TRAUMA BASED TRUTH CONTROL: The Duality of Trauma and Healing

The Duality of Destruction and Creation, Truth, Deception and Self-Empowerment

What you fight, you will become. What have to be a part of the solution. We have friendship camaraderie and small groups working together without. We have to be for something, not just against it. So whatever your pet project is, do something to contribute toward the solution. Visualize what you want the world to look like for ten minutes a day. That alone is a powerful exercise in intention and the universe will bend to your will. See it clearly though, visually in full color. Action is totally important, but intention is the beginning stage.

Assuming The Power Role of the Healer Aspect

If you can laugh at it, then you can overcome it. Some are led to believe that the only people who are laughing and making light of such a serious situations are either those evil one’s enjoying it, or those profiteering one’s who initiate and benefit from the that corrupt system.

In reality, this kind of thinking leads one to separate from themselves the ability to conscious overcome the darkness of the corruption and drastically world-view altering nature of the most hidden truths. One may also come to the conclusion that all truth is neither good nor bad, which is the same pattern that all things follow.

The Polarization Power, Corruption is not Power, Power is not Corruption

Believing that overcoming the victim aspect is wrong, or corrupt automatically sends the signal to the universe that more knowledge on the subject is not intentionally requested and even intentionally rejected before it is achieved. This kind of thinking is built into the human reaction of knowledge that is greater than our initial impression. Through the repeated contextualizing of fear based belief-systems this reaction is generated and acts as an unwitting barrier between the ability to assess, recognize, and provide solutions to a given threatening situation.

Life itself has become the threatening situation. The way of thinking and the interaction of one’s consciousness with variables in the techno-environment complex is the threat.

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Is 2016 the year of disclosure?

Could 2016 be the year of disclosure? There are many factors at play here. We know that civil unrest plays into the plan for long-term disclosure which is another agenda.

We know that the people in office are not the ones who are totally in control but must act according to how the people are ready to accept disclosure rather than reject the truth.

We know that people acting out in fear, for instance, if they act out now, will be the ones begging for nuclear war later out of the hysteria that was tested and repeatedly induced through selective exposure to extra-terrestrial intelligence in the underground bases and secret projects.

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Know Fear, No Fear Know Truth, No Truth

If one has “no fear” does this mean they have resisted against the perception and won, or does this mean they have embraced the experience and accepted all? Does “no fear” mean “know fear”? Is to accept fear to simultaneously release from its power over you?

Fighting for what we know when it’s only what we think we know is the noose of impaired judgment that wraps around the neck.

It’s better to fight for the sake of fighting and improving each other overall and loving for the sake of caring for each other overall. Each drives us closer to truly knowing each other rather than supposing we already know the real reasons behind the way the world is.

Love is awareness, awareness is truth. Truth is Knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Until you can love (IE: truly comprehend) your enemy, you’re going to be in an imbalanced relationship with them.

Note the distortions around the word love. “Love” = grovel, worship, appreciate, submit to, etc etc etc. That is illusion.

Love is awareness, awareness is truth. Truth is Knowledge. Knowledge is power.

When you know the truth you can free yourself from the imbalanced relationship.

That is the nature of the situation on Earth. When we love ourselves, we will love each other, and when we do this it will be because we know ourselves, and have come to know the universe and in effect have come to higher awareness of knowing the unfiltered, unprojected truth about the situation and this truth leads to knowledge and that knowledge is self-empowering.

It is a trick, a deception, a manipulation, a tool for the mind-controllers to stay divided because without proper awareness this mindset divides us from each other and this division enters into our selves and our essences within the mind and body.

The greatest warriors UNIFY themselves. UNIFY their energies. UNIFY their motions into one, whole body, whole mind, powerful action. This breaks the cycle of division and even unifies their energy and their action with that of the ENEMY. The ENEMIES energy is then used against themselves while the WARRIORS energy is SYNERGIZED and more powerful than one or the other alone. Any energy applied against the WARRIOR who sees all of nature as ONE UNIFIED FORCE only MULTIPLES the UNIFIED ENERGY WARRIORS.

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If you think you’ve figured it out…

If you think you’ve figured it out but haven’t done the internal work of merging duality then you’ve only stumbled upon a single layer of deception which is designed to appear to be the truth to those who are only looking on the surface level.

Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President

Andrew D. Basiago. Important Post

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Belief Systems and Secret Projects

Everyone’s belief systems are stories that were invented in the secret projects and underground bases to preoccupy people so that they do not find the truth unless they know how to apply themselves. It’s to the degree that all of the responses of the human genome can be predicted and a secondary reaction/data-stream can be organized for each of the different layers of intelligence/awareness in the population and this can go many layers deep. This entire civilization is literally a secret project.

An Observation of The Social Media Network

Why don’t we see far out groups or comments and posts from different “areas” on the social media “grid”? Everyone tends to gain a number of friends and then stay within that circle of friends and then when the people with the most followers post everyone else they’re connected to just regurgitates it down the line or “web” of interaction. It’s literally like a lunch room in middle school where everyone is in their own clique. This could be the world enhanced, yet it gets turned into blinders. This could be the world enhanced, yet it gets turned into blinders.

What about this group then with people that reach out and go over to this social group over there?

There is an opportunity here and I think that’s from those ‘wild ones’ that will hike out across the proverbial desert and drop a comment or two or start up a conversation outside of the regular circle and thus starting up a new “cross-group” communication category through that. A continuous expansion is better than a completely defined circle.

TH&I Special Show with Shane

The matrix control system, other realities, memories, truth unravelling and more.

Can we save anyone?

Can we rescue the people stuck in the mind-control system? Maybe that is just the first question of many to begin to pain the picture. Maybe people must save themselves with knowledge that only they can earn by looking within and resisting the autonomy of external events.

It is through knowledge that we can change each other and ourselves to influence the world.

2016, The Turning Point

This year is a turning point. Celebrity cloning will face disclosure. Trigger events and false flags are being used to try and dismantle personal freedom. Advanced technology and mind control tactics are being exposed. 3 phases of the unveiling. Next is advanced travel and operations, then the time field-matrix.

Summer of Chaos.

Celebrity Cloning

Initial Explanation

Many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, musicians, models, writers, producers, actors, all kinds of people from various industries are silently brought to the cloning centers for pay-to-play sessions.

They asked me to pass the message on to you and that you would have to look for the signs and symbols in their media in order to see their hinting at these events.

The situation is heavily controlled using advanced monitoring technology and brainwave/EEG cloning technology. This is technology that can read the brain and determine what the mind is anticipating or speculating upon. Continue reading “Celebrity Cloning”



Aug Tellez
I mean in general, how are you feeling?

Beautiful Person
oh…..i’m ok. thanks…just back from a little 2 day break down the country …do you think there was a time jump or something? why do u ask ? are u ok yourself ?

Aug Tellez
I am only asking to see how you feel and if I can add to the positivity. There has been many time jumps. This is all about time tech and mind tech and they said that they would reserve someone to simple ‘torturesque” experiences and then give them the same trip I had as a child. I had the trip, and then the “torture” experiences. They reversed the process for this person. Somewhere here they will view the past 50,000 years of human history along with the next few thousand. This is most jarring and requires support and re-orientation in order to remain calm and focused. It may have already even happened.

Beautiful Person
o wow

Aug Tellez

All I can do is praise the people who are willing to stand in the fire and remain still to show the way to others.

Beautiful Person
absolutely… do u think this was more than just a volcanic eruption

Aug Tellez
As this post points out, there is a supposed base in that area.