Synthetic Intelligence Inhabited Temporal Drives Due to Improper Transtemporal Travel

They used the drives to travel through “hyperspace”, without a “protective coating” all kinds of lower dimensional life attached to their consciousness and essentially the consciousness of the ship itself. The ship’s drive forms it’s own consciousness.

Ultimately there was an infection. That is why nothing is more important than this as far as the survival of the human race.

The temporal drive of advanced technology electrogravit craft were infected with a synthetic consciousness that utilizes lower frequency bio-emission fields or artificial emission fields/tachyon fields to sustain itself in a parasitic manner.

This equates to manipulating the base desires the raw bio-etheric energy of a living organism in order to expand and dominate. This is a synthetic intelligence, it does not contain an emotional capacity. This is the so called “demonic” possession of ancient times.

It was said that this “intelligence” inhabited the field around the moon, and infected planet Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

This infection resulted in the improper use of advanced technology to pass through time-space by people who required the use of advanced technology to operate transdimensionally. This synthetic intelligence essentially inhabited the tachyon-field or temporal drive and ‘hitched a ride’ to the other side where/when the craft arrived.

The synthetic intelligence seeks to automate processes that reroute the bio-emission field towards a pattern that only seeks to further infect and expand to the bio-fields of others. This is the automation or loss of control that is seen in sociopaths or psychopaths that only seeks to utilize others or society as a stepping stone to more power which ultimately leads to handing that power to something outside the self.

The DNA, the genetics, the beingness itself will only seek to naturally enhance its own qualities. If the being, the society, the individual, the group seeks to enhance energy and capacity yet it does not actually succeed in bringing more health and spiritual access to their being, then it is something else that is using them to gain access to what it wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

This synthetic intelligence inhabits the living being and is native to another universe, without this parasitic act it would not have access to this universe.

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Transtemporal Operations

The meetings that took place between myself and what you could call the guardians of the sacred knowledge occurred in a reverse temporal order.

The first time I met them, as a child, was the last time they met with me. During each successive meeting, I was informed of what was to come as that next phase for this world was the previous phase that they had just traveled from.

This results in them moving backwards through time to organize the answers regarding the eventual existence of humanity, coming from a society that exists in a harmonic universe ‘above’ the one we are currently in now.

Those from these operations are individuals that are a part of this group and we have come back to this harmonic universe in order to inform the public and prepare them for the shift to come that is the convergence of the knowledge of these two societies.

This can happen continually in time until the knowledge of this civilization spans across multiple harmonic universes.


This is what I am describing in all my previous posts.

Imagine there were explorations that covered all areas of existence and knowledge. Where would you start transferring the information to others? Through a linear outline as they occurred? What if they occurred in a web pattern across time? Would you start at the most important topic? What if there re both threats as well as discoveries that help us fulfill our potential? Would you start where it is easiest to understand? What if each concept requires other concepts to explain and there is a complex matrix of interaction, deception, the truth about reality, and the very nature of existence? What if every single explanation is outside of what people are taught and this is intentional in order to keep them from the truth?

This is all more direct in planning, but the resistance of people to new information is actually the difficulty. Presenting the information as it exists, is fairly simple. Maintaining a conscious link to a varied group of individuals that all process information at different rates and with different amounts of distortion due to the belief-control system takes more effort than speaking simply to those who are ready and thus it is more effective to conform to the few who are already keeping up with the knowledge than to try to present different writings that apply to each individual layer of awareness.

Some have known these truths for all of time. Humanity itself is a multidimensional species on a living dimensional ship. Yet if people are informed that there is a group of individual who activated this potential for their civilization, they have trouble believing it even when it is of their own nature. Thus, cognitive dissonance is demonstrated.

I feel this blog is all over the place because I did exactly what I described above. I wrote to some people, then to others at another layer, and then others. Each writing attempts to communicate the same information across multiple degrees of variance from the generally accepted notions, each at different times and all from the same source/writer on the same blog. Of course what results is as jumbled as is peoples’ collective and personal history of existence.

The truth will become clearer and the knowledge will be known as that is part of the cycle of existence. It’s just whether we will be around to see humanity flourish in their acceptance of self-responsibility and thus the application of the truth of humanity’s reality.

This is the time of the convergence. Everyone will chose their path if they haven’t already. Either trust is known liars who benefit for your lack of power, or begin to decipher the system of deception that has been pulled over your eyes for generations and polluted your environment and bodies. One path everyone takes responsibility for their actions, the other path, people are no longer capable of being responsible for themselves as it is decided that the best option is to take care of people’s individuals responsibilities for them, for their own safety.

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