The Initial Veil

People have been convinced that they have to produce something for someone else in order to have “worth” in this existence.

When this is accepted that person is then brought up into a control paradigm which operates on them mentally and emotionally equating to spiritual control.

We are responsible for ourselves.

This also means that if people trick us into a certain outcome, it is up to us to learn and make the best of it.

Civilization-wide “revenge” doesn’t exist. That just looks like war and is also one of the games of these veil systems.

The exact veils are listed in order from most generally condemning to those that will be surpassed by only those with the highest order of the inner awakened perspective of existence.

When a person knows the self and thus the possibilities of the Universe, they cannot be convinced to sell their knowledge for false security or comfort. Knowledge itself is the true, eternal security and comfort. Continue reading “The Initial Veil”

2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

We may have undeniable proof or exposure of the truth by the end of this year.

This is supposed to occur in three waves. Each wave is more shocking for the required energy to unveil the truth to sleepers.

Note: None of this is about “proof”. This is just the expansion of Humanity’s ability to comprehend what has always been happening.
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Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President

Andrew D. Basiago. Important Post

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Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

Please read Aaron McCollum’s book, he explains the advanced technology (a portion of it) and this is the easiest way to get past all the distractions regarding the situation.

Three Phases of the Unveiling,
Public Acknowledgement of:

Phase 1: Cloning, Underground Bases, Military )Mind Control/Trauma-Based Mind Control (Possible Breakaway Civilization) Continue reading “Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology”

The Line In The Sand

Operatives Used For Violence Or Mental Ability

There seems to be a line drawn in the sand between those who were used for violence and those who were used for viewing or other purposes. I feel it’s a very complicated issue that requires more than an outside view. I’m glad others are here to inform us.

I also have various training, simulation, and tech-assisted combat memories and situations that are rough to perceive. It would seem this whole thing was about control or violence in some way or another. This is changing now as the truth is coming out.

Class-Action Lawsuit Regarding Secret Projects

All of this is supposed to lead to a class-action lawsuit where all the individuals involved can come forth and present their case. This is part of the supposed rumors about a financial transition.

Financial Transition

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An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

Note: These “sightings” will be unveiled as humanity’s advanced technology projects are unveiled. What I reference is craft that humanity has learned to operate as well as advanced technology which is the beginning of “unveiling” what is truly possible.

Something to look for is “fireball” sightings or technology or energy that appears to be “dripping” like flaming liquid while also moving in controlled maneuvers.

I was informed that the process of unveiling will take place in a specific order as “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge”.

3 Phases of the Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

As awareness increases there are factions that will use this to their advantage both for manipulation and increasing the awareness to unveil the hidden knowledge and advanced technology.

More and more events are taking place. We are supposed to have an increase in sightings and anomalies until full-blown electrogravitic craft are witnessed in the atmosphere. This is leading up to “The Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge” which of itself will lead up to a major shift in the awareness of Humanity.

The events will be leading up to a full blown acknowledgement of this technology in the public view. The mainstream media will not be able to ignore or hide what is happening.

This can go both ways depending on the individual’s awareness of the knowledge of the soul and spiritual law.

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Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

I was informed that there was a plan to transfer the wealth of the ruling bloodlines to the other side of society.  This was said to be to assist in the transition to a society where the “hidden knowledge” becomes “unveiled” and known by all.

It was said this is to be a civilization wide shift and that the elite are aware of this eventual change coming but have been delaying and waiting until this age of Humanity.

It is that the people are ready to know the truth, so no matter how much don’t want to know, those that are ready will come to know the truth. Continue reading “Rumors of Monetary Dissolution”

Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

As a precursor to what I’m about to release as part of my physical situation and how everything came to be, I want to let everyone who’s been following know that I am in a manageable amount of pain now due to a dislocated bicep tendon and some other injuries. That sounded backwards, I was in MORE pain just a few months ago.
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Aug Tellez
I mean in general, how are you feeling?

Beautiful Person
oh…..i’m ok. thanks…just back from a little 2 day break down the country …do you think there was a time jump or something? why do u ask ? are u ok yourself ?

Aug Tellez
I am only asking to see how you feel and if I can add to the positivity. There has been many time jumps. This is all about time tech and mind tech and they said that they would reserve someone to simple ‘torturesque” experiences and then give them the same trip I had as a child. I had the trip, and then the “torture” experiences. They reversed the process for this person. Somewhere here they will view the past 50,000 years of human history along with the next few thousand. This is most jarring and requires support and re-orientation in order to remain calm and focused. It may have already even happened.

Beautiful Person
o wow

Aug Tellez

All I can do is praise the people who are willing to stand in the fire and remain still to show the way to others.

Beautiful Person
absolutely… do u think this was more than just a volcanic eruption

Aug Tellez
As this post points out, there is a supposed base in that area.