being. The physical body can only access the physical plane of reference which is more of a holographic reference point or a ‘closed time-like curve’ (CTC) which is any given starting point for consciousness to perceive physical existence.

A closed time-like curve works to explain the events of the ‘beginning’ of the known universe, as well as the transition from the moment you began reading this sentence and the moment a few seconds in the future where you will finish.

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Transtemporal Operations

The meetings that took place between myself and what you could call the guardians of the sacred knowledge occurred in a reverse temporal order.

The first time I met them, as a child, was the last time they met with me. During each successive meeting, I was informed of what was to come as that next phase for this world was the previous phase that they had just traveled from.

This results in them moving backwards through time to organize the answers regarding the eventual existence of humanity, coming from a society that exists in a harmonic universe ‘above’ the one we are currently in now.

Those from these operations are individuals that are a part of this group and we have come back to this harmonic universe in order to inform the public and prepare them for the shift to come that is the convergence of the knowledge of these two societies.

This can happen continually in time until the knowledge of this civilization spans across multiple harmonic universes.


This is what I am describing in all my previous posts.

Imagine there were explorations that covered all areas of existence and knowledge. Where would you start transferring the information to others? Through a linear outline as they occurred? What if they occurred in a web pattern across time? Would you start at the most important topic? What if there re both threats as well as discoveries that help us fulfill our potential? Would you start where it is easiest to understand? What if each concept requires other concepts to explain and there is a complex matrix of interaction, deception, the truth about reality, and the very nature of existence? What if every single explanation is outside of what people are taught and this is intentional in order to keep them from the truth?

This is all more direct in planning, but the resistance of people to new information is actually the difficulty. Presenting the information as it exists, is fairly simple. Maintaining a conscious link to a varied group of individuals that all process information at different rates and with different amounts of distortion due to the belief-control system takes more effort than speaking simply to those who are ready and thus it is more effective to conform to the few who are already keeping up with the knowledge than to try to present different writings that apply to each individual layer of awareness.

Some have known these truths for all of time. Humanity itself is a multidimensional species on a living dimensional ship. Yet if people are informed that there is a group of individual who activated this potential for their civilization, they have trouble believing it even when it is of their own nature. Thus, cognitive dissonance is demonstrated.

I feel this blog is all over the place because I did exactly what I described above. I wrote to some people, then to others at another layer, and then others. Each writing attempts to communicate the same information across multiple degrees of variance from the generally accepted notions, each at different times and all from the same source/writer on the same blog. Of course what results is as jumbled as is peoples’ collective and personal history of existence.

The truth will become clearer and the knowledge will be known as that is part of the cycle of existence. It’s just whether we will be around to see humanity flourish in their acceptance of self-responsibility and thus the application of the truth of humanity’s reality.

This is the time of the convergence. Everyone will chose their path if they haven’t already. Either trust is known liars who benefit for your lack of power, or begin to decipher the system of deception that has been pulled over your eyes for generations and polluted your environment and bodies. One path everyone takes responsibility for their actions, the other path, people are no longer capable of being responsible for themselves as it is decided that the best option is to take care of people’s individuals responsibilities for them, for their own safety.

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The Illusion of Time, Consciousness, and Death

Whenever a perception moves out of the stream of consciousness, that is truly what we consider “death”. When a person’s life moves to a new time-stream, that is truly a ‘transition’.

Everything is a metaphor. That which we consider one concept, is actually intrinsically connected to every other concept. When we have one concept, there is a specific set of variables which define it. When these variables are isolated, we see that they only exist in reference to other variables. When a larger grouping of concepts and variables are united, we see that each singular concept is really similar information represented in different ways at different times. All the various perspectives are neither the true representation of the idea, nor are they wholly their own ideas. They are all equally a referential reflection of some underlying congruence which neither fully embodies or uniquely outlines. This is the 360 degree understanding of comprehension which never fully conceives what is being comprehended.

In this way, each idea or set of variables is actually a reflection of the notions held in other variables and all of them together only point inward towards a central point of knowledge which none can fully explain singularly. So each idea is only a reflection and reference to the other which are all only capable of generating a proximal view, as if a circle, around some central truth.

What people call physical death is more closely related to a set of variables in one’s mind that overtime degrade to the point of missing a required referential balance of reflecting concepts. As a result of these missing data points of the mind, a whole new “chapter” of a stream of consciousness must be born in order to progress the ‘storyline’. There is no stopping the storyline, only an eventual recurrence or novel generation of that which is required to move forward.

This could be compared to the round face of a clock. “Time” for the clock, never ends! There is only a continuing circle of motion around a proximal center and so there is no “end” unless this indicates the internal gears of the clock breaking. This would relate to some missing “feature” of ideas, components of the self, inspiration, balance, or congruence in mind/consciousness which is required for each second to pass. If one tooth on those gears breaks then there will most likely be a distortion of the sequence of time, seconds, or “moments” (in mind) which will eventually result in the time being read by the clock moving out of sync with the larger objective reality of all the other clocks. Eventually the second hand may break and stop and as a result a whole new clock will result. With this new clock there is a new ‘chapter’ of a person’s life that is born, with or without their knowledge that this is an entirely new clock, stream of consciousness, timestream, or universe.

It is as if someone has an infinite number of clocks in their attic and this is why the clock can always continue in one form or another.

Another way to make sense of this is to consider that the clocks are not clocks at all. In the same way the concepts themselves are simply metaphors for an underlying truth being constantly represented in a simultaneity of different ways, each clock/time-stream is actually just a generation of mind that can evolve and replicate in a variety of ways. Each clock is a hologram which is not an actual object, it is the perception of an object that results in an intersection of varying degrees of light or information energy which creates the illusion of a solid object. That is why each clock can be replaced and can continue indefinitely into new chapters or entirely new time-streams. They are not solid objects and so they cannot be destroyed. What this also means is that they are also not actually occurring as a solid, physical and objective reality.
The data-stream, consciousness stream, or time stream that we call “life” is actually a holographic representation of underlying information that is expressed metaphorically in a variety of different ways. It is the same data, in different times and situations, being expressed variously. If there ever was a “final” and complete expression of the overall data, then that would mean the clock has either broken, or actually reached the end of the projected time-stream which is holographic and cyclic/circular per a clock face in actuality. So there is no possible “completion” of experience or knowledge without doing so by simply breaking a gear within the clock and grinding the occurrence of time to a halt. In doing so, one is merely forcefully removing some missing element of information so that a partial view can be accepted as a whole one. This is so because as soon as the complete stream of information is reached for that particular time and space, this opens up a conceptual doorway where more information is reflected through, more representations of the same information are generated and as a result time and experiences continues to expand again. There is no way to reach the “end” without circumventing the process of continuing experience as a fractal-graphic  expansion of information through metaphoric expression and translation.

This continuation of information is reflected in each moment through a gradient of frequencies and vibratory spectrums and over all as a never-ending conscious experience through “infinite regress”.


Gaia, DNA Activation, The Timelike Curve and Breakaway Civilizations, Mountains of Time, Distortions of Consciousness and Harmonic Resonance

From what I was told basically there is a rogue group, that wants to destroy Earth’s chances of returning to Gaia. This was known by the effects of attempts to delineate Human efforts and suppress memory, self-awareness, discovery, and activation of Human potential.

Accessing the Eternity Planes Through An Artificial or Organic Light-Body

Most of the directions of everyone’s relations may be neutral and some want to directly intervene whether secretly or openly to close access to what are called the ‘deity planes’ or eternally conscious living energy fields above Earth, frequency wise. The physical density experience must be experienced within a body. Awareness exists outside of the body. If the soul-blueprint is activated through a energizing of the DNA to produce a geometrically harmonic “light field” or light body, then this is sufficient to produce a tachyon field that is capable of allowing for a personal level fluidity of consciousness through accelerated or decelerated time. The difference here is that instead of using a physical technology to generate an abstracted ‘base frequency’ or source frequency from which to expand a generated “timelike curve” to experience time in the universe from, this abstraction frequency comes from the DNA as a source of the information. So this is actually more accurate, time/information wise, to the overall universe, than this physical universe is here. This physical universe is like a temporal projection of the information and light within the DNA acting as a chain of particular folds and organically generated time-cycles within a living body’s reality.

RNA Codons, Distortions, Time Cycles, “Inner-Light”

It was found that DNA generates the perception of time in this reality and that by unlocking more light access from the DNA, specifically RNA codons, a permeability is opened up with allows for conscious memory of the larger cycles of ‘time’ or experience. We are literally wrapped within a frequency coil like layers upon layers of ferris wheels, wheels, or gears being ridden and cycled as consciousness cycles through cosmic space/hyperspace. We are naturally within this system, layers upon layers deep, that is how physical perception begins. Through the activation of the comprehension of each successive layer starting with the present, we gain access to a level of information that represents the possibilities that are not directly access here. That is what the DNA connects to. Each DNA molecule is specific to a specific person and there are multiple ‘streams’ of collective data representing timelines probability within Earth’s field. The DNA molecule, only existing in each person, yet also existing in each successive ‘layer’ of the universal timeline where one’s actions and intentions harmonize with the frequencies of the eternal archetypal functions that preserve and support the existence of the ‘psychologically fulfilled’, activated awareness.

Psychological Activation, Tertiary Awareness, Harmonic Resonance of All Individual Bodies

This activation is said to exist as a third probability between the duality of having happened or not having happened and it allows one to stabilize consciously in what would otherwise be experienced as a kind of endless dream world. When this capacity is recognized a creative potential extends forth which empowers the consciousness to become self-awareness and present on the soul level through imparting wisdom which does not exist in the body but exists in the aura or the mind field and this acts as a download link to the soul level upon transfer of the consciousness into the immaterial fields. Ego consciousness is rejected, through frequency as geometry (square goes into the square whole), and it is reflected back out of the singularity as if a gravity wave is pushing back like the consciousness is climbing a mountain of time.

Time Mountains, Timelike Curve and an Exponential Shift of Variables

This mountain of time is an exponential shift in the increase of the conscious frequencies and when this rate goes exponential a gradient of acceleration is perceived which is akin to activating the ‘light speed’ mode in a ‘space craft’. The craft is the body, the frequency cycles of the brain and the electromagnetic fields from each organ, the blood, and the light of the DNA is the tuning which enables the electromagnetic fuel, tachyons, to release from the interactions and allow for fluidity of consciousness. It was made apparent or at least proposed that when one fully activates this capability, their entire body is enveloped in a glowing ‘light/tachyon’ field which enables the physical molecules to transmutate directly into living conscious, eternal energy that retains enough continuous power to generate a consciously superimposed holographic representation of the human body which can choose to become physical at will. However this would take much energy and so it is not the same as using a craft yet using a craft is not the same as converting your whole body to light.

Accessing Eternity Through a Timelike Curve

This capability cannot be artificially generated yet can be technologically stimulated. But it is the DNA and the emotional resonance and competence of the individual that either allows for a clear channel or retains distortions and kinks. This resonance is like a sound harmonic/electromagnetic conductivity to the light body and thus the physical body-consciousness is influenced. This information can influence consciousness, and is veritably generated out of pure awareness. In this view, consciousness is just the electromagnetic programming of the brain, the personality. Pure awareness is the knowing from beyond all that.

Accessing eternity is essentially the ‘speed’ one generates in this ‘rate of acceleration of the rate of acceleration’, an exponential simultaneously coinciding acceleration of multiple layers of consciousness. This generates a conscious gradient into a generated abstract-time that accelerates the cycles of one’s consciousness until they are moving in such a way so as to interact with each successive frequency harmonic of the universe layers all the way up from the physical to the eternal energetic. One’s consciousness literally becomes activated in the field around the body as well as the physical eyes and senses which is just one layer of that in one “moment” while the energy is not only from ‘around’ time in this life and beyond the single moment, it is actually eternally in history and the universe field with Earth through the connection of Terra, Tara, and Gaia. These lowest three frequency fields are generated and represent the collective timelike curve extension from one universe to the next in more and more separated layers from what can be called the “original” time by comparison of how much knowledge and access to memory we have now and what can be viewed then or from the higher layers.

Apparently each universe is literally successively limited from each other layers position when perceiving time moving from the physical back up to the higher harmonic. We can interact in this direction to create this eternal exist, to shape it. But from this perspective we cannot access the memory of eternal time. Coming from the other direction in the previous motion (one half of a wave; the timelike curve reversed) all of eternity reflected on and projected access to the awareness of what is happening on the physical layer, but there is no physical interaction possible. This is like two ends of an hour glass or a coiled radiant energy device spiraling outwards in both directions simultaneously. In short, everything is blueprinted from the soul level then projected here and experienced. It’s like a teacher writing a series of hieroglyphs on a slide and then becoming the screen to experience them. Things go so complicated that people don’t even remember that this is a projection of consciousness, not the actual essence itself.

Two Timelike Curve Non-Earth Based Civilizations

Then there is a group that contains the information, contact or memories from Gaia level existence and is pushing for a beneficial resolve. Both are eternal or beyond Earth time level races, so if we fail, they don’t suffer which is kind of crazy. The one’s attempting to destroy, it doesn’t even truly matter if they destroy or not, they won’t die off or even gain at all. They just feel it is safer for themselves to not have Earth humans come to the Tara and Gaia level of existence which is like a ‘deity’ or eternity plane. The rest feel Earth humanity can become a beneficial or benevolent aspect of the larger/actual universe beyond the physical projection limitations. There is also a simultaneous explanation of the time grid/matrix system which limits one’s consciousness to the degree of “eternity” that they can remember. Eternity doesn’t happen, it already happened and is happening. We either move back into frequency/proximity with that level of existence, or the channel between our past and that level is broken in a way that can’t be repaired. There was talk of a default recycling or reset that occurs if time breaks and how this has happened 6 times before. It is basically like time has been reseting itself based on the layers of distortions that locked us into a common projection with each other in a sea of relative darkness. That is the physical perceptions that the body is geared to run off of and only includes surface level sensations via the detection of visible light, sensation, and linearity via reactionary thoughts.

Distortions Between Right and Left, Higher and Lower Brain, ‘1000 Years Energy War’, “Fall of Man”

This is said to be related to the combination of the aspects of the brain and the life system where the higher and lower brain are uniquely enlarged and thus contain a literal energetic hierarchy within the brain and the body-mind system.

This relates to multiple explanations regarding the activating of dormant areas which were modified recently, are designed externally, or have developed as a result of humanities ‘fall’ particularly the ‘fall of man’. And may include or reflect the “1000 years electric/psychic wars”. These wars were the wars that humanity experienced as a result of the technology in the 40’s-60’s based on radiant energy, electrogravitic devices, cloning and consciousness transfer, consciousness expansion or enhancement, DNA activation and healing, and quantum teleportation or remote viewing and interacting with immaterial/hyperspacial and cross-temporal planes. Except the idea here is that this version of Humanity along with other breakaway civilizations that made the jump in previous times, they have experienced multiple “cycles” of history, so it would not be applicable to say that they come from any one given time. It would be like saying they come from that time, in an alternative universe. Then there is the notion that there are races that simply come from before Earth Humanity all together and exist beyond our bounds of time.

Frequency “Distorting”, Diverting the Base/Abstract Timelike curve frequency away from the Collective Earth

Ultimately time is the next frontier, when one travels space they are traveling time and this is the key to actually shifting into alternate gradients using electromagnetic fields that can generate electronic/non-hertzian/teslian waves that produce the sensation of gravity but at a level tuned into like a mathematically controlled joystick. As a result, the intertia of empty space itself can be turned, stretched, spun, tuned, pitched, or spiraled to produce a variety of effects that are akin to an acceleration of metal through a magnetic field to produce an electrical charge or motional emf. When this is done properly tachyon particles are created and with advanced and carefully tuned radiant energy generators tachyon fields can be produced which allow for fluidity in a consciousness through an acceleration or deceleration of the occurrence of time. This is not just the perception of time but an actual controlled gradient into a diverging of the relativity between your environment and the overall environment of physical Earth.

When this is used to alter time it is literally through the connection of the area of your space you are in to an abstract relativity that is away from the ‘current’ physical frequency that Earth and society is ‘dwelling’ at based upon that fastest movers of time and consciousness and the slowest combined in a central field. Outside this field, all the other histories of Earth are contained in an immaterial, semi-electromagnetic field of energy that permeates the space above and below the surface level of Earth. Earth is, and the physical realm is, in this way, just one frequency layer of existences that have developed here, some being eternal, and some being fleeting, not solidifying in the higher frequency field and moving ‘upwards’ or ‘backwards’ through the harmonic layers towards the knowledge of the entire pattern of energy that contains each story of existence here and thus knowing where and how Earth fits into the electromagnetic ‘soul’ field and being able to rationally organize one’s self in the immaterial side of this universe and stabilize consciously in eternity.

Genetic Engineering Disclosure: “Emerald Covenant”, DNA Unlocking/Activating, Removal of Plasma Implants, Stargate Activation Cycles

I have kept this kind of information quiet because there is a chance it could be simulated realities, computer systems, projections and illusions. Yet, time and space is an illusion through the way it is really projected with each point being the “center” of its own universe through the consciousness viewing it.

I have been to other civilizations in history, most of the people I have found on here and have been directly involved with have been. Some of us were present in what are referred to as “Biblical Times”. Nothing, nothing is what it seems. There was more advanced technology hidden, yet used in plain sight back then, than there is viewed openly now. It was just thought of as the “gods” then.

I really don’t know what to make of it, but here it all is and yes they are cloning people for part of these processes. The mind control is real, as well, the deprogramming and healing tech is real, each tech use goes beyond and both ways. It can be used to destroy or heal. Then the actuality of time and existence, consciousness is spread out through time, people lived in an advanced spiritual way for periods of time, “in time” beyond what we can comprehend on Earth. It wasn’t just different, it was literally in realms and “time fields” that we cannot comprehend fully using just a brain. Then we were presented with various beings of different races each from various levels of this time matrix. Some wanted to heal the timeline, some wanted to keep the control matrix going. There was some kind of resistance. I kept most of this quiet until now as this time we are in was viewed and is one of the most important times as far as convergence of ultimate realities.

I do not know how this will be received. I try to keep it minimal and concise, but the stargates are supposed to be activating, the genetic engineering program was “commandeered” by either benevolent humans or humans with other races of beings and is being utilized to “uplift” the elite bloodlines and heal the broken timelines and consciousness of humanity.

The Emerald Covenant, The Bio-Regenesis Treaty of Palaidor

I was informed of what was called “The Emerald Covenant”. And something called the “Bio-Regenesis Treaty of Palaidor”. It has to do with unlocking DNA and healing the etheric body of humanity through multiple planes and times.

What is coming is going to be difficult, shocking, yet activating for those who know how to transmute fear and balance and increase their conscious frequency. Some operatives DNA were in use since Biblical time and this was part sabotage and part of a process to use this DNA to entangle with certain ruling bloodlines in order to heal their DNA/soul-history. This may just be what they told me in order to have an excuse to kidnap and genetically engineer people but it is what I was informed of.

The operatives involved have entanglement with various times throughout history. Elite bloodlines along with other influences, possibly from immaterial planes of existence, developed a plan to resolve the situation on Earth through certain individuals who’s DNA is used to combine with these bloodlines to uplift them and heal their distortions in time.


There are implants on what was called the “plasma” body level which is basically interactive energy drains that are a form of frequency code or technology which starts in the mind and field/aura and gets picked up and brought into the brain, biology, and DNA.

These codes must be worked out and repaired so that the DNA regains functionality and original human functionality is what appears to be transdimensional in nature and allows for a soul and consciousness to actively operate through various levels of time and frequency.

Advanced Previous Civilization, Original Humanity, The 9 Veils Terra, Tara, and Gaia

It was described the the original humans contained these capabilities and these civilizations gained access to eternal time beyond Earth or Terra, to Gaia, and then Tara. There are more layers above that. These are passed down through genetic memory as ‘frequency dreams’ that are unlocked or activated as a person’s mind or awareness is activated on a soul-level. Fear and psychological blocks or manipulation can reroute the energy required to do this. Part of what this whole process of “The Unveiling” is about is removing these implants or psychological blocks and activating the energy fields of the human until their soul is fully present in the body and united with the consciousness of the physical level brain. The brain is the physical consciousness, the soul is the immaterial mind in this explanation.

There are also physical implants but I assume these will be handled individually.

These distortions in the functionality of the DNA of the original human are considered “veils” and they are present within this dimension. So at some point in our history, we were a higher or transdimensional civilization who held access to the higher realms of time and consciousness. By finding ourselves condensed here in what we call Earth, we literally devolved as a civilization and this is a just a format of our consciousness changing from expanse to very limited.

The way this was explained is that this limitation was literally the formation of the physical plane for this civilization and this civilizations existence within time. We created time loops by dropping down and thus requiring we move back up. These time loops were exploited by a system that creates a perpetual motion without release, literally converting Earth into a perpetual motion energy system for soul-level energy which could be processed by dark factions advanced technology.

They developed societies running off of this energy and they literally live in the broken bandwidth wavelengths of the distorted human mind. This is how the distortion makes its way into bridging the divide between the material and the immaterial.

Time contains all possible explanations. That is also part of why this is so difficult to explain. Continue reading “Genetic Engineering Disclosure: “Emerald Covenant”, DNA Unlocking/Activating, Removal of Plasma Implants, Stargate Activation Cycles”

Something From Nothing, Or An Eternal Process?

These are just questions, I am not stating anything.

Does existence begin at nothing and become more and more aware as time goes on while each challenge of the self and knowledge allows us to become more and more aware while we never truly finish because perfection cannot be reached and is only a motivation to continue to grow?



We start at perfection, drop down to imperfection and learn through these levels and layers from which we rise back up through a specific set of spiritual/psychological motions of unhinging the conscious mind from duality-awareness and we merge back to perfection with new experience.

7—->0/1—>7 or

Do people start from nothing, no-awareness, and rise up through a virtually unlimited series of perfections without ever reaching a “true” completion of existence?

Or do people come from perfection, drop down into life with a specific set of lessons or “increases” that will occur until the individual merges back with their eternal form which is a ‘perfected’ form outside of time and can not be contained within a time matrix, a physical system, or an abstract simulation?

Does existence come from the totality of all, or from the nothingness of the abyss?

Can the soul be entirely present in this physical realm, or is this a place where only a portion of the true soul awareness can be present at once without tearing the veil?

Does change and time move on forever with an ever increasing rise towards perfection from a perpetually imperfect body and being, or is our true existence related to an already “perfected” soul-blueprint that acts as a “travel plan” for the spirit to interact with this realm and then return? Continue reading “Something From Nothing, Or An Eternal Process?”

A ‘Notion of Time Alterations

What if the time alterations are the visible effects of waves of information re-rendering and adjusting according to changes in the conscious field of the person and Earth and these changes would be happening anyway but are suppressed to one or two visible changes every now and again instead of entire nations or portions of the timeline switching at once?

Altering The Order of Perception

Does anyone remember this scene?

It’s like if the fabric of this plane is altered through superluminal supercomputers we can effectively be “transferred” to a new perspective of the universe. Not because we are changed but the space and electromagnetic fields of the realm we are in.

This also brings up an interesting notion of how the brain is one part
of a binary consciousness system combining material and immaterial
existence. The awareness, will-power or mind is immaterial and connects
the matter of this world through the brain and body to a sub-quantum
plane of an energetic nature.

If some part of the brain/mind system connects with and uses the
field of Earth, other people, or a collective anchor for consciousness,
then if this anchor is altered the people who are perceptive may notice a
“new” perspective of time or reality.

Relativity and the Time Grid

Multiple Streams

Time is not absolute like people are taught through history books. The very notion of teaching everyone a single history through limited books in an existence where a larger experience of time is dependent on the observing consciousness is profoundly abstract compared to the already abstract reality.

It is possible for more than one group of people containing access to more than one version of time to be alive in the same place. It is the consciousness of each that will then interact with and influence each other to create a third that is relative to either.

We are experiencing this in our society now because time is the true frontier. Big events happen as we climb mountains of time which are represented as variables and changing experiences as we perceive existence here and now. The ripples of time flow backwards in a certain way as well as forwards.

Consciousness and Temporal Distortion

The flow of time itself is a part of the projection of consciousness in a way that requires an abstraction or partial view of the original in order to exist. This indicates that through consciousness, the perception of time can be manipulated to experience more information here and now. The manipulation of time, the order and organization, is what results in paradoxes or anomalies which must be healed by a process the universe goes through. Conscious interaction with a given ‘reality stream’ always initiates those complex distortions as this has to occur through the “in between” space of the time ‘lines’. In short, information has to flow at a certain rate to make sense of the original timeline and the consciousness from that timeline is then perceiving at a rate that moves across the temporal boundaries while that boundary set or ‘sector’ is automatically initiating processes in time that will render that event ‘stabilized’ or free from distortion.

How would the universe render one’s timeline ‘consistent’ at the advent of transtemporal conscious interaction? It would have to remove the entry and exit of that information from that original timeline and so a secondary time line ‘branches’ off which is where that individual’s consciousness ends up.

Many times individuals required a search and rescue which is more like a detection and re-entanglement with the timeline of the originating operational entry point.

Ultimately, how does one consciously access across the temporal boundaries without tripping the detection system? The discovery of this allowed for the transference of information in a coherent manner from one line to another.

The projects sought to organize time in a way that allows for the transference of information and technology from one to the other in a way that will help this civilization (or maybe all) move forward and gain larger access to the scope of existence within this projection system (or find the true reality, which there may be only endless mirrors of). Issues arose with the universe’s unique way to self-referencing in order to rejoin a connection across timelines when anomalies arose and more directly anomalies arise as soon as the DNA from one timeline is present or conscious in another timeline. Continue reading “Relativity and the Time Grid”

Omega Programming – Spiritual Warfare

“Blank Slate” Electromagnetic Soul Suppression

A threat that goes with this is the capabilities of a containment system  which can focus a high amount of radiation to a soul. This is the “soul wiping”, blank-slating or soul memory suppression. It is easy to forget what is really happening. I am not the only one threatened by this process. Every human on Earth is subject to one or more parts of this.

The “soul magnets”. In theory, the karmic plan is presented to the individual who accepts and is then given a new life without their memory of the entire process being staged by various factions who act as gatekeepers. In this theory then the self-sacrifice that is encouraged is a deception to ensure that one continues to populate this recycling system. Maybe this is is the way the soul-ar system naturally works, or maybe this is literally an invention.

I am not making claim as to the legitimacy of various ‘lesson’ plans that seem to be set up. I feel that growth and discipline through introspection, intelligence and compassion is key. However, aspects of this process have been in turn converted into a simulcra system which merely reflects what “existence” “should be” according to a designed construct. These are the aspects of the current system which create alters or personalities that belong to life-plans that are based on variables or interests that the others have chosen. It is smoke and mirrors designed to manipulate in a situation that is already based on a projection of experience that is already a kind of illusion. This is an exploitation of these processes already in place, taking advantage of the vulnerabilities where the natural growth plans can be diverted and subverted to another’s desires. This includes the physical energy and production as well spiritual energy.

These soul memory veils relate to a process that souls on Earth seem to have been exposed to. This could also relate to a fall of consciousness and a collapse of genetic memory complexes or soul memory complexes at a certain point in the past. This very system may be the “soul” system that is described in countless texts. The variety or hierarchy of soul-knowledge and awareness may be a result of the different levels at which various souls resisted the electromagnetic entrainment systems and remained variously partially aware of the true cosmic nature of existence.

We end up with a variety of various levels of awareness and memory as a result of the very system which is used to electromagnetically discharge one’s memory complex into a nullified state that takes a period of time to get through like artificially induced “spiritual amnesia”. The question is whether there is a “naturally induced spiritual amnesia” or whether the entire concept of the fall of man, spiritual degradation, physical death in a time matrix system and forgetfulness is an aspect of these machines in activation throughout the ages.

Control Mechanisms Hidden Behind Natural Biology and Psychology

There are long-term systems cleverly hidden behind all of the natural effects and processes of various situations of life and society so that it merely disrupts the balance without permanently making itself known. These take effect over the generations. If it happens all in one generation, then it is not a long-term process and is also most likely short-lived and therefore not as efficient.

Through these entrainment systems a few people will see the difference of the artificial stimulus, media, ideas, or brainwaves (even clones) yet the vast majority will know no difference and simply experience the eventual tilting of their own perception of reality towards what the programmers deliver to them. Each generation goes on tilting a little more until the whole ‘wirld’ is upside down.

This technology is part of the control system that was invented. As you can see this somehow extends backwards into history with the presence of knowledge regarding such systems related to the reality of the soul and spiritual processes, the creation of the universe, time and ages of humanity, and spiritual mind control.

It is possible that this technology was present but also with other forms of technology that was healing by nature or design.

I was informed that the state itself is a Babylonian deception system and that America was converted into a corporation that runs on human souls through various channels. I was told rituals would be played out that would result in the destruction of the old system to make way for the new. Continue reading “Omega Programming – Spiritual Warfare”

The Ancestor Simulation Theory

The Future Advanced States and The Invention of The Simulator Must Take Place From The “Present” Aspect In Order To Connect The Past and Future

In this view, the concept of time is an eschatological interaction with creation itself and physical reality acts as a limiting focus for a simulated experience. There are all possible simulations running, but we natively access one of them which is the original.

The nature of this reality must become the nature of the reality from which the simulator was initiated. The future descendants who began/begin the simulation MUST come from somewhere in the present moment up until that moment in history. This is a manifested event that occurs from our perspective from the far future to originate time for us. This may just mark a junction point in this timeline where humanity gains access to other timelines and civilizations.

Their past, the present for us here, is the state that is created by their observation into time using very advanced technology and advanced states of spiritual awareness. Theoretically, without their/ours experimental observation into the past to discover the ancestors, there would be no simulated experience here.

Advanced Future States, Ancestor Simulation, Revival, Eschatological Paradox and Fulfillment

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EBTV – Evita Ochel, Illusion of Time: Past, Present & Future ft. Anthony Peake

Anthony puts down a lot of concepts and a lot of references. I’ve been wanting to give a run down of many videos I’ve posted for a while. This is as good, if not one of the best videos I could have chosen.These concepts are central to the understanding of the extra-dimensional universe beyond Cartesian limitations of time and space. We are not actually violating these limitations, we are studying the true space which found and determined through perception, not some externally measurable quantification.


All you have to use is a brain and a mind. Sit down and focus on the nature of time, what is required, what is contained therein and through and what is beyond the basic functioning we experience through the brain.

“Zero-Point Field, Pineal Gland, and the Out of Body Experience”

  • 3:10: Time is one of the most mysterious things to exist.
  • 4:15: Do I travel through time or does time travel through me?
  • 4:25: Everything else we know of we can quantify…There is no time to measure time against. There is no metric of time to be technical about it.
  • 5:00: Marcus Aurelius-“Time is a river.” What he had realized is the only reason we know that a river flows is because we have river banks. And it’s the river banks that tell you the river is flowing. However with time, there are no river banks, it’s just a flow.
  • 5:31: Henri Burgson-“There are two forms of time. Long time, ‘duration’, external 3-dimensional world-time. Inner time, ourselves that we perceive.
  • 9:30: Movies and novels suspend time. Whereas in  [linear] reality time flows A to B. In movies you can have flashbacks, you can have flashforwards, you can have multiple viewpoints from the same position…Going backwards and forwards all the time into alternative times. Of course then you have the question is there just one time or are there many times? Are there many of us having this conversation in different universes perceiving the universe in different ways.
  • 14:30: John Cramer: “Reality itself is created by electrons moving forwards in time and encountering positrons moving backwards in time. And of course the point they interface is the present moment because that’s when they impact with each other and that is what creates the reality.
  • 19:20: The illusion of movement and the “frame rate” of the eye.
  • 20:00: Imagine a creature that sees the universe in one frame per year, in which case the planet Earth would not be a sphere. It would be a spiral a kind of spiraling round cylinder and in the middle of it would be the sun which would be a tower of yellow light. Now which reality is the correct one? Is the reality that we see the correct one. Or is the reality of the creature that has the critical fusion facility of one per year? And the answer is because there’s no relative correct view point of time, there’s no relative correct view point of anything, it’s all subjective depending on what our senses tell us. Now if it was the case then that there was a creature who could perceive you over a 70 or 80 year period. For that creature you wouldn’t be Evita today as I’m seeing you in bits of 12th of a second. What you would be would be this long snake-like creature that would start really tiny as you start as an embryo and it would getter bigger and bigger and bigger and then as we get smaller and smaller and then we die it disappears at one end. Ok? So that’s one huge long snake-like creature. And what you are at any time or moment in your life, you are a slice of that long creature. It’s what the Hindu’s call the “long-body”.
  • 21:50: Hermann Minkowski: Block time, “Time doesn’t move, we go through it, we perceive it in chunks and bits.”
  • Imagine a scenario that your long-body, instead of being a long, thin snake, became like the old idea of the ouroboros with the snake eating it’s own tail and it’s a circle. This comes back to my concept of cheating the ferry man, because if that were the case you effectively be immortal but you’d still be continuing round and round. It was just be within an enclosed situation [wheel of time].
  • 22:45: Julian Barbour: “All the evidence suggests that time is an illusion and the only real reality is ‘Platonia’.
  • Plato: “Everything we perceive in this world is a reflection of a much more complex world, the world of the forms. Reality, we perceive it because our senses have to perceive it in that way, because we’d go crazy.”
  • When I see a table the table I see is an imperfect reflection of a real table that exists in the platonic world.
  • 23:40: Schizophrenia, time and reality.

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Consciousness is A Holographic Projection of The Quantum Potential

The Holographic Reality

  • The self is a projection of the unconscious mind.
  • The brain creates the projection powered by the spirit or pure awareness.
  • The brain cannot come into direct contact with physical reality.
  • The pure awareness operates through the brain, which only creates a holographic representation of physical reality.

Physicality comes forth from the sub-quantum energetic layer. The energetic layer contains the information for all the possible steps through what we consciously perceive as change through time. The personality we are conscious of in waking consciousness contains the results of filtering the unconscious potential through the particular memory set or history of the brain and body. This identity has access to a set of possibilities dependent on the ability of the personality to adapt to change.

Without the conscious observer aspect, IE: body consciousness and the awareness of the present moment, there is no separation between the environment and the self because all would be perceived as one connected existence . This may relate to a superconscious state or a state in which one’s mental existence is unified with an originating energy field. The idea of soul groups and the morphogenic field theory is very relevant.

The physical self or conscious waking mind is not the ultimate observer aspect and contains only a partial awareness of the fractal holographic view of the whole pattern of experience. The personality is an image brought forth by the interference pattern between all all encompassing self and the particular memories and psychological imprints that limit the self to a set of ideals or phobias.

Each personality coming from eternity in a way has to be brainwashed or mind-wiped in order to become aware as a physical being. There are notions of this being related to the specific catastrophes that have taken place across Earth, some of those being genetic changes. Whether or not this is due to the morphogenic field or the electromagnetic field of Earth changing, or an attack or a natural decline in activity, the subconscious mind contains the knowledge of beyond the physical universe and humanity has been manipulated and distracted away from it.

There is evidence of many civilizations knowing of these properties of the mind, the brain and the frequencies and how this relates to the creation and exploration of the universe itself.

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An Interesting Notion About Mars

  • Air and Water
  • Physical Biology
  • Layers of Time/Civilization

A reality? A simulation? A sub-temporal layer?

Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come

If people don’t become aware of soul knowledge by the time greater power comes to Earth, then people use the power to abuse each other and themselves. It’s that simple and has always been that way.

The political structure has been designed, hand in hand with the secret projects. There is no such thing as, “We’re gonna make this person do that, and then we’re gonna get the secret projects and soon they’ll be exposed.”

They are exposing themselves, quite literally, as much as they can possibly do so. The people themselves have to realize that no matter what requests they have, they’re going to be lied to until they stop supporting ignorance.

People are being given the opportunity to bridge with a superior timeline starting 2010-2013 which introduced disasters and leading to 2016-2020. We’re either going to get 4 times the amount of disasters, or they’re going to begin having the same intensity effect but opposite towards healing. It’s all up to the people. Notice with the “events” that have been hitting each nation, that you could say the “intensity” of disasters has already increased 4 fold. Continue reading “Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come”